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This is a place for me to post quick notices that will come in handy in the game that I don't want getting lost in the OOC threads or stories.

You can assume that there is a physical board posted where these notices go. Players are welcome to post them; please date them.

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April 19, 2007

Ryan and Jessica Donovan are the proud parents of a baby girl, named Eve Colleen Donovan. She's 8 inches even and weight 6 pounds, 4 ounces.

Eve is the first baby born at the Refuge. This is truly a cause for celebration!

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April 20, 2007

Seeking: All parties interested in Christian Fellowship. Given the new atmosphere of construction going on around here, I, Gerald Hoffany, and my wife, Claudette, along with our four children God has left in our care, are starting a church. We are non-denominational - we only want to start formal worship with fellow believers! If you love Jesus and have a saving faith in his grace, please come find me by the blood-stained cross in Tent Town. We welcome all the faithful!

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Posted April 22:

Free Raffle in Progress: Drawing June 5th

Prize: “Fetch” request(s) for James.

I.e. make a request, I’ll go get it or do it. Write down a brief description of what you have in mind and see Violet, Jo, or Jill for a ticket. Ideally we’ll have more than one winner but that depends on what people have in mind.

Examples: In the past I’ve been sent after cars, anvils, specific other tools and/or equipment, and a jute box.


  • The usual banned and/or restricted items are still banned and/or restricted. Don’t bother asking for things Fox would kick you off base for, or you know darn well I’m going to refuse.
  • I can go into zom areas without a problem but I don’t have a magic way to find things. I promise I’ll make a good faith try but that’s it. Failure is an option.
  • Very specific items (wedding pictures, a specific zombie terminated) require detailed instructions on where to go and what I’m looking for.
  • I’m assuming I’ll be functional before the 5th and do this a day or two afterwards. If I’m still healing then we’ll push things back.
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Posted April 24:

"In the fine tradition of the blind Master, starting tomorrow 'Master' James will be giving Hapkido lessons at Violet's from 9-11 AM and 7-9 PM.

Hapkido is the Korean martial art which stresses Joint Locks and Self Defense. It's one of the more practical and less stylistic forms."

-Jennifer (posting for James)

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Posted April 25th

Grand opening of Violet’s Club on April 31st !

I’m looking for 2 Barkeepers and 6 to 8 waitresses to work at my club. I offer warm showers and free meals in exchange and a comfortable R&R area if you need to take a break (or want to sleep in a warm and soft bed). I also offer free clothes for the waitresses (sorry guys).

Applicants are expected to show up from 8pm on till I call it a day.


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Posted April 26th

Wanted: Contractor, or someone else with experience building a house.

I specifically want someone who knows something about cement and can keep the number of stupid errors I'm going to make to a minimum. For obvious reasons I'm building a house away from V's. As for payment, contact me and we'll work something out.


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Since Courier's notice went up we've gotten a number of requests from people to build personal housing.

No building is permitted within the refuge without permission from HQ and any building must meet building codes.

Understand that if given permission, you will have to arrange the building on your own and outside your regular work schedule.

No personal dwelling or building will be allowed to interfere with development of community projects like the school, hospital, community housing, the wall, the powerstation, etc.

No community supplies or resources will be allocated for personal building projects.

Any personal dwellings or buildings will be made by the individual with their own resources, and on their own time and are required to meet building codes.


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As promised, James Bond has returned!

Goods available for sale or trade, including, but not limited to:

Clothing in a variety of sizes and styles for men, women and children.

Electrical goods, from practical items like power tools and appliances, to iPods, CD players and radios, along with stacks of CD's to suit all tastes. Oh, and batteries, naturally.

Alcohol and cigarettes (not that I endorse smoking: those things'll kill you).

Diesel and gasoline fuel. (limited stocks)

Guns, ammunition, and other survival gear for the modern post-apocalyptic sophisticate.

And much more! If you have a need or want, you have but to ask. I accept any and all goods and services in trade. Just make sure its clean and in working order, please.

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When: Tomorrow, Thur. May 17th:

Where: In the field behind Tent City

Who: Everyone!!!

What: A constitutional Convention

Tomorrow, we will gather to hold a constitutional convention. We've talked about it, but it is time to make it reality.

Everyone in the Refuge is invited to attend. Let your voice be heard!

(Bring a lawn chair and a lunch.)

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Refuge Restructure

On this auspicous day, let me say first that I appreciate all of you remaining with my Refuge. I know that the split was hard and demoralizing, but you all stuck with it, and for that, I'm proud of all of you.

As for the restructure, we've gone with the Swiss model as we said in the May meeting. We've got a Bill of Rights, which outlines what rights are allowed to you as individuals. I'll post that after this notice, but the short of it is that we'll not be telling you what to do with your property or between yourself as consenting adults, you'll have the right to be protected and fed a basic ration. That's the base level of protection; once an adult has willingly joined Refuge Service, they'll be given full rights, including a stipend paid in perks and services and a vote.

Why are we having two levels of citizenship? Because some people will resent having to 'work' so they won't have to. But if they don't, they will not be getting anything more than the basic survival needs met - housing, basic clothing, basic food and protection from the zeds.

Those that don't mind a hard day's labor will get the right to enjoy finer food, their pick of available clothing, services from the community including the eventual opportunity to own their own house and most importantly, a say in how we're run.

Speaking of, we're run by a council of five. Anyone serving in the Refuge Service can run for a seat on the Council. Voting will be simple majority wins, with a revote run-off in the case of a tie. It'll be a three-year term, and we're staggering them out, so two of the new members will service for one year before their seats come up, two for two years and one for three. Which seat turns over in a year, two years or three years will be determined by a random draw after the elections are determined - each Council man will draw his straw for his fate. This will keep things fair.

To sign up for Refuge Service, come see Markham at his new office in the Admin Building. You'll be assessed for your skills and desired positions and given a job and a corresponding rank. If you don't get exactly what you want, we'll continue to work with you to help you reach that goal - but please remember, someone has to do the dirty jobs. The worse a job is - nasty, dangerous or just unpleasant - the more perks you'll receive.

This is a new system. There will be periods of adjustment. Be patient as we work it out. Voting will be two weeks from today, on July 18, 2007, to give everyone time to campaign. If you want a seat on the Council, put your name in the hat within the week, by July 11, 2007.

We are still planning to move. An ideal site has not been found yet, but we'll continue to scout locations. There is a halt on construction of buildings until we move - work will continue on the wall as it is a safety precaution.

See me, Ger or Markham for questions.

Cpt. Morgan Fox

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