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  1. Like a blazing torch, the flame clad Centurion shot forward toward Aina. Burning a path to the monarch. He stopped short and for a moment Echo wondered what had happened but then she saw that a cascade of power was building within his burning form. Only her enhanced reflexes allow her to turn away when his body went nova blasting the solar flame from his body in a sphere of incandescent destruction and leaving the solid humanoid soldier behind. With barely a thought he brought still more of his considerable power to bear and erected a sphere of solar plasma around the two of them cutting off the darkness from the Queen of the realm. COSMIC POWERS ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!! Move Action - moving to be next to Ainia </p><p>Free Action - switching array slots</p><p>Standard Action - using extra effort to stunt a new power - <strong>NOVA: </strong>Burst Area Damage 13 (damage type: solar plasma) - <u>Save DC 28</u></p><p>Free Action - switching array slots</p><p>Extraordinary Effort - <strong>SURGE!!</strong> for a new Standard Action - Activating <span style="font-weight: bold; ">Cosmic Solids:</span> Create Object 10 [stationary, Tether, Movable] and creating a bubble of stellar material around himself an Aina</p><p> Note: I'm assuming that his attack will blow all of the black gunk off of Aina prior to him creating the protective bubble, if that is wrong I will do something else.</p><p>Note 2: I'm also assuming I can swap array slots twice this round since I am using extraordinary effort to surge.
  2. The Centurion exploded into a blossom of light and power his physical form igniting like a beacon as he shot into the air. Tailing burning plasma the stellar being rapidly ascended to the peak of the tower pushing back against the darkness with the burning light of his own form as he searched for signs of Aina and studied the inky fluid blackness that was oozing down from the parapet. "Aina! Do you yet live?!" he called out hoping that should could hear him and still act. Click to reveal.. CC activates Stellar Energy Form (alternate form, move action)• Insubstantial 3 (plasma energy) • Immunity 2 (Solar/Stellar effects & damage) • Movement 3 [space Travel (universe)] [Limited (must travel through a star)] • Damage 13 (close) [Accurate 1] Hoping to gauge what kind of action will have the most effect on the darkness. Insight check: Roll: 14 +7 Modifier = +21 Initiative Roll: 8 +5 Modifier = +13
  3. What you have is fine, I just didn't remember how much we started with, and so didn't know what my total should be. Nowhere I looked said that we started with 180 pp. Now I know so I will update my sheet accordingly. Thanks
  4. Actually that doesn't help. I can't remember how many PPs we started with. Knowing how much we gained doesn't help me know what my current total is. I have Herak built with 195 PPs, but I don't know if that is at the limit or below it.
  5. What should our PP total's be right now? I cannot remember how much we started with and I can't find it anywhere.
  6. Herak was nervous. Thankfully his Cosmic Armor hid that fact quite well. On the outside the Celestial Centurion remained impassive and motionless, a seeming statue before the Ivory Tower. He was not of the League, his path was laid out for him by a higher authority. His duty was to ensure that this place did not fall, or so he believed, and as such he would protect the tower and its contents and mistress. None of that was what had Herak nervous however. He had been forged in fire, and tested in battle. He had saved the league from the crushing hell of despair and restored life to Dawnstar, even if only for a time. Herak had every confidence in the abilities of his station. What worried him, what would have frightened him would that he could still feel fear, was the true power behind his position. None of the others were aware of his station's greatest gift, or if they were they chose not to show it, or ask about it. Herak was even unsure if Aina knew, if she did then she too had chosen to remain quiet about it, if she did not she too would find out soon. Quietly, lest somebody hear him, he told himself, "I am Herak Lenidas, and I am the Celestial Centurion, Herald of the Star-God Hælious, Light in the Darkness, Champion of the Cosmos. I will not fail."
  7. This seems like we're putting all of our eggs into one basket, but since I am apparently in the minority I guess it is what it is. Herak's only requirement is that he stick near Aina, who has promised to complete a task for him at the appointed time.
  8. The Centurion seemed impassive, almost unresponsive, to the goings on around him. There was seldom strength to be found in quarreling, and so he stated his position and then withdrew to allow those directly involved to determine the outcome. For Herak the mantel of the Celestial Centurion was not just unfathomable power, not just a position of leadership, it was also a change to his being that went deep to his core. At times his passions burned with the intensity of the very stars that he was sword to safeguard, at others they were as cold, still, and vacant as the deepest vacuum of space. He walked a tightrope, or a razor's edge, between the two extremes, and had yet to find the proper balance. The Centurion was well aware that some had fallen to one extreme or the other. Impassioned martyrdom, or cold sociopathy. The gifts of Hælious were even torn from their hosts in the most extreme cases; the stars did not tolerate their gifts being twisted against their cause. Silent and unmoving like a statue, the Centurion watched and waited, hoping that his control would prove sufficient.
  9. The Centurion has been silent and still. None had addressed him, and so he had watched and listened. The newcomer, the man with Serene, has assumed that he was in fact a golem or statue, and was thusly surprised when Herak turned and spoke to Aina, his voice steady and metered. "If the boy wishes to defend his home he should be allowed to do so. By your own claims this battle, this struggle, will determine the fate of your world as surely as his survival or death. If this is true then it would be foolhardy to reserve a soldier from the field of war. If this is false then you have been withholding or falsifying the facts of this matter." The Centurion looked around at all gathered, "If this boy, no, this young man, is to save his people then let him save his people. Hiding him away for the hope that you do not fall this day will be of no use if his power could turn the tide in even a small way."
  10. OK, thank you. I guess I'll wait for people to post then as I have nothing to add.
  11. I'm not sure where I am. Which location is CC at right now? Also, that blue is **extremely** hard to read without highlighting.
  12. Originally Posted By: Joani[Aina] looked down at the heroes and set her eyes on the Centurion. “Don’t let them kill me and retrieve the Orb of Arcadia. It is more important than anything else. Will you take my life and secure the Orb if their forces reach the Ivory Tower?” The knight's helm tilted curiously. The Centurion was silent for only a moment before replying. "No. I will not. I am not a murderer, nor an executioner." Though he did not trust the dragon he likewise did not seek her end. He shook his head, his flat hand cutting a sweeping arc, "Death is not the answer."
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