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  1. .......And all was well in the cosmos. If Gabe could see the silly smile that emerged from her assent, he'd die of embarrassment. "It's a deal then." She said yes! ,, You were out of my league all the things I believed you were just the right kind yeah you were only just a dream ,, "Ahem." He cleared his throat, and suddenly wondered about the time. Yeah, from the phone's point of view, he ought to be getting home. "Well, this was a fun first day of school... and I appreciate you agreeing to go with me... so, so long?"
  2. "Both. Either. Or just to the dance as friends if you'd prefer." Gabe said, wincing at the thought that it was just the latter she wanted. "Never cared about popular, I'm not Glinda. And you've always been far prettier than anyone else, to me." ,, Red face, check. Awkward glances, check. Hands flapping? Yes, that tic was in force, check.
  3. Oh..... right. Gabe paused, as inside factions clamored and jostled to make their opinions heard. Honestly, at this point, Occam's Razor said that the simplest option was to solve the question and ask Devenne out for it. No, you dunderheaded buffoons, the other side said: if she says no, she'll catch on and that's that. And Gabe, you ain't got the head to spin this right. ,, And both metaphorical debate teams proceeded to throw their heads skyward and let out a big 'Euuuuurrrrgh' at the complete blockheadedness of the dissenters. ,, "Or.... it could be you." It slipped out, and the way Devenne raised her eyebrows in that excruciatingly cute way said she heard him again. Gabe put up a smile against the anticipatory watchers inside his brain. "You, going with me. Would you like to?"
  4. "It's just a joke," Gabe insisted. "In good humor." He grabbed his water bottle, unscrewed the top and drank. The cold but refreshing liquid helped at last when he had gone through some strange stuff today.... and he hadn't had water in a bit. "So." ,, Gabe quirked a eye. "What shall we talk about other than school, cliques and people thereof?"
  5. "I get it." Gabe was recuperating his wits now, he thought. "It's projection. Don't worry. Your cries for help have been answered. I'll help you if you slip too far into the fan club ranks." ,, Devenne stuck her tongue out at him and Gabe laughed. "Besides, I will be the Joker of explanations. If I have to know the reason, I'll want it to be multiple choice."
  6. Ok, did another piece of evidence have to present itself quite at this time, place and manner? And Gabe couldn't think straight. Devenne was giving him that look, and she smelled nice, too nice, and he could swear he could calculate the angle of the curves of her lips.... ,, "Well," Gabe muttered, sweat breaking out to find an explanation, "Maybe they heard us and decided to mess with us... because...." ,, Helplessly he coughed. Not enough time to think through his thoughts and answer properly. ,, "Pass?"
  7. Somehow, in that instinctive, anecdotal way, Devenne was providing more evidence to support Mr. Syracuse's claims. Because you'd think Eric and Corbin would have nothing in common. Much less Mercedes and Bridgette. At least Eric generally speaking was yes, a charitable, tolerant individual. ,, What would make them hold together. Shared commonalities? What pulls together people more than a common enemy? What greater source of unity than standing against the chtonic beasts of terror? ,, Where did that spring from? It seemed like a poetic thought if Gabe was playing around with a fantasy idea, but it was just there in his head. "Fellow warriors." He didn't realize he'd said it, when Devenne was quirking his lips at him, and they were just.... NO BAD BRAIN UNACCEPTABLE THIS. ,, "Huh?" ,, Gabe forced a chuckle and cleared his threat. "I dunno, just throwing it out. I mean, this is the World. Truth is stranger than fiction." Again, he missed something, how unconsciously the teen nerd had emphasized the capital without notice.
  8. Wait, why the heck would she find Ian attractive? Why would she be embarrassed to tell him? Would she think Gabe would be jealous? Did that mean she liked Gabe? ...Did this day throw all his thinking into serpentine tangled patterns? Devenne's own shift prompted a blank blink from Gabe. ,, Mr. Syracuse's mention of Eric and Corbin being additional demigods did not register as connected, nor that Gabe had any normal interest in brawling shenanigans. Nor, usually, did Devenne... ,, "I thought that wasn't your thing." He reddened a little at the way it sounded. "Caring about the jocks and loners getting into fights."
  9. Gabe smiled a little. "Well," he raised his own muffin, "a muffin toast... to Allison's good fortune." Then he nibbled at his own, trying to keep his eyes off the movement of Devenne's lips. "Nothing really special. The new guy Ian is a bit... off. But I'm sure he has his reasons." ,, If anything Mr. Syracuse had said was true about Ian's growing up, Gabe thought that perhaps he could forgive Ian his behavior a bit. ,, "So, just so we're clear." Gabe raised his eyebrows and bugged his eyes comically. "Mercedes actually thinks?"
