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Adventure! RPG - Baby's First Adventure Character...


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Okay so I came up with my first Advenutre character. Well, by first I mean he's statted and I'm gonna play him. Now I know this technically about 7 days premature but I figured I'd start this thread now with my character and have others add their own later or sooner if you also have access to the game (ow! quit throwin' stuff)

So here he is...Gideon Dirk

From an early age, Gideon Dirk was a fighter. Stricken with malaria as a child, he had to fight to maintain for his health at an early age. To aid in this, his uncle Edward taught the boy boxing, wrestling, and any other thing he could to help ?toughen him up? and ?keep his wind up?.

This turned out to be a fortunate turn of events. As the son of missionaries, Gideon was constantly traveling from one out of the way place to another and consequentially was defending himself from one group of bullies and local toughs or another. Though his parents told him to ?turn the other cheek? Gideon?s youthful temper and daring demeanor made this difficult, and so his growing skills at pugilism came in quite handy. This was especially true once his parents were killed in Africa by a rogue bull elephant, 12 year old Gideon found himself orphaned and thousands of miles from his sole relation, Uncle Edward.

Unable to contact his remaining family and far from home, Gideon did whatever he could to survive. Making his way to Casablanca he lived as a pickpocket and a beggar for six months till a local merchant caught him trying to steal. Enraged, the merchant told his manservant Farouk to beat the boy and throw him from the city walls. The Arab seemed huge and menacing as he outweighed the starving boy by over one hundred pounds. All Gideon had was a desire to survive and a small edge in speed and balance.

Little Gideon beat the man to within an inch of his life. To this day, those who saw still debate how, but after a few minutes the gigantic Farouk had fallen to a hundred blows delivered by one starving boy just shy of thirteen.

Still, the Merchant knew a diamond when he saw it uncut. He quickly put the boy to work as a streetfighter. Gideon would battle larger men, animals, and even multiple opponents for the crowd. He was marvel, especially once he was properly fed and cared for. Gideon grew strong and fast. Within a year he had saved enough of his meager fight shares to buy a ticket back to America.

Once home, Gideon found his uncle Edward was working in China as a ?military consultant?. Broke and alone again, the 15-year old once again turned to using his fists of survive. Quickly able to find work as a prizefighter, professional wrestler, and sometimes enforcer for the local toughs, ?Kid Gideon? quickly climbed the boxing ladder and made a small splash on the wrestling circuit. In an exhibition match against the famed Jack Dempsey, the 15 year old kid went ten rounds with the champ before losing on a split decision. Though sportswriters claimed the champ held back due to Dirk?s age, the champ denied these claims. He even trained with the young boxer for several months and later stated ?That boy taught me a thing or two?.

After another year, Gideon once again moved on. This time to China to once again find his ?Uncle Eddie?. His money lasted the whole trip this time, but even with this bit of fortune he found himself unable to locate Edward, who had gone deep into the mountains of China and Tibet. Wishing to follow, the boy foolishly pressed on alone. Within a month he was ambushed by bandits, robbed, beaten, and left to die in the wild.

And die he almost did. Only the ministrations of a kindly monk named Xue Bin saved the boy?s life. Seeing in Gideon immense potential twisted by great loss and a hard life, the monk instructed the buy as he healed him. For over a year, the Gideon learned philosophy, medicine, and other arts. However, it was at the martial arts at which he truly excelled.

Gideon?s time with Xue Bin came to end suddenly as the monk fell dead to guns of the local warlord. The bandits would have killed Gideon as well had he not bartered with the warlord. A compulsive gambler, the warlord agreed to let Gideon go free and fill his pack with provisions and gold if he could defeat the warlord?s finest warriors in hand to hand combat. At seventeen, the young man was once again in for the fight of his life.

The warlord selected eight of his finest fighters. These were hard men and used battle against one foreign boy. The outcome was never in doubt. Or so they believed.

To his credit, Gideon did not kill any of his opponents save one of the men who had shot Xue Bin. And he did not seek further revenge. He simply left, with warlord gaping at his retreating back the whole time.

Gideon traveled even further to find his uncle had left again. Following his trail, the young man traveled and battled his way around the world. In Thailand, he learned kickboxing, in Japan judo, in Indonesia, Silat. He wrestled gigantic Slavs and battled graceful Orientals. By the time he was 19, he had mastered more forms of combat than any man five times his age.

But the fighting wasn?t over. Returning home he found his country at war and his uncle had followed. Though now a man and capable of taking care of himself, Gideon continued his quest. The some have wondered why, the truth was simple. He didn?t know what else to do.

Enlisting in the army, after sixteen months of combat Gideon finally caught up with his uncle. Edward believed his nephew long dead and thus had long given up hope of finding him alive and well. There reunion was joyous, made even more so by the ending of the war.

Uncertain of what to do next, Gideon followed his uncle?s suggestions. Taking advantage of a program which allowed American soldiers to attend Oxford for reduced cost, Gideon finished his education (after his Uncle Eddie ?acquired? some academic records for him. Unsurprisingly, Gideon won several championships in boxing and wrestling. He would have competed in the Olympics, but his previous record as a paid fighter prevented it. But what was surprising to many was the young man?s excellent academic standing as well. In 1921, he graduated early from Oxford with a degree in Philosophy and Anthropology.

After graduating, he played at various profession but never felt fulfilled. His boxing career ended with a quick retirement after handing Joe Louis one of the ?Brown Bomber?s? few defeats. His wrestling career was cut short after fellow grappler Lou Thez told him he was ?too good for this dodge?. Money was no problem as his forgotten trust fund and heavyweight winnings were fanagled into a fortune by some of Edward?s "financier" friends. It was about this time he picked up his only real friend, a mongrel of a dog called Baron, whose origins are a mystery to all but himself and his master.

At 25, Gideon Dirk found himself without a care or a challenge in the world. His peers were largely too inexperienced or too muddleheaded to be decent companions. His fellow fighters were often too punch-drunk or brutal to appreciate the lessions he had learned in the East. A brief foray as a dime novelist was crushed as people found his ?dynamic fight scenes? too archaic to follow. Unmotivated and unchallenged, Dirk found himself alone and quite bored. Without a new prospect for adventure on the horizon he settled into a life of bored complacency.

<<Which outta last til about 5 minutes into the first game>>

Questions? Comments? Anybody Else?

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Well I can at least give you the teasers quickly....

Vice: (Oh bloody hell I can't remember...)

Virtue: Bravo

Ability Mastery (Brawl)

Ability Mastery (Martial Arts)


Fists of Stone

One Man Army


(Lightning Reflexes picked up since we started playing).

Contacts 5

Resources 4

Mentor 1

Menagerie 2

Inspiration 5

Intuitive Facet 1

Destructive Facet 4

Note Gid was made on a few more Transformation Pts that the suggested starting (due to high-powered nature of the ST campiagn) However, all that listed is buyable at standard start...GD just has a few extras too.

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<FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica"><font size="-1">May I present my namesake and very first adventure character. All comments are welcome.

Name: Miss Tuesday Childe

Origin: Mystery Virtue: Paragon Vice: Explorer Allegiance: AEON Society


Strength 2, Dexterity 4 (nimble), Stamina 2, Perception 4 (Intuitive), Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Appearance 3, Manipulation 2, Charisma 3.


