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Mutants & Masterminds: Legacy - Character Profiles


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Serene Dorian

Real Name: Serene Dorian
Super Identity: Watchwoman
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Size: Medium
Height: 5' 9”
Weight: 144 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Other

Serene is a tall eighteen-year-old with a figure best described as ‘generous’. Her dark hair isn’t quite black but a rich, dark brown, and is generally worn very long. Her face, on the rare times it has been seen by those outside her close circle, could be considered beyond beautiful. Very few have actually seen her out of her costume. Those who have seen her in all her glory claim that she is the most beautiful woman they have ever seen, with exotic red eyes and a strange patterning on her neck and face which glows softly.

Public History
Little is known about the elusive daughter of James Dorian, the Watchman. Serene arrived suddenly in the limelight when she was adopted by the wealthy man at a young age; no one is quite sure why the playboy bachelor chose to adopt any child, much less a one-month old one that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Her records were sealed at her adoption, and the Justice Society has taken steps to ensure they remain hidden. This has created much speculation by conspiracy buffs who wonder exactly who this young woman is, and why the need for secrecy.

Serene was seen in public with her father until puberty. At age twelve, her father announced that she would be focusing on training to become a hero. After that, her public appearances were severely curtailed and she was only seen in costume after that. Further rumors have arisen from this action, including the speculation that the young girl has the ability to kill if someone looks upon her. Most deride this idea as ridiculous.

Within the last year, reports on the girl’s training have come to light. She’s clearly her father’s daughter; she has trained to use gadgets and think her way out of a problem. She doesn’t seem to possess any unusual powers. The only visible oddity is her pet, a clearly alien cat-like creature about the size of a tiger. It is a mottled brown color and has bone spurs sticking out of its shoulders and joints.

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Real name- Teletha Katrina Tesstarossa

Hero Name- TK

Nickname- Tessa, Kitty

Age- 18

Height- 5'7

Weight- 120 lbs

Hair- White

Eyes- Grey

ethnicity- Caucasian

Teletha Tesstarossa is perhaps one of the most powerful telekinetics in her age-group. Though in all honesty, this really suprises her.

Her father Is the well-known hero Russian paragon of power, Colossus, her mother, Thoughtwave, a world-reknowned Master Telepath.

When TK's powers developed she got powers from both parents, but not what they were really known for. She didn't get her Father's legndary brute strength, but she did get his damage resistant skin. Her mother was known for her ability to control thoughts and read minds, and for how bad her telekinesis is. TK on the otherhand can barely manage mind-reading, but can juggle tanks with her Telekinesis.

This really suprised both her parents, but they're proud of their little girl for deciding to take up the family buisness as it were.

She was scouted by the League earlier this year, primarily for the remarkable skills she possesses for someone so young. She isn't a brilliant tactical mind, but her intuition is almost always spot-on and serves her well most of the time.

She's an attractive young woman, standing five inches shy of six feet, but with a Lithe Dancer's body. She grew up taking dance and is fairly talented and devoted to it. Her hair is pure white, like her mother's, and she has her Father's steel grey eyes. All through school she drew looks from the boys as she matured.

She's a carefree and outgoing young woman, that said she knows what's expected of her and is doing her very best to live up to the Example of her parents.

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Appearance: Djane appears as an attractive young blonde woman with ruby red eyes that make her appear perpetually angry - the fact that she typically is, doesn't help much. She normally wears typical 31st century clothing, except when using her magic or when being directed by the owner of the Zippo, in which case her outfit shifts to a typical genie's outfit (face veil, vest, bracelets, slippers, translucent poofy pants, etc.)

Background: One of the Justice Society's more unusual members was a benevolent spirit called the Jade Djinni. Even amongst superheroes she stood out for her tireless compassion and her mirth. Her 'home' was a 20th century Zippo lighter with strange symbols carved into the never-fading finish - a more modern equivalent of the historical lamp.

Jane Taylor was a kid who fell through the cracks, never knowing her biological mom and dad and bouncing around inside of social services, with the occasional brush with the law over petty theft. She may have gone to the same school as one of the others when they were young; if so, they'll remember her mostly as an ill-tempered loner, smart when she applied herself (which was rare.)

