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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chaper 2: Session 4 Annihilation

Justin OOC

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(((OOC the group is gathered in the main bridge and the following plays on the main viewer even as the ship readies for battle.)))

The fleet of Circinus ships moved into lower orbit over Kuramoto castle and began disgorging thousands of shock troops. elsewhere the fleet bombarded large parts of Japan and the eastern shores of China with plasma cannon, turning it all to ash and ruin. They met heavy resistance from the Kage, after all this was their principal stronghold, the site of their greatest battle, and their greatest charge. Thousands of walking engines of Death filled the skies and roam the earth, until the Kage show their ferocity and begin tearing them apart. The Federation called in even more troops and a pair of heavy cruisers descended to give close-in support to their forces. Several Circinus officer mecha took the field, cutting huge swaths in the Kage ranks.

Finally the camera found the Head of House Hideyoshi, the Hiroga warrior for which the house was named. His body smeared and caked with blood and gore, and singed black in some areas. He stood up to a dozen combat Mecha even as a Circinus Captain descended to the field near him. They heard the Challenge and the voice cut through Saito's mind like an icy wind.

"I am Zanger Zonbolt, General in the Circinus Federation armed forces and commander of the assault forces here. Hiroga warrior, I recognize your prowess and call you to a match of honor with me, one on one." The Hiroga looked up and nodded. The two of them squared off in their own little corner of the battlefield as Kage and Federation forces alike ground to a halt to watch the spectacle unfolding. The Hiroga Hideyoshi summoned forth his Guardian and seemed to bond with it, taking on the form of a large black and white Metallic Tiger. It was easily as big as black and red Mech Sanger piloted. The two seemed tor eeady themselves and raise whatever effects they could. The Hiroga shimmered and azure flames wreathed his eyes, fangs and claws. The Air crackled with lihghtning and smelled of ozone. Sanger raised his Zankatou and it extended to it's full size and width.

"I am Hideyoshi, Head of my House and defender of the Gate of Bazaroth. You will not defeat me Zanger Zonbolt!" The Tiger roared and leapt into action Fire streaming from his mouth as his claws reached out in an effor to tear the Daizengar to peices.

Sanger's own battle roar was equally loud and passionate. "I am SANGER ZONBOLT, the SWORD the SMITES EVIL, now GO! Blade of the Shining Cloud, COLOSSAL STORM!!!!!!!" The Sword grew even more enormous and The blade fell upon the metal tiger. Hideyoshi tried to block first with his claws which were cleaved away and then with a breath of pure unadulterated power. The sword started to slow and stopped inches from his gaping mouth even as the blue flames spewed forth. Then all hell broke loose as the Kage ninja attacked the Daizengar to save their ally. The Daizengar was knocked back and seemed to wilt under the assault of the powerful magics an jutsu, but the Circinus forces opened up. Both the battleships turned their cannon onto the battlefield and disgorged superheated plasma to bathe the field. Circinus machines and all the Kage there vanished in an instant. The Daizengar rose slowly and picked up it's Zankatou. "Such a waste. They violtate the duel, honor means nothing to them, Exterminate them all." The Daizengar looked up into space as it called down its next order. "All ships in orbit focus your barrage on the castle. All Circinus forces pull back from the blast area. Let's sanitize this place and set up shop."

Circinus forces made it away as the first of dozens of blue white lances began raining from the sky. The land burned with azure fire and deep within the castle something stirred.

There was a flash of light as beams cored deep into the castle, and struck the dormant Bazaroth gate. Its locks were shattered, and that's when It all ground to a halt. A blonde woman appeared atop the castle along with a white and red phasewolf. "Now Open Wide the Gate to Bazaroth, Master, come forth and claim all that which you seek, and reward me with what you have promised!!!!!!!!!!!" The landscape shown with black runes as everyone could hear the sounds of the mammoth gate opening. Demons poured from the opened gate and soon there was a whole new army on the field. Above them all stood a man cloaked in black with long white hair, next to the Blonde Demon they all recognized from the school. Across his back they could see a slim long bladed sword.