Art 1

Athletics 3: Climbing

Awareness 2

Endurance 2

Engineering 2

Firearms 1

Legerdemain 2: Palming Objects

Linguistics 1: French

Martial Arts 3: Multiple opponents

Melee 2

Performance 1

Rapport 1: Discern Motivation

Resistance 2: Endure Torture

Stealth 2


Allies-2, Cipher-3, Backing-2, Gadget-1*, Mentor-1, Resources-2, Sanctum-2

Willpower 4

Initiative 12 (6 + 3+3)

Movement 5m / 17m / 35m

Inspiration (Dynamic): 5 (Intuitive-3, Reflective-1, Destructive-1)

Miss Tuesday Childe:

Tuesday is a mystery wrapped in an enigma even to her. Her earliest memories are regaining consciousness on the lawn of the Hammersmith estate shortly after the tragedy that killed the good doctor. Essentially unharmed herself, she acted to assist and comfort the wounded and dying until the blaze had been extinguished and the police arrived with medical assistance shortly behind. When interviewed by the local constabulary she was asked her name and drew a complete blank. The only thought that echoed through her throbbing head was that she knew home was far away and she told the inspector as much. In a moment of uncharacteristic black humor the officer replied that she must be Tuesday’s child then and passed her to the doctors for treatment. Thus was born Tuesday Childe. It was either that or Jane Doe and that name made her most uncomfortable for reasons she has yet to fathom.

Since that time, Tuesday has proven herself to be filled with a zest for life and travel, knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects, highly intelligent and perceptive to a degree that borders on the supernatural. She’s also proven to be impulsive, incautious and dangerous when the circumstances warrant. As so many that attended the Hammersmith demonstration were, by 1923 she had been the subject of attention by IDA agents in the employ of the Aeon Society who had been tasked to convey a request for an interview. Her tendency to stay on the move internationally hindered the delivery until spring 1924. Although the agents had missed her in China, India and Egypt, they finally managed to catch up with her in New York City while tracking down a white slavery ring supplying the Far East.

While little is known about her background, it has been ascertained that she is conversant with many oriental philosophies, modern engineering techniques and yet possesses the oddest holes in her knowledge of everyday modern society. She has proven herself adept at several eastern martial arts techniques to the detriment of a two members that had taken it upon themselves to demonstrate fighting skills to the ‘fairer sex.’

Miss Tuesday has readily integrated into the Aeon Society chapter and proven herself a capable companion, although she has almost compulsively kept her frenetic pace. She has formed an odd student – teacher bond with 'Safari' Jack Tallon, which many have remarked on as reminiscent of a turbulent father-daughter relationship. One in which the father is coming to grudgingly accept that his daughter will never be a proper lady of society or accept a judgment without trying something on her own first. Dr. Primoris has advanced a less savory theory, as is his abrasive way, but no one has taken the matter seriously. Her twin passions are for discovering the workings of the world, which shows in her engineering, and a hatred for those that abuse others. She is on amiable terms with many members of Aeon, holds Maxwell Mercer in a child-like awe, and fidgets uncomfortably in the presence of Dr. Primoris. Jack Tallon claims she has excellent judgement in this matter, if in no other.


Miss Tuesday Childe is a stalwart with the Knacks ‘Superhuman Reflexes’ and Optimized Metabolism. Her gadget is a wrist-mounted device she calls an ‘impact based adversity equalizer’. Using a shotgun shell-like powder charge, she can fire either 100-foot grapping wire or a blunted metal object similar to a flagstaff ornament. She claims the former has gotten her out of more places than she cares to count while the latter is how she got in.

She is of diminutive stature, with curly red hair and piercing emerald green eyes. She scandalously dresses in linen trousers tailored for her female figure on all occasions, a white shirt and canvas gum soled shoes. An unfashionable felt fedora completes her ensemble and may even become stylish in a few years. The errant locks of her hair seem to tumble into her eyes despite precautions and make her look somewhat younger than the late 20’s one would guess.

Tuesday continues her search for a past but has had no success. While bits of memory have resurfaced on occasion, enough to believe she is looking a particular individual, whom and why still escapes her. She knows only that it’s vitally important.


Tuesday Childe

having far to go...

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The most fun idea I've seen for an Adventure chara was accidentally given to me by a friend, in an original story he wrote. Most of this character's personality and such is covered in that story, so I'll just give you his stats and some backstory.


Dr Catastrophous

Virtue: Expert

Vice: Jester

Nationality: ...good question.

Allegiance: (to be determined once he's in a chron. I'm assuming Aeon.)

Origin: Z-ray accident

Attributes: Str 1, Dex 3, Sta 5(resilient), App 2, Cha 2, Man 2, Per 3, Int 5(creative), Wit 3

Abilities: Awareness 2, Investigation 1, Academics 2, Engineering mastered (mechanics), Linguistics 1, Medicine 2, Science mastered (biology), Drive 1, Savvy 1, Subterfuge 1, Perform (rants) 1, Athletics 1, Firearms 3, Endurance 1, Resistance 1

Backgrounds: Backing 2, Cipher 2, Gadget 4, Nemesis 2, Resources 4, Sanctum 2

Willpower 5

Inspiration 4 (intuitive 2, reflective 2)

Knacks: Mad Scientist, Body of Bronze (or in his case, of Rubber.)

Soak: An insane 9/4

Dr Catastrophous (he says that's his real name) has the attitude that runs in his family. If that wasn't scary enough, after he was given the best education money can buy, he was mentored by a another brilliant maverick scientist, who quickly gained a great interest in Z-rays after the Hammersmith incident. While demonstrating a new way to harness Z-energy, Dr C's mentor accidentally blew up his his experiment, himself, and his lab. Thanks to his sudden Inspiration, Dr C survived the blast with his new cartoon character-like resiliency, and understood what had gone wrong thanks to his new superhuman intelligence. Since then, he's been working nonstop on a reliable way to harness Z-energy safely. He is, in fact, completely benevolent, with his greatest ambition being the end of world hunger. However, some people just can't realize that a mad scientist can be a good guy, and he has this pesky daredevil chasing him around all the time... He was brought into his faction when they decided it was better not to have him running around loose.

His biggest success has been in his "gadget"...

The Garden. He uses engineered plants to extract and hold rare and volatile chemicals from ordinary ground, using a different species of plant for each. This didn't turn out quite as sensible as it may sound. Some examples: Celery from his Garden can be set off with blasting caps. Lemons from it have juice acidic enough to burn through steel. And don't get me started on the bananas. Dr C has also created a specialized delivery system for most of his biotech monstrosities: A custom gun called the Salad Shooter.


Yes, I like non-serious characters.

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Very amusing Neovid. I must remember the good doctor should I ever need a villan that will truly surprise my players.

Also my compliments to you Tuesday, for a very interesting and what sounds like a very playable character. I particularly like the slogan. Very catchy.

God bless all here.

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Originally posted by Father Ryan:
Very amusing Neovid. I must remember the good doctor should I ever need a villan that will truly surprise my players.

Thanks! If you do, tell me what happens, so I can relay it to the guy who gave me the idea.

So far, Tuesday has the most potential out of any A! chara I've seen, with the good old mysterious past to build on... I'd love to see what happens if she ever runs into someone who recognizes her. Hmm....
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Thank you very much for the kind words from both of you. Father, your praise makes my day as always. Neovid, that's the highest compliment I've received and I appreciate it. Keep an eye on the 'On Wizards Watch' thread in the opnet section. It's still being discussed but I believe Tuesday Childe will be making a cameo there in the near future.

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Here is the First character I’ve created for Adventure! She is one of 5 I have in mind for an Aeon Society chapter.