One day, either simultaneous with the Society's vanishing or not long after, Jane was struck by an odd compulsion whilst touring the Society's trophy room. She broke away from the tourism group and stole the mystic Zippo lighter. When she opened it, alarms sounded, and Jane vanished, transformed into smoke and trapped inside the Zippo.

The Zippo, with no spirit tied to it, had chosen the first person who opened it as its next resident genie, much to her consternation. She's considered an adult now, and stealing from the Society is a serious crime - however, an odd sort of work-release program was arranged, wherin Jane would help out the reforming superhero group in the wake of tragedy. She's not happy about this, but as long as the Society possesses her "home" she has little choice... and may yet find that she likes being on the right side of the law, after all.

She calls herself "Djane" as an ironic statement, the way "djinni" is pronounced "genie." She is fairly ill-tempered and doesn't appreciate being trapped in a lighter and forced to serve. She is curious as to where genies come from and how they work - aliens? Magical beings? Normal people empowered by magic? - and is very, very curious as to how she can free herself from her new prison. "Learning to live with it and trust others" hasn't occurred to her yet.

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Real Name: Herak Lenidas
Super Identity: Celestial Centurion
Gender: Male
Age: 42 (human equivalent: approximately 21 years/cycles)
Size: Medium
Height: 5' 11'
Weight: 464 lbs
Hair: Dark navy blue
Eyes: Black
Ethnicity: Sartori

Tall, broad, and muscular with deep blue hair that is nearly black and golden brown skin Herak is a Sartori, a humanoid race from the Sarton star system. Herak is straightforward and fair seeking to be as open and honest in all his relations. He sees the law as a matter of right and wrong, black and white without any gray areas; some might call him a boy scout, he prefers the term paladin. Generally when not working he can be jovial and kind easily having fun with his comrades.

Public History:
Herak Lenidas was a member of the Galactic Police. Assigned as part of an escort for a shipment of contraband weapons and illegal drugs Herak was on rotation on the cargo vessel when pirates attacked. Unusually well equipped they made short work of the escorts and boarded the cargo ship killing all they encountered as they moved into the ship to the command center and engine controls. Herak was caught by a particularly nasty pair who decided that an ion blast to the head was too good for him; instead they spaced him. In the seconds before he suffocated or froze to death in the hard vacuum Herak was contacted by a cosmic force. A bargain was struck, in return for his service as a champion of justice Herak was given the power to not only survive in the cold dark of space but to wield the raw forces of the cosmos. Thus empowered Herak disabled the pirate carrier vessel and the cargo ship. He then traveled to the nearest inhabited system where he was able to inform the Galactic Police of the situation before tendering his resignation. Since then Herak has acted as a force for justice in the Galaxy. He was recently offered, and accepted, a place on the Legion.

Known Powers
Blessing of the Cosmic
Centurion is known to be space worthy and the ability to propel himself through atmosphere and space with discharged high energy plasma. He has claimed that aside from regular rest to recharge his energies he no longer requires sustenance of any kind. In addition the cosmic force that empowers him had granted him the ability to understand all languages and to speak in such a way that all beings can understand him. He has displayed the ability to see well beyond the normal humanoid visual range.

Cosmic Armor
A gift from his benefactor the Cosmic Armor can appear in an instant, enclosing Centurion in heavy plates of coalessed cosmic energies and the superdense material nutronium.

The Power Cosmic and Solar Attunement
Most impressive of all the gifts bestowed to him Centurion displays an ability to tap into and manipulate the powers of the cosmos. Most specifically Centurion has attuned himself to the raw power of the stars themselves. Among the abilities he has demonstrated thus far:
  • Solar Plasma Blast - The ability to project bursts of stellar plasma
  • Solar Flare - When facing off against the most powerful enemies Centurion has shown the ability to fire a near continuous beam of fusing atomic nuclei capable of blasting through even the most potent defenses.
  • Sun's Health - The ability to lay healing energies upon himself or others.
  • Stellar Energy Form - Centurion becomes a being of pure energy and can fly at super-luminal speeds.
  • Cosmic Solids - Tapping into the most bas cosmic power Centurion can summon solid objects from nothing.
  • Solar Pulse - A blast of concentrated light which can blind enemies.
  • Harness the Solar Light - The ability to manipulate light to form complex illusions.

