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Hello to new members!


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A big welcome to our latest members:

Ayre el KaBeer, azidhak, MisterJupiter, Azrael, Werecheetah, GenericLad, Parallax, avatar26.

Feel free to drop into any topic underway or start your own topics!

::smiley5  ::smiley5  ::smiley5  ::smiley5  ::smiley5

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:D Yes that is it. Perfect! Completely Perfect. Chill's Message Board of Doom... I love it. Why I can already see the Hollywood movie about it... IT would be perfect. Hey Chill what do you think about being played by Hugh Grant?


*thinks for a second*

*runs quicker*

A heavily caffinated Pax.

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*Begins eating the coffee grounds that were snuck to me*

Evil Chill, absolutely evil. hmmm

*begins comtemplating revenge.*

Something adequately evil. AHA!!!!!!!!!

You will pay for this Admin Chill Oh how you will pay...


::devil Pax

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