It was then that the Circinus fleet registered another threat. Three Starships rose from the Ashes of Tokyo, one, well over three miles long, looked like a gigantic tuning fork as its bow opened and golden energy began to coalesce between the twin booms. The other ships were smaller, only half that size. A second, another one with twin booms began building a charge between the tips of the booms and the third, a massive gunport opened and revealed a large-bore positron cannon. The three ships fired as one, but to widely different effects. The Positron Cannon speared through dozens of ships and the large Starflame cannon cut a swath of firey explosions in the enemy fleet. The ships hit by the blast of phase-transitioned space simply ceased to be.

"All ships retreat now! Circinus forces pull back to Lunar orbit now!" The Daizengar along with several remaining Geshpent type units boarded the two cruisers in atmospheric orbit and they hightailed it for lunar orbit. The Three ships prowled through the Wreckage of the Circinus fleet like sharks through bloodied water and started to approach the Dalaraan ships.

(((OOC The Federation has just lost a significant portion of their fleet in Earth orbit. The demons now have an unobstructed S-class gate to Earth from Basaroth..... and this is only the opening act...... *maniacal Storyteller laughter follows*)))

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Amane was the first to react, snapping out of the stupor of having watched Satoshi's trump cards in action.

"The Macross, the Nadesico, and the Archangel." She looked around. "They weren't supposed to even be finished yet. Rick and Max only just got selected for the Macross and the other ships only have Akito's Aestivalis mech between the two of them. This is way too soon, What is Head Captain Hayami thinking?"

At that moment The ship Identified by Amane as the Archangel hailed the Dalaraan Flagship.

"Empire ship Ascendant Victory, this is the Satoshi Heavy Industries Heavy Battleship Archangel. I am Captain Murrue Ramius. As you can tell by your sensor scans I have disarmed my ship's weaponry and am here under orders from Captain Ryoma Nagare and the Late Toshiro Hitsugaya to render any aid you may require and the inquire of the location of Lieutenant Amane Kaunac and those who accompanied her into space. We bring dire tidings and must imediately convey them."

"On behalf of Captain Nagare, we also ask for asylum."

All eyes turned to Amane and she seemed genuinely at a loss. Another good friend was dead, probably to Takashi or Yushiro. She looks up to the Emperor. "Please let me speak to her."

He nods slightly and a channel is opened. "Stand down from Red Alert to Yellow Alert. The Circinus Remnants are still out there, we can't be blindsided by them."

"This is Amane Kaunac, emissarry from Satoshi Heavy Industries to The Dalaraan Empire. Captain Ramius, what has happened?"

At that moment The Camera panned up and to Ryoma's near scowl. The corner of his lips curled upwards into a smile at seeing his Lieutenant and Lily and the others standing there. "You're alive Amane, you and everoyne else, thank God."

He straigtens up and returns to his more serious demeanor. "I know that the Emperor of the Dalaraan Empire is listening. Sir I know this is not the most diplomatic request and you'd be well within your rights to refuse my request, but I would like an Audience with you in person. I will come over without my machine if you wish, but as one of the last three Satoshi Captains willing to hope and offer peace, I would hope that will be enough."

"Only three?" Amane's whisper was barely heard. The Emperor looked to Lily and smiled. as the channel was interrupted momentarily. "Your first decision as my Heir. Do we trust this man and these three ships, or do we not?"

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Yua turned to face Princess Akosaniolily and her father. Her gaze applied to Lily's own. (The look implied: "It doesn't matter what decision you make, It will be the right one, I know it.") A slight smile formed for an instant and then vanished again in a rather spectral modus.

As quickly as the thought fled, images of the Head of House Hideyoshi's last stand came flooding back through her mind. It caused her to turn suddenly to avoid the shame of one seeing her own tears. At first disbelief dominated her Psyche until after a few moments a strange sense of honor persevered as she collected herself.

"A worthy death" She whispered.

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Lily, overcome momentarily by horror, snaps to look blankly at the Emperor...then shakes it off with obvious difficulty. She nods.

"We have to. We've already risked and sacrificed so much to get to this point. We have to see it through. The attack on Earth may have split Satoshi up...the only way any of us will have a chance is if we join forces."

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The Emperor nodded and the connection was reestablished. "Very Well Captain Nagare, in the name of Peace I grant your request for an Audience. Please make your way here, I and the others will be waiting."