Racial Characteristics:
Sarton Five’s ecosystem is earth like but the planet is unusually dense for its size. The Sartori are the only sentient life in the system; there are six other planetary bodies including two gas giants. The Sartoi are humanoids but are not genetically compatible with Terrans due to a different (slower) maturation process and denser skeleton and tissues. Sartori age more slowly than most humanoids due to their uniquely dense physical structure. Sartori tissue and bone is roughly twice the density of humanoid norms owing in part to a higher gravity home world. Sartori complexions tend toward darker spectrum colors and as a race their hair can be nearly any color but are always extremely dark tinted (blues, violets, and greens are nearly black, reds, oranges, and yellows tend to be oversaturated). Sartori eyes always have a black iris and pupil

The rate of physical maturation is one half that of standard humanoid norms, taking roughly thirty cycles to achieve sexual maturity. Emotional development takes place at seventy-five percent of humanoid norm which means that emotional and personal development is often complete before sexual maturity (rather than after it as in most humanoids).


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Real Name: In'Karra Zurthyn
Super Identity: MegaGirl
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Size: Large
Height: 8' 7''
Weight: 547 lbs
Hair: Bright Metallic Red/Orange/Yellow
Eyes: Bright Green; sometimes glows
Ethnicity: half Shytari/half human
Relatives: Du'Karra Zurthyn-Dawnstar (Mother), Father Unknown (though there is a strong candidate)

In'karra is amazingly beautiful, even for one of the Shytari, with broad shoulders, a lean, muscular, and fit physique, full, gravity-defying curves, and remarkably long, strong legs. Her perfect complexion is a fair, golden-bronze; her large, cat-like eyes are a vivid green, and her shoulder length hair gleams like metallic fire of red, orange, and yellow. Her young, stunning face is both innocent and wholesomely sexy, though her expression at times can be... vacuous. She has two uniforms she switches between, a green and gold suit that covers her arms but bares her legs (replace purple in pic with gold), and a sexier black one with gold trim, that bares her arms and the inner slopes of her breasts, with fingerless, elbow-length gloves and thigh-high boots.

Most noticeably, of course, she stands over eight and a half feet tall.

She possesses truly incredible strength, far exceeding her mother or any Shytari, but has none of the energy absorption or expulsion powers. This only bothered In'Karra a bit, her mother moreso, especially when she visited the Shytari once. There were only two other children, both older than In'Karra, and they teased her mercilessly about her lack. After they made remarks about her mother and father, she preceded to pounded them into the floor. She hasn't been back since.

In'Karra is exuberant, energetic, friendly, and a little naive, making her seem somewhat younger than her eighteen years of age. Her temper can flare at times, but is quickly quelled. She is a bit disappointed that she never had a serious boyfriend yet. She almost did, and they started really making out, but she hurt him, by accident, and he didn't come back. She always wanted to be a member of the Legacy League, and though her mother Dawnstar trained her as best she could, she did have concerns about In'Karra's mental... fortitude.

Dawnstar was one of the youngest of the Shytari when they broke free of their bonds. Unlike her sisters, she had no desire to stay in the Shytari Star System, so after crushing the rest of the Magelords in the system, wanderlust took her very far, where she did her best to quell any other tyrants she came across.

Eventually, after centuries of wandering, she made it to Sol System, and Earth. She became a provisional member of the Justice Society, because she still valued her independence. While there, Dawnstar meet the Watchman, and found the brilliant detective very fascinating. They joined the Legacy League together. Over time, a reticent courtship grew into something more. It didn't work out, though they did cordial over the years, and visited each other a few times a year.

To her surprise, Dawnstar found herself pregnant. She raised her daughter alone, though she did take In'Karra with her when she went to visit the Watchman. In'Karra and Serene were reasonably good friends as children, both being the daughters (natural and adopted) of famous, if reclusive heroes. As time passed, and they entered puberty however, the girls grew apart, the changes they each underwent just exacerbating their differences.

For the most part, In'Karra was raised at the Legacy League Headquarters, with a brief stay in the Shytar Star System, and relatively frequent, if brief, trips to Earth. The rest of the League like her, and watch out for the beautiful, innocent giant girl.

