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  1. I got a bubble helmet, your arguement is invalid.

  2. Because of this I have taken a look at this system. This system (Savage Worlds)... is amazing!!!
  3. Well with City of Heroes closing down/closed down and no one has taken up the mantle for running a EMU, DC or Champions are the only options. Unfortunately Champions is derivative, and lacks the fun that CoH had. I've heard mixed reviews of DC, but it's Free to Play as well as Champs... I'm just wondering which one I should try.
  4. Actually, Second Gens might have the potential access to more power, but it is just more power with better control. A well played 2G would have more finesse, character, and wisdom at some point where the 1G lacked. 3G's are just very, very specific novas that have control over one strict thing (like fire, electricity etc...). In other words tighter themes than even 2Gs had in our CoQF, and probably at lesser points. But, after the 3rd Gens, things are pretty much in stasis with what the 3rds have. I think it is more of how the ST runs their game and how the players receive the power that is more important than hard stats. Although tweaking the system to be more inherently balanced is good. I mean, you'd not sail a boat prone to capsizing because of it's weight distribution and a poorly designed keel, right?
  5. I am authorizing Joani to act for Aeonian for this combat (and pretty much letting the chips fall where they may), and as of now I am officially leaving this campaign. I'm sorry it's come to this but it has. The reasons are mine alone to come to grips with.
  6. I'm going to be honest. Can we figure some way to fast forward through this to the last fight? I mean we want this exiting, but I feel it would be better at least to skip forward a little bit?
  7. The face shield closes over Aeonian's helmet, and locks in place. Moving into a safe angle she slams her staff down, sending out a conical arc of sonic energy into the mass of ogres from the crystal floating between the upright bars on the tuning fork-like apparatus of her staff. "I hope you liked Dinner... you're going to be tasting it again."
  8. Click to reveal.. (Initiative check) Roll: 17 +6 Modifier = +23 "Looks like here comes their brute force solution!" Aeonian shouts, pointing towards the Ogres. "Heads up!"
  9. Aeonian nods to Watchwoman. She's not a soldier, she's just a librarian... an inventor... and today she's having to reinvent herself. Her friends lives are on the line, and she's going to do her best no matter the cost. Back home there's a woman who's life is measured in months, not years. Back home there's a trans-dimensional warp possibly ticking down to an invasion from hell. It all comes down to this. If she were anyone else she would be urinating in her armor. "Echo, I got your back until your defenses are secure, then I'm assisting the rest of the team..." As she says this, a goblin rogue jumps out of seemingly nowhere wearing a invisible cloak. Aeonian sees him and lets him have it by jumping over the short creature and hitting him full-on and point blank with a blast from her staff. He goes down unconscious from the violent upheaval in his guts and starts choking on his own vomit. She grabs his dagger and coup-de-gras' him through the throat. Black blood splatters on her padded armor and visored helmet. She spins her staff to a defensive position and tosses the dagger into the dirt. "There will be no skulduggery while I still draw breath!" Her actions inspire many high elves preparing to attack with longbows, they knock their arrows and draw their marks on the oncoming horde. Today, the enemy fights in the shade.
  10. And I am indeed back. So let's kill these darkspawn! Also this will be more of an IC situation to be resolved after the fight.
  11. WW, I don't see how I was giving orders there, I was actually asking about the capability of my comrades more than anything else and giving advice. If I came across that way I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry for asking questions and advising the team.
  12. Aeonian glares at Watchwoman. "I know my role, but it's a Leader's position to take advice if given..." She says, not taking a confrontational tone, but she sees a potential problem that could cost the team. "There I go... wait... don't show weakness... show understanding.", Aeonian thinks to herself. Then she speaks further. "My intent wasn't to circumvent your authority and this isn't the place..." She says taking a proper position and making sure to show she definately is watching her line of fire. "...I'm sorry. This isn't the time for such conflict. Our enemy is out there."
  13. Aeonian's staff hums as she walks up to the team gathering at their position. "Ladies... Gentlemen... We're about to get stuck in now." She brushes off some dirt from her reconfigured battle-robes. "Although I think Teletha is already bringing the heavy artillery. I swear she's a military genius. Serene, I'll be assisting Echo and keeping her protected while the skirmishers hit. I will need everyone to make sure if it looks like I'm gonna use the staff to keep to my left or right. The setting I just made fires off at a 90 degree cone from the tuning fork and crystal. At least, that's what went through my mind hitting runes on this thing." She turns to Echo. "We need to make sure the Mage Lords and their allies can't scry our battle movements. I want as much fog of war as you can provide. Can you provide a countermeasure?" She then takes her stand next to Echo, and sees Bannon close by. "Bannon, if you can do that, can you control the winds with precision? I am absolutely certain they have aerial units. If we got them so do they! We need to make our skies friendly and theirs miserable! Can you do that?"
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