  10. It wasn't a belief of coffee only as much as the association with coffee that Gabe held. Water or hot chocolate was his usual drink of choice there. In any case, he was weighed down with thoughts more than his overstuffed backpack - for yes he always had the binders for every class in there - after the meeting in the library. ,, In retrospect, it seemed too unbelievable - yet the mind-reading and flame.... were too real before his eyes. Gabe shook his head and continued marching on despite tired legs. If it turned out to be just not true, no harm had been done really, right? Right. ,, Gabe stepped through the door, it swinging shut behind him. It took a moment or two to pick out Devenne and the pair of sofas she had reserved for the two of them. Gabe made his way over and dropped his bag, slumping into the sofa exhaustedly. ,, "Sorry, Mr. Syracuse asked for some help and I said yes."
  11. Jeff was on the site earlier, I saw. I'll lean on the side of just is RL-fuck occupied.
  12. Well, this confirmed one of two things. Either they were sharing a mass hallucination, or indeed they were indeed clinched as demigods. And Nadya's observations on the nature of conniving and plotting awoke recollections of various tales from Bulfinch's Mythology. ,, "Hera tormenting Zeus' lovers and extra-marital offspring," He groaned as the pieces came together. "Apollo tricking Artemis into shooting Orion. Soap Opera Suprema, just with the Greek pantheon alone. So... it's possible that our parents might maneuver us against each other." ,, "It's possible." Mr. Syracuse allowed honestly. ,, Gabe let out a part sigh, part exhalation of breath thinly from his mouth. At this rate, he'd have to call Devenne to cancel their plans. "Can we get a time estimate on our... patrons arriving?"
  13. Considering a MacGyver type guy, cobbling together stuff that shouldn't really work, but does cause... magic.
  14. Ok, I am interested. And have no issue with Carver appropriating characters of mine or things they do that she likes... I'd be glad to see them get into a novel. ,, Thinking vanilla human, no magic, but skilled.
  15. Gabe blinked, wondering how this perception of him existed. "How did you come by that idea? One joke, one shared dismay at teachers - I don't listen to whatever the Rhodes legion thinks is gospel. And I'm not interested in you anyway - so put it to rest then." Great. Being told he might be - and now genuinely wondering if there was some fire beneath all that smoke - a demigod needed to save the world, and now partnered with three - or perhaps two now, fellow students he didn't understand, and vice versa. ,, The only thing he could do is sigh and let Mr. Syracuse answer Erika's question, which was worth asking. Why wait this whole time? Why bring this all to roost now? And Nadya's too, which could actually help maybe establish the validity of this whole talk.
  16. Gabe seemed in temporary mental freeze-up, caught between the whipsaw of Mr. Syracuse's inexplicable recognition and claim, and Ian's sudden breakdown and disappearance from the room. He made no effort to stop Ian, seeing as he hadn't the ability to look into others' heads and get the context that would explain what the hell was going on with him. ,, In the meantime, he refocused on something he could consider: whether 'Archimedes' really was reading his mind. A quick rapid-fire pair of questions were pondered, as a test. ,, The square root of 25 is __? I Before E, Except After __? ,, "Five, and C, Mr. Meadow." Mr. Syracuse answered, with no pause or respite. "I said I was serious." ,, Gabe's mouth creaked a tad agape with the confirmation... "Serious isn't the word--- this... really... ancient mythology... isn't..."
  17. Awkward, now? Did Mr. 'Archimedes' just say that in this fantastic tale that because Gabe had the best life out of all present, he had to really get it in the shorts? Poetically, of course it would. Gabe just rolled his eyes and continued to play along. Honestly, as a role-play kind of scenario it was perfect, actually. So yes, he decided he needed to get into the mood. ,, Gabe leaned forward, presenting a look of pure faux-intrigued... but still a tad skeptical. "So.... how do we, as students with likely no combat training or equipment go up against the Hydra, or a Cyclops? Check that - how have Corbin, and all these reputed fellow demigods made it through so far?" ,, Gabe passed a sly glance to Nadya. "Especially since you're saying Mercedes Rhodes has been keeping us safe. I think you lost Nadya at that point."
  18. Apparently, I and Asa were both waiting on others to go. But now I am going, the die went evens.
  19. "What." ,, The one-word sentence that Gabe uttered wasn't even a question. It lacked that ending sound, being flatter than a sheet of paper appeared to be. Mr. Syracuse was fond of evocative activities - which Gabe generally liked, but this... Saying that he and the other students sitting here were demigods, with all manner of serious was, as Mr. Syracuse had calmly acknowledged - crazy. ,, Too crazy to be true, and yet - the way Mr. Syracuse said it made it all sound too crazy not to be true. Finally, he raised a hand. "Hate to be the potential Cypher, Mr. Morpheus, but - don't you think you should be clarifying this a bit more? There are too many obvious questions to be asked." ,, "Clarity? Did Alice recieve all the answers? No. She had to jump down the rabbit hole, she had to eat the cake, drink the potion, play the game. I've been sent by your divine parents to help prepare you for what lies ahead, but I can not force this change upon you, or, rather, I'd prefer not to." ,, Gabe slumped, planting his chin on the table at this display of reluctance. Ok, seriously. Aside from the extremity of it all, Mr. Syracuse considered abandoned, dark, lonely childhoods de rigeur for young demigods, and his happy home a rarity. What, was his parents and home not as it seemed? Come on. ,, Then a little voice seemed to whisper inside his head. What's the worst? Stick around. You love mythology. If he's right, it's real and you get to be in the thick of it. The heartbeat of Gabe's seemed to punctuate that voice. If he's wrong - just a few harmless minutes before Devenne. Nothing to LOSE. ,, Gabe lifted his head up, looking at the images he viewed so often on the ceiling. "Fine. Red's my favorite color, but I'll stay here."