In'Karra loves being a hero and can't wait to be a full League member. The rest of the league just hopes she can curb her collateral damage, and maybe grow a little less naive.

The Shytari
A group of women from the planet Shytar who were infused with their power by the Magelords who ruled their star system. They were bound against their will, and used as elite troops to enforce the Magelords rule. Eventually, the Shytari's powers grew too great, and they broke free of their enforced servitude, destroying the Magelords in the process. Now, the Shytari protect their star system from any tyrant; a few rule portions of the four habitable planets, at the people's request. Few Shytari show any inclination to travel outside the star system.

Appearance:The empowered Shytari women stand, on average, 7 feet tall, with sleekly muscular, yet curvaceous figures and very long legs. All are accounted very beautiful. They have light, golden-bronzed skin, eyes of blue, green, or gold, that at times glow, and hair with a metallic hue of red, orange, and yellow.

Powers: (OOC: Pretty much, Ms. Marvel) The Shytari possess super strength, resilience, flight, the ability to survive nearly anywhere, and appear to be ageless. They possess very formidible energy absorption and expulsion powers, and can turn that power inward to heal themselves with effort. The empowered Shytari also possess a very low birthrate; in the centuries since they broke free of slavery, only several handfuls of children have been born; males take after their fathers, females gain the powers of the Shytari, usually. Mates from their home system breed true daughters; it seems that mates from other star systems can sometimes alter what powers their Shytari daughters possess.
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Real Name: David Hyperion

Super Identity: Hype

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Size: Medium

Height: 6'

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair: Blue – Dark blue with brighter highlights at the sides

Eyes: Blue – bright almost literally sparkling

Ethnicity: Earth Caucasian


Tall, but of a wiry, average build David looks like the track athelete he effectively is. His hair and eyes marked him out as unusual as a child but it was explained away as the remenant effects of some colonial genes in his otherwise Earthly ancestry. Although the eldest son of the League Heros Hyperion (a Speedster) and Twister (a semi-speedster, weather/air controller) his hero parents were kept hidden from his associates, largely by sending him to a boarding school for much of the time, especially in his early years. This backfired on the family about ten years ago when his sister, Mary, who was about 7 at the time was grabbed along with a number of her classmates as hostages after a failed bank robbery. The police followed their procedures, as did the hero who attended the scene, but not knowing any better their parents were not called in in time and Mary was among a number of children killed or injured in the ensuing fight. After that David and the other children (Eric and Samantha) were still kept mostly in boarding schools, but the veil of total secrecy was lifted, although not to the point of active publicity. For instance Hyperion and Twister never publically visited the schools, but the children did now get to mix with other League and Justice Society children. A large part of keeping them at boarding school was the practical problems of having parents who were permenantly on call for emergencies up to the interstellar level.

As part of this David kept his powers a secret at school, part did train in them while at home, or when visiting suitable places like the League and Society offices/HQ's. However, once he reached 18 (a year ago) and left school he threw that caution to the winds and has since been using them as a matter of course. The first time he used them to run across the Atlantic ocean to get to a party in New York from one of his parents homes in England was the cause of one of his more well-known early apperances in the media.

Public History:

Hype came to the publics attention about a year ago as the superpowered offspring of Hyperion and Twister. Since then he has appeared in the media a number of times, some just as a note of him going to some party or premier, others due to some spectacular use of his powers and occassionally actually doing some law/peace keeping.

Known Powers

All of Hype's powers currently appear to be extensions of his Superspeed, with which he is able to run far in excess of the speed of sound. Given the urbanisation of the majority of the world he hasn't had the chance to get up to his full speed in a public place due to the problems of breaking the sound barrier in close proximity to things. Despite that he has used it to run across the Atlantic and other Oceans/seas from time to time, and has been known to run up and down the outside of buildings (during a fire rescue as an example). During a hostage situation he attend he was able to put all eight of the criminals down in a matter of seconds, despite them being distributed around an open plan office at the time.

