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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Virtus Arach - The Guildmates!

Dave ST

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This thread is for Players to post their PCs. For sake of argument let's post characters with their sheets, but please read the following very carefully.

1. DO NOT post anything you do not want other PCs to know. Everyone has a past, and how open you are with it is up to you. Everything in this thread is considered IC knowledge. There is no reason to hide your skills and attributes from each other since you are all allies. The only exception is if your past or attributes is intentionally being kept a secret. In that case simply use 'Unknown' or '????' to help rouse suspicion amongst your fellow players. smile If you're not sure, get with me before you post.

2. I reserve the right to edit character sheets. While I respect that a character sheet is your own intellectual property I will, from time to time, make adjustments to your sheets. CP awards, auditing powers to correct mistakes we might have made on math, et cetera, are all possible. As part of the respect I will always notify you, the players of any changes I have made, and for any serious changes I will either first ask your permission or request that you make the change yourself. If that change is not performed in a timely manner (48 hours), I make the corrections and PM you the information.

3. Please use the template I provided, It keeps things neat so we can all access and find information easily.

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Crystal Siren is incredibly beautiful, with an ethereal beauty and pointed ears that really only those of elven blood ever demonstrate, furthermore her voice is incredibly beautiful as well, her musical ability is almost scary, and when she begins to make use of her musical spells, actually can be rather scary. She’s an amazing dancer, singer and musician, capable enough to make any ordinary bard green with envy. Physically, she’s significantly above the human average, except for her strength, which is only average, and she’s not quite as tough as her body and spirit might normally indicate. Mentally she’s a bit above the average, but not all that much. In terms of the strength of her Spirit, she’s highly capable, more so then most people, with a unyielding sense of will and deep loyalty.

Her magic is based on music, with the right song and music, sometimes accompanied by dance; she can work incredible magical spells. She is elven, with some siren blood in her when one goes back a few generations, which may be where her magic comes from. Her great grandmother actually was a siren, who was charmed by the music of her grandfather, who was an bard.

She actually started out much less then that, only able to create musical songs to influence plants, and was more or less rejected from the other magical guilds, most of whom told her to go be a gardener or bard instead. However, Master Hideki believed there was greater potential there, and took her in, encouraging her to learn and develop.

Today, Crystal is powerful enough that she could easily be accepted into other guilds, but she’s completely loyal to Virtus Arach. (Also, the other guilds rejected her in the earlier days, it’s just a bit of revenge to have become a mage more powerful then many in those guilds). Crystal dislikes most of the other magical guilds due to being, first rejected by them, and second she views them as limited, that by keeping certain groups and possibilities out, they make themselves rigid and inflexible. Magic should be dynamic, wonderful, and glorious.

Crystal has the goal of becoming the greatest and most powerful Music mage in existence, and to her, that’s different then being a bard. A bard is a performer, someone who makes use of songs to entertain; a Music Mage is someone who has found the ultimate harmony, the songs that underlie the foundation of all magic, and uses that as a Wizard or Mage.

In terms of personality, Crystal is deeply loyal to her friends, and compassionate to those who are weak and downtrodden. She has a love for animals, growing things, flowers, dancing and silk, she also deeply loves songs and music, and can be easily distracted by them. She dislikes arrogance, rigidity, and injustice. She’s somewhat frightened by arachnids and but her fear of being confined is such that it makes her completely irrational, or even catatonic.

Click to reveal..

Character Name: Crystal Siren

Age: 24


Weight: 113

Sex: Female

Description: See Above

Point Cost: 350

Template(s) used: Non

Size: Medium

Body: 6

Mind: 5

Soul: 7

Stats Point Total: 180

Attack Combat Value: 4

Defense Combat Value: 6

Damage Multiplier: 5

Health Points: 60

Energy Points: 90

Shock Value: 12


Aura of Inspiration (Glorious Voice) +1

Energy Bonus + 30

Features(Ethereal Beauty x3)

Features(Perfect Pitch)

Immunity(Aging: Immortal Elf)

