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Mutants & Masterminds: Galactic League - Character Profiles


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Once your character is complete and approved, please post them here, use the more organic method of describing them then stats, a picture, general background and description would be appreciated. Below is the template I'd like you to use for this, if you want to add the character sheet you may, but please use a spoiler tag for that and other ooc knowledge.





History [Where did you come from? How did you get here?]

Personality [Who Are You?]

Rank [in the Galactic League - Nova Guardian, Cosmic Guardian, Senior Guardian]

Role [Pilot, Gunner, Captain, Diplomat, Ship's Avatar, etc]

Race [Capabilities common to your race]


Attributes [Example: Strength around the Galactic average, Superhuman intelligence]

Skills [Example: Highly skilled technician and pilot, etc]

Powers [Example: Powerful Telepath, manifesting a number of powers...]


Click to reveal..

Character Sheet - Optional

Click to reveal..

Secret Knowledge - Optional

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Sapphire Rose


Age: 15 (Since Elan Rebirth - Time before is of no matter; appears 18ish)
Gender: Female
Race: Elan of the Enclave of Crystalline Blossoms
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Vibrant, gem-like sapphires of shifting blue and purple hues
Hair Color: Deep, glistening blue
Handedness: Left
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of a rose and stem, top of which begins high between her shoulder blades, and runs most of the length of her back. Despite the picture, rose is a deep sapphire, stem is a blue so dark it's nearly black. (Photoshop skills are non-existent-But thanks to the most excellent Forge-master T'aeg! grin)

Description: As an Elan - with a body formed out of psychic energy and dreams - Sapphire is a transcendant, impossibly beautiful woman with a devastating figure and creamy pale, almost luminescent, flawless skin. Her long, incredible, shapely legs are deceptively strong, her wasp-waist is tight and firm, and her full, gravity-defying breasts just miss being too large for her slender frame. The exquisite features of her face haunt the dreams all of who see it. She possesses a glamourous, intensely sensual presence, somehow aloof and approachable at the same time. Her movements are serenely graceful and enticing, usually ignoring gravity. She wears, almost uniformly, shades of blue and purple, in layers of translucent material, that always displays her fantastic figure to best advantage. She also has a fondnest for jewelry, usually crafted herself out of pure sapphire of various shades.

Due to her truly superhuman level of attractiveness - remarkable even among the Crystalline Blossoms - Sapphire often has to use her powers to quell her suitors.

Oddly, it is those who know Sapphire the best/longest that usually become the most troubled by her - they begin wondering if they really like her, or if it the use of her subtle mental manipulations that are making them like her.

History: Before, the woman who would become Sapphire Rose had had a large family - sisters and brothers, grandparents and uncles and aunts, and children all living together - residing on Zeemu VII, one of the planets at the outer edge of civilized space. Her mental powers were very minor compared to now, just enough to keep in contact with her family whenever she wanted. She had a good-life, working hard and playing hard, very free and very fulfilling...

Then, with a psychic groan driving a spike in her brain, the Reavers came. Their depredations and degredations destroyed her life as she knew it. She was one of the very few survivors - but she did not escape unscathed; she was scarred both on her flesh and on her soul. After burying the remnants of her family, she fled her home planet, never expecting to be back.

She travelled, nursing her grief, courting death. Until one day, an Elan of the Crystalline Blossoms noticed her, and saw something worthwhile. Ruby Lotus eased her sorrow, and muted her deathwish. When at last she smiled again, Ruby knew that she was ready to be inducted into the Enclave of Crystalline Blossoms.

Leaving her old flesh behind, the essence of herself was plunged into the Well of Rebirth. Sapphire Rose was born, rising from the Well a transcendant beauty even among the gorgeous maidens of the Crystalline Blossoms, her longing for oblivion transformed into a sheer joy of life. The first few years after her Rebirth were spent in learning the way of her new life and the immense flourishing of her psionic capabilities.

The next ten years, she spent travelling the galaxy, greatly appreciating her second chance at life. She joined the Dancers of Light and took a legion of lovers. With a gentle, physical touch and gossamer threads of a more ephemereal touch, she eased grief and sorrow wherever she went, spreading joy and a zest for life, and deriving great pleasure in the doing.

Over time though, Sapphire saw the marks that Reavers had left on others, and realized she wanted to do more. So she applied to the Galactic League and was granted entrance into the Cosmic Guard - Sapphire Rose is rarely denied... in anything.

Sapphire Rose is a Nova Trainee, starting her second year. She has come far from being a free woman on the edges of known space, and she has much further to go, yet.

Personality: Sapphire Rose is vibrant and gregarious, full of an inexhaustible zest for life and love, and few inhibitions. She is unabashedly a member of the Dancers of Light. Her phenomenal presence and beauty tends to dominate social scenes, but her unreserved demeanor includes everyone. The bright, understanding glint in her eyes tells anyone who sees them that she is a perfect confidant, which she takes seriously. She flirts and teases as the mood takes her and loves broadly and deeply - she has had a legion of lovers - giving all of herself to every lover she is with. She tries not to take advantage with her telepathic prowess, but it is so natural and deft to her, that sometimes she slips, and sometimes she just wants what she wants.

