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  1. "Do we at least know if the Witch Queen created these zombies or are they zone creatures that she has somehow learned how to control? What about her actual abilities? Do we have any idea of what she is actually capable of?" Jason addressed Beth directly, shaking off the the bad thoughts brewing inside and ignoring the entirely unpleasant Death Otter.
  2. Totally on board! Working on a hybrid super soldier/archer type.
  3. I think it also comes down to way too many people creating "Bad Boy Anti-Hero" stereotypical characters. 1 anti-hero character is plausible. A whole team full of them becomes farcical. To be honest it's one of the reasons I haven't posted with Jason yet. There are only a couple of people in play that Jason would want to spend any time around.
  4. Also take in to consideration the affect those larger die pools have on resistance rolls that by their very nature do not gain any benefit from IA. The first example that comes to mind is Mental Blast. A character with IA who then maxes out Intelligence, Mental Blast and Mega Intelligence now has 15 Regular Dice, and 5 Mega dice for a die pool vs. his target's willpower, which has a Maximum of 10 (not counting any psychic defense the target may have). Most likely that willpower is going to be much lower.
  5. No, I will probably not be able to see it for a while
  6. Think Sliver Queen if the picture I saw is at all accurate. ,, Also, it's nore likely that Long will separate us out into squads of 5 or 6 members doing different missions...but heh, the PC's make up almost half of Novasstorm's employees
  7. Lately there has been a lot of confusion it seems as to what is allowed and what isn't and what the house rules are. Perhaps at some point we should get a House Rule thread going to cut down on confusion and repetitive questions?
  8. Real Name: Jason Liam Grant Nova Name: None Identity: Public Date of Birth: May 24, 1995 Age: 19 Place of Birth: Olivet, Kansas, USA Occupation: Farmer/Novastorm Employee Legal Status: Citizen of the US with no criminal record Known Relatives: Abraham Grant (Father), Marion Bixley-Grant (Mother), Darren Grant (Older Brother) Date of Eruption: March 23, 2012 Appearance At 6' and 173 pounds, Jason looks like the stereotypical hunky farm boy. He is blonde haired and blue eyed with an athletic build that comes from hard physical labor rather than a gym workout. His skin is tanned from working outside most of his life. While Jason has a suit of Eufiber, he tends to wear clothes more appropriate to farming most of the time. This usually consists of work boots, jeans and flannel shirts. Known Powers The scientists at Novastorm have concluded that Jason’s abilities are turning him in to the perfect quantum hunter. His speed and agility have been heightened to superhuman levels as has his intelligence and perception. He is able to perceive Quantum Fields and he has developed the ability to analyze just about anything to discover its flaws and weaknesses. More importantly, Jason has gained the ability to manipulate Quantum fields, both his own and those of other Novas. He can disrupt these fields, causing other Novas to “loose” some of their powers for a short time, and with a touch he can replicate those fields in his own, temporarily gaining the powers of other Novas. Also, Jason can drain of portions of another persons Quantum field making his own stronger in a variety of ways. This also requires him to touch his targets Known History Before his eruption, Jason was the youngest son of Abraham and Marion Grant; A farming family in Kansas. He was a bright boy with a boundless imagination which was encouraged by both of his parents (Although that didn't exempt him from pulling his weight around the farm). While his older brother (by 13 years) was being groomed to take over the farm, Jason was expected to go to college. Jason's life was average for the most part and would have stayed that way if not for S-Day. Jason Erupted on March 23, 2012 at 5:18pm, when a Nova with weather manipulating powers tore through the little town of Olivet. While the specifics of Jason's eruption are undocumented it is known that he stopped the out-of-control Nova before falling into a coma. Jason was seen by a variety of doctors all of which could not diagnose the cause of his comatose state and after about two months he was transferred into the care of Novastorm doctors via a special arraignment with Jason’s parents. Jason was under the care of Dr. Kaitlyn Weaver for about a year, waking up mid-2013. After some brief negotiations, Jason signed on as an employee of Novastorm and Dr. Weaver began a training regimen to help him develop his Nova potential. ATTRIBUTES Strength: 4 (Athletic), Dexterity: 5 (Acrobatic), Stamina: 4 (Healthy) Perception: 5 (Astute), Intelligence: 5 (Imaginative), Wits: 2 Appearance: 4 (Wholesome), Charisma: 2, Manipulation: 2 ABILITIES Brawl: 3, Might: 2, Athletics: 3, Drive: 1, Firearms: 2, Ride: 1, Endurance: 3, Resistance: 3, Awareness: 1, Academics: 1, Computer: 1, Engineering: 2, Medicine: 1 [Veterinarian], Science (Biology):1 [Agriculture], Survival: 2, Biz: 1, Rapport: 1, Subterfuge: 1, Animal Training: 1 BACKGROUNDS Backing-Novastorm: 3, Contacts: 2 (President of the Jason Grant Fan Club, Undetermined), Eufiber: 5, Node: 2, Resources: 3 STATS Willpower: 3, Quantum: 3, Taint: 3, Soak: 4/2 (12/10 with fully charged Eufiber), Initiative: 10, Movement: 7/18/38 (28/72/152) MERITS Eufiber Attunement 3 Quick Recovery 2 Taint Resistant FLAWS Overconfident MEGA - ATTRIBUTES Mega Dexterity: 3 - Perfect Balance, Enhanced Movement Mega Intelligence: 1 - Analyze Weakness Mega Perception: 1 - Quantum Attunement POWERS Disrupt: 3 Quantum Imprint: 3 (Taint 3) Quantum Leech: 1 Quantum Vampire: 1 (Multiple Traits: Stamina and Health) Quantum Vampire: 1 (Multiple Traits: Strength and Dexterity) BP Expenditures 4 on Skills 2 on Specialties 10 on Merits +1 from Flaw NP Expenditures 9 on Mega Dex & Enhancement 3 on Mega Int 3 on Mega Per 9 on Distrupt 9 on Quantum Imprint (3 taint) 3 on Quantum Leech 10 on Quantum Vampires 3 on Attributes 1 on Backgrounds
  9. While Long can answer more fully, from our conversations on the board; No, Eufiber is not the icky excretion of another Nova, and Weave is not allowed. I myself have taken the Eufiber Attunement Merit and haven't heard anything about it but I can't say for sure about it yet. Don't know what the actual story of Eufiber is either but I think it's a creation of the Company so I doubt it has the same social status as in the canon universe.
  10. Me too. Eveans is yummy but Widow is (and should be) awesomesauce! Also, Helloooooooooooo Falcon!
  11. Every time I see that clip my pants get smaller
  12. Nature Mastery is an Extra for Animal/Plant Mastery that lets you control both from the same power.
  13. Okay Jason is submitted. He's gone through a bit of change. He no longer has Telekinesis or the Quantum Bolt at this point. Instead I've boosted his Mega Dexterity and he has 2 variations of Quantum Vampire. One that steals Strength & Dexterity the other that steals Stamina & Health... ,, Most other Novas avoid touching him
  14. Sure but that doesn't mean a character aimed at combat shouldn't be able to touch you if you primary focus is being a smartypants. Knowing how to shoot a gun and having the skill of dodging, sure. But being untouchable?
  15. Soooo, you consider your character not-capable if there is a possibility that they can get struck? I thought you were making a field scientist?
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