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  1. character is up, have work in 6 hours, will post IC in the AM.
  2. Elios Apollon A.K.A: Elias Appleton Age: 17 Height: 6'0" / 183cm Weight: 220 / 100kg For many years, the Kingdom of Helios had been thriving and many believed it was due to the arrival of the Children of Apollon. The Children of Apollon were called such due to a surge in the birthrate of children able to be Light Clerics, defenders of Helios, and servants of Apollon. These children had an affinity towards magics derived from light, and were able to summon favor from Apollon. Elios was one of these children. Elios was allowed to live on his family farm until the age of 6 when he was taken into the temple. For the next 12 years, Elios was to learn the ways of Apollon. In temple, Elios was taught all the skills to make it through life as a Light Cleric of Apollon. Before too long he was formidable with his axe, and able to commune with Apollon to bestow his blessings. His link to Apollon was powerful enough many blessings were effortless and without limit, only the most powerful of them draining him of his own light. Due to Elios' excellance, he was granted his Tunic early, and allowed to set out into the field with the full fledged Light Clerics of Apollon. In the field, the Clerics were responsible for keeping Darkness at bay, the uncivilized beasts around Helios. Field duty was rough, and brutal, but rewarding. It granted many abilities to learn from his fellow clerics, many of them academics in the art of war. Life was good...until it wasn't. Elios didn't know how the Darkness made it past the posted sentries, but he knew things were amiss. The hordes simply did not sneak up on an encampment of Clerics. It was at that point considered an impossibility due to the Clerics heightened senses, magical awareness, and tactics. However here he was, at 2 in the morning, axe in hand, and nothing on but his tunic. He was standing over one of his fellow clerics, bloodied, protecting him from a Fiend, with his healing abilities not yet refreshed from the previous days battle. He was ready to make his final stand when a light that was unknown to him surrounded him. He reached out for his companion as he was pulled away from this realm, grabbing him by the hand, but it wasn't enough. His companion had slipped to death, and the gauntlet Elios was grasping had slipped off his hand and was carried away with him. Elios awoke in a large green field like the one he remembered from him childhood. It didn't take long for him to realize he was a student, yet again. A position he was familiar with, but this one was very different. It wasn't a temple, there were no clerics teaching. He had his own residence instead of a bunkhouse. He didn't even know how he knew this, but he had a life that he seemed to belong in, even though he didn't belong to it. For now he thought it best to embrace that life, and commune with Apollon to figure out his best method of getting home and saving his fellow Clerics. Fortunately he was still blessed with Apollon's insight and it didn't take long for him to learn he wasn't the only outsider here. He was drawn to these others as much as he was drawn to this school. Maybe together the three of them could find their ways home. (16) Body - 8 (14) Mind - 7 (16) Soul - 8 ACV/DCV - 9/7 or (17/15 with Axe) Health - 130 Energy - 90 Armour - 25 Force Field - 0/40 Damage Multiplier x5 (91) Attributes (2) Attack Mastery 2 (+2 ACV) (5) Defence Mastery 6 Ammo 2, Target 1 (2) Energised 2 (1) Features - Low Light Vision (16) Force Field 4 (Armour Rating 60) Ammo 2, Target 1, Range 1 (5) Healing 6 Ammo 1 (4) Heightened Senses 5 Ammo 1 (3) Projection 4 Activation 1, Ammo 3, Deplete 1, Duration 2 (3) Immunity 5 - Heat/Fire Activation 1, Ammo 3, Deplete 2, Targets 2 (6) Item (Apollon Tunic) (13) Item (Holy Axe) (12) Item (Holy Shot) (4) Melee Attack 4 (Axes) (4) Melee Defense 4 (Axes (1) Mind Shield 1 (2) Ranged Attack 6 Ammo 2, Imbue 3 (2) Supersense 4, Vision (10km) Ammo 2 (1) Supersense 2 Magic (100m) Ammo 1 (6) Tough x 6 (+60 hp) (14) Skill Groups (6) Adventuring 2 (1) Domestic 1 (3) Military 1 (2) Social 1 (2) Street 1 Item List (6) Apollon Tunic (10) Armour 5 (3) Superstrength 1 (26) Holy Axe (26) Weapon 8 Light Aura, Selective, Multidimensional, Penetrating x2 (24) Holy Shot - Slides on like a gauntlet where it vanishes into the skin. The blase manifests as an energy blast from the open palm of hand (24) Weapon 6 Accurate 1, Charges 2, Inconspicuous, Piercing 2, Range 4 46 Stats + 91 Attributes + 14 Skills + = 150 Points