She reserves her hatred for Reavers, barely human (or completely non-human), who attack at the fringes of civilized space, destroying all in their path before fleeing back to the vast emptiness of the edges of the galaxy.

As an additional note, like nearly all Elan, Sapphire Rose has few memories of her life previous to being an Elan, only the core of her made the transition. She gets random flashes of her old life from time to time, and still visits the gravesite of her family at least once a year.

Rank: Nova Guardian (2nd Year)
Role: Counselor, Interrogation, Secondary Diplomat - Also, unofficial Morale Officer
Race: Elan - Psionic Sustenance (No need for food, water, sleep, and does not age; some develop immunities to further effects), Various Psionic Capabilities

Attributes: Below average galactic strength, the grace and tone of a professional dancer, is remarkably intuitive, and possesses an astonishingly powerful force of personality that is just shy of superhuman. Her physical attractiveness is far beyond human.
Skills: She possesses very adept social skills, with connections all across the galaxy; She has a keen awareness, and is a very fine dancer.
Powers: Sapphire Rose is a very powerful Telepath, with a broad suite of telepathic powers and a very deft skill that is nearly - if not completely - impossible to detect. She can also cast her mind's eye out to a range of roughly five miles, and has precognitive sense that enables her evade attacks like a master martial artist, despite her complete lack of combat training.

Click to reveal.. (Feat Effects)

Bishonen /Bishoujo [General, Ranked]
You are an extremely attractive member of your chosen gender, stunning others with your looks. When you use an interaction skill against a character controlled by the GM, success brings said character’s attitude towards you one step closer to helpful, in addition to the normal effects of the interaction task you attempted (see Diplomacy, page 46 in Mutants & Masterminds), because she just feels good that such a good-looking person is talking to her. If you are using the Diplomacy skill precisely to improve NPCs’ attitudes, a success would actually improve their attitude by two steps. Once you enjoy this effect, you cannot use it again during the same interaction with the same person. You can only affect a single target up to 10 feet away from you; with each additional rank, the range of this effect and the number of targets increase by one step on the Time and Value Progression table. The attitude gains from this feat are temporary. After a few minutes out of your sight, the target’s or targets’ attitudes return to normal (unless you successfully improved them with regular interaction).

Distracting Looks [General, Ranked]
You may not have a charming personality or a cute appearance, but you have the physical assets that make people drool and stare in dumbstruck admiration. When meeting people for the first time who would normally be attracted to you, they must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + rank + Charisma bonus, up to the PL’s limits for save DCs) or become smitten. While smitten, your DCs for interaction skill checks against them are reduced by 2 per rank, or your targets suffer a –1 penalty to opposed skill checks or Will saving throws per rank, whichever applies. This condition lasts until they lose sight of you or a third party sways their attention away from you by doing something as simple as standing between you two or slapping her around. At that point, they regain their senses, but any effect you achieved through your interaction with them remains. This feat usually carries a complication: people who would not be attracted to you will generally despise you for stealing the spotlight.

Character Sheet - Optional

Click to reveal.. ( Character Sheet)

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Kaien "Hei" Saotome


Name- Kaien Saotome

Height- 6'3

Weight- 195 lbs

Gender- Male

Eyes- Blue

Hair Black


Kaien is a slightly tall fairly attractive man of twenty eight that looks as though he were only twenty four. He almost always wears the full overcoat and gloves. The reason for this is a simple one. His entire upper body and most of his arms are crisscrossed with scars from the battle with Xerxes' Elite Guard, and the huge scar in the left side of his body from Xerxes' energy scimitar. Few people ever see them as re remains in uniform or long sleeves even when off duty.


Kaien Saotome is a fairly unique man even by Xydarian standards. Most Xydarians never leave their homeworld, yet he actively sought to do so from a young age. Having Mastered his inherent telekinetic abilities far beyond those exhibited by most Xydarians he was permitted by the council to go out as he wished, upon his eighteenth birthday.

Kaien has a younger sister, Ayumi. She looks almost completely different from him, with pale white hair and skin. Only their eyes are the same. She's only twelve, and while she isn't an exemplar like her elder brother, she has more telekinetic ability than most adults. She adores her elder brother, and does her best to make him proud in school. She dreams of seeing other star systems. When he's home they spend their nights staring at the moon and stars from their home by the sea.

Almost Immediately he joined the Galactic Legion and has risen through the ranks steadily since then. In the ensuing decade of service that's followed he brought many criminals to justice, and has seen much of the stars beyond his native Xydar. He still returns home for leave, and in truth no one can fault him for that, as Xydar is a veritable paradise. He's a very calm and collected individual most of the time, he does a funloving side, but that really only emerges when he's on leave or on worlds that remind him of Xydar.