Ryoma nodded. I'll be ther shortly, Highness." Nobody missed that the rewuest for asylum had not been regarded yet, it was something that would be talked about at the meeting.

From the other side of the Archangel another bay door opened and The Shin Getter launched. 90% of the Dalaraan crew gasped at the sight of the Circinus mecha responsible for such a vast number of combat losses. "So the man who has slain so many of my people is the one who now seeks peace with us... Surely the Gods are laughing at us all."

Amane's smile faded instantly and she seemed to shrink inward. Some here knew of her own lethality to Dalaraan forces, but most did not.

"Prepare the portside docking bay. Let him in. Amane, Lily, I assume you and your group will be alright with meeting This Captain Nagare and bringing him to the Conservatory. I will be there waiting for you." He takes in everyone on the bridge.

The memebers of Satoshi are to be treated as guests. We have warred with them long and hard, but at least here and now we both come to the table with Peace on our minds. We have killed them, they have killed us, but we must be prepared to forgive the sins of the past, or the future will only be one of war. AM I clear?"

His booming baritone voice snapped the crew to atteniton and as one the shouted. "Sir Yes Sir!"

Amane looks to Lily, Yua, Georgi, and Saito. "So who get's to lead the way?"

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Georgi watched in stuned silence as Earth was scortched. The woman from the school was there with the wolf-demons. When he saw the black cloaked man, however, he hissed through his teeth. I looked like the same one who issued the threat against Georgi. Somehow a gateway had opened. He worried about Kai.

As he stood on the main-bridge, he gently set down his duffel bag and walked over to Lily.

"I trust what decision you make as 'Heir'. If you want advice, I freely offer it."

He smiled at Amane. She was confident and competent. She seemed to speak with authority. Yet...something in her voice hinted at shame and resignation. As he scanned everyones' faces, he noticed many mixed emotions as well. He worried about his own conflicts between his head and heart. Do I protect Lily out of duty, or do I follow my heart and protect Amane? He hoped he would not have to choose.

Picking up his duffel bag. All it had in it now was ammunition and weapons accessories like the scope for his sniper rifle. unfortunately, his .50 Cal rifle was back at Satoshi headquarters. From underneath his leather jacket, he pulled his MP 90. He cocked it, and looked over his shoulder at the the others.

"I'll take point." He said with a large grin.

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Saito stared at the view screen in disbelief. The horror that had befallen those who were assaulted by the Federation was indeed, a horrible atrocity. However, there was one thing that Saito could not shake and that was the voice of the pilot of the red mecha.

Saito whispered to himself: "It cannot be him, he should be dead. He would also not do something like this. But that sword style is unmistakable.

Saito stood there at the viewscreen mumbling to himself until he was brought out of his trance by Lily's words.

Saito nodded and followed his companions to the hanger, trying to not believe what he just saw is the truth. However, part of him cannot deny the truth. The others in the hallway can hear Saito mumble to himself the entire way to the hanger. Lily and Georgi can easily tell that Saito has never acted this way before.

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Yua thoughtlessly takes after the other three; Her mind was concentrating much less on her movements and more so on making sure that Lily was always in view. Even though the situation was highly contaminated with oscillation, one could never rule out a pure attempt at resolution...however, that which could remain unstable such as this rare visitation could not go without a large degree of precaution.

( "Please let this go smoothly. We are so close to progress". )

"Wait for me"!

She bumps shoulders with the other three playfully trying not to show her anxiety.

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Georgi paused, and turned towards Lily. "I will do as you wish since we are on a Dalaraan ship." He re-hid his submachine gun in his jacket. "But I do think it would be prudent to be on our guard. We do not know what Nagare's true intentions are. If he decides to start trouble, I want to be ready."

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Amane followed in silence. Another Captain had been slain, this time it was one who'd trained her and been her friend. Toshiro Hitsugaya was a former Kage who'd come over to Satoshi. She didn't know his entire story, but she knew he was far older than his boyish appearance let on. Another strong blow to the Alliance for peace had been dealt, and she knew they no longer had the overwhelming majority they once did.

