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  1. Proto-Psion rules existed side-by-side with the Psiad rules in the APG, which is odd, but at least there. They're in a grey box under "Psychomorphs in Trinity" or something like that.
  2. Quote:Originally posted by Alex Craft: *shrug* You can build them with your hands. Why not with quantum powers? Because typically they need Quantum charge-up, or Quantum batteries to operate. Further, I'd note that, for some reason, a baseline cannot reproduce a Nova's gadgets, even if they typically don't require quantum to activate (they can't follow the same techniques), so there's something special going on. I suspect there's some form of "quantum priming" required to make the gadget work that's not specifically noted, and I doubt that Matter Creation could perform this feat. But it's an arbitrary ruling, and I freely admit it. I'm not saying that one can't create a fully-formed Gadget with MC, just that I have misgivings about the Gadget being useable without some form of quantum intervention to make it "come alive".
  3. Thus why I chose to place hypertech in the Power Maxing field. It's possible, but it'll take a considerably larger effort than usual. Also, considering the special status of Quantum Gadgets, I'm not sure they should be buildable at all (at least not in completed, ready-to-use form) - just more "mundane" hypertech.
  4. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: Define “hypertech”. If you mean gadgets, then that sounds hard or impossible. If hypertech means actual advanced technology, then it just sounds hard.Typically "stuff that's more advanced that what we got now". Not a good definition, but the one I'm aiming for. Encompasses both Gadgets and theoretical technology. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: So Mr. MC can easily create nanites to repair wounds if, and only if, wound repairing nanites could be found in the local hospital? That sounds pretty workable. That would be correct. I think this is a workable line, though I fully admit that it's quite arbitrary (As any decision at this level must be)
  5. I should probably note than an artificial line is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes a line has to be drawn arbitrarily, and as long as it's understood that it is an arbitrary line, there's no issue. But I would note that a lot of Quantum Powers are easily emulable (in a way) in our time with our technology. I would balk at suggestions that a Matter Creator could not create a Hang Glider (Body Mod:Wings/Patagia), Metal claw gloves (Claws), phosphorescent dust (Bioluminescence (kinda)), very dark goggles/soundproofed earmuffs (Sensory Shield), a few cubic metres of Water (Elemental Master:Water) or a Flamethrower (Quantum Bolt (kinda)). Must we eliminate all these possibilities? I suspect that a line probably should be drawn somewhere, but the situation is not as clear-cut as one would like. There's also the note that Matter Creation provide theoretical capabilities for all these emulations, but of course, Matter Creation is success-based - hypertech would be at least 6-7 successes at possibly +1 difficulty. Doable if you've maxed out, but Matter Creation is very expensive, both in terms of Level and Q Minimum. Something designed but not yet constructed would probably be additional difficulty, though the book doesn't specify as such. I think that if I were running a game, I'd probably restrict Matter Creation to "things built by mortal hands", and keep low-level (ie imminent) Hypertech as a Power Maxing stunt. But that still provides a massive amount of versatility to the Matter Creator, and as technology progresses, even more so. And that's my thoughts on the issue.