Kaien has won a fair share of medals in his time of service with the Legion, including a Galactic Cluster, which is almost unheard of for someone of his age to have been awarded. He is also one of the rare Legionaires that has killed someone in the line of duty, though it isn't a fact he flaunts.


Kaien is laid back and verycalm and collected, even in the heat of battle. This isn't to say he doesn't have a sense of humor or doesn't know how to have fun, just that while he's on duty he's all buisness. Off duty he reads, or studies on the computer. When he gets leave, he travels, almost always ending up on Xydar. He truly loves being in nature, among his favorite places are beaches, and rafting down quiet rivers.

3 Galactic Stars

- For selfless defense of the Qutarian Homeworld while under attack by the Black Shrieking Reaver Horde.

- For Bringing Justice the Legion Mercenary and Assassin Vastar

- For Saving the Starfarer City Ship Gaea's Rebirth from invasion and enslavement by a large group of Necrophague Vampires.

2 Galatic Novas

- Was grievously injured in Quatarian

- Took serious injuries while bringing in Vastar

- Took life threatening injuries in while rescuing a Senior Guardian

1 Galactic Cluster

- For rescuing the Senior Guardian Ester Recondon from certain death while carrying out the Tribunal Execution Order on the Genocidal Warlord Xerxes, and taking life threatening injuries in the process.

Rank: Senior Guardian (10 years)

Role: Fast attack and long range bombardment

Race: Xydarian (extremely powerful telekinetic)

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T's uniform is worn as a sarong, though when on official duty, he will rewrap it as a toga, the emblem displayed on his chest. He stands up at 10' tall, thin and well built. His emerald green eyes appear crystalline and smooth, reflecting light. T'aeg has no mouth naturally, (his species communicated telepathically), however, over time he has perfected a mouth that nearly disappears when it is closed with which he can speak enough to be translated by the Uniform. His beige skin has a texture akin to fine beach sand while the darker spots feel like smooth, solid stone. The spots are not consistent, moving in location and size constantly like continental drift in fast-forward. When not moving, he is usually found squatting on his heels, a habit he has picked up in an effort to deal with the smaller, more diminutive human race. He is rarely seen walking far, instead relying on his race's ability to teleport.


History: 400 years ago, while working on a planet in the Outer Reaches, the A'fen D'Lan had gone into hibernation on a neighboring moon, assigning T'aeg, the youngest, to watch over them and their work. While T was on the planet, nudging certain reactions in the tectonic movements, he watched helplessly as the moon exploded, instantly knocked unconscious as his people were destroyed. To this day he doesn't know how or why they were, or if there are any others in existence, but in joining the League, he hopes to find answers.

Until such time, he serves with them, looking for something to fill the void in his being that ripped open when that moon did.

Personality: T'aeg's personality is, at times, difficult to comprehend, being truly alien. His emotions don't seem to equate to a human's, at least when they should. He has never shown most 'human' emotions and is quite reserved. Many think him aloof and uncaring, when it is just the lack of a emotional drive spurring him on.

Rank: Senior Guardian (312th year of service)

Role: Engineer

Race: A'fen D'lan

The A'fen D'lan were a species of collective terraformers, together wielding raw cosmic power on a scale never before known. Had the immortal beings have a desire for power, they would have been unstoppable. T'aeg, not being able to share in the collective anymore is severely limited, but still is quite skilled in his race's ability to teleport, create or transmute objects, and control the raw physical cosmic force that surrounds us all.


Attributes: T'aeg is exceedingly strong and tough due to his size and his mental capabilities are nearly unmatched.

Skills: One of, if not the best Engineer in the League with a vast resource of knowledge that can only come from his 40,000 year lifespan.

Powers: Mostly mentioned elsewhere.

Commendations: WIP

25 Stars

5 Novas

2 Clusters

1 Nebula


Click to reveal.. (Char Sheet)
Stats [PP=48]

Str 22 +6

Dex 14 +2

Con 18 +4

Int 20 +5

Wis 24 +7

Cha 14 +2

Attack 0

Defense 3 [bonus-Size] [4-1]

Saves - total= [base+ability+misc] [PP=24]

Fortitude 10 [6+4]

Reflex 8 [6+2]

Will 15 [8+7]

Toughness 18(12) [4+4+10[suit]]

Powers - {Rank} [PP Cost] [PP=84]

{20}Cosmic Energy Control (Normal) [46]

- {13}Create Object w/ Continuous(3/rnk) [4]

-Precise [1]

-Stationary [1]

-Subtle [1]

-Tether [uniform]


-{6}Transform(6/rnk) w/ Continuous & Touch [1]

{4} Growth w/Permanent [8]

{1} Immunity - Age [1]

{2}Adaptation [12]

{5}Teleport w/Accurate [17]

-Change Direction [1]

-Change Velocity [1]

{1}Telepathy [2]

Feats [PP=4]


Eidetic Memory



Skills - total=[base+ability] [PP=20]