  3. From Long The Earth is the nexus of all reality. There are more keys located on earth Prime than anywhere else in the known universe. Everyone wants access to other dimensions, if for nothing else than boredom with this one. Each of you has been sent here with a single goal, locate the third Skeleton Key, without seriously disrupting the daily life of the regular humanity. There are dozens of prospects but one looks good in particular. The young man Kai Morisato is a fairly normal man except that he seems to draw interesting happenings like a magnet. He has shown the ability to seal dimensional rifts, but has not been able to do so consciously. This game centers around the search for a Skeleton Key, and the possibility of Kai actually being one. Some wacky times are ahead, to say the least. I admit there will be a fiar share of Comedy, there will be a good deal of action and other elements. I will do my best to not go too far with things one way or the other. Primarily the story will take place in or around Tokyo, but we aren't goning to be limited to that. Kai attends Jindai High school and should any of the party wish they may as well as part of their cover story or actual background. The Major Factions are The Circinus Federation- Dedicated to conquest the see the keys as gateways to unlimited new worlds and opportunities. They posess extremely advanced technology including androids cyborgs and if need by giant combat mecha The Dalaraan Empire- An ancient alien empire posessed of incredible spiritual powers. It is on a basic caste system. Those who have the most potential are the Elite/royal caste. Thier starships are living entities, in some cases they have the power to destroy planets with a single barrage. The ships are bonded to a single person on board, their power is directly linked to the power of the person they are bonded to. They seek the keys to both protect them and understand their abilities. The Kage- An ancient collection of Ninja clans who have guarded the Keys of Earth. They are capable of many superhuman feats and incclude members from all backgrounds Many have died for the task they have been given, yet there are many more who gladly give themselves freely to maintain balance in the Multiverse. Satoshi Industries Incorporated- An Earth-based company observing the strange occurrences and trying to design technology to mimic and defeat them. They are backed secretly by the Japanese Government, specificly the Self Defense Forces. They have managed to get several paranormals as they call the non-standard humanoids to work for them and are known to possess in at leas four Keys. Attempts to recover their Keys have resulted in the total annihilation of whatever force was sen against them. The Wanderers- These individuals or groups are beings who have been stranded on Earth by fate or circumstance and forced to hide amongs humanity while hunting for the Key that can send them home. They generally mean no harm to the populace but some have begun to despair at the near impossibility of their search and set up shop here on Earth to make the best of things. **These factions all generally consist of human-looking beings. Only SII is composed of entirely humans. You can play other races and be a member of a faction , but the "Look Human" rule still applies** ((Character creation)) 400 character points max ranks in any ability- 10 otherwise normal character creation rules apply "Look Human Rule" The only major restriction is that if your character doesn't look like a normal human They must have some way to look like a normal human so that they blend with Earth's human populace. I'm not going to sweat how this is done, but please have it make sense for your character. Aside from this you'll find I'm pretty easy-going on allowinng abilities. I only ask that if you thinks something could potentially be broken, you run it by me first. I reserve the right to deny something I think will overly unbalance the game. Please send me the breakdown of your charachter when you are finished once I have everyone's sheet I'll get started.
  4. I would like one of Amped to be thrown in the Queue if it's not too much trouble for you.
  5. Access absorbs all the information around him and is snapped back to reality when Machina began to talk, he listens, then looks ahead to where Machina pointed. "Chairs sound like a rather brilliant idea, then I can prove to myself again that this lump of grey mush I have in my head is not being wasted on repeating tasks. I feel I grow stupid when I don't keep on top of things." Access waited for Machina to lead the way towards the Vitrium doors. "What exaactly is it you had in mind to revolutionalize the way the world operates?"
  6. Maybe have them start at half the xp of what a character that had existed the whole time would have. That way they are below the curve, but they aren't too far below.
  7. Ones and zeros, little balls and clumps of ones and zeros hovered around him. Onward past that, there were even more shapes, some of them taking obvious forms, others more mysterious in their shape and design. Access analyzed his surroundings, the existance of all things technological in the area was now apparent to him. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Now let's put our quantum powered gray matter to use and save the world from itself, because we both know the humans aren't any more useful then a herd of monkeys."