  6. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: So if the definition of the power is cool enough, you’d allow it? You don’t see any contradictions between saying that and saying it's only the effect that stays constant - how that effect is reached is entirely decided by the character.?There isn't a contradiction anyway, but you are misrepresenting what I'm saying as well. I did not claim "if the concept is cool you can have it", I claimed "If the concept doesn't logically require something, then logically you shouldn't need to deal with it". If a character is using Matter Creation to build item-like simulacra, that are not actually the items in question, then there is no real reason why he needs to know the make-up of the item. His ability does not create the item, it merely allows him to use the effect of item, something entirely different, and can be completely black-boxed - if my Imaginary Tool user makes up an imaginary Opnet cable so he can plug his laptop into an Opnet backbone, I do not need to know precisely how this works - I simply expect that when he plugs the laptop into the Opnet backbone he'll have really fast opnet access. How does he do it? Dunno. Doesn't matter. However he did it, it's done. But of course, this could be the same of most instances of Matter Creation, if you wished. A nova who's sole ability is that he always seems to find just what he needs in his pockets I'll make the same argument for. Unless a player wants to have a concept that they feel requires them to have specialised knowledge in order to use Matter Creation, this is not something I'd force at any rate. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: I don’t care about how the player has defined it. The book defines what effect it has. Speaking of which, technically, all powers do work the same, they all manipulate quantum. The special effects should be window dressing. Whether it’s “getting a miracle from God” or “nanites” or “altering timelines”, the effect is supposed to be the same for the same power. Player-A shouldn’t get more cool stuff and in game advantages just because of his power theme definition.That seems to be the case in many other areas anyway. A light-based Immolate could have the extra ability that you can use it to fade out everything around it, something that a fire-based or electricity-based Immolate does not possess. A kinetic-based Quantum Bolt would seem to be able to do things that a laser-based Quantum Bolt cannot. Hell, different Elemental Animas have wildly different possible techniques, why aren't you complaining about those? Considering that the "rules" are an idealised system that gets interpreted by the playing group during game-time, this is not a problem. A group that demands perfect equality will claim that what I have said is bupkis, and the logical consequences of their powers that are outside the power's original specification will not be considered. That's fine. A group that wants to emphasise logical consequences will agree with what I've said, and enforce such consequences rigidly, and that's fine too. Interpretation is not the responsibility of the ruleset, it's the responsibility of the group. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: IMHO it should NOT matter what the context is, or how someone has defined the power. If you want to use your MC power to heal people, then you should buy Healing.Of course, to me this feel unsatisfactory. If a character had invented, in-game, a laser-suture device that could be used to heal up massive amounts of damage, I could not in good conscience forbid a Matter Creator to be able to conjure one up. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: Assume for the moment that there are two PCs with MC. The ST shouldn’t put himself in the position where he has to say to one of the players, ”I’m sorry Joe, your definition of MC isn’t as cool as Fred’s. Although I’d let Fred cure his girlfriend, you can’t cure yours so she’s dead. I dunno, this is the general default of my group's standard play. They're built heavily on concept, not equality, so if they have specified a concept which has inherant drawbacks, I'll enforce those drawbacks, because that's what they expect. It would break their suspension of disbelief to allow, say, the nova who's only schtick is MCing simple objects to suddenly be allowed to conjure a complex object in order to save his love, unless, of course, it's some sort of power evolution that he wishes to explore (and my group would probably not have a problem with this, and I'd be happy to help the player explore these new developments). You are making the clearly false assumption that your playstyle is the only valid one, whereas in fact there are plenty of other valid playstyles that would typically render your arguments completely moot.
  7. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: But as long as it’s on the table, let’s extend the information gathering questions about Reflexive to Matter Creation. Would you would require a PhD in Engineering/Physics for that MC to build an AirCar in 1999?Depends, as always, on how he's doing it - is the person actually using Matter Creation to pull an abandoned Air Car from the future for a short period so he can use it now? Is he Creating a device that merely looks like an Air Car? Is he going to a junkyard and using Matter Creation to reconstruct a (badly running) Air Car out of the junkyard parts he finds therein? Is he even creating the Air Car, or is he using Matter Creation as a hack to simulate being able to interact with imaginary devices? Now, in some of these circumnstances, it may be necessary for the MC to have some sort of idea of how to build one from scratch, but certainly not all of them. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: If his girlfriend is poisoned, can he use Matter Creation to whip up the antidote, *before* anyone identifies what the poison, much less the antidote, is?Once again, what's the context? It's possible that the MC has some sort of pre-built Miraculous Unguent, which just happens to be able to take care of all possible human toxins. In that case, sure. It's possible that the Matter Creation is not actually creating an antidote, but is creating intelligent nanites that course through the patient's body removing anything in the patient's body that's not supposed to be there, before disintegrating into harmless ions, in that case, certainly so. Always depends on the context. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: Can he use MC to create an antidote when science says there is no antidote? See above. As a note, you seem to be attached to the view that quantum powers all work the same way for each individual, when in fact it's only the effect that stays constant - how that effect is reached is entirely decided by the character. It's even stated in the rulebook, several times.