Computers 10 [5+5]

Concentration 12 [6+7]

Craft - Electronic 10 [5+5]

Craft - Mechanical 10 [5+5]

Disable Device 11 [6+5]

Investigate 10 [5+5]

Knowledge - Earth Sciences 10 [5+5]

Knowledge - Life Sciences 10 [5+5]

Knowledge - Physical Sciences 10 [5+5]

Knowledge - Technology 10 [5+5]

Notice 11 [4+7]

Profession - Engineer 22 [15+7]

Search 10 [5+5]

Stealth 4 [2+2]

Swim 4 [2+2]

Click to reveal.. (T's Uniform)
Device + 7 – Hard to Lose, Restricted x 2 - Formatted to a single DNA, Brainwave, Spirit Pattern, can only be used by T'aeg

Psycom – [Communication + 4 (Mental: Selective, Subtle x 2; Area, Limit – League Members)]

Universal Translator [Comprehend + 2 (Speak and Read all languages)]

Mystic Sustainer [immunity + 1 – (Starvation & Thirst)]

Armor [Protection + 10]

Psychic Reinforcement [Mind Shield + 2]

Lie Detector [super Senses + 2(Acute Awareness – Lies; Hearing Based)]

(Type) Enhancer [boost Powers + 8]

Dimensional Pocket + 1

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Kataran "Kat" Hogard



Average Human height, but with a slightly lighter, more athletic build than usual. Despite being apparently in his late twenties his black hair was white streaks in it at the temple, but that is not unusual for his home planet. Indeed his hair could well go completely white in only another 5-10 years, unlike the 50+ that is more typical of human derivative average. His blue/grey eyes are always in motion, looking, examining and noting things.



Kataran's colony, Arisa, was founded some 300 years ago by psychics and their families from well-developed system which had been biased against them. Using their skills and psi-abilities the colonists were quickly able to move from a bare existence to a thriving colony and to start exporting objects rather than raw materials. Members of the Guardians were instrumental in stopping corporations and government departments from the system they left from trying to take advantage or control of thier colony. Since that time the people of Arisa have frequently sent their best and thier brightest to serve with the GL as recognition of the debt they feel.

Kataran is the latest in this tradition. Joining the Star Patrol at 18, he has just moved up to the Guardians and so still has the rank of Nova Guardian. He desparately feels his lack of skills and powers compared to the senior members of the crew and spends a fair chunk of his 'free' time studying and practising his powers.


Although relatively young, and still enthusiastic kataran has seen a lot of the best and worst that occurs in a number of systems during his 6-7 years with the Star Patrol. His natural curiousity combined with his extensive ESP range means that he can usually find things out if there is a practical way to do so. However, he also generally doesn't violate people's privacy by looking into private areas without out either permission, orders or a warrant.

Rank Nova Guardian

Role Pilot and Secondary Gunner

Race Human derivative with higher proportion of psi-talents.


Attributes Above human average in all areas, but more specifically, Stamina, and Agility.

Skills largely those police/investigation based ones built up during his time in the Star Patrol, including Piloting, with a scattering of other familiarities.

Powers Powerful ESP, all senses, and weak Mental Communication with a well developed translation ability.


Click to reveal..

Character sheet - optional

Click to reveal..

Secret Knowledge - Optional

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In “normal” clothes


Chance using Chaos Magic

Click to reveal..

Underneath the cloak (NSFW)

Click to reveal..

Chance is a fairly tall and athletically built woman with brunette hair and yellowish demonically slitted eyes which seem to glow faintly. The pattern of her iris is constantly shifting – like a chaotic maelstrom.

The woman known as Cassandra McLane used to be a mediocre member of the Mystic Circle with her only exceptional power being the uncanny ability to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. She wasn’t always as tall or as athletic as she is now – actually comparing pictures from her current state with her former makes one doubt they’re looking at the same woman.

Chance hides her shape underneath a black cloak most of the time. Only parts of her face and hair can be occasionally peaked when she talks to someone. Most of the time she tries to stay in the shadows and keep her face hidden. She also seems to have the uncanny ability to keep her face in the shadows – even if someone directly shines light into her face it is never really fully illuminated. It is difficult to estimate how she looks underneath those robes. She could be hideously ugly or heavenly beautiful.


Cassandra was born on Alpha Centauri and lost her parents in an accident when she was 4 years old. She was the only survivor of a shuttle crash. She got adopted by loving step-parents who got abducted by aliens when she was 12 years old. Again she was the only survivor of that strange harvesting.

Cassandra was put into an Orphanage which got burned down when she was 16 – again she was the only survivor of this unbelievable accident. Around that time she got initiated into the Mystic Circle which took care of her ever since.