Lady Amelia Chase

Origin: High Class

Virtue and Vice: Hotshot/Explorer

Allegiance: The Aeon Society for Gentlemen (AND Ladies)


Strength: 2, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 2, Perception: 2, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 3, Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 2, Appearance: 4 (Stunning)


Athletics: 1, Stealth: 1, Awareness: 2, Academics: 2, Linguistics: 3, Bureaucracy: 3, Style: 3, Subterfuge: 2 (Playing Dumb), Command: 3, Etiquette: 2 (High Society), Perform: 2, Rapport: 1


Resources: 4

Backing: 2 – The Aeon Society

Contacts: 4

Influence: 3


Willpower: 4

Inspiration (Heroic): 4 (7 Temp Inspiration), Reflective: 1, Intuitive: 3, Destructive: 0

Initiative: 9

Movement: 5/15/29

Traits and Knacks

+3 Inspiration

+3 Temporary Inspiration

+2 Attributes

Dramatic Entrance


Jack of all Tongues

Perfect Poise


Lady Amelia Chase is the only child of British aristocrats Lord Darcy and Lady Elizabeth Chase. Her parents were wealthy and somewhat decadent. They enjoyed travel, spending more time abroad than in their home country and they often chose to visit rather exotic locals. No humdrum tourist traps for these folks, no siree! If you didn’t have to trek 30 miles off the beaten path, then they weren’t interested. This is the environment in which little Amelia grew up, and she loved every minute of it.

By the time she was 12 Amelia could speak four languages and had inherited her parents lust for adventure, travel and excitement. Due to their lifestyle, she had also come into contact with many unique and interesting people, including one Dr. Sir Calvin Hammersmith.

All seemed well in Amelia’s life until her 16th Birthday. Shortly after her lavish birthday celebration in New York, Amelia’s parents were killed in a tragic car accident. Amelia only survived due to the quick thinking of the family’s driver, Mick Dixon. After the funeral and the arrival of her Auntie Mary from England, Mick was hired on as the family’s permanent driver and Amelia’s bodyguard. For 4 years, Mick traveled with Amelia as her protector (and he was/is well paid for his efforts). All this changed with a simple invitation.

Lady Amelia received an invitation to Dr. Hammersmith’s demonstration (probably due to his association with her parents) and like any true adventurous spirit, she accepted. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, Amelia was late. She and Mick watched in horror from across the street as the Hammersmith manor was engulfed in flame. Both Amelia and Mick immediately rushed to the aid of those escaping the burning building. It was months later before they realized the ramifications of that fateful night. Amelia found that her many of her natural abilities and talents had somehow been enhanced.

4 months later she received a call from an interesting gentleman by the name of Whitney Styles…

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Since yeh asked... But I'll not share my scurvy sea-dog with yeh! Not yet! Here, then, was/is my first character (I always start a game with one or two backups):

Reese 'Gonzo' Winslow

Origin:Z-Wave Exposure



Allegience:'The Truth' ("With a capital 'T', you whore!")


Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Perception 4 (Photographic Vision), Intelligence 3, Wits 4 (Unflappable), Appearance 3, Manipulation 2, Charisma 3


Brawl 1, Firearms 1, Awareness 4, Investigation 4, Academics 1, Bureacracy 1, Linguistics 2, Drive 1, Intimidation 1, Style 1, Interrogation 2, Savvy 3, Etiquette 1, Perform 1, Rapport 1


Contacts 6 (Kingpin), Nemesis 3 (Sarah Gettel), Reputation 3, Resources 2


Willpower 7

Initiative 10

Inspiration 4 (Intuitive 4)


Jack of All Tongues

Lie Detector

Perfect Poise


Adored by as many people as he is hated, Reese 'Gonzo' Winslow is the bogeyman of the Associated Press, a lurking shadow of brutal honesty that hovers over William Randolf Hearsts' newspaper empire.

Reese was brough up the son of lower-middle class parents in the north Oregon woods. Typical of children in a day long before child psychology, Reese was largely ignored by his parents who looked upon his as more or less a burden. At the age of ten, Reeses' father, a lumberjack, said he was going out to cut wood. He never came back.

Reeses' mother was left to raise her only child on her own, a nearly impossible task for a woman in the great western frontier. She was no scrub, though, and made sure that she and her son were provided for with her meager skills. Reese forced himself through school and learned the languages of both the local Chinese railworkers and Mexican immigrants from the south. Reese was never a genius, but he picked things up quickly and was charming enough, so he got ahead quickly.

Reese made a business during high school of growing and selling Marijuana to immigrant laborers and neighbors, and after a few extra years was able to fund his way through college. Bright-eyed and idealistic, he entered the world of professional journalism with a Masters degree in his back pocket. Withn a year, he had taken to hard drink, smoking, and a cynicism unmatched by anyone on the planet. A brief stint with Hearsts' newspaper empire convinced him of both the corruption of the 'straight' press and the absolute need for brutal, straightforward, honest truth, without what he saw as the illusion of non-partisanship. He quit Hearsts' offices and parlayed his earnings into a small newspaper which he ran for a full two years before becoming sick of sitting behind a desk and delegating authority to others. He made his trusted protege and whipping-boy Editor in his stead, so that he could travel the world in pursuit of "the Truth".

Since then, 'The Truth' has gained immense popularity with the lower-class and intellectuals throughout Europe and eastern America, much to the chagrin of his former employer. Winslow, known to those in-the-know as 'Gonzo' for his raucous, self-annihilative approach to reporting, quickly developed a friendly contest of one-upmanship with his nemesis, Sarah Gettel. The two have crossed paths numerous times since their initial meeting during a gunfight on the Orient Express, each time with the two of them seemingly in pursuit of the same big story. Their friendly contest has since elevated into outright hostility, and the two now share an intense love/hate relationship. Neither wants to see the other come to harm...but they wouldn't mind seeing the other come to disgrace and shame.

It was around the time of one such incident on a fateful evening in 1922 that Winslow received a call from his Editor at his London hotel room, requesting his presence at an esoteric experiment taking place at the home of a Dr. Hammersmith.

Unfortunately, at the time, Winslow was half-way through a bottle of Scotch and in no position for journalism.

"Wha...who...WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?!"

"Dammit, Winslow! I've got an assignment for you! Sober up!"

"*hic* S'alright. Call me when someone dies. *click*"

Eight hours later...


"Someone is dead."

"Oh...um...huh. I'll be damned."

"Will you go now?"

"Well, I suppose so. Just as soon as I get some breakfast in me. Now, where was that gin..."

"Dammit, Winslow, you--"


Two more hours later, Winslow was on the scene of the Hammersmith experiements and began a survey of the land. A wave of nausea came over him, and he blacked out. Waking up (in a puddle of some indescribable goo -- "clearly, some ravenous beast had come and defiled me as I slumbered") hours later with a pounding headache, he promptly stumbled back to his hotel room to sleep it off. Over four months have passed since then, and he still hasn't picked up on anything odd.



"Don't try to run, you son of a bitch. You'll just die tired."


