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[OpNet] We got Visitors, and they arn't terran

Dr cornelius

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The reason I have been so quit for 3-4 days is we got some visitors here, they entered our system a week ago, and where monitoring us, we knew about it by the early warning detection system we installed, and the satellite relay stations put up near the periphery, they made no effort to hide there entering our system, so we watched them back, they finally made contact 3 days ago, from what we have been able to gather from the talks we have been having, (some difficulty there only mild tho), as we cause each other a little mental static, us nova's anyway, the baselines and neo-chimps cause no static.

Turns out they call themselves the V'rotal they claim to be an ancient race, they have evolved from and transcended the flesh there species started from, they claim they haven't been flesh in hundreds of thousands of years, they have become sub-quantum energy beings, thus the static problem. They do have bodies tho, they are crystal constructs, containing a large amount of natural nano crystal's creatures, which they manipulate to move their bodies in a very natural looking way, depending on how good they are at manipulating the crystal forms, depends on how humanoid they look. Some, those that are young have an insect/crab looking form, those that are old and skilled have totally smooth bodies, they only choose to use the humanoid shape because they where humanoid formed, before the trascended.

They are able to make tools and weapons from there own bodies, short and long range, projectile and energy, and their craft and technology is based on the manipulation of the nano's and the crystal that they are able to produce and alter. The mother ship of there's looks to be built of the crystal alone, and its about 3 kilometres in diameter, its in the shape of a sphere, there landing craft are tear, saucer and sphere shaped, mother ship is capable of teleporting over long distances.

They don't need the crystal bodies; they just use them to interact, with flesh and solid bodied races. They have informed us, the only reason they developed the crystal tech, was that once they evolved/transcended the need for flesh, they explored in there energy state, but then a species given no name, came to there planet, and started pillaging it for its resources, even tho they didn't need their planet anymore, they choose to defend it and so created there new bodies, driving of the enemy and destroying them, they did so only when the enemy tried to find a way to exterminate or enslave them.

They have since then chosen to use the crystal bodies, and crystal technology, for attack/defence and exploration purposes, and for interacting with us flesh creatures. They do not as you can presume, get harmed from the environment, be in temp or humidity, air level or density, vacuum, high pressure, radiation exposure. With there crystal technology they can absorb the radiation energy from the sun and others sources and transform and guide it for there own needs.

There form, when they're not habituating, the crystal forms, is very interesting, a small ball of blue/green energy matter making there core, and surrounded by colourful fields and aura's.

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The V'rotal speak by the use of telepathy, and by the use of telekinetic manipulation of sound, as to copy the sounds of speech. There are 3 sexes in there species, that we will label male, female and neutral or energizer, all three sex's are needed to breed, the three energy beings leave there crystal bodies and mesh together, this creates a new energy form from there bonding. The three then separate, and the new energy being young is then tended to and educated by the elders deep in a mother ship, or in one of there planetary nurseries.

A strong telepathic bond connects the species as a whole, it could even be, that they share a racial memory or conscious. Our personnel with clairvoyants and pre-science abilities sense no danger, from them in the short or long term to us, or the colony. So we believe them, when they say they come in peace. They have asked to set-up and embassy here on Primus with a small amount of their people to man it, we have agreed, no reason not to, as long as they help us defend ourselves, if we are attacked by anyone or anything. They thought about that for about 6 hours, before agreeing. Good to finally have some allies out here, not so alone.

They are very much interested in learning all about us, where we come from, and the sexual and species differences, that they have noticed amongst us. Of special interest is the neo-chimps, especially Merlin, as he seems to have some sub-quantum or psionic ability, and one of them is helping him increase his use of the, abilities he has shown so far, mainly his telekinesis. Us nova's here have sparked there interest as well, for many reasons, one being that we use and manipulate a energy that's the opposite polarity of sorts to theirs.

They asked why we haven't also transcended our flesh bodies and become free energy beings, since we can manipulate quantum anergy, the answers they got where many and varied from us. They have offered to explain and teach to us the process they used on themselves long ago to transcend there flesh, and evolve spiritually to the next level, of the energy type being. I have taken them up on the offer; I explained what little I knew of the chrysalis technique the teragen have. In the end, I sent a request to our teragen, allies to come to primus, as we had a great need of them. When they came and we explained the situation, and they saw the V'rotal, and heard their offer they explained to them all they knew about the chrysalis, as some of them had already undertaken the procedure, one had undergone it twice.

With our teragen allies helping, we should be able to alter the V'rotal techniques with there help, so that we can use them using our quantum energies, we will most probably end up with a highbred method, of the V'rotal and the chrysalis method.

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The V'rotal, had asked permission to take a couple of the medium asteroids, to let there nano crystals, convert them into a lot of small crystal shards, they wanted to harvest them, to make the embassy here on Primus, the have showed us a miniature version of what they are current building (shaping), it is a pyramid shaped building (six sided) with a sphere shaped building intersecting it half way up to be the top half of the construction. Should be at least 2 more days before the infrastructure is complete, then they just have to do the artistic sculpting of it.

As well as to be used by some of there young to create bodies, or to add bulk, to be compressed and the crystal shells density to be increased or for modifications to there crafts, and to expand there mother ships facility's. Since it's only a couple of mediums, we voted on it and gave permission. Was very interesting the way, their nano crystals, converted the cold stone and mineral asteroids. I have asked permission to study the crystal they use for all their technology, and the nano organism's they manipulate, to alter the crystal. They say they will talk about it amongst there elders, and get back to me. They don't waste anything, as they didn't leave one shard after the harvest.

They don't seem to sleep, but they do have quit moments when they seem to go into a long meditative state, and come out much refreshed and energized. So we have slightly altered our work routines, so that we are having 24 hour a day contact with at least some of their members, gaining information from them, about them, and where they have been. As well as sharing, things about earth, and its governments. Its, people, and about ourselves, and our goals. They seem to agree with us that utopia sounds like a type of dictatorship, given the information we have given them, and they wonder why we let it get as big and as powerful as it is, and haven't done anything about it.

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Doc, the V'rotal were discovered in 2035 and exterminated in 2037 (my world/time). One of the reasons this happened, you have already stumbled across. Doc, the manipulate sub-quntum energy, so of course you don't pick up anything "wrong" about them. Your claires, unless trained beyond anything know at this time, are way out of their league.

As far as I remember, they are thousands of years old, and they are attracted to quantum energy and sub-quantum fluxuations. They can mimic emotions and mental responses, so as long as your people don't get violent or angry, you might be okay for the time being.

Doc, remember the laws of Conservation of Energy: Energy is transferred from state to state. It just doesn't pop into existance. What do they feed on? Quantum and sub-quantum energy sources. Right now, your ambient field created by the sentients in your community may be enough to sustain them, but you mentioned that they were starting to breed. Why?

They are creating weapons? If you have shown no hostile intent, why would they? Believe me, they can read your intent from orbit. They are also making orbital habitats/structures for use dirt-side. Again, why make them in orbit and move them through the gravity well, or teleport them when they could use planet-side resources instead.

Were I came from, the first contact was in deep space with an astrometrics group of seven novas. Not being friendly with the government folks, most of what I got was from reports and mission logs.

In the first contact, they lured over the crews telepath using his own positive emotions to gain his trust (analysis by mission investigators). They then sucked him dry of every las bit of energy. A five year veteran of the service died in mili-seconds. Apparently, it was only one of the crewmen's taint(he gave them a bad taste in their mouths?) that saved the rest of the crew and allowed them to warp out of there.

Later contacts were mixed until a nova figured out what their little tricks were with the misdirecting of clairsentiants and positive feedback loop they could resonate in mentalist. Lets just say, the government reacted harshly.