Cassandra’s ‘luck’ has been much cause for trouble and discussion amongst the higher members of the circle. While the young girl was convinced that she was the most unluckiest person in the Galaxy the Elders of the Circle believed the contrary. Cassandra managed to survive against all odds and soon they found out that she subconsciously manipulated forces of Chaos resulting in extreme odds turning to her favour. Still it seemed that this uncanny ability came with a ‘curse’ as the extreme odds she manipulated had to forecast extreme situations. One of those being the latest which put her in her current ‘condition’.

Cassandra stumbled into an important and powerful ritual and unintentionally interrupted it. What happened afterwards is only known to a selected few – including the Captain of the Scheherezade.


Chance is actually a kind and open minded person. She tries to stay out of trouble as much as she can but it seems that trouble has a different opinion about that. Still she had managed to retain an ‘innocent’ take on live. Unfortunately since the fateful ritual that is starting to change dramatically. The formerly lively and happy young woman is getting more and more reclusive and ‘dark’.


Rank Ensign under the Captains guidance. Chance has no rank outside the missions except for being a member of the Mystic Circle.

Role Magical Advisor

Race Human


No one really knows what her capabilities are. Chance has yet to fail to answer a question correctly regarding all topics related to magic. Her knowledge about the arcane is vast and precise. Chance’s only known power is her ability to change the probabilities around her making impossible odds and tasks incredibly easy all of a sudden. She has yet to demonstrate any ‘real’ magic which includes rituals and spells but the Elders of the Mystic Circle are positive she is a very capable sorceress.

Attributes Chance’s physical abilities are only slightly above average.

Skills Chance possesses a vast knowledge of the arcane rivalling that of some of the Elders of the Mystic Circle. How she acquired that knowledge is unknown…

Powers The Elders of the Mystic Circle are convinced that Chance’s magical potential knows no theoretical limit. If she really puts her mind into it she can do virtually everything she wants. She has yet to display such power, though.


Click to reveal..

Character Sheet - Optional

Click to reveal..

Secret Knowledge - Optional

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Galactic League Dossier: Namiah Daylan

History with the League
Cpt. Namiah Daylan came to the League’s attention during the crafting of the Rendallen-Keldon Peace Treaty. Then, she was only twenty-five, still considered a child by her race, the Ren. Even then, her natural gifts for diplomacy were apparent, as she had been the primary person to convince the Keldon to even consider diplomacy. They offered her a spot in next year’s coterie in the Galactic Academy. Despite the Ren’s reluctance to lose their star daughter, she agreed. She believed that she could do more to help her people in the galaxy than on her homeworld at present.

At the Galactic Academy, she found that she was in her element. The classes themselves were exciting and mentally invigorating, and the sheer amount of information available was staggering. She didn’t do well at the physical things, and sometimes received difficult questions about her Conscientious Objector status, but she bore on, always trying her best. When she graduated, she received no less than three recommendations from her instructors, allowing her to begin as a G-3 Diplomat.

Her first assignment tested her CO status; it was a first contact situation. The Dexdda are a small, furry quadiped that only spoke in musical notes. Because they didn’t look intelligent, the team send to make first contact didn’t think they were sentient creatures, and a group of the military officers when big game hunting. They took down one of the ‘singing cats’ and returned to camp. The camp was attacked on their arrival, and the military men began to fight back. It was Daylan who recognized that the ‘animals’ were using tactics. At great risk to herself, she stopped the fighting, jumping into the fight and using Nien thri chintal to distract and keep the two groups from incurring further casualties. When the fighting was stopped, it was Daylan who salvaged the situation. The first contact group was not able to secure the Dexdda as allies, but her work did pave the way for a later peace agreement.

Such was her career until the moment that all officers have, when she proved that she was just a mortal creature, capable of terrible mistakes. Triton Maxus Casuus was known to be a dictator and sadist, but his people saw on the part of him he wanted them to see. As the Triton smiled at them and fed them bread with one hand, he sold their prisoners into slavery, sold their mineral rights to the ITU illegally and secretly used and abused many of their subjects before wiping their memory of the encounter. Daylan went to see him as a guest and investigated; she gained the proof needed and sent it to the Galactic Council, but was caught doing so. Casuus dragged her into his palatial bedroom, indicating that she was going to pay for that, but it was Daylan who walked out of the room, bloody and shaken. Somehow, she had overpowered the much stronger man and gravely wounded him. Daylan was in shock and unable to provide many details. Casuus has yet to recover from his coma, and an internal Galactic League investigation found she had used excessive force.

At that point, Daylan’s career shifted. She had proven herself combat capable, and her attack, provoked or not, had called her CO status into question. She still retained it, but her assignments became more militaristic in nature, where she might be required to defend herself again. Three more years of superb service has returned some of her prestige and her record, combined with her service as commander of the humanitarian ship The Edmund Fitzgerald, landed her in the captain’s seat of the Scheherazade.