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Here's My Character:

Name: Lachlan "Locky" McKenzie

Inspiration: Psychic

Vice: Jester

Virtue: Expert (Lockpick)

Alleigance: AEon (minor)

Origin: Middle Class

Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Appearance 3, Manipulation 3, Charisma 2

Abilites: Brawl 1, Might 2, Legerdemain 5 (Intrusion),

Melee 2, Stealth 5, Endurance 3, Resistance 2, Awareness 2, Investigation 2, Bureaucracy 1 Engineering 2, Medicine 1, Drive 1, Intimidation 1, Savvy 2 , Subterfuge 3, Perform 2, Rapport 1

Ability Mastery: Legerdemain, Stealth

Backgrounds: Allies 2, Backing 1 (Aeon Society), Cipher 2, Contacts 3, Mentor 1 (Deceased Father) Reputation 2 (Expert Lock-picker) Resources 1, Sanctum 1 (Hidden Basement underneath house)

Willpower 5, Inspiration 5 (I1, R3, D1,) Temporary Inspiration 8

Knacks: Psychic Hand (L1), Teledigitation (L2)

Equipment: Blackjack, Knife, Lock-picking kit

History: Lachlan was born to his parents in Scotland around 1905, and lived a relatively uneventful life there until his parents decided to emigrate to Australia around 1910. After settling in in Sydney, Australia, The elder McKenzie decided to restart his original locksmithing business, with young Lachlan as his apprentice.

As the years went by, Lachlan, or "Locky" as many regular customers called him, learnt pretty much everything there was to know about Locks and security. However, He learnt all this only around 3 years after he started. His father realised that the kid was a natural at this line of work, and while the kid was useful when tackling the big jobs they got, it became obvious that Locky was by far better, good enough to upstage his father at almost every turn. As a result, Lachlan's father decided it was best for his sanity and employment that Locky be left behind when he did work.

This of course led to Locky finding other outlets for his skills. The most obvious, of course, being breaking and entering. He got into this for about 3 months before it started getting boring (how long can you unpick the same damn bank vault?). He never actually stole anything (and he always made sure to relock everything he picked). The rare times he got caught (usually by bewildered bank security guards), he was home before the police got to his house (in fact, the longest time he spent in a police cell was about 15 minutes, and that was only because lunch was coming up and he wasn't going to leave a free meal!)

However, this changed when his father was brutally mowed down by criminals, apparently in retribution for his help in a break and enter on their HQ. It was at this emotional point that Locky finally reached his full potential. However, instead of choosing to act in revenge, he chose to dedicate his life to preventing such things from happening to other people. It was at this junction in his life that the Aeon Society opened up their Sydney Chapter. Locky was one of the first people accepted. And it is here that we start playing him...

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Name: Jimmy Meehan


Vice: Skeptic

Virtue: Expert

Allegiance: Money and Fun

Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Appearance 2, Manipulation 3, Charisma 2

Abilites: Brawl 2, Might 1, Firearms 3, Legerdemain 1 ,

Stealth 1, Endurance 1, Awareness 2, Academics 1, Linguistics 1, Survival 1, Drive 1, Gambling 6 (Ability Mastery), Savvy 2, Etiquette 2

Backgrounds: Allies 2, Contacts 4, Reputation 2 (Gambler) Resources 4, Gadget 1, Influence 3, Sanctum 2

Willpower 7, Inspiration 4 (I1, R2)

Knacks: Poker Face (Perfect Poise), Lightning Reflexes

Equipment: Wallet Gun (gadget), 2 decks of cards (1 unopened)

Jimmy Meehan was born dirt poor in a run down section of Boston. His family's financial straits taught him early to value cold, hard cash. Unfortunatly life didn't seem intent on providing him an easy path to riches. Jimmy was bright, but nobody from his neighborhood was going to college. He wasn't good looking, and while he knew enough to eat with his elbows off the table he wasn't going to be charming any wealthy socialites anytime soon.

Jimmy whiled away the hours in his neighborhood pool hall after high school looking for his purpose. Like a lot of eager and stupid young men, he thought that his future might lay in the Army. The war taught him how to shoot a gun, but he didn't feel that there was much of a future in shooting Germans. After the armistance he wandered out West, hoping that there was enough of the frontier left for him. There wasn't. However, there was a lot of money; oil money, timber money. Money and people who didn't seem to play poker as well as Jim.

Pretty soon Jimmy realized that he hadn't met anyone who played cards as well as he did in quite awhile. Twenty five and already a millionaire with a fancy getaway up in the Rockies and quite a reputation. Now that he had money it was time to look into those other things that people always seemed to talk about, excitement and adventure. There seemed to be a lot of it in the paper recently.

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Okay, the time has finally come. After ironing out the details, I can now share with confidence...

Jani St. Croix

Origin:Tellurgic Radiation


Vice:Hot Shot

Allegience:The Valkyrie and Lord Odin


STR 3, DEX 3, STA 2, PER 2, INT 2, WIT 2, APP 4 (Sensual), MAN 2, CHA 4 (Confident)


Brawl 2, Might 1, Firearms 2, Melee 2, Endurance 2, Navigation 3 (Astronomy), Linguistics 1 (English), Pilot 3 (LongBoat), Intimidation 1, Style 2, Animal Handling 1 (Sharks), Interrogation 2, Command 3, Etiquette 3 (Barbaric Culture)


Followers 3 (Crewmen), Gadget 2 (Midgard Cannons), Menagerie (Sharks), Reutation 4, Sanctum 3 (The Valkyrie)


Willpower 5

Initiative 7

Inspiration 4 (Destructive 3, Intuitive 1)


A Single Bound

Sex Symbol

Superhuman Reflexes

Sun Tzu's Blessing

Optimized Metabolism


Jani grew up in a tumultuous time, even for her home island of Haiti. With French missionaries working hard to indoctrinate the Catholic faith into each Haitian man and woman, the area was thick with trepidation as the old Vodoun gods were being forced out by the 'good news' Christian god the French brought to the island. It was in this environment of conflicting and simultaneously integrating faiths that Jani St. Croix (the last name was changed by her parents after they "accepted the Lord Jesus") was raised.

As a young child, Jani spent much time with her grandmother, a Vodoun high priestess who would have none of the Catholic indoctrinization and taught her granddaughter to be the same. Jani grew up with a strong old-world influence in her and thanks to her father, a love of the ocean.

At age sixteen, her grandmother instructed her to leave their village and seek out an area away from the island to seek the spirits of the island itself. With the "white devils" chasing them away, Jani became convinced that she had to find them and bring them back to her homeland. With a small raft, she set out on the ocean with meager supplies and her equipment.

It was a full five days later, two days after her round-trip food had run out, that she washed up on the shores of a strange land. A great dragon carved of wood lay a wreck on its shores where she washed up. Taking this as a sign, expecting the spirits to have traveled here in this great dragon, she began to search the island.

What she found instead was a rogue group of Viking raiders who had washed onto the island sometime around the establishment of Plymouth as a means to take the land that their people had once abdicated. There they had existed in a small community for nearly two-hundred years, unable to leave the island as there was no seaworthy wood on the island, and swimming away meant death at the hands of hungry sharks that prowled the island.

The white devils on this island were different from the ones on her island, however. Their hair was red like fire, and the worshipped old gods with great fervor and respect, not like the French Catholics. Their god, the great one-eyed warrior Odin, was not like the pretend god of the missionaries. In the gods of the flame-headed white men and their ancient magical rituals, she saw something of her grandmothers' device.

Jani vouched to stay with the Viking tribe for over a year, and in that time came to learn their language and their ways, as well as their oral history on the island iteself. She came to know of their homeland, and of the power their gods have there. She reconciled her own faith with that of the Viking natives, and in the years that followed successfully amalgamized the Viking and Vodoun pantheons into one cohesive relgion.

Jani left the deserted island of the Vikings just over a year after her arrival, and though she had not found her islands' spirits, she had found other spirits, just as great. In addition, she hard learned to fight and live under harsh circumstances, making her a very dangerous woman indeed, especially to the Catholic missionaries, whom her hatred grew for every day.