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Morgania may well be the most powerful sorceress of this time period, though she rarely makes an issue of it, and her blood is 1/8th Demon and 1/8th Fae (Sidhe), as her mother was (1/4th Demon [Her Great Grandfather is a Demon Lord(and Incubus)] and 1/4th Fae [Her Great grandmother is a Sidhe Noble] both of them were involved with humans, not each other), and her Father was fully human, though a direct descendent of Merlin and a number of other Mages. In fact, her father was the Supreme Magus of the Earth dimension before her, and upon his death, as the most powerful sorceress alive at the time, and with the right mindset, she inherited the title. She is likely to last a very long time, baring accidents or death in battle, she is nearly immortal, due to some interaction of her mixed blood.

She has also inherited her father’s house, a magical place that is a small house on the outside and a huge domain as big as a castle, if you know the words to enter the extra dimensional space it exists in. The house is built upon a sort of nexus of energies, and fully repairs itself, should it be damaged, completely restoring everything within, and it possesses a mystical effect that puts it out of step temporally with the rest of the universe. It possess a huge mystical library, an arcane workshop for created enchanted items, potions and the like, and the extra dimensional space is sealed from entry unless one knows the proper words. For anyone else, it just seems like a fairly nice, small house.

She possesses several enchanted mystical objects, her Eldritch Armor, the Grail of Life, and her Medallion, each of which enhance her already considerable powers. She should have possessed several other artifacts and devices of power, but the same incident that killed her father, also ended up having a number of magical items in his possession stolen.

In terms of her powers and capabilities, the woman is incredibly capable, and possesses considerable talent and skill, but power wise, she can sense any and all magic related powers anywhere close to her She also is immune to the ravages of time, having reached full maturity, she’s never aged a day sense, poison and disease do nothing to her, she can survive just about any environment, even the depths of space or deep oceans, and she doesn’t need to eat, drink or breathe to survive. Furthermore, she possesses a personal courage that comes down to being almost fearless, something that has on occasion gotten her into trouble, but has also saved her a time or two. She is also almost too beautiful to be human, she has the kind of beauty that draws the eye, and her power she possesses almost seems to give her a luminosity that has to be seen to be believed.

More importantly, these capabilities are minor compared the vast levels of mystical power she possesses, even from a young age, though her parents managed to teach her to use it responsibly, for the most part. She knows literally hundreds of arcane rituals and enchantments, and can draw on the library within her home in order to search for more, if she doesn’t have a spell for a situation, she can almost certainly find one.

However, that sort of effect takes time for her work, her sorcery however, is much easier to draw upon. In fact, to of her easiest powers, the Succubae Kiss and her Glamour ability are so natural and innate to her blood, that she has found nothing that can stop them or prevent them from working.. yet. She has enormous ability to create and control magical energy, unleashing it in blasts, or shaping it into weapons or even solid objects. Her kiss can be dangerous, as it can drain away will, and give her the power to control their minds for a time, also sense her kiss is drawn from the nature of the Succubae, it often leaves folks with a measure of lustful desire regarding her. Her Glamour is a form of illusion creation that deals with all senses, and seems real. She has a great many others sorcerious powers that she possesses due to learning, though the manipulation of mystical energies remains someone innate, the shear power of her magical bloodlines allows her to work a number of magic’s simply by will, without words or gestures, a good number of them do require one tool or another.

On another level, if she has the time, she can create a magical artifact, or perform a mystical ritual to deal with a matter temporarily. As a matter of fact, because her hidden sanctum is also out of step with time, so that 1 hour outside is 4 hours inside, she can create and response with such magical items much quicker then normal. While she can also draw on such to work a bit of magic or a spell suddenly, it’s very draining to do things that way, these methods are slower, but also not as draining.

Her greatest weakness, however, is blessed iron, not normal iron, but iron that has been consecrated to any particular deity, good or evil. It is the combination that hurts her, as blessed objects by themselves do her no harm, and iron that is not blessed has no effect upon her. Blessed Iron, however, can create all kinds of problems for her, but the worst of it is when it touches her.

All of this is no doubt interesting, but its her personality that makes her a true hero in heart and in deed, for in her heart, Morgana embraces the concept of the responsibility of power and that with greater power comes greater moral responsibility. She will go to great lengths to do what she believes is right, and make great sacrifices to help others when it is needed. It is this that sometimes gets her into bigger messes then she might get into outside of them.