Doc, that may have been government propaganda, but it may not have been as well. One thing that was noted, was that there wasn't a single living organic lifeform on their homeworld, though there was ample evidence that the world had once teamed with life. Someone or something sucked that planet dry. Be careful.

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Well things are going well with the V'rotal here, there embassy is 2/3 finished, not much in the way of amenities, but then they don't need to have any. Doesn't bother us much because with the improved digestion nano's, and the bio-battery energy system we have internally, we don't generate any waste either, the body consume everything or nearly everything, the only thing passed is an odourless gas.

They have identified at least 180 other neo-chimps with psionic latent potential, and have asked if we would like them to help us, help them, by awaking their abilities, we are discussing it amongst our selves and the neo-chimps those with the latencies and the non-psionic, looks like we will take the V'rotal up on there offer. They described how they awaken latent abilities and powers as, enter the minds landscape and removing or altering the landscape as to allow the flow of energy through it, opening doors that have been closed, breaking down walls to allow access that had not been there, and diverting streams, are analogues that could be used. The mind is fragmented then the individual absorbs all that they are including that which was hidden and locked away, they call the process the flowering. The personality is not really altered, tho having, and consciously being able to use and control the new abilities that appear after does, like our MR node does on us after eruption.

They have given me permission to study their nanite crystal, I have a sample, and I'm told it's of the newly created crystal from one of the asteroids. It is sensitive to the minds influence, and with practice you can make it alter its shape and density, by concentrating and thinking at it. Took me 4 hours to get the 1-meter cube sample to alter its self, and that was with tuition from one of the V'rotal helping me.

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Jager, and others.

Jager about our clairvoyants not being able to pick up anything about the V'rotal, because they being sub-quantum manipulators. When we found out they manipulated that energy type, we had our clairvoyance, concentrate solely on the planet and colony and ourselves, the ones here, and those on earth, that have had no interactions with the V'rotal, the results where then compared, if there was anything, of any dangerous importance for our future, they would have detected it in the multiple lines of probability. As it was they found none, with any significance to do with the V'rotal, we do have a meteor that will come close to us in say 90 years, some possible sever and major weather problems, earthquake and volcanic activity on some regions of the planet in the future Even tho they use sub-quantum energy, we would have detected some event if they where responsible for its occurrence.

They are not attracted like insects to quantum or sub-quantum energy; by they are sensitive and can detect its use, at long distance. We where (our clairvoyants) able to detect there presence a week before their arrival in system, before they even started to observe us, and I'm, told that they where able to detect that we knew they where headed to a system.

They investigate so to find out if there are any other races like them selves able to use and manipulate energy, or the reverse of their energy type quantum. Because that would mean a race on its way along the evolutionary ladder upwards, they like to help new younger races upwards. Sounds like there aren't many at there level of evolution, a bit like Mal and they're lonely, they mentioned something about another race that had reached just below there teir, but they don't seem to be friendly types, the other seems to find any that are its equal as threats to themselves. Yes they can mimic our mental and emotional responses when they want to, as we can theirs. They have there own emotional scale and types some the same others different to use, as they live in a total different culture and environment with different needs.

We are aware of their feeding habits now, they are able to tap into the sub-quantum energy field, while they meditate they don't directly feed from it, but from its abient energy that the fields creates while it interacts with them. That's why they are much stronger after they meditate, they do that at least once a week, or more depending on how much energy they expand, and how much they which to accumulate. As for out communities abient energy field, we have been monitoring that from the moment we started building here, and all our facilities on earth have detectors also, as we have a project checking the abient field to see how it grows or fluctuates, its affects on the neo-chimps and baseline humans. There have been no unknown deviations of the results so far, that have not been within the expected developments.

We are trying to find out, with those who erupt, due to interaction with nova's what part the field has to do with it, how long do they have to be exposed to the field. And how strong the field has to be for eruption to occur. Also to see if there are any short or long terms health problems or affects from being immersed and interacting with our quantum abient fields.

[but you mentioned that they were starting to breed.]

I should have written the comments about there young a bit better, they do have young they have been in the mother ship awhile and are developing from the hatchling stage, becoming more mobile in there forms, the young are at least 20 years old minimum, they aren't breeding like rabbits, as they are a long lived race, near immortal, they only breed when they want to, or is needed. And they can take there time and stretch the developing time of there young.

They don't walk around with their weapons, we asked how they defended themselves, what kind of weapons did they have, when they told us about their planet being attacked, and them defending it. So they show us by morphing and altering their bodies and creating the built in weapons system, they then changed back to their usual form. They are not making any orbital habitats structures, but getting the raw crystal material from the two asteroids, that where processed, and bring the raw crystal down here to be melded and moulded and shaped, should have described the building process better, sorry was concentrating on other things when I wrote the message. They don't use the planets resources as they view them as ours, and see no reason to take our planets resources and deplete it of them.

They are sensitive when it comes to the use of planets and there resources, when they belong to another species, due to the devastation caused their own by the aliens they give no name to as they hate them with a cause. There planets eco system, and life forms where destroyed by the aliens, they fought, they eventually destroyed the race, total extermination, due to the fact when the aliens where losing, they sent doomsday weapons to the planet, 7 got through. And that's all that was needed, to destroy all organic life on the planet, and reduce its bio-sphere to decline, since that was the first time, they had fought an energy type being, there weapons where not developed to harm that type of being. Some of the V'rotal where slightly warped mentally from the war and the partial destruction of there planet, and blamed all organic life form beings for this wrong, and thought all flesh bearers corrupt, so a small portion went on a jihad against all organics. The rest of the race was able to rein them in and rehabilitate some of those they captured, the ones that couldn't be, where altered and integrated into weapons system, propulsion systems etc, to power them. The rest of the rebels where killed in combat.

It would seem in your time line Jager, they either failed or the affect of the disaster on their racial psyche was greater there, causing the majority to turn warped, and the pro organics becoming the minority. One of the major problems of sharing a racial race mind set. The technique used by your timeline aliens is the same used by the late V'rotal criminals, it's a modification of the main feeding method, as mention above, and there second one, where they can absorb the energy from solar radiation and other forms, and redirect it for there uses, within themselves or into a device. They seem to have developed a vampiric energy drain technique, with lethal side affects. Use the enemy's personal energy to feed yourself and your energy weapons and kill them at the same time, never run out of ammunition that way.

[Their little tricks were with the misdirecting of clairsentients and positive feedback loop they could resonate in mentalist.]

We are developing safe guards and counter measures to these potential weaknesses, just in case of future events, like coming upon one of their rogues if any still are loose. Tho we are informed all where accounted for, but you never know do you. I can understand why the nova government acted so harshly to the situation. Some of it was no doubt propaganda, but some was probably correct.

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Cornelius, it could also be that certain rouge elements remain out there, and those were the ones that were first encountered. That being the case, by the time the V'rtol in that timeline realized what had happened, they were already at war with humanity.

Still, be careful.

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Message understood, but in this case, the proverb might not need apply. Tho we are being cautious, on what we allow them to do for us, and to our client race, the neo-chimps. All probabilities on their motives are looked at, and compared to the benefits they will produce. It seems they are only trying to help up-lift us, to the next evolutionary step, to bring all to their omega form.


We commented to them after your message, if there are any more rouge elements remaining out there, and they are sure they contained them all. They have told us they are 95% sure they attributed for all, tho given the unknown 5%, there is a minor probability they might not have

Given the scenario you mentioned, if that was the way it was, then it's a sad ending to an old species, eradicated due to a rouge element. As nova's we should look on that and think. What would happen to us if, one say hazard as an example was the first to meet an alien species, and he killed on purpose or by accident their ambassadors? , We would have a war on our hands that was not our fault if they thought hazard was an average example of all novas.