Her journey brought her back home after two long weeks as she sailed back in the same craft she left in, plus some modifications. Upon her return, she immediately set out to work building a dragon-headed boat the way she had been taught. Rallying a small crew of fellow natives who followed the old ways, she introduced them to the Viking gods and showed them how they mirrored their own. With her charisma and ability to agitate an already uncomfortable situation, she culled enough stalwart men to build the dragon-headed boat and set sail for the high seas. Making a brief stop at the island of her Viking friends, she accumulated a select few young men to attend her on her vessel. Jani, calling herself and her ship 'The Valkyrie' after the warrior-angels of the Viking faith, has been pirating the high seas and looting the ships of any crew foolish enough to not pay homage to Odin and the Vodoun spirits ever since.

In this time, she has followed clues back to the home of her Viking companions and found them to have lost their warrior edge. Disheartened, she has vowed not only to find the spirits of her island and bring them back, but to seek out Odin and his people to take them back where they belong. In the meantime, she continues to loot and pillage any boat she encounters.

It is a wonder how a single woman lording over a motley crew of mixed Haitian and Viking men who don't even speak a common language could be such a threat to international trade, though somehow her cannons never miss their target, and her men fight with such fearlessness and tenacity that hardened soldiers blanche at their approach. The Valkyrie and her crew are regarded as a dangerous menace to any country with an active sea trade, and Jani's reputation has spread very far, indeed. Though she is bloodthirsty, brutal and fanatical about her cause, she is nonetheless a dangerous example that poor, female and black does not mean "worthless", and certainly doesn't mean "harmless".

Over the few short years, the crew of the Valkyrie has swelled, adding to it members of crews gone by who would rather give up their 'false god' and live a life of piracy than meet their end at shark's teeth. No bigot, the crew now comprises a fair number of people from all genders and races. Anyone loyal, fierce and respectful to the spirits is welcome company.


Jani is a tall, amazon of a woman at six feet tall and 180 lbs. of total muscle. She dresses in the finest clothes one can pillage, though usually what she wears was designed for a man. She carries a veritable arsenal of weapons on her at all times, including several guns, small knives, a sword and a large axe. Though she is regarded as a savage, she keeps herself immaculately clean and well-groomed, and takes pains to educate herself whenever possible, usually stealing books from vessels or forcing useful tutors to mentor her. It is only through sheer brutality, strength and fierce loyalty that a horrible fate has not yet befallen her, especially so being one of few women on a boat full of men. Insubordination is punished with a watery grave, though the rewards for being a mate on the Valkyrie has great rewards, and Jani only takes an equal share of the spoils of war.

Jani is a stalwart with the above knacks, who manifested her inspiration after hijacking a shipment of Chiquibul crystals on their way to Dr. Zorbo.


Jani's Followers are her crew, a surly group of men who were fiercly loyal to her even before becoming Inspired. Now, thanks to the charm granted her by Sex Symbol and the prowess given her by Sun Tzu's Blessing, the men on the Valkyrie would follow her unto death, and have more than once plunged themselves into a watery death for her.

Jani's Gadgets are a series of eight cannons which she refers to as the 'Midgard Cannons'. These cannons, each fitted with shards of stolen Chiquibul crystal, fire farther, use less powder and aim truer than any known cannon to date. The firepower from the Midgard Cannons is strong enough to penetrate an armored hull like paper mache.

Her Menagerie is a swarm of sharks that follow the boat at all times, thanks to a fairly regular feeding schedule of unworthy prisoners, insubordinate crew and unused fish portions. Anyone who dare attack the crew of the Valkyrie by any means other than a high boat do so at their extreme peril. These sharks wait for the Valkyrie when it enters a port, staying just within range but in safer waters.

Lastly, Jani's sanctum is, naturally, the Valkyrie, which is quite more than it seems. In truth, created with such love, devotion and overwhelming faith was the Valkyrie that it could be argued it is being guided by the gods themselves. The Valkyrie has not once met with a storm it could not handle and has never received fire that pierced a vital area. She always seems to pick up the wind at just the right time and direction, and the ocean always seems to be steady in motion for her.



"Don't try to run, you son of a bitch. You'll just die tired."


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"At last. A worthy opponent."

Nicely done, Henry. Very nicely done indeed. Especially with the Zorbo plot hook since the good Baron doesn't take to kindly to those that impede his vision and never forgets a transgression. And he thought that shipping the crystals by sea would enable him to avoid that gnat Mercer and his pitiful society of fools.

One question, though. Is Lord Odin a religious affiliation or is there something darker you're not telling us?


Tuesday Childe

having far to go...

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Oh, ye gods, I hope you mean 'Pygmy', Father Rian.

Tues --

Genteel as always.

Yes, the Zorbo hook was pretty intentional. I thought that transporting them by air would be a little too obvious for the brilliant Dr. Zorbo, thus, he went by sea. And Jani captured them. ^_^

As for your question, no, 'Lord Odin' is merely what it seems. Her personal devotion is to the great thundering one-eyed Norse god, to her crew and to herself. The only thing sinister about it is that a lot of people have died by her sword, and not all of them deserved it.

Nonetheless, thanks for the compliment. I've put a lot of work into her. I'm trying to do up a picture, but...well...*sighs* black women are really hard to draw.



Don't try to run, you son of a bitch. You'll just die tired.


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Okay all, I've had a chance to read Adventure, and I thought I'd show you my take on an NPC character I've whipped up. Check it out:

Kent Valor, Enemy of Evil!

Nationality: Canadian

Alligiance: The Aeon Society for Gentlemen

Nature: Paragon

Virtue: Paragon

Vice: Caregiver

Inspiration: Dynamic


Attributes and Abilities:

Strength: 5(Rugged)/Brawl 4, Might 5

Dexterity: 4(Quick)/Athletics 3, Firearms 3, Stealth 3

Stamina: 5(Tough)/Endurance 3, Resistance 3

Perception: 3/Awareness 2, Investigation 3

Intelligence: 3/Academics 2, Linguistics 2, medicine 1, Survival 2

Wits: 4(Clever)/Drive 4, Pilot 3

Appearance: 3/Command 3, Etiquette 4 (Polite), Rapport 3

Backgrounds: Allies 4 (Aeon Society Members), Backing 5 (Aeon), Contacts 3, Mentor 4 (father, John Valor), Nemesis 4 (The Czar), Reputation 4 (Hero), Resources 3

Inspiration: 7 (Don't worry, I'll explain)

Intuitive: 3 Reflective:2 Destructive: 2

Knacks: Single Bound, Heightened Senses, Man for All Seasons, Power Lifter, Sex Symbol, Superhuman Reflexes, Blazing Speed, Optimized Metabolism, Piledriver, Body of Bronze, Reptillian Regeneration, Threat Awareness.

Background: Kent Valor is a prime example of the apple not falling far from the tree. The son of famous husband and wife explorers John and Mary Valor, Kent spent most of his formative years exploring the world alongside his parents and their dear friend "Safari" Jack Tallon. When the Great War broke out, Kent served with the medical corps as an ambulance driver and paramedic, doing his best to get the wounded to safety, and earned a congressional medal of honor. In the years after the war, Kent dabbled in university, but found himself restless, feeling the need to explore more of the world and see for himself how he could aid his fellow man. During his wanderings across the globe, Valor came in conflict with a variety of blackguards and villains of various stripes, and by himself or with the aid of others soon brought them to justice. It was during a rare moment of peace in London that he found a letter forwarded to him from a Doctor Calvin Hammersmith, inviting him to attend a demonstration of his Telluric Engine.