Special Movement(Balance, Cat-Like, Light-Footed, Fast)

Fairy Companion (200 points)


Song of the Siren [Mind Control: Weak]

Song of Motion [Telekinesis: Weak]

Song of Flight [Flight: Weak]

Song of Purity [Exorcism: Moderate]

Green Song [Plant Control: Strong]

Song of Protection [Force Field: Strong]

Song of Flames [TK - Fire: Strong ]

Song of Transposition [Teleport: Up to 1000 miles, multi-target, 10 minute casting time]

Song of Destruction [Weapon: Strong Area Destructive Spell]

Song of Fire Bolt [Weapon: Weak Single Target Destructive Spell]

She can cast any of her spells with a song, or by playing music, except for the Transposition & Destruction, which require more.


Moon Dance of Restoration [Variable Intensity Regeneration: Special]

Staff of Music

- This staff allows her to Create any musical sound, even if she doesn’t have the instrument

- It can not be used to power her spells, it can only be used to enhance effects she has already begun to sing or play


Acrobatics(Flexibility): 2

Artisan (Musical Instruments): 2

Control Breathing(Calm): 4

Etiquette(Mages): 2

Navigation(Wilderness): 2

Occult(Mystic Rituals): 3

Performing Arts(Dance, Singing, Flute, Harp, Violin, Trumpet, Drums): 6

Riding(Horse): 1

Wilderness Survival(Forest): 2

Writing (Music): 4


Less Capable Strength: - 2

Phobia (Claustrophobia - Severe): -3

Phobia (Arachnophobia – Mild): -1

Not So Tough (Reduce Health by 5): -2

Easily Distracted (By Songs & Music): -1

Marked (Elven Heritage: Pointed Ears, Ethereal Beauty): -1

Inept Attack – 2 [-20] (Except with one spell, she’s not as capable in attacking as she might be)

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Ryoma Gensei is the quintessential cool customer. He's Smooth talking with everyone and capale of doing most things.

He's a fairly skilled swordsman, but when he activates his own Edge Magic, he becomes even better.

He doesn't ever really talk much about his family or childhood, though he has commented that he has a number of younger brothers. He is known to call Western Solteria as his original home. His primary vice is drinking, though he doesn't do it often, when he does he drinks to get completely wasted.

Another thing people say is a vice of his is Women, but those in the guild realize how hounded he truly is. Blessed with exceptional good looks, There's always at least one woman trying to get his attention, usually more. For the most part he's uninterested, but after a few drinks his self control slips.

Some say he has to be weird to not enjoy having so many women pursue him, but they don't know the real him. Nobody around does, and that's the way he likes it.

When he was thirteen his parents sent him away to live in the world, saying he was old enough to learn the ways of the world. Ryoma has three younger brothers, Toshiro age Twelve, Hayato, Age ten, and Hakuro, Age nine.

Since his virtual exile from his family, Ryoma has made his way across the land generally as a mercenary for hire. As he wanders, he finds the battles he enters more fearsome, and the perils outside battle every bit as bad. Three Years ago he ended up with the Guild of Virtus Arach. He was in a bad way with some people, but Master Hideki smoothed things over and since that time He's been a memeber of the guild, though not always one of Master Hideki's favorites. He's the resident swordsman, And the one with the biggest bodycount after combat on account of almost all his magic being pretty fatal to everyone but the guild memebers.

A large part of him dreams of simply go back to the quiet life he knew before, living in peace with his family, but another part actually enjoys the life he's lived. For now he'll settle on surviving, and enjoying his time with the guild. He strives to be the best swordsman he can, and becoming even better than his father was is a secret dream, but he knows he has a long way to go yet.

His real strength lay in his ability to adapt to situations. He's fairly skilled, and versatile in many ways, knowing a little something about virtually everything. He keeps himself in perfect physical condition, and this also leads to likability by just about everyone.

