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Aberrant: Nova Reality - Any Novas in the Midwest?


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Ahem...well this didn't go like I planned at all. OK, well here goes. I got the job recently in Chicago's rescue services. With Sakurako's invention of the Eufiber netting, and her help in that helicoptor rescue. They were pretty impressed and brought up something I hadn't expected. They're interested in forming a municipal defender team, and they expressed interest in me being a part of it.

I said I'd think about it, the way they came off it sounded like they wanted me to make the team, being a Chicago native and all. That's not exactly my specialty though. So I wanted to look around on the Opnet, and send out a few feelers.

That's why I kind of figured it really wouldn't be your thing.

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Bear in mind, nothing's set yet. They said they had initially approached Kikjak on leading an expansion team, but he refused due to contractual obligations. They were thinking of having a team that would be responsible for the greater Chicago area, as well as into Indiana, Wisconsin and Lake Michigan port authorities. Mainly those three states and their respective nearby population centers. Ideally based out of Chicago itself, and from there able to provide services to a decent sized area. From Chicago to Milwaukee to Gary, that's pretty decently sized, so the team wouldn't be used for traffic problems or cats stuck in trees wink .

I don't have much to go on just yet, like I said, I'm mainly putting out feelers, and I wouldn't have the ability to approve or deny anyone. Heck, I might not get approved. However, if I could get a perspective line up, that might help get the ball rolling.

Some of the perks mentioned:

Decent Salary

Marketing and License control

R&D budget

Living space provided by the city

Hover Emergency vehicle access and licensing

Full insurance

Advanced Weaponry Training and Licensing

Again, nothing in stone of course. That's what I have so far. Let me know if you're interested.

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You know, I do have a way to get the HM-II to Lake Michagan. It'd be a long trip, but I feel it's worth the effort.

I may not like the publicity, but the cause is at the very least honorible.

At the very least worth me handling the paperwork for a Green Card.

I've been meaning to return to Chicago anyways. There's alot to see and the last time I was there I didn't get the chance to see anything.

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What, you know about the project?

I have the understanding, at least on my part, that by showing us for what we are, not what the baselines want us to be, that there would be more of an understanding of the Nova.

The work I would be doing is, in some part, right.

Forgive me for being cryptic, but I do not want to Jinx this. Interceptor sent the idea to me, and I'm definitely interested in his plan.

Not to mention it's wide-open. I could leave at any time. Big bonus there.

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I am completely sincere.

As for motivation, it is simple, my fine-feathered friend. Dr. Smith's dogged perseverence has given me new insight into my evil ways, and I figure that if I spend a few months around true heroes and doing heroic deeds, I shall likely return to the path of righteousness.

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Just going on record that I took Ashnod's desire to team up with Interceptor and Co. to be sincere from the get-go.

If you look pass the thin surface distortions, her reasoning should be obvious.

Now, as to the persuasive properties of the Good Doctor Troll ... mmmmm .... no.

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Originally posted by James 'Prodigy' Meehan:
No, no. Nothing about the project. I know not a thing. My response was aimed more towards your claim to disliking publicity.
Hrm, you're right. That did sound hypocritical.

I guess there is some part of me that likes the attention. I'll admit that. Although that is only a small part of why I was interested.

You see...

There is always something that drives me to do good things. To help others, Nova or Human. I'm just the type of person to run into a burning building to save a baby.

It's all that there is to it.

And Ashnod, even after all the times we've butted heads, I look foreward to meeting you in person.
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I don't know what you expect Continuum Girl to find that Ashnod could not.

However, Interceptor, the fact that you're advocating people whose philosophies diverge so greatly from yours and what this team is trying to do, by putting on costumes and adopting new names and letting people play superhero, it gives me an idea.

If people like Ashnod and Jager can dress up and play superhero, maybe I can dress up and play supervillain.

Maybe...maybe I could even get a whole supervillain team.

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