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  1. Has anyone heard from ProfPotts since the heyday? The disappearance is a bit worrisome, Hope he's alright.
  2. I periodically reminisce as well, glad to see you're still around. Glacier's "a snow ball's chance in hell" is still a classic in my mind...
  3. *lurk off* End of 2009?!?!?!?!?!?!!? *groan* What's the holdup?! ::wink That's great news H! I look forward to reading it. FYI, I'm the proud owner of the OOTS books which I hadn't ever seriously read online. Starting on the web is definitely a good way to eventually get a hardcopy following or at least test the waters before investing potentially large sums in hardcopy distribution. Will it be a full story arc at end of 2009? *lurk on* P.S. Nice art all around on his site...
  4. Ditto ... ... though as an "old guard" member I might try to make time if Prof were to come back for some more QZ action; "might" being the operative word and a huge compliment to Prof's amazing storytelling talent. That being said, I'm currently extremely busy now that my legal career has started with a major bang (kickass job in a major telco). Between that and my girlfriend, I don't have much time left for PbP games...
  5. Been there, done that! ::wink Heritage and I are experts in dysfunctional storytelling...now you too can join the club! I suspected that this was the case, I figured that you just needed a nudge to take the weight off of your shoulders. Glad you're alright (monetary issues notwithstanding) and that you're also doing art commissions, now that's awesome! ::thumbup
  6. DnD helped my math too! (When you didn't just add...) :tombstone:
  7. The stripper bends forward and grabs the knife from the dead zed's eye socket. She straighten's back up in a fluid motion as she flips the blade and lets it leap towards the blind girl's pre-digged eye hole for a nice swim in cerebellum. Not bothering to see her fall, she glances at the twitching "woman" on the floor and twists her body into a devastating kick into her already dented skull...
  8. Bunny runs towards the woman and jumps up high, over the woman, twisting as she does so and expertly grabs her left arm below the shoulder. With a slight tuck as she lands, she uses her weight to throw the woman above and beyond the short, brave and scared Mandy. Looking down at the girl she grabs the baseball bat and nods towards the apartment. "Thanks Mandy...now go get what we need before we go." With that she swings the bat upwards and swings it down on the woman's head...hard.
  9. Oh I meant what's she doing if/when she clears through the man's legs...I figured she wouldn't know while she's on her back on a zombie child and looking at another zombie reaching towards her... ::wink I must say, playing a killer-death-stripper-of doom in a zombie world is a lot of fun!
  10. The stripper quickly pushes hard against the floor and spreads her legs until they form a perfect "T", feet pushing against the opposite walls of the hallway, holding her up, upside-down.. .As the "man" bends towards her she twists her trunk forwards, grabs the knife and pulls it out as she twists back and plunges the knife though the girls heart and tucks into a roll through the man's legs! ::ultracool [ooc: What's the "woman" doing?]
  11. The stripper calls through the door "Take your time honey! We won't be coming back for a LONG" The stripper grunts the word as she flips the knives in her hands and thrusts them towards the two lumbering zombies, each headed for one of the so far demonstrably weak eye sockets of the corpses. time..." Not waiting for the deaders to fall, she rushes towards the last two zombies (slipping past the wounded Zs if they're not dead) while pulling the knife out of her other boot. As she reaches the closest "woman" she leaps, feet first, past the woman...The stripper attempts to jam her knife up beneath the zombie's chin as her stilletto heels, feet spread outwards make for the eyes of the "girl"... [Will spend an inspiration point to double Bunny's dicepool for the Stiletto leap of doom...and a willpower point ::biggrin ]
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