Perhaps his greatest weakness lies in his odd Libido and fondness for alcohol. He's fairly good at keeping his libido in check, even surrounded by women, so long as he's sober. When he drinks too much, he succumbs to his libido, usually only to be knocked unconscious by one of the other memebers of the guild before he causes too much trouble. The women still flock to him, hoping to catch him in one of his rare moments of arousal, without one of his fellow guild members there.

He tends to almost always look lost in thought when not in battle, often times this is true as he often gets reprimanded for not listening.

Mixed in with the misfits of Virtus Arach, he almost feels at home amongst the other rejects, despite his issues.

Click to reveal..
Character sheet

Name- Ryoma Ginsei

Age- 25

Height- 6-1

Weight- 190 lbs.

Blood Type AB+

Stats (180)

Body 6

Mind 5

Soul 7



HP 95

EP 90

Attributes (56)

Toughness +6 (12)

Energy Bonus +6 (12)

Divine Relationship +6 (12)

Features: Appearance 2, Eidetic Memory, Ambidexterity (4)

Combat Techniques: Concealment, Lightning reflexes, Multiple Targets, Blind Fighting, Judge Opponent, Steady Hand, Two Weapons Hardboiled (16)

Items (44)

Item 1 "BladeSheath" Armor 10 (10)

Item 2 "Blood Drinker" Whipsword Weapon 10 Accurate 3 Flexible 2 Range 1 (16)

Item 3 "Aegis Blade" sword Weapon 8 Shield 4 (custom Variable Protection 6) (18)

Magic (50)

"Sharpen the Blade" Attack Combat Master +1 Deplete-1 (9) 3 ep/round

"Strengthen the Steel" Defense Combat Mastery +1 Deplete-1 (9) 3 ep round

"Starlight Cutter" Weapon 6 Range 2 Accurate 3 Penetrating 6 homing 3 Deplete -1(20) 6ep+weapon rank

"Blood-drenched Carpet" Weapon 5 Area 4 Penetrating 3 selectable Deplete-1(12) 8ep + weapon rank

Skills (28)

Climb 1 (2) Walls

Controlled Breathing 2 calm

Cultural Arts 1 history

Domestic arts 1 cooking

Disguise 1 costume

Ettiquette 2 Magi

Gaming 1 gambling

Intimidation 1 street

Occult 1 (2)ritual

Riding 1 Horse

Seduction 1 (2) Verbal

Social Science 2 Sociology

Stealth 1 (3) Silent movement

Street Sense 2 influential individuals

Swimming 1 recreational

Wilderness Survival 1 Forest

Wilderness Tracking 1 Forest

Urban Tracking 1 underworld

Shock Value 29


Girl Magnet +3

Marked +1

Skeleton in the Closet +4

Total Points 358


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Name: Brennan

Age: 19

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 191lbs

Sex: Male

Description: Tall and attractive Brennan is a young man who is relatively new to Virtus Arach. Although he claims to be a warrior monk of the highest caliber he's attended eleven tournaments and not won a single battle... ever. He's a narcoleptic and during each of his bouts has always fallen asleep at the most inopportune time.

He's generally pleasant to be around, fun loving, good natured, and fond of humor. He's honorable and polite but a bit of a hot head that's always looking for a fight to test his abilities. He's fond of sparring with his guildmates.

He has yet to discuss where he comes from or who taught him his martial arts, Zankuu Do (the Way of the Sky) and usually falls asleep if the question comes up.

Magic: "Wind Ki" Magic. By focusing his energy Brennan is capable of channeling the power of the sky through his body. He is incredibly fast, light footed, and has learned to blend his unique power into his martial art, Zankuu Do.

He's still a novice however and the great strain it puts on his body an soul causes him to sleep for long periods of time, seemingly at random. Oddly enough even while asleep he'll still walk around if led by others and even follow their voice, despite being capable of little else.