  8. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: 1) Can he illuminate psiads and/or novas where he doesn’t have the knowledge to do so? 2) Does the power just illuminate novas as soon as he scans them? Perhaps it is better to think of conditions that Reflexive should work in. Where, on this scale, should we stop? 1) May only affect currently sensed and identified conditions 2) May affect conditions that a nova could identify and sense, but is not currently sensing. 3) May affect conditions that the Nova could sense, but would not be capable of identifying. 4) May affect conditions that the Nova could identify, but would not be capable of sensing. 5) May affect conditions that the Nova cannot possibly be able to sense or identify.
  9. Locky's head cocks towards the sound of hand-cannons. "I hope they've got some sort of ear-protection if they're going to fight those guys - those things are loud..."
  10. Some members here have been sending myself (and some of the Directors) messages about various issues within the Fiction section. These messages seem to be showing some mistaken views as to the role of the Directorhood and myself in regards to Fiction on this site. As a public service (or private, depending on your perspective), we'd like to clarify what our roles are here. Kirby1024 (me!): My role here is similar to the role of a moderator on any other board. I'm here to handle complaints about the fiction boards, specifically complaints about material that contravenes board rules (yes, there are rules on what you're allowed to post here). What my role is not is to "right the writers". I am not here to be umpire or storyteller, and I am certainly not the equivalent of a Director here. My role here is mostly reactive - In the event of something going awry people go contact me, I assess the situation, and then resolve it. That's all I do. The Directors: The Directors, in effect, have no jurisdiction within the borders of the Fiction section. While they are tasked with maintaining canon on the Opnet Board proper, they do not have the power or responsibility to do so on any Fiction board. They do not have the power to force writers to maintain canon, nor do they have the power to force writers to "follow the rules" that may have been set down for a specific purpose. However, this brings several caveats - Fiction that does not follow canon obviously cannot be referenced within the Opnet, as the Directors do hold jurisdiction on anything mentioned there. In extreme cases, for example having a PC character attain Quantum 7, even the full approval of the entire board won't let you mention it on the Opnet Board. This may mean that that particular bit isn't mentionable, or (in extreme cases) that the entire fiction shouldn't be referenced (especially if the story relied on a particular bit of non-canonness). So, in many ways this begs the question of what happens when people conflict? It is up to the aggrieved parties to resolve their own disputes, preferably in a way that doesn't cause major disruption to the rest of the board. In short, we prefer that PM and/or private chat room discussions are used for parties to sort their differences out and compromise to form a solution.In circumnstances where attempts by the aggrieved parties to resolve conflict have failed, we recommend that the parties find a neutral party to act as an arbitrator. If no suitable arbitrator can be found in the general board populace, then the parties can attempt to contact myself (Kirby1024) to act as arbitrator. I will ask for proof that you've exhausted the board population in your search for another arbitrator.
  11. Adding to this, remember that, among other things, Max literally disappeared off the face of the earth for 58 years before N-day, has no major sensory abilities (his time travel abilities give him no special insight into cause and effect), knows only as much about Nova physiology as anyone else in the Aberrant Universe, and is likely working through flawed, mundane organisational structures. There is most definitely enough stopping Mercer from gaining an omniscient view of the world. So, what Psimon said, in condensed form...
  12. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: Figment presumably has DD5 and can make her hand solid. Said hand is then holding a gun.One slight problem - The Attunement background vignette in the APG (p77) shows Figment - while DDed - phasing out a bomb, throwing it into the ground, where it unDDed and became harmless. A clear and simple interpretation on the ruling that Attuned objects have to be in contact with the nova to remain Attuned, and once they move out of contact, they stop being Attuned. If we assume this ruling, then the Phase rifle works like a charm. The bullet, once released, ceases it's DDness, becoming a solid object. I don't see what rule contradicts this ruling.
  13. Quote:Originally posted by Psimon: So now we have a situation where the DNA of the novas has been tweaked so their own immune systems (and regeneration, healing, et al) abilities work against them.For those wanting an exact effect, the simplest version is that the retrovirus genetically alters the testes/ovaries to produce sperm/ova with a non-self identity, alerting any white blood cells in the area to quickly finish them off. There are more complex possibilities, but this strikes me as the most elegant and the one most likely to be designed by a human or near-human mind.
  14. Quote:Originally posted by Alchemist: I like that explanation. Mind if I steal it for another character? Go ahead...
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