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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter 3: session 1(space Group) Denied Fates

Justin OOC

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The shuttlecraft carrying Lily, Yua and Georgi landed inside one of the cavernous bays on the Archangel. The bay itself was impeccably clean and looked as if you could eat off it. As they Disembarked the shuttle they were met by a full assembly of the ship's officers and the Remains of CRT's Three, Four, and Seven. Captain Murrue Ramius stepped foreward and Saluted, wihch brought all the others in attendance to salute as well, Including Amane and Ruri. "Royalty on Deck!"

All in all there were perhaps one hundred and fifty people standing there in perfect rows welcoming their new commanding officer and liege to the ship. Saito stood next to Ruri, the only other Lieutenant there. To his left stood Kaname and Kiriko, two of the original caretakers for the group only a couple of days prior. Behind him stood his three subordinates, resplendant in their battle armor, sans helmets. The members of CRT-4 wore their maids uniforms, or their mechanic coveralls as corresponded to which job they excelled at. The members of Amane's Team Seven all wear their Pilot togs. There were far too few of them.

Captain Ramius spoke after a moment. "Captain Nagare sends word that he is going to take the Macross and Nadesico fuurther out to set up a defense grid against further Circinus Incursions at Earth's Zenith and Nadir points. The Archangel stands ready for your command of our mission, Highness. All Cargo from the Flagship Ascendant Victory has been safely stowed and Secured. Now, What are your Orders?"

Everyone seemed to hang on the next exchange, for it would set the course of their fate in this war.

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When Lily came out, she let no sign of her inner turmoil show. She was in a splendid gown, with the golden leaves embracing her temples. There was no sign she'd spent a good hour sobbing in her room over her dead family, or lying awake terrified by the gravity of the situation now being put on her shoulders. Those were her private burdens to bear. The people needed strength now, someone to rally them, unify them, and that they could believe would win.

(Link to Dalaraan Princess Lily: http://public2.tektek.org/img/av/m01/d17/0/784850.png )

When she spoke, her voice was as serene and clear as her expression.

"Thank you for welcoming me aboard this ship. I expect this must feel confusing for you. If there was some disagreement within Satoshi...at least you were still all one. You were united in one great purpose; Protect the Earth."

"A lot's changed now, but not that one purpose that filled you. All I will be asking of you is that you cling to that purpose as tightly now as you ever did before. There are hard times ahead. In the battles to come, some of us may not reach the far side of this conflict. Just remember why you're doing this, and take strength from it. It's not for me. And it's not even for yourselves. It's for the billions of people who were never supposed to be in the middle of this. For the children and the old men and women; for the mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters. For the families and lovers and strangers you all left behind to be here."

She raises a hand and says, "For the Earth!"

"Now...we're going to get ourselves a base of operations. We're going to find the Key! We're going to stop the demon-ally and his men, AND his demons, and send every last one of them screaming back to Bazaroth! And, we're going to do it while making sure the Circinus Federation keeps its distance."

"I know you can do it. I've seen you...a handful of people from a tiny planet...holding off the forces of not one, but two vast stellar empires. I have seen you do miracles. Now the Earth needs us to perform another one."

She grins. "Show me how it's done."

Lily then nods to Captain Ramius. "Set course for the Luna Station, Captain."

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After initial introductions, Georgi pulls aside Captain Ramius. He speaks with him about a communication he received from Captain Nagare, and requests access to some hardware. Once permission is granted, Georgi heads out to try on the new equipment.

A while later, Georgi shows up wearing a blue and black battlesuit. He is holding his .50 cal rifle with both hands while it is cradled in his forearm. Its muzzle is facing the ground.

"This suit is suprisingly comfortable." He says with a smile winking at Lily. "Are we ready to kick some ass?"

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Saito turns to face the members of CRT-3.

"All right people, I want you to make all preparations needed for the operation. And be ready to deploy when then time comes. That is all. DISMISSED!!"

Saito certainly felt a little strange commanding President Hayami's old team but he knows that it is for the best.

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The remaining personnel cheer at Lily's Speech and Captain Ramius nods. "All Hands go to level one battlestations! Helm set course for Luna base. All engines ahead full!" The crowd disperses, and the pilots go tho their machines. Even though they're severely damaged, they're still willing to sortie if required to do so.