  8. Access' trench coat, hung at his side as he passed through the gate. The sensor arrays inside his coat responded to his subconcious thoughts and began relaying data to his PDA, and his own senses. Access walked towards Wardenclyffe, making his way to the building. Upgrades have definitely been made. His was almost overwhelmed with the level of technology he could sense around him, it made him feel like a kid in a candy store again, but he contained himself and hid his excitement. "It's my pleasure to be here Machina." Access spoke to nothing distinct. He knew Machina would be able to hear anything he said with a several hundred meters of Wardenclyffe, if not further. JC stepped into the freight elevator as originally instructed. "So what is first on the agenda?"
  9. An invitation to Wardenclyffe to visit Machina, one of the few novas closer to his level of intelligence. No sooner had he read the encrypted message, had he began downloading topographical and other geographical information on the surrounding area. Access also took it upon himself to increase the encryption in the connection between home base and the uplink chip he implanted behind his ear. Now all he had to do was wait for his critical timing to come to completion. Through the satellite vision he 'aquired' he could see the brown truck taking the turn off to Wardenclyffe, and it would only be another couple of minutes until it made it to it's destination. As expected, the driver of the truck got out carrying a very small package, and as per the directions, he unwrapped it, and set the device no larger than a wallet on the ground right outside the gate. It's time. His eyes and skin turn null, as ones and zeros begin covering his surface. Eventually he looks like nothing more than a torrent of binary data swirling about, and in a clock cycle, Access vanishes, now being carried across a wireless Opnet signal, straight to the PDA he had delivered to Wardenclyffe's gate. As quickly as he vanished he appeared standing over the PDA. Picking it up, and slipping it into his pocket. Access was quickly aware of the observation devices, not many things with a stream of electrons flowing through copper and gold wiring slip past him. He knew he was being watched, so he simply waited. Machina would acknowledge him when he was ready.
  10. I'll stick to the opinion that we just need a flat rate per a unit of time.
  11. Chaos, did you know while I think this message out, I'm also watching 64 high speed video feeds simultaneously, upgrading the Knight's security center, testing Blizzard's hardware for load capacity for the release of their next big game, reading a book, writing a book, and sketching preliminaries for a 1024bit computing chip for Connelly Security Inc's latest security encryption? That doesn't make posting in a forum seem so simple does it? I would also thank you not to concern yourself with how I spend my time.
  12. Maybe between the two of us we could just go piss on all their efforts. We could do anything better than their scientists anyway. IQs of less than 200....laughable at best.
  13. Maybe I'll just invent a pill to cure the need to piss.
  14. Technically I guess not applying my knowledge to better human existance could in a way be silly, but I do like to sleep every now and then, and I have a very demanding schedule between the Knights and the Connelly twins.
  15. ahem...2 sixes. Whatever is decided really needs to float both ways. Even if consent is defenestrated for the city of Chicago and the Windy City Knights, there needs to be much discussion on exactly how something will go down, and it does need to be kept fair to the players and the characters.
  16. Chaos, unfortunately I have a high profile job which doesn't reward me my desires for discretion. I was just having a bit of wishful thinking, but I do think your offer was very fair.
  17. Access remotely turns on the viewscreen in the 'lecture hall' "Unfortunately I will not be able to make it in person to this event, but I will be listening in and contributing anything that comes to mind."
  18. ...yes, because it will be so simple to pull up evidence against her.
  19. Quote:Originally posted by Machina: You know what I love the most about being the smartest sentient creature in existence? This point is very debatable, and I would rank you approximately where Hugin has ranked you as well.
  20. Quote:Originally posted by Good Alice: Let me put this in simple terms then. you are violating people on a way that is just a personal as rape. You should be treated in the just the same manor as White Rat. What you are doing is no less evil, or inhumane. I am in the midst of contacting the legal authorities now.Good day. Wow, good luck finding proof of that one.
  21. Who am I? I'm nobody, and I'd like to keep it that way.
  22. I post on Star Trek boards that Star Wars is better. I post on Star Wars boards that Star Trek is better. I harness the angry energy that spawns and use it to power the Windy City Knights headquarters. Actually I've been improving upon the credit card computer. It's staying just as potent, but decreasing in size quite well. I've cut the size down to about 87% of the original. Yes, I'm boring by most standards. Yes, there is a big difference between sterilization and abortion, namely the controversy about when life actually happens. Morally, there might not be much difference to some people, but scientifically the gap is rather vast. Regina, keep up the good work. I'd like to be challenged in chess again.
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