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Name: Nixx

Gender: Male

Age: <1 (human equivalent: approximately 18 years)

Size: Medium

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair: Green, grass-like

Eyes: Green

Ethnicity: Unique

Appearance: Nixx is notable for his lack of detectable physical imperfection. His reedy build and pale green flesh, rather than appearing monstrous, combine to present a superhumanly statuesque figure. If he cared to capitalize on his appearance (and musical talent) there is little doubt that he could make it big in show business. His eyes glow a cool green color which intensifies in times of stress. He typically wears a robe woven from the plants he grows and rarely carries more than that and a musical instrument.

Background: The enigmatic green man awoke fully formed in an incubation vat at a Magelord research and detention compound. Prior to that his history, if any, is unknown. His knowledge of reality is very limited, though he has access to a pool of 'inborn' information, such as how to move and speak. His pleasant, carefree disposition and preoccupation and skill with music suggest a possible connection to the fey.

Powers: He has demonstrated an ability to make plants grow seemingly from nothing. He uses this ability to create small objects, break apart obstructions and, most importantly from his point of view, heal the injured. As a supernaturally hardy plant himself he is immune to numerous effects that would harm other beings and rapidly grows over even the most grievous wounds. He is capable of producing seed pods which act as anchor points for a form of bio-arcane teleportation.

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==Data File - Loading...

"Aeonian" - Anne Arneson

Gender: Female

Age: 24 (Actual age is more like 900 or so)

Height: 5' 9''

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asian Human, Genetically Altered

Relatives: None, all deceased.

Anne was born quite a while ago. 2100 to be exact. She was born on the old Lagrange Point colony of Eris on the far side of the sun. It was a scientific station, which had lost contact with earth when a solar flare disrupted it's communication matrix. The station was remote, and at the time, it was hard to consider if the loss of communication was from the sun or Humanity had somehow offed itself or was offed.

Deciding to save what was left of humanity, they genetically enhanced 200 children, 100 male, 100 female, and sent them on a stasis ship to their destination. It was during this long long voyage that the ship went through a radiation storm. This storm mutated the genes and cells of all aboard. Killing 199... leaving Anne as the sole survivor.

The mutation changed her... Once the devices on the ship matured her to a young adult, she stopped aging. Any damage that was incurred by the radiation was repaired on her own... The ship detecting this anomaly ejected her with her gear in her stasis pod into deep space. This was around 2967... A little over 850 years to the day she was launched!

Her pod drifted into common shipping lanes and was scooped by a Spaceway Guard vessel on routine patrol looking for distressed ships. Thinking her pod was an escape pod they reeled her in. When they saw she was in stasis they carefully hooked her into their ship's power supply and headed to the nearest medical base where the ancient technology was able to be operated to revive her.

When she awoke her first words "where... Where's my family?" The family she was referring to was her "siblings". Now only a distant memory.

It took months for her to even realize when and where she was. She was now in the middle of Galactic civilization. A whole universe to explore. She was prepared to revive a species but now here she is... an anacronism.

Her gear she had with her was to help survive in the wild until the terraforming of her destination was complete. Now it's old, but still quite durable and functional technology serves to protect her and grants her some advantages as well. Her universal translator and computer interface allows her to interact with any language or with any computer at will. Her variable geometry sonic pistol allows her to move heavy objects or peacefully quell a attacker. Her immortality she's discovered will come to good use if things came to blows. She's not aware of it but not even age can claim her.

In the years she's spent adapting, she eventually acquired a surplus star fighter that she modified herself for FTL and underwater travel.

She used these travels to find herself a new place in a larger world. Eventually she ran into the Legacy League, and came on to handle behind-the-scenes archiving and historical research of pre-FTL humanity. Some information had been lost through viruses, aging media, or recycling. Who better to glean any data than someone from that age?

At a point... Anne decided to start calling herself Aeonian, and began looking into ways where she could join the team on actual missions! She just hopes she's up for the task.

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Also Known As: White Heat (1960 to end of 70s), Doc Zero (2180 through to 2405), Professor Bannon (since 1959)
Birth Name: Jason Whitley Bannon
Aliases: Jay (familiar); Bannon (usual)

Age: over 1000 years old (looks like he's barely out of his teens)
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Height: 6'2
Weight: 165lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: White
Handedness: Left
Distinguishing Marks: White hair and pale skin, though not albino.