  20. ,, Gabe gave Erika an affronted look of annoyance and mild frustration. "I personally thought it a legitimate question." He was being honest, for what it was worth. And after Nadya's semester with Mr. Fingers addition, he felt quite certain in his position. "...And for the record? Considering the word 'cool' as people around here define it, I'm about the furthest thing from it, and not interesting in becoming it." ,, ,, Unnoticed by the others, Gabe's left hand reached up, forefinger, middle finger and thumb rubbing the top of his nose's bridge to try and mitigate more of the annoyance being provoked. First an unnecessarily indignant art student, and now this newly arrived other boy - who just promptly decided to claim being a Mormon while being a blatant caricature. ,, Gabe was atheistic, reason over blind faith, but he'd had his interest in studying the world, and yes, religions as they interacted with said world. Including Jon Kraukauer's Under the Banner of Heaven, about the Mormon and Fundementalist Mormon faiths and history. He also hated obvious stupidity, and Ian was so rank with it at this moment as an unwashed pig with a monthly stay at the spa and its mud. ,, "But you also make sure to honor Moroni annually, right?" He asked, trying to feign going along with Ian's ridiculous charade. ,, "Oh!" Ian smiled widely, looking pleased. "Are you of the faith, too?" ,, Okay, not that stupid. Gabe simply had a thin smile as he replied, "No. Just have a lot of interests and read a lot. I have a fair sense of things from Nephi and Lamman to John Taylor." He just let the more obscure names hang there and just 'chat.' "So your move went well then? Where'd you come from?" ,, "Moved here from Vegas." Ian shrugged easily and said, "It was a move. It wasn't fun but it's over, right?" ,, Gabe decided to let it go at last. He did give Ian an arch look at the reference to Las Vegas. "That's pretty much a city of Kryptonite for the Latter-day Saints, I would think. Then again, you did move away."
  21. The funny thing about Gabe and Coffee Time, was that he didn't drink coffee. Pastries, he would happily eat, and drink water, tea, hot chocolate - anything but coffee beverages. The answer to any such questions about it, Gabe always explained, was that he'd tried coffee twice. Once accidentally trying coffee without knowing you had to put milk and cream in it to balance out the bitterness, and the second time with milk and cream in place. ,, Both times, he insisted, the coffee tasted extremely bitter and distasteful either way. He didn't like coffee, and that was that. Also what he didn't like, was the use of his first name in full. Sure, he'd put it on official documents and the like when needed, but Gabe always was quick to make clear he preferred Gabe, not Gabriel. ,, Which pitted him, naturally, against all things Venti. Both her habit of somehow not remembering to call him Gabe and the overuse of verbal saccharine gave him a burst of irritation enough to cover the critical moments it took for his eyes to focus on her face and male hormones to be barred from the cognitive premises. ,, "Okay then." Gabe assented, if it indeed wouldn't be long. He liked Mr. Syracuse, but he didn't want to keep Devenne waiting too long for him. ,, When they had set out, the three class acquaintances leading their new classmate in the library's direction, Gabe turned while he was walking to look at Nadya. Regardless of how much her reputation might be true, Gabe did not consider Mercedes Rhodes and her assorted n'er do-wells of well means trustworthy sources. ,, And also, he had a habit of nitpicking, and something in that room triggered Gabe now. "Seriously? Your last name is not that hard to pronounce. Luna-les-cu. It's not rocket science. Why do people act like it's so hard?"
  22. "It's okay." Gabe shrugged and simply said. The schedule sounded reasonable, though he shared Devenne's distaste for Art and Ms. Orlanda Elliot. Gabe was a creative person, but in writing and amateur dabbling in drama. The very physical 'crafting' arts were not in his spheres of interest at all - and Ms. Elliot was said to fairly define the stereotype of artists being eccentric and peculiar. ,, Something had gotten messed up in his scheduling in that case, so Gabe would have to see the registrar later about correcting that. But Horace Farrow made history fun - and Gabe already considered history an enjoyable topic to begin with. And Dr. Trigrillo had not seemed a problematic teacher at least, so all things considered... school was looking good, academically. ,, And speaking of things looking good, and MUSHROOMS. NO! Bad brain, lay off the hormone production. Gabe felt the impulse towards asking her out, but internally it was a strange will he or won't? After all, she might not feel the same way, and even despite the growing adolescent desires, his own natural preferences to a quieter, less demanding personal/social bubble made the prospect of a relationship an anxiety provoking concept anyway. ,, So he held off. "So... yours?"
  23. Just to be clear... Mr. Farrow from History is Seth Farrow the uncle of Sheriff Horace Farrow?
  24. PC Gabe is a Scion of Athena and has the Health purview with full dots up to the limit of his Legend. So he's partly cleric.
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