Point Cost: 350

Template(s) used: Martial Artist

Size: Medium

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet)

Body: 7

Mind: 5

Soul: 6

Stats Point Total: 180

Attack Combat Value: 6 (10 Unarmed)

Defense Combat Value: 6 (10 Unarmed, 13 Unarmed vs. Ranged)

Damage Multiplier: 5 (x9 Unarmed)

Health Points: 80

Energy Points: 70

Shock Value: 16


Combat Technique 10 (Blind Fighting, Brutal 2, Critical Strike, Deflection, Lethal Blow, Lightning Reflexes 2, Reflection, Tournament Encyclopaedia)

Energy Bonus 3

Extra Actions 1

Extra Defenses 1

Heightened Awareness 2

Jumping 1

Massive Damage (Unarmed) 4

Melee Attack (Unarmed) 4

Melee Defense (Unarmed) 4

Ranged Defense (Personal) 3

Special Movement 2 (Fast, Wall Bounding)

Tough 3

Attribute Total: 105

Zenkuu Do Special Moves:

"Se Tenkuu Hadou" (Torrential Sky Fist)

(Weapon 3, Range 1, Deplete) 3EP/Use

"Zankuu Hadou" (Sky Slashing Surge)

(Weapon 3, Autofire, Accurate 3, Range 2, Deplete, Hands) 9EP/Use

"Kuujin Kyaku" (Air Blade Kick)

(Weapon 4, Autofire, Deplete, Unpredictable (Acrobatics)) 5EP/Use

"Gou Shou Zankuu Ryuu" (Great Rising Sky Dragon)

(Weapon 4, Penetrating 5, Enervation 3, Deplete) 12EP/Use

"Ashura Senkuu" (Ashura Air Flash)

(Teleport 1, Deplete) 3EP/Use

Total on Special Moves: 33


Fists = (Weapon 0, Brutal 2, Lethal, 28 Damage/Strike)


Acrobatics 3

Climbing 2

Etiquette 2

Intimidation 2

Sports 1

Skills: 20


Marked -1 (Guild Mark, and Tattoos)

Physical Impairment: Narcolepsy (-6)

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Rose Straniera

Vital Statistics:

Character Name: Rose Straniera

Age: 18

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 143lbs

Sex: Female

Description: Rose is tall, with a slim, boyish frame and perpetually tanned skin. Her eyes are a pleasantly unusual shade of whiskey-ish amber, and her hair is a vibrant (if completely ordinary) chestnut brown. The vast majority of her clothing can be characterized as "red," often with ornamental touches like embroidery, medallions, lace ruffles, or feathers. This sort of wardrobe whimsy is a reflection of her own notoriously unstable temperament. She is famous for abrupt mood swings and impassioned diatribes on nearly any subject, as well as for her formidable talents at the gaming tables. What she does with her winnings is anyone's guess, though a multitude of hilarious and occasionally worrisome theories have begun to circulate throughout the guild.

Magic: Rose claims to utilize a strange group of complex, highly-structured arcane practices known collectively as “Exchange Magic.”

Point Cost: 356 (350 Base + 6 Bonus CP)

Template(s) used: ???

Size: Medium

Click to reveal.. (Character Sheet)

Body: 5

Mind: 7

Soul: 6

Stats Point Total: 180

Attack Combat Value: 6 (8 w/ sword) (Dmg: 23)

Defense Combat Value: 6 (9 w/ sword)

Damage Multiplier: x5

Health Points: 55

Energy Points: 85

Shock Value: 11


Exchange Magic (???): 6

Exchange Magic (???): 6

Energy Bonus: 4

Extra Actions: 1

Extra Defenses: 1

Feature: Lightning Calculator

Feature: Speed Reading

Heightened Awareness: 1

Melee Attack (Sword): 2

Melee Defense (Sword): 3

Power Flux (Skill Flux): 1

Unique Attribute (Record): 1

Unique Attribute (Scan): 1


Item: Leather Armor 6 (AR 12)

