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  1. Not necessarily telepaths that track back to the scanner but the owner of every mind that scanner touched along the way. Yes, I can see the potential but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I know you recognize this as you elected the limited contact approach. However another way to look at it, as I considered the Slider example when I wrote the above, this telepath is going to find all the links go... no where. That's why Project Proteus has no problem with killiing people in order to cover their tracks. Cheesy metagaming is where a player uses mechanics to accomplish a goal the character couldn't even envision without a copy of the core book in hand. I like role playing. Others prefer to play for points. I play Aberrant, they play Star Fleet Battles or something equally tidy.
  2. I have a few thoughts on this subject that may be well or ill received but here they are. Understand as you read this I don't particularly care for meta-gaming. - A plethora of target. How exactly are you going to find the heart of Project Proteus and mind kill or otherwise inconvenience Thetis without metaknowledge? The telepath would first have to know what they are seeking. Perhaps they're seeking "The Darkness within Utopia." From this starting point the telepath is going to get anyone and everyone in no particular order who in their own opinion or that of another person who was scanned meets the criteria. That means the Apollo Kid Banks' mind is going to send out the information regarding a detested baseline in Nova Resources who was mainly responsible for AK choosing to leave Utopia. The Janitor who used sick leave to stay home and watch the game instead of reporting dutifully to work will guiltily respond as well. By 2016 we should be dealing with a world population of at least 7.3 billion people, I would think it larger since the world is safer for the masses and more go to bed well fed, and even one percent of that is enough truly a large number of minds to scan even in the haphazard way described by the power. Notice in the above we've only talked about what happens with scanning. Preoteus has all the black tech ever confiscated. Forget that little fact and, were I the ST, you'll get to find out about quantum baffles and Mind Mines. - Heavy Handed Approaches Breed Heavy Handed Responses. Every mind the telepath touches is a mind that know some individual violated their innermost thoughts. While a ST is required to rule on exactly what that means, I would not want to be a telepath that just finished mind scanning North America then hears a knock on their door. It may not be the Jehovah Witnesses. - All The Rules. Since when did the rules for blocking become null and void just because there was no single power that states explicitly it could render a telepath impotent? Other powers can be very disrupting but honestly the questions can be resolved down to simplest form: can you make me believe you're not cheesily metagaming? If you can then there is no problem. If you can't I'm going to ignore what you just did anyway.
  3. There aren't any that I'd shy away from. If the concept is interesting enough to catch my attention then it's interesting enough to play. As far as whether I can play women... I've done it but you'd have to ask a woman what she thought of the role play.
  4. Quote:Originally posted by Jager: Are we done now? No. Though there will be a considerable delay before a part III is posted.
  5. A worthy thought for consideration. To consider also might be the thought that neither the snake or the cat are inherently more valuable. Each has its place though drawing a conclusion of equality would be applying a human concept not acknowledged by the universe as law.
  6. Have you considered that this might be merely a transitional state? There are those claiming with first hand knowledge that eruption followed by refinement of gifts is not a path rather a step and merely greater power is not an inexorable destination. Has your friend taken a nasty spill down the quantum hole? Perhaps, but approach the matter with the same openness you've demonstrated in discussing the subject of taint. To the eyes of your friend what seems a rabbit hole may well be a tunnel to distant lands of being. Were this the case it seems unlikely intervention would be welcome or possible with impunity. My congratulations to you, Cassady, for identifying that method of communication while still so young. And to you, Walker, for implementing it with so little instruction. Its a very significant achievment. Unfortunately it may be less helpful than would be wished. As Cassady has both inferred and implied, for your friend to respond he must first be aware. It is very possible his current endeavors make that impossible.
  7. You have experienced epiphany, Walker. Human language is sometimes a clumsy tool but still the best choice for the moment. Those possessing more subtle tools of communication are not wide spread and as you can see even an imperfect tool has its uses. Well done.
  8. The condition is called synesthesia and its one that Wizard, the character, experiences as sensory input is brought to her in the form of music. Wizard's favorite example on the subject of transhumanism is something I plagarized ruthlessly from Dr. Carl Sagan. Imagine a society of 2 dimensional beings which becomes the source of curiosity for 3 dimensional beings. In the midst of their observations one of the 3D beings picks up a single 2D being for examination before returning it. Immediately the other 2D beings ask "What happened", "Where did you go" "What did this"? How is the poor creature to describe the experience when its very nature denies it the ability to comprehend depth? Its forced to explain simply that it was taken "somewhere else" and then returned. It's not stupid and did sense things with its 2 dimensional senses but having confronted phenomena not only beyond its experience but beyond its abilties to comprehend, it is forced to either admit consternation and confusion or to describe it inadaquately. You may have noticed that this example does not require either group to be "inhuman" yet each group lives in a world that incomprehensible to the other. Are novas human? Some novas will never seek, may even actively avoid, becoming other than able to fit in with their baseline contemporaries. But as the potential is there, some will seek it while others will find it thrust upon them for whatever reason. As a given nova gradually accumulates experiences which they cannot share easily with baselines their perceptions and thoughts will gradually diverge although as we said some may not experience such circumstances. At some point, and I don't know if it would be a month or a thousand years, a given nova may have so little common ground that by the standards of the baselines that nova is no longer human. Call the state "inhuman" if you want although I think that's begging the question. There are some whose eruptions probably will take them immediately to a state of existence so alien to that of a baseline that previous predelictions and predictions become meaningless although I would guess that to be a minority. Others will become alienated either by choice or circumstance and they too will diverge. Baseline inability to comprehend an altered state may skew their predictions when the nova feels normal and readily adapts. Just a thought.
