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Ladies and gentlemen, the man with the Fez, El Vizier, our resident wise cracking Cali, been with EON since the early days.... heck he coined the term 'EON'

A fella I've come to rely on for valuable advice both on and off the forum.

......the one

......the only

...... Joseph!

Happy Birthday mate, have a great day.

(yes yes Joe... 'early days' .... hows that for bait for ya? ::wink)

::biggrin ::cake ::biggrin ::cake ::biggrin ::cake ::biggrin ::cake

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::cake ::cake ::cake ::cake

Wazooooo!!! yay for birthdays!!!! happy birthday jo, just hope it was a good one, worthy of being #26!

26? wow, inchin towards that half a century mark, huh?? ::tongue ::tongue ::tongue


*runs from mob of elders*

*big hugs buddy!!*

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I think the only one late for my birthday wishes here is me. ::blush I'm on vacation this week and have been a bit offline.

Thank you all for the warm wishes. It was a good day, and has continued on that vein for the week.

(Early days makes me feel almost as old as the Admin of these parts.)

And don't think I didn't clock that, Tiff. Just you wait until Vin and I get talking. ::sly

Again, thanks all.


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