Item: Rapier 3

Item: Large leather-bound book


Animal Training (Birds): 3

Acrobatics (Balance): 2

Administration (Stewardship): 3

Area Knowledge (Four Winds): 6

Biological Sciences (Bestiary): 6

Burglary (Breaking & Entering): 1

Climbing (Natural Surfaces): 1

Cultural Arts (Rare Object Appraisal): 3

Disguise (Costume): 4

Etiquette (Middle Class): 2

Foreign Culture (Rhijad, Idras Plainsmen): 2

Forgery (Paper Documents): 3

Gaming (RPGs): 6

Languages (Common, Rhijadi, Idrasi, ???, ???*): 3

Law (Magical): 3

Navigation (Wilderness): 2

Occult (Numerology): 4

Poisons (Natural): 1

Riding (Large Flightless Birds): 4

Sleight-of-Hand (Pickpocketing): 1

Stealth (Concealment): 2

Street Sense (Territorial Divisions: Elentia): 1

Swimming (Free Diving): 2

Urban Tracking (Academic): 1

Wilderness Survival (Plains): 2

Wilderness Tracking (Plains): 2

Writing (Academic): 6



Easily Distracted (Displays of wealth, magical items/relics, gaming discussions)

Marked (Guild Mark: Virtus Arach)

* These languages will be listed later, once more of the world itself is fleshed-out.

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Character Name: Deezy Klatta

Age: 16

Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 103lbs

Sex: Female

What you can tell:

At a glance: Deezy's a late bloomer; skinny and gangly, with a bit of knob to the knees still. Her hair's a russet red dandelion poof, held out of her eyes only by her customized aviator goggles. She's fond of overalls and vests with lots of pockets and shorts that also have a lot of pockets. Most often she has so many straps and gizmos and pockets that it's hard to actually see HER. Even so, she has an adorably cute face, with wide blue eyes and an all but perpetual grin that give her an uncomplicated, innocent appeal.

After a conversation or two: Deezy appears to lack the filter that specifies when emotions or words are socially inappropriate. Her heart is VERY much on her sleeve, and she says whatever's on her mind at the moment. This isn't quite as obnoxious as it could be though, because she almost always has a pretty upbeat take on everything. This can be disconcerting too though, when she has cheerful ways of looking at rather horrible things.

Once you get to know her: Deezy was adopted and raised by a family of gnomes, but was essentially kicked out when she got too big to live in the burrows. From there she went on to join one of the other prominent magic guilds, but they kicked her out too...on the grounds that keeping her on was costing the guild far too much in repairs and psychological care for the staff and students that lived near her lab space. Even though she joined Virtus Arach because she had nowhere else to go, she never seems to have looked back.

Magic: Deezy shows remarkable facility with "magical technology" or Magitech, for short. An expert in machines like steam pistons and clockwork, as well as in occult studies, Deezy's able to create bizarre hodgepodges of brass, steel and mystical power.

Point Cost: 355 (350 Base + 5 Bonus CP)

Template(s) used: Modified Artificer

Size: Medium

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Character Name: Henry Muir

Age: 19

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 150lbs

Sex: Male


Henry is immediately recognisable by his flame red mohawkin hairstyle, but otherwise is of roughly average height and a wiry average build. The other obvious thing about him is the cheroot that rarely leaves his mouth, and does so only to be repalced with a fresh one. He is usually dressed in unasuming clothes of neutral colours.

Henry has been with VA for the last two years taking on a variety of jobs, and setting fire to various things/places in the process. He has also made a minor name for himself in doing sketches of the other members of the Guild, and even writing some of their exploits up in semi-fictional form as short stories or novellas.


Henry is a Fire mage, able to control it, absorb it, alter the temperature in the local area and to launch both a single target bolt of fire, or an area affecting fireball. In addition he can summon, for short periods, a small Fire Sprite to assist him.