They waited behind the observation panel as the Shin Getter Robo entered the bay and set down. The hatch at the mecha's mouth and lower torso both opened indicating there were two occupants. Ryoma emerged from his customary hatch at the Mecha's head and jumped down to the the lower torso hatch to help his passenger. He emerged from there holding Ruri Hoshino, Captain Shibaksuka's Lieutenant. He jumped down from there then drew himself up to his full two meter height set Ruri down. Amane was the first out from behind the room panel and ran up to her Captain and the other young Lieutenant.

Ryoma smiled, but his eyes said now wasn't the time. Amame pulled up short and brought herself to attention and saluted her Commanding officer. "Reporting for duty Captain."

"At Ease Lieutenant, we've all been through hell today. Besides formality isn't something I've always stood on." He notices Lily and the others and nods. "I see you've done your mission with a minimum of fuss. Everyone's safe."

He walks up to Lily and nods. "Well I had hoped to see you again princess, though I wish it were under better conditions."

He regarded Saito and Georgi and Yua with a careful eye. "You pilot the Meteor don'tcha? A Fifty gigaton Detonator system, whoever designed that little monster definitely didn't want it stolen."

To Georgi he smiles. "Always prepared I see" indicating where his weapons were stored. "Don't worry, I made good on Raisho's promise, your other baby is onboard the Archangel."

He looked at Yua with a smirk. "A Hiroga bodyguard. Lots of potential, but no bond there.. yet." You must be pretty young by Hiroga standards. Though you've got to be a badass to be put guarding the Princess."

His manner's somewhat brusque, but he simply speaks the truth. It's plain to see he's a warrior, and little more. He's not impolite, just says what's on his mind.

"So, When do I get to meeet the Emeperor?"

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Georgi didn't feel the need for a salute. He was not sure if Nagere was of a higher or lower rank. Besides, the man had said to do without the formality. Still, Georgi would introduce himself, his military rank, and his unit.

"Captain Nagere, I am Leutenant Colonel Georgi Illiyev of the Russian Special Forces. I was team leader of the Black Volga Special Operations Unit. It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance."

Georgi's eyebrows raised. "My other Baby?"

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"Right away," Lily answers. "We'll escort you to the Conservatory where he's waiting for us. We can talk more on the way."

She motions for them to follow, then leads the way across the gigantic ship towards where the Emperor waits.

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On the way, Yua remains silent for the most part. She was slightly dumbfounded by the principle of his communication. Throughout her life, she had only been taught formal English and was not aware of how obviously alive the captain could be under diplomatic relations. This caused her to reconsider her preliminaries until she felt comfortable.

During the short trip to the conservatory however, she did manage to briefly flash him a smile as she lowered her frame in a sort of pseudo-capitulation.

"Thank you, Captain Nagere"

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"Your rifle Georgi, the one that had been confiscated earlier in all this. The one Captain Ishiyama promised to you when all was said and done."

He smiles to Yuan and the others as he follows Lily to where the Emperor awaits.

The trip takes a few minutes on foot but they finally arrive at the grand conservatory. The Emperor stands at the center of the room, mysteriously alone.

"Captain Nagare, I assume you are here to negotiate the peace between Satoshi Heavy Industries?"

"I speak for what part of the Company I can. Crisis Response Teams Five, Six, Seven, and Eight and the three mobile battleships Macross, Nadesico, and Archangel. I am the most senior officer in the company who still wishes for peace, as such I speak for those who also wish for peace."

"So you do not speak for all of Satoshi then do you?"

"No Highness I do not. In fact my people and I have all been branded Traitors by Head Captain Hayami."

"I was to understand that the majority supported the bid for peace."

Ryoma's face seemed to Darken considerably. "It did, until Takashi took matters into his own hands. You witnessed his murder of Captain Jean-Marie Bordeaux of CRT-7. He and Captain Khirghiz Returned to base and then slew Ikkutsuki Minami of CRT-9 and Mortally wounded Captain Hiroshi Shibaksuka and Lieutenant Toga Zin-lieu. Toshiro Hitsugaya of CRT-12 and his Lieutenant died trying to rescue a few Kage Survivors who'd surrendered."

"They were good friends Highness, good men and women murdered for wanting peace. Perhaps the one that hurts the most is the man who was my better."

Amane gasps. "You can't mean..."