Captain Ramius smiles to Lily and turns bac to the lift and indicates it with her left hand. Come Highness. We should do this from the bridge."

Amane walks up to Lily and lays a hand on her shoulder. "You can do this task Lily. Atsushi and Ryoma and I believe in you."

Amane regards the battle-armored Georgi upon his return. "I see Captain Nagare left you his battlesuit, That's just like him. You look good in it Georgi." In a lower whisper only he can hear, "It's nice to know you're still with us, I've gotten to like having you around."

Saito's subordinates Salute and scatter donning their helmets, otherwise looking like the same battle armor Georgi wears. Each begins checking their gear and preparing in case they need it.

One of the mechanics stops for a moment with Lieutenant Hoshino and exchanges words before leaving. She then walks over to Amane and Saito. "Your machines are ready for battle, just try not to get hit too much. We don't have much in the way of spare parts, most of what we had was used to get the CRT-Seven machines operational."

She walks up to Lily and seems to look beyond her. "Who would that be?" She points back to the ramp from the shuttle at the small cabbit sitting at the top looking down nd almost cowering in the cavernous bay. "I believe you may have forgotten something Highness."

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Lily flashes Amane a grateful look, though it worries her a little that maybe her uncertainty is showing at an inopportune moment.

"Captain Ramius, once we're underway, I want to get all the captains together. We'll need to hammer out a new chain of command, for one thing, and go over what we know of the base and who's in it...huh?"

She looks at the mechanic blankly, then follows her pointing finger with her eyes until she sees the...cabbit? (what's a cabbit? :))

She nods at Ramius, indicating she's said what she wanted to say to him for now, then goes over to the creature to get a closer look.

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(((OOC Ramius is a woman)))

Captain Ramius nods. "Considering that all ranking officers with the exception of my XO aboard this ship are currently here highness we can discuss it easily. Captains Nagare, Hunter, Tenkawa, and Gloval have already left the vicinity with the other two ships. Recalling them would be very time consuming. I was under the impression that their orders were to keep the Federation at bay, so I did not stop them." Sh watches as the Princess turns to inspect her "pet."

"Honestly, she's just a child and we're placing the future of everything on her shoulders."

Amane walkss up behind her and smiles. "Remember Murrue, She's Dalaraan royalty. She's likely ten times older than we are even though she looks at least seven years my junior and a dozen younger than you. She was raised to carry the weight of an empire, this shouldn't be difficult. Besides she has us to help her shoulder the burden."

Captain Ramius looked to the Pilot Captain. Technically she outranked her, but on the ship it was normal practice for the Vessel's Captain to hold the final decision. "I know Amane, but she seems unsure of herself. And consider that the Empire left her only one recon ship of the Dalaraan fleet." Her voice was soft and low so as to not cause alarm.

"It's all a test Murrue. Of Lily to see if she has what it takes to run the Empire, and of us to see where our loyalties truly lie."

"And you Amane, where do you stand?"

"Between Lily, Georgi, Saito and their allies and whatever danger awaits them. Atsushi and Ryoma gave me a Direct order to do whatever is nescessary to keep them alive, even if I must sacrfice myself to do it. I promised them that I would see it through."

"Your mother and father would be so proud of you."

"I like to think they are, from wherever they are watching from."

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Lily looks back as she gathers the little bunnyish critter up into her arms and says to Ramius, "What about remote presence? They don't have to be physically here. Just able to communicate. We could set them up with communications bandwidth and displays right?"

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"Well, Yes there is that. As It stands highness our command structure is fairly solid. Though CRT operations and Naval operations are not the same system, We all Acknowledge Ryoma Nagare as the Acting Head Captain, thus we follow his orders. Captain Gloval commands Naval operations, from the Macross. On board each ship the individual Naval Captains are said to have Tactical control. Lieutenant Hoshino prsides over her CRT's intergration with the mechanics and caretakers of the naval forces and On this Ship Captain Kaunac has overall command of what mecha forces we possess."

She smiles. "And You have overall strategic command of all operations. You outrank all of us and as such we folow your orders. However, I will make it known that I will refuse an order that places my ship and crew in great unnesscesary danger. I am responsible to and for you all, and that is just how I run my ship."