I am not taking things at face value, and analysing for all possible variables, to all actions, so am being careful how we proceed with the V'rotal, so no worry's there jager.

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The flowering or awakening of the 180 neo-chimps is going well, will take a little more time before its completed and the neo-chimps can begin the understanding and training of there new senses and powers. They are getting 1-1 interaction with the V'rotal so they are all being awakened at the same time, will help that there are others going through the same thing they are, when they begin the training. They will be partly trained by ourselves and the V'rotal, depending on the powers that they manifest. We are already checking there DNA profiles we have, comparing them and seeing just what sequences they share, to identify the sub-quantum gene sequence, and or the sequence for certain powers.

The V'rotal, have offered to help, as they did that research on themselves long ago, and perfected techniques for it on themselves and other species. We will have to think about it, you just don't give another race access to your DNA genome. But then again they could just as easy gain it through, picking up DNA left around if the wanted to, hair samples, skin and blood sample, saliva left behind from accidents, so there is no real way of keeping them from gaining it if they wanted to. Especially with there advanced knowledge and techniques. We would be stupid not to learn there techniques they use, and gain from it.

If we can isolate the gene sequence for sub-mutuum manipulation, we can then through genetic modification, insert it into those neo-chimps with no such abilities, and identify those with the recessive traits. We will even be able to then insert the sequences into other species, with genetic modification. The possibilities having your pets eg feline's or guard dogs with telepathy, and increased intelligence, and other traits.

Just had a though a catch 22, what would happen if you had a cat with clairvoyance, and a mouse with pre-cognition, they will ether end up running around in circles, or negate each other. You don't have to worry about us, or me doing that to anything we get our hands on, or doing it indiscriminately it would have to be thought out, and there would have to be a good reason, for it being done, as well as some form of practical use.

We have been told by the V'rotal, that some of our human allies and work mates here have and carry the potential for sub-quantum manipulation, some of the low powered nova's here turned out not to be a nova at all, but a psion's, sub-quantum users and manipulators, was quit a shock to them and us. Explains why no one could really detect when they where using their abilities. Thus, given that there is a number, odds are there are others, possibly latent, or just those that carry the recessive gene sequences for the ability/s.

Something for us to think about, we are formulating a plan of action to find and identify amongst all the personnel here human, neo-chimps, and novas. Just what they/we are:


- Normal neo-chimp

- Or psion neo-chimp (be they operant or latent, includes recessive genetic potential)

Human (baseline):

- Normal human

- Psion human (be they operant or latent, includes recessive genetic potential)

- Nova human (they are latent un-erupted novas or carry the recessive traits)


- The are nova

- They are a psion (misidentified as a nova)

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To all,

We have discussed how to detect who is what with the V'rotal, as they have had experience detecting, both quantum and sub quantum manipulators, be they operant or latent (includes recessive trait). They have informed us that they could do a resonance scan of the population this would be the V'rotal as a whole forming a gestalt and focusing from orbit, to sweep the enter population, or the ancient and old ones doing it one on one covering all the population.

But the draw backs are for the orbital scan, is that since the resonance scan would be done by them, and since the are sub-quantum manipulators, the scan will cause a dampening effect on the erupted nova population causing static interference, and a lowering of the powers during it. As well as the definite possibility of humans erupting during the scan (one way to identify a nova smile.gif, as well as the scan causing the automatic awakening or flowering of those that are psionic be they human or neo-chimp, theirs is a quit eruption we are informed, no fire works like with some novas).

The drawbacks to the individual scan is time, the population of colony has reached over 230,00 individuals of human, neo-chimp and nova decent. We have one main centre, and 3 satellite centres, as well as specific industrial centres, connected through out. We have been very busy and our droids, even more so since they can work 24/7 except for recharges they need and maintenance/repair. We aren't a small organisation, and then there's the people who are on earth assignment, in the facilities there and in undercover positions, and our earth allies, we cant deny them the chance of being all the can be, and finding out what they truly are.

But the benefits are the total cataloguing of who is what. So we can then help those individuals be all the can, what ever they are, the normal citizens with no genetic potential for quantum or sub-quantum can be identified so they can have the option of nano-tech or genetic modification and engineering and augmentation, if they have not taken the option yet. And the possible genetic modification of having the gene sequences for the manipulation of sub-quantum energy being inserted into there genome.

We are having a huge debate over the net and through our affinity links as to, what to do, since it concerns the whole population here as a whole. The talks and debates so far, seem to be that they think we should allow the V'rotal to do it. And that both methods should be done/utilized, so as to cover who is here, and those that are off world at moment on assignment, and to include our earth allies of all species types, that wish to undertake it. But at the same time, they are taking into account, how the resonance scan's dampening affect will feel to the nova population here, and how to reduce or eliminate unwanted damage or injuries to people with having latent novas erupting here and there. As well as the debate over the gene sequences for the manipulation of sub-quantum energy being inserted into the genome of those that didn't carry the potential in the first place.

Any and all comments you have are welcome, as we would like your opinions, as they will have come from independent observers, they will be taken into consideration and thought about, by the population.

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YOU HAVE A QUARTER OF A MILLION PEOPLE?!?? Forget security concerns; you have been made by Utopia by now. Even if you had 10% of your population as neo-chimp (which would devestate terrestrial chimp populations), that is too many people for the three months your colony has been in existance.

How do I make this clear? Either you have stepped into someones Quantum Reality Bubble (Atwight?)inwhich everyone loves one another and life just has happy endings, or you have been made, or the figures are innaccurate.

Well, you don't lie well and I don't think Atwight would step up with that kind of QRB at this time (it certainly isn't Prodiby's work), so my guess is the first option.

Some of your people are psions and you didn't know till now? What is up with that? You couldn't tell? Its only the difference between a scalpel and a Claymore for god's sake.

Does the name Aeon Society ring a bell? They were first up with an answer to the arrival of novas and they have been doing parapsychological research since the 1920's. If anyone (human) is up on psions, they would be the ones.

Cornelius, take a hard look around yourself. If everything is right with the world, your expanding on all fronts, and all your future projects are looking rosy as hell, let us know. That being the case; I, for one, will be running for cover and asking Atwight to PLEASE close the door.

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Dr Cornelius, I suspect you need to question the situation in which you find yourself a little more.

What do these extraterrestrials gain from aiding you ?

They seem totally altruistic.

So did Project Utopia, until several novas realised that they were having fertility problems.

If you assume that these V'rotal have a hidden agenda, prepare for that, and are wrong, then all is well.

If you assume that they do *not* have a hidden agenda, and you are wrong...that hidden agenda may well blow up in your face.

Furthermore, if the population of your Primus has increased by such a great number over such a short period of time, you have some other difficulties. Clearly, you did not move the entire population from Earth - that would certainly have been noticed.

So did your Uplifted Chimps and lab assistants breed so rapidly ?

Has it occurred to you, that entirely apart from the likelihood that Utopia may have found you, as Jager rightly points out, that a sentient species which breeds so rapidly, and which is capable of altering its own environment and the nature of other species, is likely to be regarded as a rival or threat by other such species ?

On another note, why Chimps, Dolphins and Orcas ?

Why do you grant sentience to certain specific species and not to others ?


There are no stupid questions.

Only stupid answers.

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Atwight, I think the time is rapidly approaching to close the door, if you haven't already done so.

My team just waltzed onto Primus with no problems. Too many new faces, his best security aren't in positions of authority, and the chimps are completely off their game with this whole alien thing coming down. Net Security isn't up to a nova penetration and some of the "old" stuff that Webb had lying around proved effective in baffeling the rest of his tech (which his staff relies to heavily on). His chimps know that bad is going down, but no one is listening to them. Dex actually witnessed some of them stealing some supplies and bugging out into the back country. Seems at the lowest level, the humans and chimps are starting to segregate and what trust there was is eroading.