The moment things went wrong and the machine built up towards explosion, Kent selflessly leapt forward to try and save the good doctor. Perhaps he might have been able to reach the venerable scientist, had not a blue bolt of pure telluric force sent him flying through a window. . .and leaving him forever changed.

Kent recovered and returned to Canada, where he found the country awash with gangsters manipulating the border to peddle their filth. With inspiration and zeal, Kent fell upon them like a mongoose on a cobra, bringing to justice those he could and eliminating those he couldn't. On July 25, 1923 Kent recieved a letter from a ghost. A man claiming to Max Mercer (whom Kent had saw vanish into thin air moments before being struck down) invited him to Chicago to be a member of his newly formed Aeon Society for Gentlemen. The rest is history.

Personality: Kent is one of those rarities in the world; a truly forthright and decent fellow. A cosmopolitan sort, Valor is always glad to meet new people and more than willing to trust them unless they prove him wrong. His faith in the inherent decency and goodness of humanity is rock-solid, even in the face of racism and oppression ("Just some bumps in the road that need smoothing."). In his time with the Aeon Society, Kent has aided in the thwarting of the Ubiquitous Dragon, Baron Sunday, Doctor Zorbo, and the Czar, with whom he has developed an intense loathing. Kent is a man who believes the time of the aristocrat and the noble has passed, and that good government is exemplified by the ideals of democracy. This clashes violently with the Czar(whom Kent refers to as "Ivan the Worst"). It doesn't help matters that Valor has fallen head over heels for the beautiful Anastasia either.

Amongst the Aeon Society, Kent is closest to the more "down to Earth" members; Annabelle Lee, Danger Ace, Safari Jack, and Whitley Styles (whom he's nicknamed "Whitty", much to Styles Chagrin). By and large he has cordial relations with Professor Dixon, Doctor Primoris, and Maxwell Mercer (Or "The Egghead Brigade" as he jokingly calls them). Valor sees Mercer as both a visionary and a role-model, and doesn't hesitiate in his faith in Mercer's vision of the future. As for Doctor Primoris. . .the two mix about as well as oil and water. Valor's eternal good cheer and optimism grate on Donighal's nerves, and Kent sees "Captain Gloom an' Doom" as a detached and cold-blooded bugger who's just using the Society for his own purposes. For now they work together provided someone is with them as a buffer, but their arguements over right and wrong, altruism vs self-interest will eventually boil over, leading to a hatred that will burn brightly for years to come.

Occupation: Freelance Peacekeeping Agent. Kent is something of a mercenary, willing to help others in exchange for a donation to the Society's coffers. Financially secure due to his parents trust fund, he's been known to waive the matter of payment altogether if the cause seems just, leading to Primoris's mocking nickname of "Galahad".

A matter of some embarassment, Kent Valor has become something of a celebrity. A Canadian reporter named William "Wild Bill" Bannon has taken to writing about Kent's exploits and selling them to various magazines. The "Acts of Valor!" adventure series has boosted Kent's reputation amongst the common people, but has made for more than a few headaches for the young hero.

Gear: Colt .45 automatic and hip holster, several suits of rugged clothing, tuxedo ("lousy monkey suit"), leather duster, brass knuckles, devilish grin.

Future Fate: Kent stays with the Society through thick and thin, high times and low times. In the late 30s, he becomes a sworn enemy of the Nazi champion The Overman, and in late 1944 does final battle with him over the Atlantic aboard a bomber bearing the prototype German atom bomb. As Whitley Styles burns the facility containing the plans and corpses, the skies over the atlantic burn as the atomic age is born. To this day a statue stands in Ottawa dedicated to the memory of Kent Valor.

Theme Music: Wherever You Will Go by The Calling.


-Defender/Stacy Dooks.

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Don't you hate it when you get so caught up in the creative process you fail to realize when you've made some bonehead mistakes?

This character is a bit flawed in places, but I've retooled Kent a bit to make him more managable. Anyone who wants to see Kent Valor 2.0, just give me a shout.

-Defender/Stacy Dooks

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Okay, here's my first attempt at an Adventure character. She's probably hopelessly broken (I have no self-confidence ;-) )

Dr Emily Moore

Nationality: British

Origin: High Class

Virtue: Caregiver Vice:Paragon

Allegiance: Aeon

Inspiration: Psychic

Atts: Str 2, Dex 2, Stam 3, Perc (sharp)4, Int (bright) 5, Wits 3, App 3, Man 2, Char 3

Abs: Archery 1, Athletics 1, Martial Arts 1, Awareness 2, Academics 4, Linguistics 1, Medicine 6 (ability mastery)

Science (pharmocology) 6 (ability mastery),

survival 1, Style 2, Savvy 1, Etiquette 3, Rapport 2


Backgrounds: Backing (aeon) 1, Followers 2, Reputation 2, Resourses 5

Knacks: Scientific Prodigy

Touch of Life

Willpower 7

inspiration 4 reflective facet 4

Emily's parents were not born to wealth though they weren't born poor either. Her father made his fortune in business before Emily was born. He soon discovered that the "real" upper class did not like people like him. He desperately wanted his daughter to be accepted by the "old blood" so he sent her to the best boarding schools in the hope she would make friends with the daughters of the upper class. Instead she was icily ignored on a good day and cruelly picked on on the bad ones. She might have drowned in anger and bitterness but instead she threw herself into her studies. She proved adept at the sciences and decided to become a doctor. This horrified her parents who felt that she would never be accepted if she didn't become a genteel young lady but Emily stood her ground and managed to do it.

She graduated as a doctor high in her class inspite of the scorn heaped on her by the otherwise male class. Female doctors were still rather rare and she gained a certain celebrity for her skill. This may have been why she received an invitation to Hammersmith's demonstration. She was rather surprised that he'd heard of her.

She went and was lucky enough to survive. It was only several months later that she realised just how much she had changed. It was not much after that that she was invited to join the newly formed Aeon Soceity. Needing to get away from the patronizing attittude of her fellow doctors who tended to treat her like a nurse she accepted.

Emily's medicinal interests stretch beyond simply patching people up into developing new drugs. She has taken to working with "folk remedies" in the lab to see if any of them work. Her father died recently and Emily iherited his fortune which she has been using to fund her work.

Image: Emily has long black hair which she wears in a bun at work to keep it out of her way but generally loose on social occassions. Her best features are her large green eyes. She attractive but not stunning. When working she dresses in a ab Coat (duh!) otherwise she dresses appropriately for the situation and, on social occassions, fashionably.

Traits: her followers are lab assistants who help with her work. Her resourses were inheritated from her father.

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Just letting you know, I updated my entry on this thread with his history, and a bit of tweaking. Thought you might miss it if I hadn't told you...


Lee Davis-Thalbourne/Kirby1024 - kirby1024@hotmail.com

Creator of the XA-1037. Ask me about my special rates for special customers!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I share this teeny bit of information with you all only because I know it will fill my nemesis, that insipid brat Tuesday Childe, full of fear and hatred! Not at all because I am a showoff or a glory-hog, and how dare you even imply such an insult! Brute! Why, such a thing would be unladylike!