He nods once. "Yes, The man who sought peace the most, the architect of our peace plan, who had been putting it all together, Atsushi Hayami was slain by his father Hizashi while aiding Kai Morisato and his three companions in escaping from Shamballa base."

It is in his name and those of the fallen that I once again ask for Asylum."

The emperorer looks over Ryoma hard and draws sword, an ancient relic of the past, with a real blade.

"Your people fight each other, your superiors cull your numbers and you flee from it, leading away those who also seek pece. But It's you in the end that it comes down to. You are the pilot of a machine that has slain thousands of my people, destroyed many of our ships."

"What if I agree to grant asylum in exchange for your death? The blood of many cries for yours Ryoma Nagare. Would you then seek asylum from me and my Empire."

Ryoma dropped both his firearms and slowly began undoing his scarf. He set it on the deck and doffed his overcoat.

Amane started forwardd to stop him. "Captain..."

"Be silent Amane!" It's argueably the harshest tone he ever took with her. "If you're going to be a Captain, you must learn that responsibility begins and ends with you. If my life buys peace for all those left who seek it, then it is a fair price to pay. It is my choice, my blood, my life to pay."

He looks at the Emperor and nods, even as he kneels down. "My life for asylum and peace Emperor, bargained Well and Done." Hel lowers his head and wills himself to relx, waiting for the final strike.

The Emperor looks to Lily and then draws his sword up into a high arc.

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Lily swallows.

"Father...I know why you're doing this, but hasn't there been enough death in the name of peace? The refugees from Satoshi are already small in number. And the Satoshi officers that killed our people did so out of what they thought was self-defense."

"I don't know how this war between Earth and the Empire touched off yet, but...what if it's our fault? Would you kill a man for protecting his world?"

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"This isn't his world daughter. He was the head of the Circinus Elite Guard. His Shin Getter Robo Is known throughout the cosmos as one of the greatest treats to any opponent. He defends the Earth out of honor. He was beaten by a Satoshi Captain, and served them afterwards against our forces. He has accepted the bargain Lily."

"Or are you saying that you trust him enough, this man who killed som many of our people that you're willing to serve with him here in this system until things are resolved here. Will you take responsibility for his actions, and for those he commands?"

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"He accepted it because it was the only bargain we offered," Lily points out.

She goes over to the Captain where he kneels in front of the Emperor.

"If I let you live, who will you fight with? And more importantly, what will you fight for?"

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Georgi gave Captain Ryoma a smirk. He was glad that someone was able to keep their promise.

"Not to intrude, your highness..Lily." He nodded to each one as he spoke their name and title. "...but I would like to get my rifle."

Georgi headed towards the Captain's Mecha to re-acquision his weapon.

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"It isn't with me, merely back on the Archangel. Let Amane get if for you when this is concluded." His tone implied there might be some other reason not to head to the mecha.

Saito likely realizes that the Shin-Getter also possesses a self defense system.

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Before Ryoma could speak again, the Second Lieutenant, Ruri spoke up in a very straightforward flat voice to answer Saito's question. "Captain Atsushi Hayami is most assuredly deceased. He has died once before in my lifetime. Three Years ago he rescued me from a Circinus research ship and then vanished as his previous mecha, the Victory, was destroyed. When I saw him months later on the security clearance activity I thought it a mistake and began looking into it. I found him at Jindai High and quietly shepherded his requests through our systems anonymously. If he no longer wished to claim his place formally I decided I would help him live the life he wanted in exchange for how he gave me back my life."

It was an admission that if anyone else had been present it was likely that Ruri would have been slain for. Her voice didn't give away much emotion, but it was easy to see by her facial expressions that she cared for Atsushi.

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Originally Posted By: Justin OOC
Ryoma looked up at Lily. "I will fight for peace, for my adopted home planet. When it comes down to it Princess, I will fight for YOU. The others will follow my lead, and as such we will all fight for YOU."

Lily hears the revelations about Hayami and the others, but for now stays focused on the immediate concern. The fate of Ryoma.

"One more death won't bring back the warriors of Dalaraan he's killed," she says to her father. "But his power and skill might save the lives of others. I think we should accept his service."