It wasn't a statement of defiance, but more of one that let Lily know that She supported her, but wouldn't gamble the lives of her crew for something she could find no benefit in.

Ruri spoke up at this point. "I can arrange the uplink in the Captain's ready room at your discretion. It shouldn't be a problem,Zor, Omoikane and Freedom seem to like each other and me well enough." if anyone took time to look carefully they could see streaks of light running across Ruri's eyes, almost as if she was directly interfaced into the ship's computer.

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Yua quickly heads to the front of the flight deck and lowers herself into one of the slender bucket seats in preparation of what may be a quick spurring. She then leans forward slightly and reaches behind her back with quite freakish dexterity. Some titanium latches are undone with great haste located on the back of her body suit which was a rather stealthy ensemble of micro fibered framework and compressed carbon plating. From this suit, Yua unhinged a massive scabbard of that same material and placed it on her lap so that she could fit in the seat.

As serene as her attempts were to make her appear, not one person wouldn't notice the strangely enlarged sweat bead forming between her brows. Young, inexperienced to some degree, but stern, she was very engaged by Lily's speech. It brought the worries of her last two battles down to rest within. Saito's disciplined attitude also quickly snapped her back to reality and braced her for a "front-lined perspective" and finally Georgi's militant but cool-headed prowess gave her hope in what she feared could be a much more difficult task then it appeared.

( "How honored I am to be in battle with my new pack...I will not disappoint you, Lily" )

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With his helmut off, and Standing resplendant in the battlesuit, Georgi gave Amane a big smile. "I'm not going anywhere. You will have to put up with me quite awhile." He winked at her quickly before turning his attention to the mission at hand.

Their tailed companion, Yua was also in armor, albeit quite different. She also carried a large blade. She looked ready for combat.

Saito looked at home commanding his own CRT. Being a Mecha pilot was probably a mix of wits, courage, and mechanical aptitude. While Georgi admired someone who had their own machine, he preferred to get his hands dirty.

Lily looked like she was going to sick up. The responsibilities she was being shouldered with were terrifyingly immense. Not only did the fate of the Dalaraan Empire rest with her, but Earth as well. She would need everyone's strength.

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Lily nods at Captain Ramius.

"Then we won't really have to change anything. Look...I mostly just want to meet them, as best I can. I want to hear them, see them...I don't want them to be just names to me. And I want them to see me, and hear me, so they know me. People are loyal to -people-, I believe. We haven't met each other yet, and I'd like to fix that."

As she talks, she comforts the little cabbit by petting it and scratching between its long floppy ears.

(OOC - No need to RP it out. I don't really have specific goals in mind for the meeting. We can move on to the next scene. :))

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Ruri nods. With the others they all made their way to the bridge and the ready room where Ruri had setup the comm-link. Captain Gloval looked more like an old blue-water navy Captain with his hat and pipe and bushy moustache, while Captain Tenkawa and Captain Hunter looked incredibly young. The meeting went well enough, with each reaffirming their decision to follow Ryoma and by extent Lily's orders.

No sooner than the meeting finished and they emerged onto the bridge Mirialia Hawe, the Communications officer turned to the Captain. "Ma'am incoming distress signal from Luna base."

"On Screen."

"This is an Alpha distress call from Luna Base to all available Satoshi forces. We are under heavy attack from unknown forces. Enemy seems to parasitize those it kills and controls them turning them into themselves. We read a few dozen outside the main base that are scaled to Giant Mecha size, and a few more that may be even larger. We need immediate assistance or else the research here will be lost. I'm sending you the appropriate data so you can tweak all countermeasure systems. Please hurry they're tearing through everything."

"The Message repeats on all bands ma'am."

Murrue looks to Lily and nods. "We have to help them." Pictures come up on screen of the enemies. They're like large black creatures with dozens of mouths razor edged teeth and yellow glowing eyes all over their bodies. every limb seems to end in a collection of claws or a large scythe-like blade. The ones outside look similar, but they seem to haave only one mouth and main set of eyes, but they're every bit as large as the Meteor and Zinv. Beyond them there are four larger ones disgorging more and more of the smaller ones.