In Tasha and Dex's analysis, Cornelius has gone too far, too fast. Worse, Dex believes that some of the gear that the chimps stole could be used to refine plutonium. Tasha confirmed three different mining sites were producing low yields, but it was being classified as slag. Furthermore, while there was no accounting for the missing equipment, but there were weight shortfalls in delivery loads to the sound of 5.3 metric tons in the past three weeks. Someone is shipping alot of really heavy air.

Cornelius, did it ever occur to you that giving your chips effective telepathy would be a bad thing? That they could alternate and encrypt their frequencies? Did it occur to you that they might not take to aliens arriving as well as you? Apparently, while the humans and novas are mostly taking your cheery outlook, the chimps are reacting on a more primitive level. Normally, I would say, 'Good for them', but I am not exactly thrilled about chimps building nuclear weapons.

Dex says to watch out for chromium and tungsten levels failing to meet expections. Tasha would also provide information, but right now, she is on the side of the chimps.

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Utopia may or may not know about us, I don't particularly care at this moment they attack me, I destroy them, and the part of the planet earth they are attacking from. Yes we have over a quarter of a million people, they are not all from my own organization, but the overall organization, and 25-30 sections have been moved here, to be consolidated. And Since, i'm the stupid bunny that is mainly in charge of the planet and colony, I have to help them move in and integrate them, provide new facilities, as if I have enough nano-seeds to provide facilities for all of them at once!

They facilities they originated from, are from all over the globe, spread out thinly, some secret some known, but using cover identities and story's to avoid any investigation. Some belonged to clubs societies, and sports clubs, even some cults and religious group identities.

I have not stepped into a reality bubble, I wish, I had then, running this circus and talking to the ET's at the same time would be easy, read the input from me in the other forums, and you will see not all is rosy here, got problems.

Yes some people here are psions, and yes I didn't know about it, why cause they didn't belong in my section, they where the main nova (not) personnel of another section, there powers mainly telepathy, telekinesis, and the other ESP powers. I'm not aware of all that is done in the other sections, I'm not one of the benefactors, I'm just a normal nova. Strange how they where all in one section, benefactors, did it on purpose I think, as they sensed they where different. Wasn't until they where brought here and starting interacting with the rest of the population, that we where aware of there difference.

Some of the future projects are rosie, others dis-organized, and need their time table altered,

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I always suspect a hidden agenda by all and everyone, especially unknown aliens like the V'rotal, my benefactors, and those that are my allies, even my friends sometimes. The aliens seem totally altruistic, at this point, but they do want something from us, us to evolve and join them at their tier of evolution, they want company there. I don't take anything at face value, or anyone.

As to your question concerning why we choose only certain animal species to uplift and not others we had parameters and rules that had to be taken into account:

· How intelligent the animal is

· Its family structure

· Is social structure

· Its natural tendencies

· How aggressive it is

· How it gets along with other animal species

· How it interacts with humans


The chimps, gorillas, orang-utans, howler monkeys, baboons, and the oceans whales and dolphins only fitted our rules and parameters.


Read the "What is a nova" string forum messages.

Your team didn't just waltz in, you think we don't monitor incoming teleportation's, warps, or unknown spacecraft ha tell me another one, and then trace them to their source before they arrive. They where identified, we have intelligence reports on most of your personnel, and are gathering the rest, we have visual ID's of them, stored in several database's that security AI's have access to. All of the new personnel are also added to the, varies systems, for identification purposes.

They also have access to the cameras worn by our security people and that are scattered all over the place. My best people are in charge of the top departments and there nova's of the top most calibre, and I have top notch nova's interfacing with and net guarding the hard tech networks monitoring unknown hacking from inside or out, they report to me, and then ask if they should terminate or let pass. We let you pass. We don't rellie just on hard tech, we have other systems that run in parallel, but not telling you what they are, because you have been acting in a hostile manner, and that would be telling you a state planetary secret.

Some of the chimps are having problems with the arrival of the aliens, they are nervous about the resonance scan as would anyone finding out what they are for the first time, some are totally freaked by the V'rotal presence here and there views are being listened to, and the fears behind there reasoning also, they are being counselled, and having things explained to them In detail so as not to leave any unanswered problems or questions from them. Its not just the chimps, some of the humans and nova's are apprehensive about the scan and the aliens, so the talks and debates have been extended indefinitely till everyone is sure about it.

Things are going down, and the neo-chimps are being listened to, I can assure you of that, but its not the aliens it's the consolidation of most of the sections to here on primus, that's freaking them out, as its doing me, as I'm now in charge of them all. The neo-chimps aren't segregating themselves, but finding there identity as a species, there are camps set-up through the wilderness, where they can be them-selves, free of outside influence, like the retreats of the Indians with there sweat lodges.

Yes they have the ability to encrypt their frequencies, we taught them too. There are 4 frequencies one for humans, another for nova's, another neo-chimps, and another for all of us, as well as the capabilities of broadcast to any, or selected targets and personal transmission 1-1.

The neo-chimps that Dex witnessed are on a special project for me for the colony, its defence from threats, for the planets defence and for possible revenge. The equipment had already been logged out, they where just collecting it. Dex was right about some of the gear being able to be used to refine plutonium. Your people where allowed to see a little information, that they would be able to piece together. So with this if they are ever captured by utopia, utopia will gain this information also, part of our goal. The chimps are working with a selected group of humans and nova's and building a little stockpile of nuclear weapons in case we ever need them, you found our secret, the only thing utopia understands is overwhelming force. They are a select group, that's why they are using a special encryption for there communications. The weapons will only be used if utopia and its friends ever tries to attack, invade or destroy us, a fear that has arisen as they know a little about us due to the ex-moles, and may have generated data on our numbers, if they can link some of the disappearances earth side together. As you can understand any attempt on our stockpile will be taken as an act of war. You have my word it's a weapon of last resort. But I have much more destructive weapons then them anyway. As for the neo-chimps producing there own, they aren't.

Your crews views are from the perspective of one looking through a looking glass, and not know or understanding all the facts and what they see. Or the reasons they are doing it, and what there orders are. Pandora's box is open, and the benefactors have helped by giving us the key, and setting up needed monitoring, interference, and dampening equipment so we control who opens the door, and what way it opens, and when or if it opens.

I'm aware of what is happening here, I have developed a god like point, I have a permanent link to the racial consciousness that is all of us share here now, I understand what the fears are, and what is causing them, this has put an added strain on the strain I'm already under.

I didn't want the responsibility that has been put on me, but I got it, for all the sentient beings here. I have to ensure their protection from potential aliens, human, or nova threats, or the nations of earth. If that means closing the gate, then I will do it, if that means destroying utopia, then it shall be done.

The benefactors don't mind me telling you guys, as I don't really know a lot about them in sold confirmable detail, what's true today is false tomorrow. As for what they are, could be novas who erupted late 1800's or early 1900's, they could be quantum manipulating mega intelligent aliens, or nova refugee's or explorers from a parallel universe, don't know, and really its academic and unimportant, so doesn't matter. Cant change what they have done, they have interacted, and interfered and manipulated a lot of people over a long time period, created groups, fake religions, and organizations and company's, they have finally consolidated through, what I have done and contributed.

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Cornelius, three things:

How many teams were inserted?

How many people were in each team?

How many people were left behind?

You seem to forget that while your take on some of the technology is interesting, the application is nothing new. Save throwing a Temporal bubble over a sight (which has its own problems), there is no way to keep any system completely safe. Ever.

As for the nukes, that is good and bad. Nice to know you are up on it, bad to know that you are willing to use them to stop Utopia.