Rank: Captain (Senior Guardian)
Years of Service: Seventeen years
Homeworld: Rendallen

Gender: Female (immutable)
Age: 42 (equivalent of 25 in Human years)
Height/Weight: 1.4224m (5’6”)/60.3277kg (133 lbs)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green

Currently Serving: Captain of the Scheherazade, GL-7000

Previous Stations
- Commander, Edmund Fitzgerald, Humanitarian Aid Ship, Diplomatic Corp
- SIC, Trinity Space Station, Head Diplomat
- SIC, Rangoon Moon Base, Head Diplomat
- Diplomat, G-5, Diplomatic Corp
- Diplomat, G-4, Diplomatic Corp
- Diplomat, G-3, Diplomatic Corp

Service Commendations
1 Friends of the Galaxy
- Critical part of the diplomatic team which forged the peace treaty on behalf of Rendallen, preventing her homeworld from being attacked by the Keldon

7 Galactic Stars
- Arranged for the first contact with the inhabitants of Dexdda
- Hostile negotiation on behalf of the Starfarer ship, Aurora Isis; Capt. Daylan was able to talk down the terrorists who had taken command of the ship and convince them to release the prisoners and the ship was later recaptured – also received the Protector of the Starfarers Award for this action
- Negotiated cessation of hostilities between Sylarn-8 and Sylarn-9, then created a peace treaty that held for three years
- Arranged for the successful marriage of Princess Zey to Emperor Horild, ending Sarrdon’s thousand-year civil war
- Ended the Dream-raids of the Hardox though a trade treaty
- Negotiated with the dictator Lord Simon Clovin, convincing him to allow humanitarian aid to the impoverished people of his system
- Created the Hydrarian Accord, a complex treaty which stipulated the trading routes through the Central Galactic Core

1 Galactic Nova
- Injured protecting another Leagueman during the creation of the Hydrarian Accord

Academic Record with the Galactic Academy
- In the 90% percentile for Academics in her Peer Mental Group
- In the 95% percentile in her Primary Training Degree (Xeno-Diplomany)
- Awarded the Rising Sun commendation during her fourth year
- Received three recommendations from instructors

Other Commendations
- Received the Protector of the Starfarers Award for her action negotiating with terrorists for the crew of the Aurora Isis
- Received the Sister of Psyche award for uncovering the corruption of their member Triton Maxus Casuus; captured and turned him over to the Order of Psyche *Note: Capt Daylan did not receive a Galactic Star due to the excessive force she used in capturing Casuus, who has still not recovered from her ‘arrest’
- Has been called Friend by the Interstellar Trade Union for her work on the Hydrarian Accord

Attributes: Above average Intelligence, Near Superhuman Charisma
Skills: Master Diplomat and Pilot; Trained in Tactics, Navigation, Galactic Law and Galactic Lore.
Powers: Forcefield, Read, write and speak any language (Comprehend) and slight Healing ability
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She moves with a unconscious, incredible grace, something that adds to her natural beauty, and she is lovely, though perhaps not as much as some. She appears generally alert and aware of things that happen around her.



Amanda is of the Tai Ceti, and even more them most of her people, she’s explored all of her powers, to limits few of her people ever can. She joined the League a number of years ago, and was actually part of Namiah Daylan’s academy class. However, her concentration was on the Life Sciences and Medicine, she wanted to fully understand what she was doing as she used her healing powers. She was top of her class in the medical field, in the top 95%.

She also has gained the equivalent of a black belt in several martial arts, but refuses to use any weapons, ranged or melee, of any kind. She only uses her martial art's skills when she must, or in training to keep her skills up. Generally, she views those skills as something to be used in self defense, or in defense of others, never anything else.

Personality: Wise, responsible, and quiet, she rare speaks up, unless she’s curious about something, but otherwise she’s a kind and caring individual. Amanda considers death her greatest enemy, and as such she fights it on every level she can.

Rank: Senior Guardian

Rank: Lieutenant Commander (Special: She’s not directly in the chain of command, and is the only officer with the ability to give the Captain a command, within certain limits)

Role: Ship’s Doctor [NPC Crew Member]

Service Commendations

3 Galactic Stars

- Part of the team who created the antidote to the deadly Syluverian virus, saving thousands of lives (this was a team effort, the leader of the team ended up with a much higher award)

- At great risk to life and liberty, rescued 7 members of a scientific exploratory team of from space pirates

- Brought the pirate captain Adavar to justice (he still remains in prison)

Galactic Nova

- Special: She has been offered several novas, having been hurt in combat often enough, but has refused them, on account that at least one of her duplicates has been fully healthy at the time.


Attributes: Average strength, peak human dexterity strong constitution, exceptional wisdom, intelligence and charisma well above average, and she is very beautiful. She is an incredible martial artist, fully integrating her duplication powers with her martial arts skills.

Skills: Highly skilled Acrobat, incredibly skilled Medical Doctor, Geneticist, Botanist and Biologist, Master Level Martial Artist

Powers: She possesses acute receptive empathy, though she has no ability to broadcast or control emotions. She is immune to the effects of aging, like most of her people. Amanda can enter a healing trance, and can heal wounds of others by taking them on herself, an can even resurrect someone up to two hours after death, though at a considerable cost to herself.

