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Booty Shaking Thoughts

Lemmy Chillmeister

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Guess we should have an OCC place to discuss things.

Notes about Lemmy: He is taint free to anyone who can tell. His blue hair is a dyejob. The tatoos don't actually 'move'. Alive was just a descriptive to try to get across how good, how intense they look. They're Stigmatas work and are pure Novacraft.

Notes about the party: It is pretty off the hook. People will be engaging in any number of consensual sins in any number of places. Nobody is copulating on the dancefloor. Yet. Who knows?

Security has zero tolerance for violent shenanigans. There are four actual Devries Elites here as security and a few dozen highly trained baseline types with the ones in charge being Devries employees.

The Nova security I've already mentioned is as follows:

Ian 'Very Bad' Blakely. SuperBrick extreme with a high dose of resistence to mental and social mucking about. Stone cold killer, but a total professional and in control of himself. Just the kind of guy that probably sickens Preston.

If you have preferences for the other three, write them into the story. But they'd all be sane and reliable.

Other novas will be there too. Invitation was pretty open, so if you have other folks you'd like to show up, write them in. I'm not bringing in any canon folks with the exception of the one I've mentioned prior.

I've been having fun, hope you have too.

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Rashima will probably perform three or four more times, and you can always count on her cousin Tarif to help with trouble though he's not officially security. He's got two dots in Mega-Strength and Mega-Stamina each and one in Mega-Intelligence, with Shockwave, Thunderclap, Quantum Leap, Crush, Hardbody, Durability, Resiliency and Medical Prodigy as his enhancements, and a very strong will. So he's good for medical emergencies as well, and stubborn as a herd of mules.

Here's a a link to a picture of a belly dancer I think resembles Rashima - I know the outfit's green, but it ought to give you an idea of what she looks like:


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Ok, 150+ posts, four pages and many days later I think it's time to jump some time. Party has been going on for just few hours and trying to write the whole night through seems unlikely without people becoming obscenely bored.

So, my thought is to punch it ahead to the wee hours of the morning. Assume much dancing and partying. Maybe you can post that you did A, B, or C (maybe those are people or things), but don't step on toes. We can then wind this down a bit.


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