I think I am dealing with the concepts of the Immovable Object (everything in the universe moves, my friend), the gun that never misses (well, it missed me), and the Truth (there ain't no absolutes). I know what you are trying to do, and it is noble. I have never seen it work. Hell, the only person I have ever met who might pull it off, wouldn't try it.

I know you won't listen to me, but I will say this anyway. Drop what you are doing, take your core group to another location, and start over. Leave your 'benefactors' behind. The rest of your people can stay, or go back to Terra. Do it before you lose it, or they suck you dry.

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Cornelius, your a freak! I have never heard someone so smug, arrogant, and in love with themselves as you. You are dealing with aliens you know nothing about, except for what they tell you, and your falling for everything they tell you. Hook, line and sinker. You may have a high IQ but you've got no common sense. Go watch an old tv show called Earth: Final Conflict and think about your alien friends some more. See any similarities?

[This message has been edited by Jordan Rossi (edited 05-26-2001).]

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Doctor, I am afraid I will not be shuttling people too and from Primus for several reasons. First, I am not a shuttle service, I have too many other things to worry about and do not appreciate having that responsibility put on me without my prior acceptence and agreement of such. Second, I have found some disturbing things going on at your location and I will not give my approval of such activities by letting them go unnoticed.

You are becomming a dangerous and unstable individual Cornelius. You have actually threatened war-like aggression on a UN sanctioned organization. do you even realize the consequences of such an action?

Understand this; If you go through with this threat, EVER, for whatever reason, I will hand Primus over to not only Utopia and the UN, but also to several of my peers who would, and probably do, see you as a threat. I do not say this lightly, You have threatened an action that would cost many innocent lives and would cause untold damage to my home. To threaten Earth is to threaten me. I hope I make myself clear.

[This message has been edited by Atwight (edited 05-26-2001).]

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Cornelius-Before you respond to Atwight with your classic ' You can do nothing to threaten me, I've covered all bases.' response I want to drop a little knowledge on you.

Since interacting with certain individuals on this forum I have devoted a great deal of time, energy and expense into researching the posters here. Here's what I've found on just a couple of them.

Jaeger-Looks like a pretty basic character. Easy to figure out and outmanuever. Then he pulls something out of his hat that you never would have considered in a lifetime.

Rossi-Lotsa potential but youthfull arrogance is a limiting factor. A self correcting condition.

Atwight-I have no clue. None. Zero, zip, nada. Power I have a hard time quantifying and I hang around a few individuals who have crossed that invisible line in the quantum that seems to seperate the big boys from the rest of us. Try to figure him out and your going to get a headache. So, when you pop off with some arrogant little reply that your ready to take him out just like you could take out Utopia, just know that I'll be laughing at you. Harder than usual.

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James, thanks. I like simple things because they work the most often, but back up plans never hurt.

By the way, are you insinuating that I have lulled people into a false sense of security concerning my meager resources and abilities? Why, shame on me. Besides, there are those days when I wish I could throw Q-bolts, fly, or even do some simple Matter Creation. I guess I'll just have to work with what my psyche lets me have.

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That data will not be forthcoming at the moment, as it will inform you, of the level and efficiently of our system.

We have been monitoring and gathering information on your group, since we found out about them a while ago. And so out of comradeship I will give you some information that you might find handy Dossier #1546, and # 4859, they are on two of your people. They have been having clandestine meetings with people from utopia interacting with 5 of there agents, one of which we have marked as having loyalties first to "P". They have been going on for some weeks, we don't know if it's them alone or if there are others in your group, we are guessing and not assuming facts. Know since I don't have all omnipotent vision or knowledge I can only make assumptions that could be right or wrong:

· They are doing it on your orders

· They are doing it for themselves and own goals

· They are utopian plants

· They are double agents

Any of them could be right, or they could be all wrong. What the answer is doesn't really bother me, but it should you, deal with it as you wish.

Also by reading my "What is a Nova? " reply to James, you will understand, how I am informed of things I shouldn't be aware of, it can be annoying your working then you see a vision, and have information downloaded to your brain, to figure out and sort and sift through, though they do try to do it on my breaks. As for the nukes, they are just for the baselines and neo-chimps here as a symbol, something they know about and what it can do, I have much more destructive weapons in reserve. There like a Porsche to a rich guy, even tho there are better cars. Wouldn't you be willing to use everything in your reach to defend your people?

[i know what you are trying to do, and it is noble. I have never seen it work.]

We have to try, not to try would be to surrender and give up, become a wage slave as such, better to attempt and fail, then to just think of what could be and sit back and watch, everything that is happening to us and around us, like a couch potato, watching the TV.

We all here have chosen the path we are walking down, and have decided to find what's along the way, and see if we can reach its end, together, do or die motto. As for me losing it, possible. Think I might take a rest soon, form a small duma to take care of matters while I'm on break, just help out as an advisor, do some of my hobbies, and explorer the native life forms here in-depth. Time to recharge my batteries.


Grow up, read all the messages the ones here and in "what's a nova?" not everything is like a movie, and sometimes-good things do happen, not al aliens are bad guys out to suck your brains dry. Think, why do most movies portray aliens as bad guys, and have overtones of the nazis, because they all have to have the humans as good guys, there fore the aliens have to be bad, and human society has to be seen as the best and most benevolent.


We will only attack in self defence Atwight, got my word on that, we will not start it, we have the right to defend ourselves. We would just attack or nuke their bases (military) or those being used as launching points with weapons that can be controlled with their output, so as to reduce or negate damage to civilian surroundings. Then shut the door, and stay sealed up here, just defending the planet, or arrange peace negotiations. Where we to learn in advance, that they where organizing an attack, or invasion, wouldn't we have the right to a pre-emptive attack?

As for me becoming a dangerous and unstable individual, yes to the first, no to the second, just major stressed out. You want the responsibility for so many sentient beings, have it for a while and see how stressed you get.


I wasn't going to threaten atwight, or give atwight that line. Not a parrot you know, not a parrot you know. J No arrogant little reply was going to be sent, just constructive statements, atwight is an unknown quantity, and I do not take on them without a lot of knowledge about them, and as a threat atwight has major kudos. He is not a threat to us, and we aren't to him. Utopia and the UN is a possible threat, and has greater probability percentage then him.

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I am very dissapointed in you Doctor. An act of war is an act of war, It does not matter the target involved. Think about the men and women who will die in an attack, even if it is a military target. Think about the people who will die. Now think about their families. Their Wives, Husbands, Childern, Siblings and Parents. Think about how they will feel. Think about the friends of the dead. Think about how they would feel. Think about how you would feel in their place. Think long and hard about the consequences of the descision to go to war. You are not making it only for yourself, but for everyone on Primus. Human, Nova, Pyschomorph, Neo-Chimp, and Extra Terrestrial. Are you prepaired to decide their fate?

No government on Earth is going to wage an interstellar war through warpgates. They do not have the technological know-how or the desire. As for defending yourself, you are the only one engaging in hostile activities at the moment. Everything that has hapened to you and your people has been your own doing. If you want to argue this fact, go back and reread everything you have posted to this site. Your own words speak for themselves.

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Cornelius, #1546 is one of my 'contacts' but not specifically one of my team. She works for Utopia in as an ESA liason. Nice lady, but I don't recommend you let her stay on Primus.

#4859 isn't one of mine at all. Worst, he is a Temporal manipulator as well as a Warper. While I have never been sure who he worked for, I do know who he trained with. Some really shadowy joker named Praetorian. Ever heard of him? Anyway, I can bet I know what #4859 is up to. I warned you this might happen.

Theory: #4859 has established a temporal anchor point back in Primus' pre-Cornelius days. From their, he is shuttling people 'forward' to the present time, bubbling them (thus avoiding your clairs and security tech) for a few minutes before they all slip back. True, they can't 'touch' anything, but they can learn alot. Conversely, they could leave some 'gifts' behind if they could make the quantum expenditure.

