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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter 3: Session 2 Rest,, Train, Upgrade

Justin OOC

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It took a day for everyone to recover, but Here they all were in the situation room of Luna Base. The Neutron Emitter worked perfectly, scouring the enemy's presence from the base while leaving it intact.

A;ready teams of engineers were working away to repair the locations with damaged structural integrity. In the Mecha Hangar work was proceeding on rebuilding all the mecha that had suffered severe damage. The Pilot trainees and and Battlesuit trainees worked hand in hand with the CRT-4 Personnel and base staff to get everything up and running again.

This left The command Staff of the Archangel to see to the ship's repair and resupply.

Scientist Lurray saw to the continued construction of the final Getter reactor.

Currently though Captain Ramius, clad in her mechanic's coveralls, sat in the Situation room with Lily, Amane and the others in her party and Seargeant Johnson.

"Ok, We've all had a good night's sleep, and thanks to natural regenerative ability, or the fine medical technology available, we're all fully whole and healthy. That's a good thing."

Amane smiles at the group before continuing. "Estimates currently stand that it will take a full week to get all the repairs done to the mecha and The Archangel. In the meantime,we need to do several things."

Her face grows serious. "First, Lily, I can't order you to not go on missions, but I can reccommend you find a good sparring partner and go a few rounds to brush up on your technique. I viewed the data from Georgi's battlesuit and you got sloppy, hesitating and letting your foe goad you into impulsive action."

Her eyes turn to Georgi. "You espressed an interest in learning the extent of your new gear, and Seargeant Johnson has agreed to let you in for this graduating class." She holds up three discs and smiles. "These are copies of the battle-room footage shot by Junpei, Raquelle, and Kuzuha, demonstrating the capabilities of the new armor and how it's truly meant to function. Even as only a Three man squad, they demonstrated incredible ability to react to situations as they developed, buying the Seargeant the time he needed to get to the hospital and evacuate the personnel there. After The Seargeant says you pass, They have agreed to run you through several ops to help you get afeel for what you can really do."

Her Eyes fix on Yua next. "You and I are going to do some sparring at some point. I need to know exactly how powerful the quardain you contracted with truly is. Beyond that, I want you to train with Lily. I want both of you to know what the other's thinking on the battlefield instinctively, or at least you need to be able to read her, if only to stop her from getting in over her head, or to support her when she needs it."

She looks at Saito. "The Meteor suffered severe damage and won't be ready for shakedown for at least three more days. Until then, you are going to sim with just about every pilot I can scrounge to work on your tactics. Your Mecha is designed for speed and maneuverabilty with an incredible damage curve. It is not built to go toe to toe and trade blows with close combat enemies."

Finished she sits down. Captain Ramius nods. "I seccond her reccomendations and plans regarding you all. My crew is working hard to get everything back in top shape, but it will take time. The fact that we nearly lost you all was a blow to morale and alot of the rank and file are taking it hard. To combat that i want them to see you working hard, training hard to better protect yourselves. If you all Die we lose what claim and hope we have to reclamining Earth. that weighs heavily on all our minds."

Seargeant Johnston takes over. "I hope you all realize this ain't to put you down, but if you're gonna insist on trying to get yourselves killed like the rest of us, then Goddammit I or the Captain are gonna train the holy hellfire outa you in order to prevent, and I quote the official book, "Your unnesscessary death by way of personal negligence."

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"Now..." Lily protests, straightening up. "...what could we have done differently? It was a powerful creature. It got Yua almost right away, and then I was the only one left to keep it off of Georgi. I don't think you're being fair about your assessment of that fight. I didn't rush in because I was goaded. I did it because it seemed like the best idea. There wasn't enough room in there for me to avoid its attacks by flying, and my blasts don't cause as much damage. Besides, I was trying to cut its tails off."

She blushes a little.

"I'm not saying we can't improve. We will! I'm just saying that there's levels to what happened you're not accounting for."