Name: Miss Thursday

Origin: Enigma Virtue: Bravo Vice: Hot Shot Allegience: La Salon des Femmes Nouveaux


Strength 2, Desterity 3, Stamina 2, Intelligence 3, Perception 2, Wits 3, Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4 (Seductive)


Brawl 3, Firearms 3, Legardemain 2, Stealth 2, Endurance 2, Investigation 1, Linguistics 2 (French, Italian), Medicine 1, Survival 1, Art 2, Drive 1, Style 5, Savvy 2, Subterfuge 2, Etiquette 2, Perform 5 (Dance), Rapport 2


Backing 2, Cipher 4, Contacts 2, Gadget 1, Menagerie 1, Nemesis 3, Resources 1

Willpower: 6

Initiative: 3+3+3

Insiration: 5 (Destructive 2, Intuitive 3)


Sex Symbol, Superhuman Reflexes

Ability Mastery; Perform

Miss Thursday

Miss Thursday's life is a haze of mystery, and she likes it just fine that way. It is unknown where she comes from or why, and it is speculated that she herself may not know. Her mannerisms and speech suggest a French or Creole upbringing, but her dress, fiery temper and quick pistols speak more of having lived in the western frontier. It is speculated that Miss Thursday may not know the truth of her origin herself, though nobody dare speak on the matter with her around. One thing is for sure; Miss Thursday has a mean streak as wide as the Grand Canyon and as long as the Old Mississip', and she's been known to beat the tar out of a fellow with sadistic glee for as long as a half hour before filling him full of lead for slights as minor as spilling her drink. Miss Thursday is known to drink prodigeous amounts of alcohol and to fight just as mean as men twice her size. Miss Thursday is best known, however, for her spectacular dance abilities. Be it a formal ball, French Can-Can or Saloon Burlesque, Miss Thursday can dazzle and amaze everyone in the room with effortless ease and leave everyone begging for an encore. She is incredibly social and is known for being able to ply information out of anyone under any circumstance, be it through charm, torture or even less savory means.

Considering her disposition, it comes as a shock to very few that Miss Thursday has thrown in her lot with the notorious but elite La Salon des Femmes Nouveaux, though it is unclear to even their leaders if Miss Thursday has joined them out of genuine belief in the cause or fulfillment of some personal agenda. Most are certain of the latter.

For whatever reason, Miss Thursday has targeted the equally enigmatic Tuesday Childe for elimination -- or at least, humiliation -- and has been plotting her downfall ever since Tuesday joined the AEON society. It is unknown as to why Miss Thursday hates Tuesday Childe so, but one thing is for sure, and that is that Tuesday Childe now has a powerful and dangerous enemy who is as malicious as she is beautiful.


Miss Thursday's Backing is in La Salon des Femmes Nouveaux. Her Contacts are most people who owe her favors for whatever cryptic reason, more often than not from hapless males who's life she spared. Her Menagerie is a trained Falcon which she calls simply 'Friday'. Her Nemesis, whether she knows it or now, is Tuesday Childe, who it is unknown to what depth her hatred for runs or why. Her raucous lifestyle leaves her with little funds. Most of what she has is stolen or extorted. Miss Thursdays Gadget is a special brew of perfume that temporarily raises her already staggering Appearance by 1 for the scene. The recipe to make it is apparently very simple, though a closely-guarded secret that she would (and has) killed to keep.

Live in fear, Tuesday Childe!!!

Miss Thursday


Miss Thursday Fills

You Full of Woe...


"I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him."

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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Are we to expect another five winsome girls to be winging their way towards this Forum as we speak?

Yes indeed, a fine nemesis.

One that any day could be proud of.

I do like it. Balanced characters with decent histories always make my day (no pun intended). Thank you Thursday.

Still bitter and twisted over personal lack of a copy of Adventure. Noone I know even has seen a copy, never mind has one. There will be firey heavenly bolts to smite the unbeliever local games shop if things do not soon change.

Perhaps god is punishing me for not killing enough heratics.


I'll soon fix that.

Anyone seen Hazzard?

God bless all here.

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Cripes...Mister Saturday, Tuesday Childe, Miss Thursday and Friday the Falcon. When will the madness end!?!

My bet is in about three more days. Well met, iniquitous Thursday.

-- Avenger


Don't try to run, you son of a bitch. You'll just die tired.


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Hm. That's actually kind of original. I never considered taking Ability Mastery in Perform, let alone Dance. She's a bit of a combat monkey (a "tough broad", Thurs?), but it's a bit refreshing to see that her area of expertise lies in a skill that to my knowledge is rarely taken at all.

-- Avenger


Don't try to run, you son of a bitch. You'll just die tired.


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Oh, don't worry, little miss. I will be coming for you, though not in the obviously skanky way you insinuated, as I am a lady, a concept I know you may have a little trouble with. And as I am not a floozy like you, little Tuesday, I won't rush into things and I won't come running when her masculine counterpart (in my case, you, and in your case, that gaggle of misoginistic fraternity lads you call the Aeon Society) beckons.

So for now, little Tuesday, carry on as you were. I'll get to you when the time is right. Emerson wrote "When you strike at a King, you must kill him." You may only be a pathetic pawn, but I'll be sure to kill you with one stroke anyway. After I've had my fun with you, tramp.

Miss Thursday


Miss Thursday Fills

You Full of Woe...


"I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him."

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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You read a book! I am impressed.

I know an excellent psychiatrist - Marvin Hyams - an absolute genius at unspecified personality and anger transferrance disorders. If you mention that you have friends in the society he might even give you a discount. I wouldn't want you to incur any unnecessary expenses. After all, your monthly supply of pancake makeup must cost a fortune.


You friend;



[This message has been edited by Tuesday Childe (edited 10-04-2001).]

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At last.

Victory is mine.

Or at least a copy of Adventure is anyway. How far behind can victory really be?

Soon the world shall know the might of Father Ryan, and other such deluded frantic rantings etc wigich I shall spare you from havng to listen to.....

God bless all here.

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Hey all,

A questionf or Avenger, would your Reese character happen to be based on "Transmetropolitan" rabidly Truth-seeking journalist Spider Jerusalem?

I was lucky enough to get in on the Adventure playtest (MWA HA HA!) and I made a character that is a nice mix of pulp and modern comic books. Born Glenn Frasier, he was an infant traveling with his parents in China when they were set upon by bandits (ever notice that pulp characters have horrible parent attrition?)wo were slain. Fortunately for young Glenn, he was unnoticed and left behind by the bandits. Hours later an old man found the squalling infant and took the baby back to his city, the magical city of Jiyi JIang, that only appears to the outside world every 10 years. Named Jin Jiao-Ling (Golden Dragon Boy, for his blond hair) he was raised and trained in mystic martial arts that forged him into a kind-hearted, innocent but fiercely competitive warrior. Lien-Hua, the daughter of the old master who raised him was to be his wife but on Jin's 15th birthday (when it again became accesible tot he outdies world) she fled the city, sending a small detatchment of the Chinese Army to the town. After the battle, the city was severely damaged and Jin/Glenn's foster fatehr killed. Jin/Glenn then set out after Lien-Hua to find out why she had betrayed him and the city. He was a fun character to play. I'll post stats later. Need to dash or I would've gone into further detail in his backstory, I had actually developed a kind of detailed one. Anyway, take care and have fun!


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Regarding your A! opportunity I can only say that the words 'lucky' and 'sonuva' come to mind.

I like the teaser and would love to hear more of the background story and premier. He sounds like a great character.

Father Ryan,

Since you have the book now I can tell you that I've often thought of your character as the offspring of the Machinatrix and Dixon. I don't know why... It just seems to fit somehow.