She pauses, assessing Ryoma, then adds, "I believe he is a man of honor, and I'm prepared to take responsibility for that."
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The Emperor nods and lowers his sword. "Very Well daughter. I leave him to you. I will take my leave of you all now, to see to a few finaly things before I leave this system."

He looks to Ryoma. "You represent my daughter now, and my Empire in addition to your own people. Do not fail her. Your forces are hearby granted Asylum within my Empire. I will leave your forces intact, and at your disposition. other matters rewuire the presence of the Imperial fleet, and as such I have few resources left to commit here to this world though I do have a few resources I can leave here, to help you finish this campaign."

He looks to Lily. "This campaign is yours now, These warriors from Satoshi shall be your army to lead to victory, or defeat. I will wait for you at home, and for your return." The emperor leaves the conservatory and The newest additons to The Empire's army to plan their next move.

Ryoma, Amane, and Ruri look to Lily and smile. Ryoma nods to her and speaks. "It be be forward of me, but we should discuss Officers for the remaining CRT's. I managed to bring the remants of CRT's four, seven and nine, along with my own Eight. Ruri is the Current Lieutenat of CRT Four. It is my reccomendation that since CRT Seven was Jean-Marie's old command and the second most intact next to CRT Four, Amane Kaunac be given command of that CRT as its Captain. Lieutenant Hoshino is still to young to be formally accpeted as a Captain, though since it's her own CRT She will have no problems running CRT-Four as a Lieutenant."

He frowns. "I only got a small portion of CRT-Nine out, and most of them are wounded pretty bad. I'd reccomend giving them over to Captain Tenkawa Of CRT-Six, since nearly his entire team was Destroyed by Sergei and Lietenant Wagner."

If he'd floated into the air turned all the colors of the rainbow and spoke in a thousand tongues Amane and Ruri couldn't have been more suprised. "Me a Captain????"

"Did you think you could remain in my shadow forever Amane? I've little left to teach you, though I suspect controlling your mouth will never be something you master." Ruri actually laughed and smiled at Ryoma, then Lily, then Amane. "It makes sense Highness. Captain Nagare's analysis is perfect. but in the end I like the others serve at your discretion."

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Now finally complacent, the threat of Ryoma's sacrifice was no longer a critical issue to Yua. A sensation of such an act had been present before in her subconscious and once again brought a chilling and unexplained fear into her everlasting quintessence.

The inextinguishable foreboding of loosing all power loomed in the air briefly in a moment that one could not afford to be powerless.

Then as quickly as the mystery arrived, It once again departed as the fresh winds of tranquility and hope emerged from the dire situation.

"Lily, He was not really going to kill Ryoma... was he?"

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Lily hesitates, then without looking at Yua, she nods.

"He would have. And a lot of people in the Empire would say he was right to do it...and that I'm wrong not to. But that's not here or there right now. What's done is done, and we have work to do."

She gives Amane a smile.

"Congratulations on the promotion. The ceremony will have to wait a little bit though. We're going to need everything we have. What I'd like to do is keep the majority of the Dalaraan fleet in orbit or near orbit, to make sure the Federation can't pull another stunt like that uncontested. Those of you who came to use from Satoshi, you know best what we're up against and how best to fight them. I'm going to be leaning on you guys, at least at first."

She takes a deep breath then says, "The way I see it, we have three goals. First priority is to locate and secure Kai...the Key. Second to secure high and low orbitspaces around Earth. Third, to secure Earth's surface. I figure once we've secured orbit, we can also try running relief operations to the bombarded cities...if the remnants of Satoshi aren't too militant to make that sort of thing safe."

"Anyone have anything to add so far?"

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"I think that is extremely well stated and tac...tactically advantageous in this situation. I do have one major concern however, and that is the fact that we need some way of keeping tabs on Satoshi himself seeing as how his nature is highly erratic. I strongly feel we have to have some manner of foresight because any blow we receive to what little forces we have in orbit could be catastrophic."

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"Our friend Yua is right." Georgi said to Lily with a smile. "If our forces are concentrated in orbit, Satoshi or Sergiei can wipe them out with one attack."

Georgi turned and grinned at Amane. "Congratulations on a well deserved promotion."