If you don't believe me, just ask James or Atwight if this is possible.

If you are going to tell me that your people are already "on to this" as well, don't bother. You already are full convinced that your team is better than the best minds at Utopia and that they could never beat you.

Cornelius, if you were really aware of how much my teams had already penetrated your operation, you would shut us down. My folks aren't bad, but their nothing compared to some of the people that Utopia can throw at you. Worse, you are a known quantity. Maybe your 'benefactors' are setting you up because the public fallout of your actions (threatening to use nukes through WarpGates) will scare the ever-living-hell out of the UN. Utopia really needs the boost right now. Atleast two unknown novas are on your world already. What made you think they were mine? I don't have those kind of resources. If it wasn't for me working with other novas, I wouldn't be worth shit. Yeah, a few other novas work with me, but it is the help of others, like Prodigy, Wizard, and Atwight, that lets me get the job done. Even Jordan and Trauma are willing to work with me and exchange information and skills. Sovem, Ashnod, Ranger, and Bagman all keep an open line of communciation with me. I don't try to stand alone. I wish you wouldn't try standing alone, either. If not for your own sake, then for those who follow you.

Well, the hour is getting late and I have already requested Atwight extract most of my folks. Only one team remains. I have asked them to remain until the curtain falls or they feel you forces are closing in. Godspeed.

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First off, I must say you are pretty good at mutli-tasking, your communicating to the board, talking with your personnel, and at the same time, your interacting with wizard, atwight, and the parasite, and possible incoming utopian goons. Bravo, isn't hacking into other people's communication links fun.

Now to the serious stuff, the benefactors have started and finished operation Night Fall, what is "Night Fall" will explain further down the page. It started an hour after your last message was logged to the system noticeboard. It started with me getting blinding images, and a stream of data, I saw a small base of operations with makeshift structures, and #4859 in charge, looked like prime guess you where right, then an image of now with people disappearing and appearing in the past with the other personnel of #4859, they all looked surprised as hell. Next there where explosions, I saw #4859's head explode, and his agents systematically killed, some tried to escape, but where blocked from doing so. Agent #1546 was one of the people transported from now to then, guess they saw her as an intruder as well, she died quickly and painlessly, was disintegrated. None survived. When the visions ceased, I started receiving reports of people disappearing, and guess what there images we caught of them, matched the ones that I saw.

Next thing that happened was a flash behind me, and an overwhelming sense of power, looking around I saw the same benefactor that I had meet before, Its name is Aris, I was informed, and Night fall had started, All of our personnel, where being informed of what was happening and going to happen, the V'rotal as well. They where given time to leave the system before it was to late to leave, they chose to stay, why, curiosity maybe.

All your personnel that where still here, and had not yet been picked up, which was a lot, since Atwight was busy with the parasite business, and hadn't had time yet to pick' em up yet. Where teleported to a cleared area and surrounded by a field of glowing energy, with glowing quantum balls of light guarding them, lesser quantum beings Aris informed me, their army of light. I was given the choice of deciding what happened to them, death was an option, but I choose life, I asked him to return them all to earth, somewhere cold or embarrassing/inconvenient, Antarctica, or where ever you and Atwight where at the time, nothing like a lot of old friends dropping in. Not sure which it choose, guess you will find out tho.

With all non-section people dealt with, part 2 of "Night Fall" began, All the remaining personnel, (and any allies willing to come), followers and friends, family as well as the facility's, and houses, and bases, technology and equipment of section or derived from section, begin appearing all over Primus, they seemed to being placed down in an order to facilitate proper organisation later. God knows how utopia is going to explain the mass disappearance of buildings and people from all over the world, love to be seeing there faces right now. The process only took an hour but it was a hectic one, strange to behold and look at, was monitoring through the visions Aris channelled to me.

Was informed by Aris that he/she was considered, the lowest in rank by his/her people, and the most accepted to interact with us through me, as he wouldn't blow our mind so to speak.

Through his/her eyes, I saw an oval shaped scintillating field start to enfold the primus solar system, within 30 minutes we had been totally enfolded, not one star to see, the field started scintillating and glowing brighter. And Aris informed me that primus system was being moved through time and space, and dimensionally, somewhere else where its presence was needed, for a purpose. And where nobody or nothing from where we started would be able to get at us, totally safe from them anyway. I asked what had happened to the space we left behind, he informed us that empty space had been left in its place, going to be a surprise for the next person to warp or teleport to those co-ordinates, hope they got protection.

We travelled how long I know not, and where and when we are know, only Aris and his/her kind know. They appear to be god like in power, that even dwarf mercer? and mal in power, and they are able to collectively pool the power, and work as one. We are settling in the new comers, the dolphin pods that came through with them are getting used to their new ocean environment, and we are starting to fully accept and understand what's happened, we are safe from utopia and the rest of the novas that saw us as a threat, we face an unknown future, and have yet to be informed of what they want us to do for them, considering the power they posses, we wonder why they need us.

Aris said that we will be informed in due course, and need not worry, as we will be safe for quit awhile. So we are building and setting up infrastructure, transport, and have started to map the new star constellations in the sky. Will take awhile to feel like home, but it will happen.

You are wondering how the hell this message got onto the board, I ask a favour of Aris, if he/she could somehow get this message their, as I would like to inform all of what happened, Aris told me he/she would see it was done. And also said if I wanted they could transfer messages to the board for another 7 days, and only 7 days, time to say goodbyes and all, all messages there would be upgraded onto my system here. Don't know how he/she is going to do it, so I just accept that it will be done. And am told no way they could track us or locate us, as there is no trace or track to follow. Guess I have to think what I'm going to say in those 5 days, not a long time to say goodbye to your old universe.

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Dr Cornelius.

May whatever Gods there be be kind to you.

You are no longer in control of your own life - if you ever were.

Utopia will not need to explain any mass disappearances.

To my knowledge, there have been none.

It would seem that you have been deceived, hoodwinked, and abducted on a rather grand scale.

When the delusions wear off, I am sure there will be many happy to offer you counselling.

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Cornelius, I have yet to hear of any mass disappearences from earth, but my team did extract after Atwight had one of his blistering headaches and passed the word upline.

Atwight, I can confirm that Primus is still there (where it should be, anyway) so your 'benefactors' didn't move the system (unless they bothered to duplicate it?). Were ever you have gone too, I hope you find what you have been looking for. As for the 'benefactors', I will start looking into their other activities as they are too powerful to let just wander around. After the games they have played with you, I am not likely to look upon their actions with kindness.

As for Alexandria, that was a week ago, but the time delays in updating he boards seems to have been an effect of three powerful novas (Atwight, Tesseract, and Wizard) acting in close conjunction.

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To anyone that recieves this message, if it doesn't stay on my computer, might start writing a dairy, my information from the board hasn't been updated yet. Lets see, received some bad news from Aris, seems we didn't leave a mess behind they did a neat clean job, instead of empty space they shunted a parallel prime system into its place, left a blank where they took it from, hope no one was on it. When they took the people that where in the public arena, they mentally told them to go somewhere where no one would observe, then transported them, and a thought was put into the minds of the co-workers and bosses that they where of sick or on holiday, so they wont be missed for awhile. Then they made sure the buildings that where transported where not going to be missed or noticed for awhile, by creating and leaving a shell outer structure of the building in their place when they where transported. Going to surprise some people when they open the door and see a lot of empty space, in some ways of what they did, this way doesn't cause panic, and utopia can sort of keep a lid on it. But I wanted to make utopia piss its pants and go mad on the cleaning up and cover-up.