  9. In this time and in this place. Even as this message goes out there are acts beng contemplated or taking place that will form the skein of a destiny touching entire worlds. There has never been, nor will there ever be again, a time quite like this. A moment when terrible atrocities are committed only to be forgotten in the blink of an eye. When a simple kindess lays the groundwork to change the course of empires. It is sufficient unto the future.
  10. Two emails recounted in the book, one signed by 'Max' and the other signed by 'Whitbey', as well as the reappearance of the inspired following something called the Venzuela phenomena.
  11. In answer to your open question, yes some of us are forming relationships based on things other than sex or the sometimes parochial views of baseline societies. Questing into the unknown isn't just a matter of guiding genetics and physical evolutions. You might wish to examine the analogy of the catepillar and the butterfly. Leaving the overtones of superiority out of it, the society of a race of catepillars may bear resemblance to the society of the butterflies but what are those resemblances based on? Is it based on the origins rooted in the race of the catepillars? Or is it based merely on the underlying principles of consciousness and self awareness? To say that the butterflies are merely the next phase of the catepillar would seem more a grasping at straws by those of limited mind than anything else. Not necessarily that such would be the result of stupidity, though that's a possibility. Rather there will be those that cannot acknowledge that they are not what they believed they were. Just as some will always embrace the unknown others will fear it and demand the world meet their expectations. Tragedy waits in potential for both. Also, the particular and very specific definition you are using when for the word 'groups' is something you may want to expound on for the benefit of the people you're talking to. I believe I understand what you mean, even agree with you on general principle, but as you saw from the reply to your question not everyone does. To be blunt; you are about to become mired in the splitting of hairs. I leave you with one last thought; There are those to whom the world is a complex interplay of forces. A machine or jigsaw puzzle if you will. They believe that by judiciously applying force at precise junctures they can trick the world to desired ends. To know this as true is to have achieved the essence of modern humanity. Then there are those that understand knowledge and cogitation merely provide context. The importance of these as tools is great but they are merely tools and not the only ones available. Such as beings know that in the interplay of forces there is really only one that matters; the will guided by the perception of what is and what might be. These few are what humans sometimes call gods. [ 04-29-2002: Message edited by: Elizabeth ]
  12. No, don't be sorry. As colorful as some of what you two said may have been, you both managed to say something in answer to Joseph. What do you think, Joseph? Nimrod, Vile Bill and Chance all brought up points that are valid from a certain perspective. What does your heart tell you?
  13. What interesting additions to the thread. [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: Elizabeth ]
  14. Joseph, it would seem that the full realization of your power has blossomed, possibly before you were ready to see it. You are now perceiving the responsibility that comes with having the power of a god. In your previous cases you crafted these beings for specific reasons and they always met your expectations. Even if their specific actions were not always what you had anticipated. This ability you wield is not a separate entity from yourself, like some playful genie. In a very real sense it is you and as distinctive as a fingerprint for a baseline. Which brings us back to 'Sue'. Sue is different in that you had no conscious expectations. She acts differently than the others because you created her differently from the others. And no one, absolutely no one, can tell you what is going to happen next. Why? One hopes this doesn't bore you... In your moment of eruption there was a brief period of time, almost too short to measure, when you were consciously part of the greater universe. Most of us don't really remember that moment but it's part of us and we share that with you. In each case, the moment of infinite possibility is colored by expectations and ego. That's why two novas with the same power aren't normally able to work together directly. Regardless of how similar the effects may be the means by which they achieve them are completely different. Without understanding you, Joseph, none of us is able to do more than offer generalities regarding what you are capable of. In the case of Mr. Meehan or Doctor Holland these generalities are more insightful than most, but they are still generalities and educated guesses. Sue has a given span that was determined when you created her. Can you stay that outcome? Without knowing you personally this is only a guess but... I would say it's possible. The real question is should you try? That seems to be the question you're really asking. Should you try regardless of whether you might suceed or fail? Ultimately it comes down to you, Joseph. Having the power of a god means having the potential to do anything, NOT everything. My advice is to spend the time allotted with her wisely. You're your own best guide on what decisions there are to be made and why. You will know what you need to do when the time comes. Whether you succeed or fail isn't relevant. Welcome to the next level, Joseph. I don't mean to scare you but responsibility is where most wash out. [ 02-18-2002: Message edited by: Elizabeth ]
  15. Almost but not quite. Here's the big finals; how do you feel about Sue? If the situation hadn't come up about her lifespan how would you have felt about her approaching expiration? And does her reaction change how you feel on the matter? [ 02-18-2002: Message edited by: Elizabeth ]
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