General Appearance: Tall, lean and handsome. His attractiveness is somewhat marred by the fact he rarely smiles, and when he does it's never because he's happy. Amused, maybe, but not happy.

Abilities/Special Skills: In addition to his exceptional Cryokinetic gifts, Bannon is also a talented scientist and doctor in a number of disciplines. He also has a gift for languages and analytical thinking as well as a wide range of other skills from his long life.

Personality: Cynical, world-weary, and bitter. If he seems upbeat, it's usually ironic amusement because the world turns out to be exactly as he predicts. His manner and the way he reacts to things betray his true age. Rarely without a cigarette in his mouth.

Interests: Botany, particularly breeding and growing rare and beautiful flowers; An interest in doing good in a variety of ways, though he'd rather die than admit it to anyone. Secretly, Bannon wants to believe the world could be a better place than he usually assumes it to be.


Born at the turn of the 19th century into the 20th, Jason Bannon was brought into a world of privilege and secrets. His parents, both psychic, were prominent members of a secret society dedicated to social justice, raising the quality of life for all, and balanced scientific progress. His father died during the final days 19th century, leaving the grief-stricken mother, Alice, to raise their precocious and gifted child alone. This task was not helped by the intense emotional scarring left on the woman by her love's death, which she had felt as keenly as though it were her own. At first, her friends in the Society believed that she would snap out of the depression through rising to the challenge of motherhood, but Alice Bannon passed away 3 years to the day after her husband, leaving Jason to be raised by her grieving friends.

It was fairly obvious to all that Jason was not an ordinary child. Even before puberty he was manifesting his control over the laws of thermodynamics in rudimentary ways. The Society, not wanting a media circus, took steps to keep the child from the eyes of the world, erasing all records of his existence and setting up a complex web of alternate identities. As he got older, the young psychic was inducted into the secret world that his parents had been a part of, travelling with Society teams all over the world and battling those similarly gifted who preferred to use those gifts for enslavement, oppression and evil. Due to his heritage (or so it is believed), Jason aged slowly after puberty, barely seeming to be touched by the years that slowed and retired his friends.

During the Second World War, Bannon became one of the first super soldiers on the Allied side, fighting against the Axis powers and their own shadowy superhumans. The experience left him somewhat sobered by the horrors of war, an attitude he carried with him ever after. To this day, he would rather save lives than take them. He also acquired a distrust of authority, particularly governments and government-sponsored agencies, that would mark his career henceforth.

During the 50's, whilst studying to be a doctor and surgeon, he spoke out against the Communist witch-hunts the American government were carrying out from paranoia, and was forced into obscurity, only to emerge once more in the 60's as one of the first of the newly-dubbed 'superheroes', White Heat. He fought for civil rights, racial equality and against corruption and exploitation, making him a popular icon of the counterculture movements but even less popular in the corridors of power. As the 60's drew to a close, he hung up the flared spandex and semi-retired, becoming a consultant and advisor to the newer hero teams as well as a pioneering scientist and doctor.

The next hundred years saw Bannon act as a mentor to several hero teams, content to take a backseat advisory role rather than exert his considerable cryokinetic powers in the front lines. The shocking headline deaths of Vulcan's Hammer, a hero team who mysteriously went off the deep end and became villains, at Bannon's hands saw him fully withdraw from the superhero 'biz'. He had been that team's mentor, and refused to discuss publicly what had gone wrong. The Justice Society assured the authorities that Bannon's actions had been in good faith, and that they had averted a large-scale crisis. Jason himself went into complete obscurity for about a century: Society records state bluntly that he'd crawled into a bottle and stayed there.