Things are so so here, we are having to create the infrastructure for the new buildings, as when they transported them here, they didn't do the power or water and seepage pipes and such, the personnel from before that where still awaiting housing, have been ported to the colony ship and large space station, we created through nano-seeds, we had to see if they worked perfectly, so used 1 of each, then put them in mothball, didn't take to long to recommission them, good design planning. Some are using the accommodations, and facilities on them. Continuing their work, others are in cryogenic sleep.

The V'rotal have scouted out the neighbouring systems, and none except one contain any dominant life forms, they aren't the ones that where there before, so, they got to start surveying them again, the one with life forms of class 1 or 2 dominant, have cave-like cities tunnelled out underneath the surface, as the surface conditions, animal wise and environmentally is dangerous and hazardous, for a civilization to exist, they a quadrupedal, but can stand on there back feet/hands they have two stalk like eyes, that they either feel through or see through, they are at the information age in technology ratings, but have made no effort to reach into space. Tho evidence was seen of astrological observatories, in shielded domes. We will leave them alone and only start contact with them, when we are fully on our feet, and everyone has all they require need home wise and work wise. Plus we are still mapping the stars and the new constellations, we are matching pictures to the stars that make up our new constellations, and giving them names, e.g. we got one that looks like a giraffe for instance.

We are taking he star cruiser nano-seeds out of storage, leaving the colony ship seeds alone tho, and placing them with the appropriate amount of raw mass, to create some space cruisers, to help patrol the system, partially AI controlled and monitored, they only need a small to medium sized crew, depending on their training. Got spare civilians that can be trained for those jobs, the hypno-mech technology can speed it along.

The dolphin pods, of which there are quit a lot, are adapting to their new environment, they only needed some slight genetic modifications, and some nano-digesters incorporated. The researchers responsible for them have a lot of extra genetic material from a lot of wild dolphins, so the genetic pool integrity for them is insured, through the use of the cloning process.

We have enough in population numbers, and in stored genetic material, to have a viable population with little or no future genetic problems, arising from any inbreeding, In the future. Plus with the advanced gene This equally applies to humans, and neo-chimps, the nova population is well proportioned with females to males, and so far the testing of the baseline populations shows a small percentage of them are either latent novas, or carries the genetic potential, that can be passed to the next generation. And so with appropriate eugenics programs we can increase our population of novas and psion naturally.

So all in all, things are a bit rough and ready at the moment, but with a lot of effort and time, we should be fully back to top efficiency, all people housed, and looked after, with work facilities, within a year, but that's going to take a lot of work, even with the droids working 24/7. Some members of the board probably think I'm nuts and totally lost it, just a dreamer, who's dream came true, some times it pays to listen to that voice in your head, that doesn't belong to you.

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James, one big fat apology coming up.

Cornelius, tell me this; which would be easier 1. To transport a world to a different spriral arm/different galaxy/different reality or 2. To mentally screw with a realitively small group of people and make them believe the above has happened.

What about this; 1.Stealing the buildings from one locale and transporting them to another while replacing those buildings with "hollow" shells. Oh yah; they also screwed with the minds of various family members and co-workers (like they DIDN'T DO in the above example) to make them believe that the missing people were sick or on vacation; or 2. Kidnapping people from a few locations and hooking them up to VR rig while keeping them sedated with a chemical soup.

Cornelius, Primus is pretty empty now and all traces of the colony are missing, but terrain mapping gave us the answer to that little mystery. You used construction nanites, right? Well, seems your little friends simple ate their work. There are still mounds and canyons were some of your facilities were, though someone hyper accelerated the jungle growth to hide the evidence. Sadly, all of the nanites seem to have passed their life expectancy. Clever, but not clever enough. I am sending a few samples to Atwight and Prodigy to see if they can reverse engineer some of these 'carbon molecules'.

More bad news; Dexter just located 12 of your neo-chimps. Seems they had one of their number remove their links and they ran and hid before it was fully activated. They are a tad concerned with were their city went and are fearful for the fate of their race. I am confirming with them the location of various sites as well as mining complexes. Doc, either someone took a big bite out of this world, or someone is trying to hide a large mining operation.

Tasha informs me that seven of the twelve have been rendered sterile by the nanites. Care to explain that?

Prodigy, since your the acknowledged expert on social engineering, help me with this; If a society was under intensive thought pattern realignment (i.e. Never question the benefactors) and they developed a massive psychotic episode (aliens arrive on world), what would be the sociological researcher/psychohistorians responses? Would they attempt to isolate that society or what? I don't think Cornelius and company are a technological experiment; I think they are a small scale social engineering experiment. That would explain the whole mass acceptance of the community gestalt (according to some of your own research, James, an 80% acceptance is the most that can be hoped for).

Now, my people only saw a few thousand people on Primus (not the reported 250,000) and the neo-chimp:human ratio was around 2:1, so I think they community was less than 15,000. Now, if the majority of the population was 'virtual'(both neo-chimp and human) and the virtual population accepted the gestal without reservation, would that skew the results? Would the neo-chimp lack of an advanced social diagram hurt or hinder the project? The twelve neo-chimps I have with me (I can't believe I just said that) seem more 'primitive' than some of the others witnessed in the colony. They definitely have retained more of their pre-evolved skills.

Well, we have cleaned the remaining nanites off of them and the team will be displacing out soon. Let me know what you think. Should I leave the twelve neo-chimps behind? If so, I don't know how long they will survive.

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That small a number will not create a large enough genepool to be viable. To simply leave them there without facilities is a slow death by inbreeding.

This is actually a solvable problem provide they are at least as intelligent as their cousins (us) and are provided the specialized tools (gene mapping techniques, computer systems, medical equipment) to resolve the problem on their own.

Lastly, if you decide to go this route I would suggest, knowing you've already considered the necessity, of getting them out of there now. I don't know what the hell the 'benefactors' are up to but it reminds me of the same 'can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs' crap I've seen earthside.

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Start Log…

Addendum to previous Note,

Computer check and affinity link check of all personnel complete, all personnel human, neo-chimp, nova, accounted for and tripled checked to make sure. The V'rotal confirm all there race came through also, all structures came through without any damage.

· Colony status at 65% efficiency

· Colony ship at 85% other systems being brought online

· Satellite habitat at 90% some subsystems need replacing


Create and improve infrastructure for new buildings that they transported here. They also need altering to be able to handle the different climate here, and the animals, and the problems they cause.

Start some more mining operations, to gain more raw material to build needed structures and facilities, leave planetary resources last, only use them for the rare earths that can be used as refined material to speed up the building of certain nano-seeds. Off planet mining preferred, we have a lot of asteroids rich in minerals and other materials, use them first, then look at other planets for resources.

Need to create some new space cruisers, will get together with our V'rotal allies, they have seen a lot of ships, and probably designed a lot too, See if they can help me and my designers come up with something tougher and meaner, with a smaller crew contingent, might need them in the future.

Need to make colony fully self sufficient, not like we can rely on anyone but ourselves. Planetary affinity consensus is that resonance scan should be done, but only when we are fully on our feet, I agree, racial mind coincides with the affinity consensus.

Depending on how fast a lot of nano-seeds can be created to build buildings and other facilities, just copy existing structure designs or re-design some, both I think, each section has different needs, shouldn't take to long to redesign the building blueprints for the nano-seeds. Depending on seed turn out over an average week given primes 36 hour day, depends on how many we will get, but that means a good portion of the nano assembler units will just be creating seed's?. Nothing else to do about it, the smaller units can create the other needed material.

Maybe break up some of the smaller asteroids double check they carry no viruses or bacteria and bring the pieces down on the spots to be built on, its not going to be refined material, but raw material is better then nothing at moment.