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Ruri spoke first. "The Macross and the Nadesico are the best equipped ships to remain in high orbit. They have weapons with the greatest area of effect and those same weapons would be quite harmful if used on Earth's Surface. CRT's Four, Six, Seven and Eight are the best equipped to remain in high orbit, though CRT-Seven will be needed on the Archangel if there is to be a hope of it surviving on its own."

Ryoma nods with the assessment. "My Team is equipped to handle deep space combat, while team seven is best in the atmosphere. Though there is one point that you all must know."

He takes a deep breath and lays out their real problem. "Takashi can Teleport to the moon and back on his own. If he takes his Mecha with him it drains his energy reserves alot, but he can still have enough to take out one of the ships. The Macross and the Nadesico have shields to block this effect, but the Archangel doesn't. One other benefit we enjoy for now, The fourth and fifth battleships, the Amaterasu and the Eternal, aren't finished yet. So for now they only have the option of sending trroops individually or in the dropships which would be like shooting fish in a barrel for the three battleships. If they finish those ships we'll really have a fight on our hands."

Amane speaks next. "As I understand it, we're ounumbered at least five to one on the ground right now, and that doesn't count on the Demonic forces we've all seen emerging from the Bazaroth Gate. We could target the area with the Nadesico, but that wouldn't prevent more from coming through. We simply need a Key to seal that gate first otherwise assaulting it is pointless."

Ruri looks to them. "Shamballa base was abandoned after the cannon was destroyed. We may be able to salvage some more equipment and if we're lucky, we can find out where Kai and the others jumped to. If not that I know the database has information on the various we know about. If we can retrieve it we could possibly find another Key."

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Lily pinches the bridge of her nose.

"Okay, we're going to have re-organize what's left of the Dalaraan fleet, I think...I can't just put them under your command though, that'd piss the lords off something fierce. It might be best to use the CRTs as they are for now, with Dalaraan units being called in for support and in reserve..."

"Ryoma, can you give me some idea about what Takashi's priorities are likely to be? Is he going to focus on the demons, hitting Circinus in revenge, or hitting the only major faction that wasn't just damaged in the last battle?"

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"Ryoma nods. "It would be best to do so. As it was stated you could leave the Nadesico and the Macross up here in high orbit along with their support mecha and that should keep the Circinus forces at bay. Since my CRT eight will remain here, I'll take command over that operation. That will free up your fleet to assault Luna base on the moon. That base is a dagger to our backs if we aren't careful. It does have mecha, but few pilots. It should be hit within the next few days. in order to minimize casualties. We can also pick up supplies and quite possibly some personnel who haven't heard the news from Earth. With Shamballa down, so too is their connection with the rest of the world."

"My guess is that Takashi will now move quickly to consolidate his power. It should take him roughly two months to get everything back in order, then he'll come for the Empire. In that time frame he could complete both ships and fill out his remaining CRT's."

He frowns darkly. "Takashi isn't concerned with the Demons Lily. He's the one who told the Federation to land there. In short he wanted the Kage annihilated and the seal on the Bazaroth Gate broken. I can only surmise that he has truly sold his soul for power. He wanted them to be freed."

"As it stands the entire world has been thrown into a panic. The Destruction of at leasttwenty five percent of its population is something that's very hard to miss."

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Lily grimaces at that revelation and nods grimly.

"All right. We'll have the Satoshi CRT's hold orbit...secure against the remnants of Circinus, and to stop reinforcements from getting to Luna. Ryoma will be in charge of that task force. The Dalaraan fleet will withdraw to Luna and take the base, intact if possible. If we can capture it instead of just destroying it, we'll have a decent, defensible base we can use for resupply and repair."

"And..." she pauses, aware that the fog of fatigue is setting in. "We'll have to get a ground team ready...to check out Shamballa. High threat team...they're probably going to try to check it out too..."

She lapses into silence, staring down at Georgi's boots. Was that leather? Had she noticed that before?

"I think I need to lie down for a little while," Lily says abruptly. "I just had a lot...hit me all at once. Ryoma, have your pilots and machines taken care of. We'll have a meeting of fleet lords and your captains in eight hours."

She looks up at him. "Will that be enough time?"