Without further hesitation Murrue orders the crew. "All hands to level Five battlestations! Red Alert! Run out Gottfrieds and Valiants. Load all launchers with Wombats and cycle the Igelstelungs.Prepare Lohengren for gravitic reflection shot. The ship seemed to quake as the massive positron cannon extended into firing position. Lily's Cabbit seemed to be terrified by the shaking and alarm sounding, and the images of the monsters assaulting Luna base.

Amane turned to Saito and Lily. "We're going to launch and handle the small fry. We can't take the risk of firing lohengrin at them or else we might hit Luna base. My team due to heavy damage will remain postition on the outer hull of the Archangel to help provide point defense. Saito, you and I are gonna go down there and show these creatures what real pilots can do. You need to send your squad down into the base and help get the survivors out, or at least into a safe location. Looking at the maps they sent, setting down near the hospital is best, and make your way to the armory bunker. If I'm right that's where the heading."

She looks at Lily. "I know it's your perogative whether you leave or remain on board Lily, but if you do decide to go down there, be safe. don't wander alone and if it looks to deep then get the hell out."

She looked to Georgi. "Take care of her, and I'll trust your assessments. If the situation calls for it and she won't leave, deck her and get her back on the ship. We can't afford to lose any of you." She turns to leave the bridge waiting for Saito to join her.

'Captain Ramius, Murrue, try to be here when we get back."

"Don't dawdle Amane, or I'll make you walk home."

((OOC here's a link to a vid where you can get some idea what the demons look like. It is not safe for work due to the gore.


end OOC))

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Lily hugs the cabbit, her face bemused. Who's in charge here again? she thinks wryly, but doesn't say anything about it for now. It would take time for old habit to unwind...and this wasn't the appropriate time to squabble.

"I'm going," she says, expression turning fierce in her resolve. "We have to save this base, and we'll need every able warrior we can get."

She then buries her nose into the cabbit's fur and whispers reassuring words in its ear in Dalaraan.

"I'm going to get suited up. Let me know when we're about to launch."

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Saito gives a quick salute to the captain and dashes toward the door where Amane is waiting. Before exiting to the hanger, Saito gives one last look to Georgi, Yua and Lily.

"Coach, I live Miss Lily's protection to you and Yua. I know that you both will be able to defeat any enemy that comes before you."

Saito then turns to Lily.

"Miss Lily, I know that you feel the need to join the fight, but please be careful. I will do what I can to keep the large demons away from the base."

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"I will do as you wish Amane." He tried not to let worry cross his face. "You be careful out there."

Georgi turns to Saito once Amane move out of earshot. "I will give my own life, before I let harm come to Lily." Georgi says with an iron-hard look on his face. "And I want you to do something or me: Keep an eye on Amane. She means a lot to me."

He turns from the rest of them and begins loading a large heavy- looking round into his rifle. His face is complete seriousness as he puts his helmut on.

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"Alright, To the Dropship. Everyone gear up and let's roll, we've got lives to save and enemies to slay."

"Murrue looked to Amane. "Give the word when you're ready and we'll plow you a path."

Amane led the way for Saito to the mecha hangar. She quickly ascended to Zinv's cockpit and initiated the startup sequence. The Gravitic engine came to life with a soft hum and the lights in the cockpit came on. "Initiate final security check."

"Captain Amane Kaunac, CRT-7."

"Voiceprint matched, issue proper security phrase."

"I am the sword who slays the wicked, the shield that protects the Weak."

"Security phrase accepted. Welcome Captain Kaunac, I am yours to command."

Amane flexed Zinv's fist and stepped forward and started walking to the catapult. "Come on Saito. We'll launch first and follow the Attack in, mopping up. They'll launch the shuttle and then We get to really cut loose on these hellspawn ugly bastards."

As Amane Lined up on the catapult and Saito behind her, Georgi and the others were boarding the shuttle. Saito's Subordinates were ensconced in their drop pod on the Meteor's back and flashed him the green light.

Zinv's feet locked onto the platform and Amane called Murrue. "Go ahead and open her up. We're ready to sortie."

"Understood, all Batteries Fire at will!!!"