Had a talk with Aris he/she/it, asked it about the group they collected and shipped of, I thought they where jagers teams, guessed wrong seems they where other plants of another organization, not proteus, and not utopia, wouldn't say much more, except they belonged to a group called Aegis (defined as the shield), said that they where agents for aegis, and that aegis does not originate from this earth but an alternative, they are aware of them, but have nothing to do with them. Asked just what jagers team found out about us, seems they didn't find much, and what they do have, some of it is fake, seems Aris's people manipulated there minds so what they saw was smaller in operation and numbers, done to keep them underestimating us as a whole.

Was thinking of the second Prime system they replaced with, asked if there had been anyone on that when it was moved transported, maybe another me or someone else, there's a small possibility that there was. If another me, wonder how successful his colony was?.

Wonder if I should write posts for the opnet site, not sure if Aris is posting them, says he is, (think I will call Aris a he from now, seems to be masculine in nature), does it really matter, as it is I'm to busy, doing a lot of necessary things, things that need to do still. Think I will, cease writing, leave it to Aris to decide what he sends. Will write up some basic inconsequential crap no even better, will get an AI to write it, in the usual file, if he posts it then he posts it, not like they will be sharing my experiences, so why they need to know what I and we are doing.

Wonder what to call those burrow city dwelling sentients on the 4 system, for now will call the lirians, if I use it a lot when mentioning them, maybe it will catch on. The brief observation of them, showed they had writing, and the V'rotal detected some sub-quantum use among a small group of them, only showed when they touched (touch telepaths or empaths?), will find out when contact is made some time in the future.

Think we need either a very hectic, 6months or a moderate 1-year to a year and a half till we are on our feet again fully.

Dr Cornelius de torimer signing out smile

End Log…

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Jaeger, thank you for the compliment. I think I would have to concur about what a researcher would have to do in those circumstances in order to keep the experiment viable.

Now, about the VR, you might not need to go to such lengths to explain what happened. Humans (yes, god help me I am including most Novas in this for now) are often incapable of comprehending numbers greater than a few hundred. When presented with a colony numbering in the low 5 figure range and then told that it actually numbers in the low 6 figure range most entities will simply accept that as reality. Also, being social animals used to small interactive groups they would not expect to have interaction with everyone in the group. A good comparison would be small town America versus the big city. An individual in the small town will have a social circle about the same size of an individual in the big city. However, the big city individual feels more cut off and isolated because he/she knows such a small percentage of the whole. But in fact both individuals have a similar social interaction rate, it is merely their perception that is different. No one in the colony would expect to know everyone else because it was so 'large'. Add in some creative accounting to deal with the differences in supplies actually used versus those that would have been used by a larger group and you are pretty much covered.

Remember the first rule of effective propoganda, people are more able and likely to accept big lies versus little ones.

Look at Cornielius' last post. He's gone completely off the deep end. He is still operating within his delusion. Be careful how you deal with him, extermination of fantasy can result in a nasty psychotic episode.

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Well, I guess this is it for Primus, then. I will not leave the last of the neo-chimps to die here. Even with their knowledge, they don't have any industrial base to work with and their nanotech has gone all to crap (what a suprise).

I think I know of somebody who can be convinced to take them on as office assistants. That is unless you want to take them on, Wizard?

As for this Aris character; he and the rest of his God-cohorts are in for a little spooking. James, I think I will need a little consultation with you on this one.

Man, Cornelius had some great potential. He took some chances and really wanted to change the world. Is that why they decided to take him out? Or was he just their pawn all along?

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Originally posted by Jager:
That is unless you want to take them on, Wizard?

Educating Nyla and planting disinformation in Egypt is keeping me busy at the moment. Give me three days to make arrangements and I'll contact you via the board with coordinates for drop off. Assuming that they are willing to live in seclusion of course.

I will probably bother many of you with question in the near future regarding these neo-chimps but I'm telling you right now, they better be cat people.

[This message has been edited by Wizard (edited 05-29-2001).]
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Spooking eh? Well, how about a couple of toys to play with? I supply the tech, you supply the chutzpah.

First- Spook goes bang. This little teleport chip has a range of 32 million miles. Will teleport whatever it is attached to, up to three tons so long as it is in one cohesive piece. Great for delivering bombs. I've been thinking about using it myself. Baselines need to be reminded of the horrors of war I think.

Second-Spook goes sneak. An alternative to the Bauble I normally use. Intangibility and Invisibility in one nice package.

Use one or both, I just like spreading the tech around. Maybe someone will actually use it one of these days.

You know, with the OpNet Sites I've sprinkled around the Net with various blueprints and the occasional beta model I leave in some washroom for the curious, I'm begining to feel like a silicone Jonny Appleseed.

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Jager, Not all of what Cornelius has been posting here as been delusion. I have been quiet on this for many reasons but I will divulge what I can. Right now I am standing in what used to be the center of colony alpha on Primus.

Initial analysis suggests that you are generally correct about the breakdown of the colony structures. They were dissasembled by the nanites that initially built an maintained them, although that was not by accident, as you may have already guessed. This was a planned deconstruction. Both the state of the nanite "carcases" and the accelerated plant growth suggests such. I am picking up severe distortions in the local quantum field as well. Whether this is the result of interaction with a vast subquantum source or a mass matter transport is something I am unable to discern at the moment.

The native wildlife seems unaffected by all the uphevals recently however I am sensing an.........abnormality. Something has changed but I am not sure what. It disturbs me. I am recording my findings for the moment.

My own project here is going quite well despite the uphevals. I have Domari and around 100 Neo-Chimps and 12 humans working on another part of the planet cataloging the flora and fauna. They are also working on reversing the damage done to the NC's by the now failing NanoTechnology. They have informed me that the number of colonists was more like 35,000 to 50,000 before the exodus.

I have also found 14 crystaline obelisks scattered accross the main contenant. They seem to be resonating with that same subquantum energy I mentioned before. I am assuming they were left here by the V'rotal. I will have to study them indepth at a later date. I think they are some form of homing beacon as they emit a tachyon burst at regularly timed intervals.

Jager, my project has room for those neo-chimps in your company. If they are willing, I will gladly bring them back here to be with their people. It up to them of course, if they would like to stay on Earth I have no problems with that and offer any medical assistance I can.

As I learn more, I will post my findings.

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I was unaware you had neo-chimps on your team, Atwight. By all means the smaller company left behind should remain with those on your team. On the whole, they would probably enjoy that more than in my household. If this is untrue, if there are some that would prefer to return to Earth, then my offer is still open.

A digression for you, one I find interesting though I am not certain of the significance. Nyla wants to meet you again when your work for heaven allows you to return. She is, you see, under the impression that you are an angel. What I find interesting is that she has none of the uneasiness associated with baseline perception of taint.

Though she met you only briefly, I would have that the resonance would cause the instinctual reaction seen in so many adult baseline humans.

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The neo-chimps at my facility are not my "team" per say. Domari and her people expressed dissatisfaction with Cornelius's methods and so I gave them an alternative that would leave them unmolested. They have the resources to study their new home. What they do with it is up to them and has very little to do with my own wishes.

I have some reservations about meeting Nyla again. I do not wish to lead people to believe that I am some heavanly creature, to be worshiped and adored. If you could get her to understand that I am "mearly" a nova I would gladly meet with her. Her reaction to my taint is an interesting phenomenon and warrents further investigation.

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Atwight and Wizard, Balsik, the leader of my little neo-chimp band, has expressed his group's desire to join up with more of their kind, again. They want some assurance that they will have a greater deal of freedom with what remains of their colony. I have informed them that they will just have to take your word for it and that life is often unfair.

Atwight, good luck on Primus. If you need me, you know who to call.

Wizard, you and Nyla take care. If I can locate the two of you, I may drop by. Good luck.

James, I have got the first shipment and will start rattling some cages real soon. I'll keep in touch.

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