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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - a new idea

Justin OOC

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I have decided to go ahead and try this idea out. I am providing you with a list of spirit commands so to say that you may use at the start of each round before you take any other action. Each of these requires energy points to fuel them. Each effect may only be used once each turn though you may use any combination of them. Remember however that if you run out of ep you fall unconscious and regeneration cannot be used to recover energy points

You will all be allowed to choose two of these to start. You may purchase the other at 15 Cp apiece. please pm me with your selcections.

Bullseye- 30 ep regardless of your roll you will automatically hit your target with a single attack

Alert- 20 ep allows the user to completely avoid one attack.

Concentrate- 30 ep raise attack and defense value by 2 for one turn

Rejuvenation- 50 ep full heal of hp and all status effects (self only)

Mercy- 20 ep heal 30% of hp of self or ally

Passion- 35 ep double damage on one attack

Zeal- 40 ep gain one extra attack

Last resort - 80 ep body stat +5 for determining movement, double damage, attack will not miss, avoid one attack

Accellerate- 10 ep body stat +5 for determining movement rate

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as promised, here are the new spirit commands. These also cost 15 cp per one you wish to have.

Sacrifice- 15 ep per attack Allows the character to take the hit for a nearby character. characters must be within 25 m of each others. This spirit command may be used multiple times.

Guard- 80 ep takes only 1/4th damage from all incoming attacks for one turn

Renewal- 60 ep fully restore the ep of another player usuable once per session per person only

Command- 60 ep this is a special spirit command. it can be bought multiple times (the cost in ep does not increase). each time it is purchased it doubles the effective range and adds a +1 to the attack and defense value of each ally within area of effect. Base Range is 25 meters. (There are special range rules for Mecha and ship to ship combat, they will be posted when needed.) (if you have one instance it's +1 to ACV/DCV and a 25 m radius area... at 2 instances it's +2/+2 and 50m radius.)) multiple command auras do not stack The player with the highest command is the value used.

Frenzy- 50 ep +5 ACV -3 DCV for 1 turn

Stillness- 50 ep -3 ACV +5 DCV for 1 turn

Uncanny Alertness - 75 ep avoid/cancel out all normal attacks against a character for one turn

Ultimate Bullseye- 80 ep all attacks hit for one turn

Reflection- 70 ep Deflects one attack automatically even if it normally cannot be deflected can be redirected back at the attacker or any target of the player's choice

Enable- 60 ep allow a character beyond yourself to take another action (either attack or defense)

(The stipulation barring purchase of these has been lifted.)

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These are tier three spirit commands, and cost 25 cp each

Supreme Passion- 180 ep all attacks deal double damage

Boost- 220 EP The effect of a single power is doubled for a turn +

Blaze- 180 ep +10 to ACV and DCV

Intimidate- 200 ep 1 enemy cannot attack for the turn

Force of Will – 190 ep immediately negates the effect of one power used on the character

Blaze of Glory 300 ep Single attack does x4 damage, does not miss, take no damage from all incoming attacks, goes first in round reduces user to zero hp and zero ep after use

Me First- 100 ep Go first in combat for entire scene

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