The camera view in each of the mecha and ships switched to an external view from observer sattelites in the area as The Archangel unleashed its full arsenal into the collection of creatures waiting. Multiple shots from the Valiant railguns on her sides, scores of missiles, Several salvos from the Gottefried heavy laser turrets on each boom, and finally at the center of it all, the blue-white and red core beam of a wide arc Positron cannon blast from the Lohengrin.


"Amane Kaunac Zinv, Like a shooting star!"

She launched followed shortly by Saito and the shuttle. The attacks tore through the enemy lines and gave them a clear path. In moments the drop pod blasted free of the <eteor, and a minute later the dropship touched down in one of the primary landing bays. Ruri had hacked into the base and prepared the hangar for their arrival. Amane and Saito were left to face the quickly regrouping forces. "Alright Sait, let's get to it. they rescue the survivors, we make sure everybody has a ride home."

(((The power in the base is for the most part running in emergency mode, meaning there's only the basic lifesupport. Proceed through the funhouse at your discretion, and remember if it has dozens of yellow eyes and hordes of razor sharp teeth it not only wants to eat you, it wants to eat you while you live and turn. There are about three thousand personnel in Luna base, you do not know how many have survived and you are roughly half a mile from the hospital and half a mile from the armory in the other direction. The main power station is two miles down. This one one of seven hangars and ship drydocks. Two of the drydocks are large enough to fit two of the Macross class ships in side by side.)))

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Saito nods sharply at his Coach's request.

"I understand."

Without another word Saito dashed from the bridge and made his way to the mech hanger. While running he brought up his wrist and began speaking into his communications device.

"Saito to all members of CRT-3, our team has just been scrambled. I want all of you in position at the Meteor and ready for immediate deployment. We do not know the status of the Lunar Base so I want all weapons loaded for lethal force."

Saito cancelled the communicator's signal and thought back to his comrades.

"Coach Illjev is a much more experianced soldier than I am and he seems to have something to fight for, I will do my best to make sure that he will continue to have that something."

"Lily is most important to this war, without her we would not have had the chance to gain as many allies as we have. I will do everything in my power to keep her save just as President Hayami ordered."

Saito then thought of Yua, he didnt know her very well but as a soldier he was sure that no one was better suited to assist Georgi in Lily's protection.

As Saito neared the mech hanger he brought up his wrist once more. "Meteor, begin preparation for immediate launch. Run diagnostics on all systems and have a readout ready on the main console screen."

Saito finally reaches the hanger, grabs his helmet without even stopping and began to fasten it as he climbed the mechanics catwalk. Saito gave one final look up at the Meteor's face and as the eyes flashed momentarily. Saito could almost swear that he heard a voice ring in his head saying:

"Ready for Combat, Sir."

Saito climbed into his machine and prepared for battle.

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The moment the dropship ramp lowered, Lily peeks out, ready to blast anything that doesn't look humanoid. She then runs down the ramp into the docking bay and hunkers down, covering for the next one out.

Once her team is out of the dropship, she has the pilot lift the ramp to make sure nothing can sneak on board.

"Yua, take point. Georgi, you're in the middle. We're to get to the armory and labs and secure them. Engage enemy as we go, but we can't get bogged down for too long. There's a lot more of them than us. The last thing we want is to get swarmed. Fight on the run tactics, everyone watch everyone's backs."

She brings a map of the complex up on her wrist computer, checks it, and nods.

"Lets go!"

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Yua dashes with great haste about ten meters out from the now closing ramp, stopping on a dime. She reaches back and grabs the hilt protruding from her carbon scabbard while dorming down from the alternate identity into Misyrennies. A loud snap is audible immediately after her break point as she draws a massive, onyx flamburge into the air. As it is drawn upright it whispers in a ghostly and undetermined hiss.

Misyrennies stands for a few seconds;...ears raised up in a high degree of concentration checking for any kind of ambush that may be present.

<<< OOC: Heightened Awareness roll to detect an ambush or trap if

Necessary. Result: 11

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1467310/ >>>

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Georgi races down the ramp and sets up a firing position for covering fire. Once the others are out of the dropship, he moves to the front of the group. He moves slowly and cautiously, scanning with heightened hearing and sight. In a pressurized suit like this, his augmented smell would not function. His keen awareness alerted him to any possible danger.

