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Gods Make Love


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When two Novas achieve a certain level of power and enlightenment, life radically changes for them. Things such as gender and sex become insignificant, and mortality seems like a concept that can never apply to you. Is it possible to find an equal when you're rapidly leaving the realms of baseline humanity behind you? Why did the Costas affair get bungled so badly? What was happening behind the scenes of On Wizard's Watch?

We didn't start out to ask any of these questions, but somehow, they came up. We just wanted to have our characters meet and have a chance to talk, and in some senses this is a predecessor to what is currently happening in "Strangers in the Night." That's partly why the story changes tense and perspective so frequently: we had no plans for where this was going and certain techniques just seemed better for writing certain scenes.

This story was written right after the Avenger-Costas-Angel Teen story occurred. It's told mainly through the eyes of Elizabeth (known here under the name Wizard) and Ashnod, with an appearance by Apep.

Elizabeth's player and I have kept this story to ourselves for quite some time, a few years at this point, but the few people who have seen it have asked that we post it. Here it is. It's a peek into the lives of two characters who generally don't post personal information about themeselves in the public forums, as well as some insight into some of N!Prime's focal "events."

I ask only that you don't assume the obvious, that you keep an open mind and don't get caught into thinking this is sapphic romance, because it most certainly is not.

It's going to be posted in two parts, so be patient with us. It's long. Elizabeth parts were written by her. Ashnod's parts were written by me. Apep's parts were a collaboration between myself and Apep's player.

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Enough protests and complaints and pleas and pleases apparently worked. Wizard's player okayed the reposting of this.

Here, again, is Part I. Part II soon to follow.

For the curious among you, chronologically, Gods Make Love takes place after On Wizard\'s Watch and Acts of Compassion .

N!Prime wasn't keeping official time back then, but if we use the current year +10 rule of recent, that places ON WIZARD'S WATCH in 2011 and ACTS OF COMPASSION/GODS MAKE LOVE in last days of winter 2011.

Much has happened to Ashnod and Elizabeth since that time...

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Part II is up.

Both of us beg your forgiveness if you find something that contradicts part I. Part I was edited about a year ago, but Part II hasn't yet. We never really got the chance to clean it up.

But give us a break. wink The whole thing is about 60 pages when printed out in MS Word, and that's a lot of work for a little fiction we did shooting emails to each other. The whole thing was cut and pasted into a Word doc and then reformatted, so, heck, for all I know the hentai-tentacle story I wrote for Endeavor's character contest entry but later discarded might be in the middle somewhere.

Hope you like it.

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