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"I don't plan on getting killed." Georgi looked at the Sergeant as if understanding his words. "I did the what I could considering I had little ammo remaining and only a cursory knowledge of the battle suit. Without adequate weaponry, it is sometimes necessary to use what you can at the time."

Georgi then looked hard at Sergeant Johnson, followed with a stiff military posture. He addresses the sergeant. "Sergeant, I am ready for instruction."

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"Captain Amane. Captain Ramius, I see you both as my elders racially and I understand what you mean; There's always room for improvement and I will not argue this subject when in all seriousness the weight and consequences of faliure would be irrepairable."

"...I do not wish to know just how you have become aware of my contract but that is also something we can work with...I am not going to push my savior's patience. It may be something that can be analyzed but if it ever becomes dangerous to others. I will have to leave. It's main purpose is to help me and I...to help it. In that reguard it helps us all as a team."

"If I am sparring, I would request supervised training with Lily first if that is possible Captains. I think she is More then Capable on the battlefield!"

( "How could they just be so judgmental to Lily like that!

If it were the captains and one were to fall around the

presence of another they would have to know something would

have to be done right then and there...She never had a choice.

She just did what she knew was right." )

Yua was boiling with anger over the subject but as she was taught

by "The Five of Shrios"...the anger quickly subsided when she again realized she was in the presence of Elders. Brushed off like the cool wind from her shoulder.

"Then Captains...Please train me". She smiled to Amane in a way that signified to her that Yua was now ready for a real beatdown.

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Saito looks over at his companions, the members of CRT-3 and back at Amane and Johnson.

"I agree with you on the Meteor's specs, it is one of the fastest machines and it is built for ranged combat. However, I need to go over it's systems again, something happened out there between myself and my machine and I need to know what that was before I can fight effectively again."

Saito looks nervously at both Georgi's group and Junpei, Raquelle and Kuzuha.

"Everyone, I am truly sorry. I lost control out there and if you had needed me, I would not have been able to aid you. One day I will master whatever happened to me and I will be a better fighter because of that but until then, I am a liability."

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Amane nods. "Very Well Yua, I'll spar with you. That is the best way to see what you can really do."

She turns to Lily. "Your blasts were hurting it, and from what I saw it didn't heal any of your beam attacks. It came after whoever got closer to it, or it launched spines from its back at Georgi. Yes i won't claim to know your mind while you fought, but I can tell you as someone who's supposed to protect you, that you could have done better."

She smiles genuinely. "Atsushi and Ryoma have high hopes for you all, I won't fail them or you."

Seargeant Johnson looks to Georgi and nods. "Find your way to the training grounds in twenty minutes without asking any officer Georgi. That's your first task. I'll meet you there, Dismissed."

Captain Ramius looks to Saito, and nods. "We're going to help you. We've copied the cockpit of the Meteor into a simulator pod. We've hooked it up to the network, and given an hour I will have several pilots ready to go through the missions with you and help you master your machine."

"Lily, if you'd like to come with Yua and I we can all have a friendly match to see where we stand."

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Lily pops lightly to her feet with a piping, "Hai!" just as if she were back in the high school.

She hurries to catch Yua and Amane by the door.

"Even with mistakes, I think I learned a lot from this last fight," Lily enthuses, almost hopping with energy. "I was actually doing okay at first...dodging that tail...but I was already hurt and my field weakened when it finally got me... I just need to hit harder, move quicker..."

"I've been thinking, maybe I can work on d-shifts in battle to help make my movements harder to predict...or OR! I could work on coalescing energy to slow enemies down. There was this guy at the Academy who could pin people to the walls, or floor, with like...loops of energy...he was really good at it, but he didn't have good internal focus...once you got past his field, he couldn't take much punishment..."

She darts ahead then waits for them to catch up, obviously excited about sparring.

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Lily Leeds Yua and Lily out and Leaves Saito with Captain Ramius.

(((OK since it's breaking up the training fictions will all be done separately with the exception of Lily and Yua, while you may all still post here in this thread for rest and recovery and interaction with other players in between training excercises.)))