In the 22nd century, worldwide crisis forced the apparently ageless mutant out of retirement, if not completely out of the bottle. Taking the name Doc Zero (though choosing to wear his now-trademark white linen suits rather than spandex), he remained active as a superhero for a few centuries, assisting the Society and the League in numerous escapades, endeavours and adventures before once again disappearing, never to emerge. Those who knew him said that he had grown increasingly tired of his long life, and seeing those around him pass on. The prevailing fear among those he left behind is that Doc Zero, lacking any other release, chose to kill himself, though cooler-headed reports in the Society's databanks suggest that would be highly unlikely.
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Real Name: Echo

Super Identity: Echo

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Size: Medium

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 127lbs

Hair: Black, short, straight

Eyes: Variable between shades of red and blue

Ethnicity: Appears Earth Asiatic



Echo is a genetic clone of her mother Wire, a human mutant from a planet settled largely by asian immigrants. Though few in the League, or anywhere else, remember what Wire looked like when she was a teenager, the resemblance is very nearly total. Echo keeps her straight black hair cut functionally short, unlike Wire who liked it longer. The nanocytes in her eyes and retinas also reflect light differently than normal cells, sometimes giving her eyes a colored 'gleam' or glow, especially when light hits them in relative darkness. Her 'costume' is a black bodysuit designed by her father, Matrix, as a utility suit. It interfaces with her nervous system and uses memory materials to change shape, allowing her various configurations to be used without restriction or damaging the suit. It has little protective value, since Echo needs very little outside protection.

Public History:

It wasn't widely publicized, but the android superhero Matrix and technopath gadgeteer Wire had had...a relationship. Of sorts. Matrix was not designed for romance, either psychologically or physically, but adapted itself to the task at hand in all ways save one; there was no way for a machine...however advanced...to bear a child with a human being. Then disaster struck, and Wire was killed. Following the aftermath of these events, Matrix's core was transferred to a supercomputer network hub where it would administer an entire city. As he did this though, he used the much greater computing resources available to him to solve the puzzle at last.

Wire's geonome was on file, and she had tissue samples frozen to clone transplant organs. Matrix used this information to start an entire human clone growing. But as it was developing, he introduced a new element. A batch of stem cells modified with nanotechnology that would integrate themselves with the growing embryo and influence her development. In this way, Matrix sought to develop a true hybrid of organic and machine life, not simply a few systems grafted into flesh as an afterthought...nor a machine with a few organic parts to make it look lifelike. Echo, as he named her, would be something entirely new. Right down to her cells, she was technology and biology melded in perfect symbiosis.

Matrix arranged for a robot avatar to assist a human nanny in raising the girl. She was ferociously intelligent, and became steadily more so as the nanocyte system learned how her nerves worked, then began to systematically improve them. And while she had little but disdain for other children at first, Matrix was adamant that she learn to respect and appreciate other people for their strengths, even if those strengths weren't the same as her own. He even insisted she attend school to foster social development, though her 'real' academic lessons took place at home.

It's still a lesson Echo has trouble with from time to time, but she's the first to admit she has a lot still to learn.

Known Powers

Echo has, to date, not displayed any of her "mother's" gifts for telepathically interfacing with computers and machines. Matrix's analysis suggests that this 'technopathic' power is at work in her, but on a subconscious level, constantly shepherding the technology that has been integrated into her body. His belief is that this is the reason for the amazing ease with which the nanocyte implants were able to take root and flourish. Anyone else would have had significant problems with rejection and much slower development. It's entirely possible that without technopathic ability to guide the process, the creation of another nanocyte-cyborg would be fatal to the host.

Every cell of Echo's body has been equipped with microscopic cybernetic implants which significantly enhance their ability to adapt and respond to various situation. Specialized nanofactories have grown into the bones of her arms, allowing her to create nanorobots tailored to any task at a moment's notice. In general, these are used to assemble or disassemble complex constructs with a touch. Disassembly can also be used as a weapon in close combat. The nano-bots are secreted through specialized pores in her skin.

She is capable of forming a very versatile electromagnetic sensor and emissions package, using her skin as a phased array to emit wavelengths from radio up to visible light; in intensities from dim and unfocused...to powerful cutting lasers.

Between the enhancements in her cybernetic cells, and her ability to create specialized nano-scale robots at will, Echo's body typically has several other artificial structures within it, though that can change based on need and situation. Carbon fiber weaves in her skin to provide protection, sensor packages of varying types, oxygen and nutrient storage, hunter-killer nanites that destroy infectious agents and toxins with pinpoint precision, and of course, extensive neural enhancements that allow her brain to work at near-computer speeds.

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