The bipod of his rifle was down, with a sabot round loaded. He communicated with hand signals. The last thing he wanted was some supernatural demon hearing the group. He moved to where the doors to the complex were located. He hoped that when he had to fire, it would be at a distance. Lily however, wanted them to fight on the run. He thought it prudent to at least take out high threat targets from a distance. Once in close, the suit increased several abilities which would come in handy if he had to be in hand-to-hand combat. He smiled as he realized that he would once again be in combat.

He whispers to the other two, but specifically to Lily before he sets out to the main base. "I think taking out larger and more dangerous targets from afar would make a running fight easier."

((OOC: Heightened Senses and Awareness to discern any threats. Roll Result: 24


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Lily nods at Georgi, as before she speaks quietly through the comms.

"We'll try to whenever we can, but you have to remember our engagement distances probably aren't going to be very long in here. We can only see as far ahead as the next corner. Not to mention once we start shooting, it'll draw attention from everywhere around us. I think our best chance is to stay fast and quiet, and when we have to fight, try to stay mobile so we don't get boxed in."

She then adds, "But we'll have to stay flexible too. I'm sure we'll hit some unpleasant surprises. We'll keep assessing the situation as we go, so making backup plans in advance isn't a bad idea."

"Don't worry, Coach...both me and Yua are skilled in close quarters fighting. We'll keep them off of you, so you can pick your shots."

Awareness: 18 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1467355/

(heightened senses on both Sight and Hearing, used Mind stat in roll)

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(((OOC I sense a lack of trust in your Storyteller giving you safcon to the landing zone...)))

two of the doors opens, and from off in a distance they can hear gunfire, and of course the corressponding screams. Some are very human, others are the stuff of nightmares. From the maps they can tell the doors lead to the armory and the hospital.

Outside Amane takes Zinv into the rapidly closing horde of mecha sized demons. "Saito you take those in sector 117, I'll take the ones in 118. There were dozens of enemies in each sector, far more than anything they'd faced before.

Gravitic fields glow around Zinv's hands as blasts of energy shoot out to compress and kill a trio of the creatures in gory implosions. Five of them charge her and blades skitter across Zinv's shielding and armor in a storm of black sparks. The entire machine is obscured from view and then from within Saito's machine reads an energy surge and the creaures all explode into gore and All he can see is the white aura surrounding Zinv and the mecha's glowing red eyes.

He doesn't get much time to watch the dance of death as his sensors register inbound threats, a trio of creatures had decided to investigate him.

(((OOC Saito, give me an initiative check, everyone else proceed at your discretion)))

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"I can fight hand to hand, if I have to." he says over the comm. "I prefer to fight in closer quarters...a burst from an automatic weapon does a lot of damage at point blank range. A larger target, however, is best taken care of from afar...if possible."

Georgi moved into the hallway down the corridor towards the screams and demonic cacophony. The strength granted by the battlesuit allowed him to easily carry the huge rifle as if it was a small caliber weapon. He should be able to fire the rife from his shoulder. He made sure his knife and MP 90 wwere readily available. Hopefully conventional weapons would be effective against these demons.

"We should head to the armory first." Georgi said to Lily. Once secured, we can head to the hospital." he paused before continuing. "Unless you wish to do it another way your highnesss."

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("Then we should definently hit the armory first")

Misyrennies takes one last look at the map before mobilizing and hurries to catch up as quickly as possible. She comes around the first corner at shredding speeds and almost instantaneously appears behind them, her sword cocked to the side behind her at an angle. She was ready for a full tilt swing if it was necessary to slice an enemy or door open.

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Near the end of he first long hallway they can see gunfire ranging out across an intersection. You like that, you like that? Ya want a little more?" The soft thumping sound of bullets impacting flesh is folowed by an inhuma scream as the for of one of the smaller dog-like creatures falls back into the intersection. A pair of them quickly appear from the opposite side and absorb the remains and then continue towards where they heard the voice.

"Shit on a stick, you ugly bastards dom't know whrn to stop." A hail of gunfire begins to rip into yjr ryrd snd uppertorso if the creature even as dozens of blades lance out in all directions.