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The next day the service was held, and it took only a few hours. Everyone was resplendant in their dress uniforms, or in the case of Lily and Yua, Formal attire of their station. Georgi had been provided with the dress uniform of one of the cadets.

Captain Ramius spoke at length about duty and honor and sacrifice, and Amane read off the list of CRT team members slain in the horrible fighting.

last to be read were the officer corps who had fallen. It was a list of over Two thousand names. Close to forty five percent of Satoshi's fighting force had been slain and destroyed. This doesn't even begin to count the civilian lives lost when Shamballa was destroyed, or when the rain of Death from the Circinus ships began. Atsushi Hayami, Toga Xien Liu, Raisho Ishiyama, Junshiro Amagi, Jean-Marie Bordeaux, Rossette Christopher, Ikutski Minami, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Souichiro Nagi, Hirota Shibaksuka. Six of The Captains and Five Lieutenants had been killed in battle by either Takashi, Hizashi, or Sergei. It left them at a rough parity of officer corps, but in all Fairness, Hizashi alone tipped the scales heavily against them.

"We remember those who died fighting for friends, for family, for our home, for peace."

The Seargeant stepped forward. "ATT-EN-SHUN!!!!!!!!!!! As one all the recruits, indeed all the Satoshi personel came to full attention and saluted the single capsule bearing mementos, prayers and letters of thanks to the fallen as it was jetisoned into space.

After about fifteen seconds he followed with "Satoshi Heavy Industries First Brigade, Dis-missed!" Several milled about, but most began to return to their duties. Amane, Ruri and Captain Ramius were inundated by their fellows, all who knew how much the deaths weighed on the Three officers present. The wait of command was theirs alone to bear, at least for today.

They each nodded to Lily and afterwards training resumed.

Amane ran Yua and Lily hard, She let them fight each other, but would then alternate by fighting one, then both at the same time. They never managed to defeat her, but they got better with each attempt. By The end of the week they both had shown true improvement, and Yua had mastered combat in conjunction with her summon.

Lily's innate power increased dramatically in one bout against Amane where Yua had been forbidden to interfere. It had taken moments for Lily to realize Amane would kill her if she wasn't careful. She kept coming, using flash steps effortlessly, which only infuriated Lily because she had such a problem with the technique. Before Amane could strike her down, Something within snapped and she disappeared. She began using Flash steps rapidly and managed to put Amane on the Defensive. She tried to drive her energy sword into amane but struck the ground, once it was in the sword detonated sending them both flying. She felt stronger, tougher, and more powerful, Then she saw Amane. Sitting in a crater in a pillar of rock she was laughing and smiling. "It's about time you start to awaken, Princess. I knew the power was there."

Georgi meanwhile was busy getting shot at as he and squad eight decimated the other teams in a series of challenges. They moved swiftly and silently as one, and soon they had all the other flags. That won them a real home-cooked meal from the Seargeant and the officer corps.

It was the last day and they were running the Pass again. This time it went differently. While everyone around them died to the Seargeant, they kept their heads about them. In one last brutal exchange Georgi and John nodded and began their strategy. Georgi ran hard dodging shots left and right. No one had ever tried to get into melee combat with him here. They decided today was the day to do it. Georgi closed in the last bit of distance, and found himself face to face with the barrel of the battle rifle, at that point John, in full power armor dropped from the wall above and landed on the Seargeant's back. The gun moved a hair and fired, grazing Georgi's mask and shoulder but not exploding. The Seargeant slammed John into the wall, but he held on tight. Georgi reached in and pulled at the joint between shoulder and torso and got his hand inside. He then unleased the electric shock he'd chosen for this exercise. True enough it shocked the Seargeant, himself and John, but when it was over They were still standing and the Sargeant was standing imobile. Georgi had fried the circuitry in the armor that allowed it to move. or be opened from within.

"I Yield boys, ya got me."

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