Point Cost: 350

Template(s) used: None

Size: Medium

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Character Name: Ambrose Reitei

Age: 19

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 177

Sex: Male

Click to reveal.. (Description and Stats)
Click to reveal.. (Unnecessarily long description)
Description: Whereas Ryoma may be the "quintessential" cool customer, Ambrose is the cool customer. He's suave, attractive...and usually in his underwear. Alright, alright, so the cool thing is just what he'd like everyone to believe. It's all because of his training! Except not many people believe him, to his chagrin. He also gets mixed reactions from the girls. The prim and proper ones usually shriek and hide their faces. The violent ones usually hit him and make him put some clothes on. The prim and violent ones tend to beat him senseless while going on about "decency" and such...and the creepy stalker ones stalk him creepily, for instance the one girl that always spied on him without his knowledge, and would get up at ridiculous hours in the morning to painstakingly prepare him a bento, which she would manage to have drop into his hands at the first mention of being hungry. Ambrose, thinking he had been suddenly gained the magic to state that he wanted something and he could get it, made the mistake of trying it out by stating he wished Claire would sleep with him...and she just happened to be within earshot. It's rumored that the screams were heard in the next city. If mentioned to him, though, he tends to make a remark along the lines of, “Falsehood and propaganda disseminated by my enemies and similar nefarious types,” which generally surprises people that he knows words that big.

He tries to put on that tough guy aloofness, but it generally comes unraveled when he ends up starting a fight because of some insult, real or imagined. There'd definitely nothing chilly about his temper. Although, when he's not fighting, insulting, yelling, etc. he's pretty passive and nonchalant. Some people believe he's being introspective and thoughtful. The people that actually know him say he's just being a lazy, inattentive bastard.

The people that know him know better. They're the ones that have been on some job or another where they were looking for something, and three hours into the search, infiltration, etc. Ambrose would offhandedly mention that they passed what they were looking for an hour and a half ago. When asked to know why he didn't share this earlier, the reports on his response range from, "You didn't ask," to "I wanted to see if you guys would find it," to the outrageous, "I thought we were walking to the bakery."

Despite his quirks, though, he's generally recognized as one of the more capable mages of the guild, and considered to be an asset for most teams. Just don't let the job be about finding something.

Point Cost: 337

Template(s) used: none

Size: Medium

Body: 6

Mind: 5

Soul: 7

Stats Point Total: 180

Attack Combat Value: 6 (8 with fists, 9 with ranged Ice Magic)

Defense Combat Value: 6

Damage Multiplier: x5 (x9 with Ice magic)

Health Points: 75

Energy Points: 85

Shock Value: 15


Combat Technique 7 (Dead Eye, Far Shot, Judge Opponent, Multiple Targets, Steady Hand, Precise Aim, Extended Range)

Energy Bonus 5

Environmental Influence 1 [Restriction: Emotional] (Intense cold: When Ambrose becomes angry or very serious, the temperature around him drops noticeably, surrounding him with an area of frosty cold.)

Extra Actions 1

Heightened Awareness 1

Massive Damage 4 (Focused – Ice Magic)

Ranged Attack 3 (Spell - Ice Magic)

Special Defense 2 (Freezing Cold)

Tough 2

Melee Attack 2 (Fisticuffs)

Point Total: 76 points


“Ice Make: Knuckles” (Weapon 2, Duration 3, Hands, Deplete) 3EP/use

“Ice Make: Lance” (Weapon 3, Penetrating 4, Range 2 Hands, Deplete) 4EP/use

“Ice Geyser” (Weapon 5, Penetrating 2, Range 1, Area 2, Hands, Deplete) 11EP/use

“Ice Make: Coffin” (Incapacitating 4, Weapon 0, Hands, Deplete) 6EP/use

“Ice Make: Shield” (Shield 3, Protection 5, Deplete) 3EP/round

“Infinite Blizzard Smashing Glacial Overwhelming Bloody Force Berserk Attack!!” (Weapon 0, Hands)


Point Total: 76


Acrobatics 1

Area Knowledge 2 (Four Winds, Northern Mountains)

Climbing 2 (Mountains)

Occult 1 (Guilds)

Intimidation 1

Wilderness Survival 2

Point Total: 15 points


Girl Magnet (-2)

Nudist (-2)

Hot Temper (-2)

Marked (-1) [Guild Mark]

Demolitionist (-3)

Point Total: 10

Background: While not necessarily secretive, Ambrose doesn't talk too much about his past.

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