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Alive & Broken


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Greetings all from Nadrakas & Minerva (I'm putting her greetings in due to a broken arm  ::smiley4 )

Anyway, to make a long - or not so long - story short, on 27 Nov Minerva and I were in a bad car accident and spent about 1 1/2 weeks in the hospital.  We don't really remember the accident - or most of that day (it happened in the evening and it was still daylight last we sort of remember) - but we did survive it (otherwise we wouldn't be posting now would we).  One big thing though is that the Seat Belts and Air Bags saved our lives and prevented the glass from hurting us too much...So we both ask all of you to please wear your Seat Belts and make sure your Air Bags work (go to a garage...they'll be able to tell you if they are or not).

From Minerva:

We just wanted to let you know what happened to us, because we want to make sure you guys all stay in one piece no matter where you go.  We are not sure if our injuries will prevent us from going to EonCon - we'll take that as it comes.

Yours truly

Minerva & Nadrakas

P.S.  Have a good set of Holidays all...and wear those Seat Belts!!!!

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We are much better now. I am able to type again (Yeah!) Continuing on our Personal Torture... er I mean Physical Therapy routine. Things are slowly returning to the insanity which is normal.

Glad the site is back to its normal self and that I can personally say that I'm okay.

---Min ::smiley5

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