I like the character overall, nemesis considerations aside, but I had a couple of question. Doesn't Ability Mastery grant the oft-sought sixth dot? And the comment regarding drinking prodigious amounts of alcohol... Her stamina would seem to be too low for the statement to be true and she lacks the knack that would makes her immune to alcohol's effects. Unlike Tuesday. smile

For all,

If anyone is interested, the final (no kidding) character sheet for Tuesday Childe has been posted at:


Special thanks go to Kirby for providing the html code and Atwight for making the effort to put together a website. You guys are great.

[ 10-07-2001: Message edited by: Tuesday Childe ]

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Awe shucks Miss Childe, I'm blushing wink . I actually got off my skinny, lazy ass and got her up onto the site. I also have to give thanks to the Kirbster. The character sheet is a good one for web design (IMHO) and I plan on using it as a the template for all characters on my Adventure! site.

Kirby, I also plan on putting the Knack you posted here on my site, again it's just a matter of battling my sloth and getting it done.

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Hydra --

Good call. Yes, Reese Winslow was based largely off the infamous Spider Jerusalem (who in turn, like Aberrant's Duke Rollo, was based off Hunter S. Thompson). Reese is a good 40% Jerusalem, 20% Thompson and 40% my influence, though it's hard to convey where the characters differ when you're writing up a short bio, and I wanted to put Reese's best (well, "most pronounced") foot forward. The main reason I made Reese -- other than wanting to play a Journalist -- was because I thought that Adventure! deserved it's Duke Rollo. That and I fucking hate William Randolph Hearst, and wanted a character who'd have a legit reason to fuck with him. Truthfully, none of this planted the seeds of this character in my mind. What actually got me first thinking about Reese was reading Sarah Gettel's bio and thinking "this woman needs a worthy rival".

By the way, I like your character a lot. What is it about us pulp heroes and their parents?

Thurs --

I'm with Tues, what's the deal with your drunken ass? Stats, damn you! Where are the stats!?

-- Avenger

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Dear Lord save me from typos. Thats supposed to be Resistance 2. Thursday also has the "hollow leg" merit from Hunter.


You know a psychiatrist! I'm not surprised!

Laugh all you like, impertenent little Tuesday, it may yet ease the mind-numbing terror I'm sure you are feeling.

My vengeance won't be short or swift! I will draw it out over decades, in such a way as to make you wonder whether the misery in your life is either manifest or the machinations of the Insidious Miss Thursday!

I'll be coming for you soon, child. Tut. But do we know why? It may yet be revealed in your title.

Miss Thursday

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OOC: Resistance works much better. Another possiblitiy, for those apocryphal drinking contests, might be to use the destuctive facet. Spend the inspiration to add her destructive facet to her resistance. That would also go on towards explaining the mean drunk syndrome.

Drawing vengeance out over decades is an interesting idea but you do realize that with optimized metabolism Tuesday will be physiologically around 28-29 by 2010? Assuming of course that no one just shoots her first.

IC: How thoughtful! You went to all the trouble of getting a clue and then gave it away to me. Very sweet of you.

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Hey, guys, I've been reading your posts for about a month, but I've never gotten around to registering up until now.

While this forum is mostly an Aberrant one, I've decided this is as good a place as any to post my debut. Tell me what you think!

Name: Jordan Stone

Nationality: American

Allegiance: NYPD

Vice: paragon Virtue: Fanatic

Appearance: Jordan is a massive man, with a clean-shaven, square jawed face, black hair, and arms as thick as tree trunks. He usually wears a suit, but leaves the tie at home and the jacket in his office. In short, he looks like Walker from Powers.

Strength 5: Brawl 5, Might 2

Dexterity 3: Athletics 2, Firearms 3, Legerdemain 1, Melee 1

Stamina 4: Endurance 1, Resistance 2

Perception 3:Awareness 4, Investigation (crime) 5

Intelligence 3: Bureaucracy (law enforcement) 2, Medicine 1

Wits 2: Drive 2

Appearance 3: Intimidation 5

Manipulation 2: Interrogation 3, Savvy 2, Subterfuge 2

Charisma 1: Command 2, Etiquette 1

Backgrounds: Allies 1 (A former partner who is now in the FBI), Backing 3 (NYPD), Contacts 3, Resources 3

Gadget 1: Experimental Silksteel armor (2/4). Jordan and a few other members of the force field-tested it. The experiment was canned because it was too expensive and dangerous to make, but Jordan got to keep the prototype. They couldn't find anyone else it would fit, anyway.

Merits/Flaws: Huge Size, Enemy (local mob boss)

Willpower 6

Inspiration 3 (R1, D2)

Knacks: Pile driver, Threat awareness.

Jordan Stone always wanted to be a policeman. He held justice close to his heart, even as a child. Being as massive(ly strong) as he was, combined with his above average intelligence and awareness, his goal was easy for him to attain. As soon as he had finished high school, he began his work towards that goal in earnest.


By age twenty-two he was married to a beautiful redhead, Eleanor Duncan. He was in the NYPD, and had already received his first commendation for exemplary work. In short his life seemed to be exactly where he wanted it.

Unfortunately, the stresses of dealing with crimes day after day after day can get to any man, and Jordan was no exception. He gradually grew to despise the criminals he dealt with daily, and grew more obsessed with his work. Many suspects he brought in were bruised and bloody, having "slipped", or were reported as having "resisted arrest". Despite this, Jordan was seen as doing a superb job in the fight on crime, and was rewarded for it.

Eleanor didn't see it that way. They split up after five years of marriage. They had decided they would wait until Jordan had made detective before having children. Ironically, he received the promotion he had been waiting for two days after the divorce had been finalized.

His life continued in this vane for some time, and even his close friends and partners couldn't tell he was beginning to come unhinged. For the next five years, Jordan's life faded into a blur of Chase the crook, Beat the crook, Turn the crook in. Slowly though, things began to break down even further. Cases went unsolved, an occasional bystander was assaulted, and several suspects disappeared without a trace. The latter has earned him the enmity of several powerful crime lords in New York and the New England area. In addition, through lack of sleep, malnutrition, and insufficient exercise, Jordan had begun to slow down. He still had his massive strength to his advantage, but he was lumbering, and thinking, just a bit slower than he used to.

There was talk of giving Jordan a desk job to take him off the streets. The realization that everyone thought he was a loose cannon gave him pause, and he decided to take a month of his saved up vacation to figure out what he was doing wrong.

In the second odd coincidence of his life, He left two days before the Hammersmith experiment.

Jordan returned from his month of exercise and meditation a changed man. His speed and strength had exceeded his previous limits, and his skill at picking out the clues at crime scenes was on par with the Commissioner. More importantly, though, his philosophy had changed. He would no longer destroy criminals unless he had no choice.

He would destroy their will to commit crimes, and instill into them the proper fear and respect for the law.

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(Damn, I keep forgetting bits)

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When you're a Detective on the police force, in the days before Miranda rights and the ACLU, you don't NEED to go the mystery man route.

A few minutes in a back alley, a warrant from a judge whose a buddy of yours, a few minutes alone in the interrogation room, and you can do just as well as you could patroling the streets in a mask and tights.

The only reason for someone in Stone's position to go the mask route is to keep his family sfe, and since he doesn't have one...

You're right about Eleanor though. Shee would make a good plot hook, although she was meant to just be part of the background of the character.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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He also reminds me of the Batman villian, Bane. He has an awesome intimidate and good interrogation, but that one charisma has got to hurt. He runs well as either the Strong Silent type or the Tragic Bigman (having sacrificed his whole life for law enforcement).

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