With regards to her healing abilities, recently her understanding of genetics and the physical body has allowed her to do something completely different, if somewhat similar, she can now do direct genetic alteration by entering a healing trance. Her healing trance takes a full five minutes, so it’s useless in combat, regardless of if she is altering an individual or healing them.

She has however, developed this to the point of being able to make limited genetic alterations to her own biological makeup, though they take a moments concentration, something that is very useful when combined with her duplication abilities. She can’t work any actual exterior changes (like claws or wings), but she can work interior ones (like toughing her skin, becoming double-jointed, gaining night vision, increasing her strength or the like)

Her greatest ability is the ability to duplicate herself, creating up to 6 duplicates (total of 7 of herself), all of them possessing all of her abilities, and in a constant mental link with one another, she can absorb them to heal, and all of them appear to be completely her, as long as one of her duplicates remains alive, she remains alive. This effect actually allows her to survive using her resurrection ability on someone.

Character Sheet

Click to reveal..

Name: Amanda Joy Terrance

Origin: Altered Human

Age: 54 (apparent age 18)

Rank: Lieutenant Commander


Strength 10

Dexterity 25 +7

Constitution 18 +4

Intelligence 14 +2

Wisdom 20 +5

Cha 16 +3

Attack + 6

Defense + 6


Fortitude + 8

Reflex + 8

Will + 8

Toughness + 4 || +8(Defensive Roll) || +12 (Uniform)


Duplication + 12 [48]

Extras: Heroic, Horde, Survival

Flaws: Feedback

Feats: Absorption Healing, Mental Link, Progression x3: 6 Duplicates [4]

Empathic Healing + 6 [6]

Extras: Resurrection [2 hours]

Flaws: Empathic, Distracting

Feats: Persistent, Regrowth, Progression x 2 [4]

Drawbacks: Action x 2 (5 minutes) [-2]

Genetic Alteration [Transform + 2 – Anything Living] [8]

Extras: Continuous, Distracting

Flaws: Touch

Drawbacks: Action x 3 (5 minutes) [-3]

Empathy (Super Senses + 3: Detect Emotion (1), Acute (1), Range (1) ) [3]

Immunity: Aging [1]

Shapechange + 2 [12]

Flaws: Limited [Limited Genetic Alterations Only], Limit (No large changes)

Feats [18]

Accurate Attack

Acrobatic Bluff

All out Attack


Defensive Attack

Defensive Roll + 4

Elusive Target

Evasion x 2

Power Attack

Set Up

Takedown Attack


Skill Mastery [Acrobatics, Knowledge (Life Sciences), Medicine, Profession(Doctor)]

Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)

Skills [16 points / 64 Skill Points]

Acrobatics + 5 (+12)

Concentration + 6 (+10)

Diplomacy + 4 (+ 6)

Knowledge (Galactic History) + 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) + 10 (+12)

Medicine + 15 (+ 20)

Profession (Doctor) + 5 (+10)

Profession (Geneticist) + 4 (+9)

Notice + 4 (+9)

Sense Motive + 4 (+9)

Stealth + 3 (+10)


Vulnerability- Empathy; Minor

Patrol Uniform

Click to reveal..

Galactic Patrol Uniform (The look of the uniform is up to the League Member, only the League Symbol is constant)

Device + 7 – Hard to Lose, Restricted x 2 - Amanda Joy Terrance Only]

Psycom – [Communication + 4 (Mental: Selective, Subtle x 2 ; Area, Limit – League Members)]

Universal Translator [Comprehend + 2 (Speak and Read all languages)]

Void Preserver [immunity +9 (Life Support)]

Mystic Sustainer [immunity + 1 – (Starvation & Thirst)]*

Armor [Protection + 4]

Psychic Reinforcement [Mind Shield + 2]

Lie Detector [super Senses + 2(Acute Awareness – Lies; Hearing Based)]*

Psitech Enhancer [boost Powers + 4]*

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Age: 220(young for his race)

Gender: Male

Race: Oc'sala'haeee (pronounced Ox-ala-hee)

Height: 2.29m (7'6")

Weight: 141kg (310lbs)

Eye Color: Florescence green

Hair Color: Tightly rolled black hair

Handedness: Right

Distinguishing Marks: Red tribal tattoo on face, used to differentiate clans

Description: Another alien species that little is known of. Kerong is from The Oc'sala'haeee (pronounced Ox-ala-hee) a humanoid race that come from an outer dimension. Standing in just over 2.3m Kerong is strong and agile as common for his people. Though young in terms of his race Kerong has advanced far faster than any previous member. His red tribal tattoo is symbol of his clan's warrior caste.