For all that she's extraterrestrial, and apparently royalty, Lily looks at that moment exactly like what she'd pretended to be; just a high school student. A girl, as opposed to a woman. Confronted with planetary holocaust, the uncertain fate of friends, the evisceration of her hopes for peaceful resolution, the news of her family's woes...it had left her raw and abraded and heartbreakingly vulnerable. She looked as if an unkind word might send her into tears just then.

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Ryoma nods. It will be done. The teams will be ready." He eyes the other two officers there and they both nod. "We'll be ready for anything. Until then." he stops and hands Lily a small compad which easily fits in her palm. press that button and say the name of the officer you need. We will respond." He gathers up his clothes and makes his way back to the bay and the Shin-Getter. "I'll bring your rifle back when I xome back to the ship."

Ruri looks to Amane. "We should see to our teams as well. Team Seven knew of your friendship to Jean-Marie, so they'll accept you easily. But still we need to go ahead and at least inform them it's official." she looks a little sheepish. "Since my team is also on the Archangel, do you think I can ride over with you?"

"You just want to ride in Zinv." Amane smirked, knowing that like herself, Ruri had always wanted to take out the mysterious mecha since it was discovered. "Yeah, you can ride with me." She looks to Lily and back to Georgi. "We'll catch up with you all later. Until then, stay safe."

Once inside Jinv's cockpit and underway Amane spoke again in a more serious tone. "So tell me the bad news Ruri. How much of the CRT's did we actually manage to get out?"

Ruri frowned. "I have about half of CRT-Four left, and A trio of battlesuited warriors from CRT-3. CRT-Nine has about Seven recon specialists left out of four hundred. CRT-Six and Eight are in the best shape, being completely staffed. I couldn't find any of Captain Ishiyama's team, or him himself. I can only assume he's gone. And of course we come to CRT-Seven. Out of a two hundred pilot squad i have seven pilots and seven machines. All of those are heavily damaged. Most of the team sacrficed themself fighting CRT-Ten and Sergei. They inflicted heavy casualties on team ten, and I know the Verde Buster was forced to retreat when Ryoma arrived from Carpenteria Base."

"What about the teams Takashi has?"

"He has all of CRT's 1, 2, and 11. As i said, CRT-10 is heavily damaged, but they definitely got the best of it. I'd say they still have about 80 fully functional machines. All our reports indicate he also has both Hizashi and Ayato on his side in their machines."

"Sounds pretty bad doesn't it?"

"Yes it does, but we have the Archangel and the other two ships."

"For now we have an advantage, If they finish the Eternal and the Amaterasu, we lose that."

They continued in silence, each wondering how best to accomplish victory in this situation.

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"You be careful." Georgi says to Amane, his face showing genuine concern. In a lower voice where only she can hear. "I need someone to look after me when I have my nightmares."

After Amane leaves, he looks at Lily. "I would like to volunteer to lead the ground team to check out Shamballah."

He waited for Ryoma to bring him his rifle. When it arrives, he begins cleaning it.

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Yua waves to Amane in a brief goodbye. Her expression would indicate a strong belief for the two pilots. Under her skin there was usually worry, but not this time. The wave turned into a quick salute and she turned to face Lily, Saito, and Georgi.

"I also want to make myself as useful as possible. given the situation, I would like to be in Georgi's squad if he is leading a ground team to Shamballah."

"As you are my charge Lily, grouping with you is my given duty but you seem capable at handling these situations. With your permission I would like to set my only priority above Shamballah base with the two unfinished vessels: Eternal and the Amaterasu if in case they are to be raided before completion".

"I do however wish to rest as well."

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Lily peers wearily at Georgi and Yua, then nods.

"We'll work out the specifics during the briefing," she says. "Right now, I don't know what exactly is under my command and what isn't. But I can say this much...we will be returning to Shamballa at some point, and both of you will be on the team that does."

"Now...I've really gotta get some sleep and into something more Dalaraany before the briefing..."

She gives them a tired smile, then starts towards her quarters.

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"well...Georgi; Saito looks like I am gonna get some sleep too. This tension is making me high strung. I'll be up in a few hours."

Yua then walks off towards the guards quarters with her shoulders slumped and tail moving side to side from the irritibility of the current situations and out of mental exaustion.

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