"Close, but no cigar, here's a present." Everyon hear's the "plink" of the fragmentation grennade hit the ground at the creature's feet, the the air is filled with hot metal death.

The noise is almost deafening, but the creature is gone. After a moment a figure steps from arounnd the corner, wearing the same power armor Georgi has on, albeit ingrey with a black undersuit. The trooper carries one of the meanest looking assault rifles they'd ever seen and a bandolier of grenades. The smoking barrel of the assault rifle swings into line with thrm even as he speaks/

"Who the hell are you and why are you here? You've got five seconds."

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Georgi raised his rifle briefly before lowering it.

"I am Lt. Colonel Georgi Illiyev, and we are here to help you."

He hoped the soldier was not crazed with battle-lust. They needed everyone to help fight. Killing him would mean one less soldier in the fight.

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Misyrennies stops directly to the left of Princess Lily and lances her sword into the ground in front of her, forming a small barrier with her and her sword to protect Lily in case of disaster.

She takes a brief look at the soldier.

((OOC: Uses "Judge Apponent"))

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"old Redscarf sent ya eh? Fine by me. There's lots of these little buggers everywhere here in the base. The armory is the most fdefensible position, but we got alot of noncoms there, only about thirty of the marines are still kicking on our side, the others got infected. Little buggers cut ya, that's fine, they get that damn stinger into ya, ya become one of them damn quick. The can survive a vaccuum and are seemingly oblivious to the fact we can't. There's a horde of them outside thw base, but they seem content to wait out there. all these little buggers are running around, generally tearing shit up. They eat ya a bit then turn ya, but it seems like they're concentrating where the people are."

He motions back to the left. I dunno how many are back towards the armory, I came in through one of the airlocks, but I know all the families are back at the armory with the rest of my Marines. I'm enroute to the research labs in the hospital. Doc Banzai and a few of the other scientists are there in one of the labs, they were running some sort of test even an alien invasion couldn't interrupt. The evacuated the patients they could and sealed the rest in the survial ring, then went back to their tests. Nobody's heard from them since."

"Since I was the only one who had a snowball's chance at gettin to them I got volunteered to go for a little walk through the dusty white hell."

"If ya got any other business speak up quick. Otherwise head to the armory and clear a path back here to the hangar and your ship. It's the only way off this rock right now. At least I'm assuming you guys have a ship otherwise we're all just SOL..."

He was obviously a frank man and an accomplishesd soldier, though he did seem somewhat oblivious to rank. On his armor they could see the chevons and bars of a Seargeant. He was a hard man, but obviously one who took his duty protect others seriously.

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"What do the infected humans look like?" Georgi made it sound like a request. There was no need to rankle a fighting man with an order. The man may not acknowledge rank, but it still meant something to Georgi.

When the Sergeant finishes with any questions, Georgi states: "Carry on, Sergeant." It was a sign of respect to address a non-comissioned officer by their rank. Georgi did't expect the man to reciprocate. Everything here and on earth was FUBAR at the moment. If they survived however, he would take the matter up with the man's OIC.

When the sergeant departs, he looks to his companions. "Well Yua, lead the way."

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The Seargeant nods and makes his way past them. "Believe me, you'll know, they don't look human for long."

Outside, Saito's maneuvering has given him fairly good position several creatures, while a trio are still closing on him, though they seem almost curious moreso than bloodyminded.

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From the other end of the hallway, the trio could hear the scraping of talons and claws coming at a loping run. The first of five dog-sized creatures appeared, it's yellow eyes seeming to burn gold in the light as it let loose a howl as it charged forward, blades flashing in the light, it'maw opened to reveal hundrets of teeth. Behind it were four more, all charging and howling, The sound of bone on metal scraping like an endless caphacony of fingernails on a chalboard. From behind them and as near as they can tell, on the other side of the hangar, Seargeant Johnson had already engaged more enemy contacts, as they could faintly hear the the sounds of automatic weaponfire and a string of expletives that would make any trucker or carpenter proud.

(((OOC you have a single turn before they get there. Georgi, you are first, unfortunately he is followed by All 5 monsters, who will use their action to get there, and then Lily and finally Yua. Even though your score is higher Yua, technically you did botch your initiative, so you go last. Raise what defenses you feel the need for and let the fun begin.)))

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