History: Oc'sala is located in an extra-spatial pocket dimension, and only accessible to the outside universe through specialized wormholes known as ‘spatial tubes’ this a rare natural occurrence in the universe. The Ox's natural control over spatial forces enabled them to make contact with dimension that the Galactic League resides in. First contact came when several GL ships happened upon a exploration fleet in the deep reaches of space. From that chance encounter, the Galactic league and the Ox have formed a steadfast relationship. As a testament to this relationship, Kerong was the first of the Oc'sala'haeee to become a member of the Galactic League.


Kerong is extremely strong and agile for his race. His control over the spatial forces is nearly unmatched by his people. even though his considered a youngling. He is a gifted warrior and a brilliant tactician. He shows no fear, and relishes combat.

Click to reveal..
Character sheet

Name: Kerong

Origin: Alien/Outer-dimensional

Age:220(in human years)

Rank: Nova Trainee


Str 20 (10pp)

Dex 20 (10pp)

Con 20 (10pp)

Int 14 (4pp)

Wis 14 (4pp)

Cha 10

Attack +10 (20pp)

Defense +10 (20pp)


Fortitude +6 (1pp)

Reflex +7 (2pp)

Will +4 (2pp)

Toughness +5


Array Spatial Control 12 (75pp) normal

Base Power:Teleport Extra: Accurate, Portal; Power Feats:Change direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Turnabout, Dimensional, Progression 3 (1000lbs)

- Blast 12 (24 pp)

- Deflect 14 Extra:Reflection, Action(Free); All Ranged Attacks (56pp)

- Dimensional Pocket 3 (6pp)

- Duplication 12 Flaws:Real; Mental Link, Heroic, Progression (10 duplicates) (28pp)

- Obscure 12 All sense Types (48pp)

- Teleport 10 Extra:Attack, Range (30pp)

- Elongation 12 (12pp)

- Speed 12 (12pp)

Feats (7pp)

Accurate Attack

All-Out Attack




Instant Up


Skills (14pp/56 ranks)

Intimidate 4 ranks/+16

Knowledge:Tactics 2 ranks/+10

Knowledge:Technology 2 ranks/+10

Concentration 1 rank/+6

Computers 1 rank/+6

Stealth 2 rank/+13

Pilot 1 rank/+9

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Scheherazade "Zade", the Ship's Avatar.


Zade can take on nearly any shape of comparable size and mass, male or female, human or non-human. Normally however, Zade spends her time in female form. Her typical form is that of an athletic young brunette with dark eyes. She is well above average in attractiveness, but at present tends to be just a little strange due to her newness and inexperience dealing with other beings.

Picture [To be determined]


Regardless of her current appearance she always manifests the Galactic League emblem as part of her, which in fact it is. The emblem contains a backup personality matrix and forms a core component of her makeup. At will she can conceal the emblem or even move it within her body to hide it from detection should she need to be stealthy.


Zade has only recently come fully online. Although she has been present since the ship was powered up, she has only recently achieved full sentience and only with the arrival of the crew has she formed her nano-tech liquid metal body.


Brought online as the AI avatar of the Scheherazade GL-7000. Newly made and lacking experience though she is capable of learning rapidly or adapting to situations as needed.


Core Processing traits:

Loyality, Determination, Courage

Secondary Traits: Intelligence,

Memory/Database, Awareness


[Technical rank - Senior Lieutenant, acts as Captain's right hand.]


[ship's Avatar]


[Prototype AI of a state of the art GL-7000 battleship with a Liquid Metal Nanotech body.]

Capabilities -

Untested, and unrevealed at this time, as she is newly made. She has already demonstrated the ability to alter appearance at will. In general, Ship Avatar's tend to have high level abilities in anything related to ship functioning. Zade in particular was designed to be able to handle the entire ship's command at one time in an emergency, but would not be as effective as her living crew working in concert.

Attributes [Mutable.]

Skills [Mutable.]

Powers [shapeshifting]

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Cosmic Guardian Layel Haete


Description: Dark blue hair, spiking over light green eyes and a tall, fit physique.


History: A member of the System Defenders previously, Layel's drive and dramtically increasing powers led to him ascending the ranks all the way to Cosmic Guardian. Although anxious about his performance, he is ready to serve, and is determined to protect his home region from the predations of the Emerald Empire.

Personality: He sees life as challenges to be overcome, to make himself and others stronger. He has a 'can-do' mentality.

Rank: Cosmic Guard/Lt.

Role: Gunner/Martial Expert

Race: Wraith human-subspecies (see Mission Briefing). All Wraith possess the ability to go insubstantial and pass through solid objects, which Layel has expanded upon as below.


Attributes: Layel possesses fairly above average resistance to injury, motor skills, personal charm and perceptiveness.

Skills: Layel is a skilled combatant, as well as connected and capable of gathering information from contacts well.

Powers: Layel has a dramatically stronger connection to the racial power of the Wraiths than most, having demonstrated heretofore unknown aspects such as flight, invisibility and being impossible to hear, emotion control, and various immunities to normal sentient life concerns when in his Wraith form.


Click to reveal..

Character Sheet - Optional

Click to reveal..

Secret Knowledge - Optional

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