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N!Prime Runners (Character Thread)

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Birth Name: Unknown
Aliases: "Chunin"
Birth Date: Unknown
Nationality: UCAS/Caucasian
Metatype: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 187lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:

  • Kanji tattoo on back of neck (Ken and Kokoro)
  • Physically fit.

Psychological Profile:

  • Quiet and reserved, has trust issues.
  • Possesses a Code of Honor that seems to prevent him from committing certain acts.
  • Ruthlessly efficient when pursuing his personal agenda. His Code of Honor does not seem to apply to this agenda, it is unknown whether it is a part of the Code, or it conflicts.
  • Amnisiac. Subject can not remember who he is or what he was doing prior to memory loss.
  • Always attentive and assessing his surroundings.


  • Arguably the luckiest man alive (survived a bullet to the brain pan).
  • Received intensive discipline and training of martial arts and close combat weaponry.
  • Has knowledge of both Ninjutsu and Karate.
  • Capable of both Arcane and Physical magic. Classification: Mystical Adept.
  • Extreme caution is advised.


  • Unknown.

Current Residence: In the basement of an abandoned tenement building in the Redmond Barrens.
Life Style: Squatter (500¥/month)

Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0

>>>>>(I've seen this guy around at Downfall.  Just sits there at the bar flirting with the bartender all the time.  Don't see what the hype is.  The guy's a loser.  The guy ain't nothing more than an amnesiac drunk.)<<<<<
- Trog D'ore (18:20:39/05-14-72)

>>>>>(Leave him be.  He's a nice guy on hard times.  I can't imagine waking up one day and not remember anything I'd ever done or experiences or the people I know, or my friends.)<<<<<
- Hannibelle (14:35:09/05-16-72)

>>>>>(Been a part of this world long, Hanni?  The man is blessed in ways he doesn't even realize.)<<<<<
- Winterhawk (15:41:17/05-16-72)

>>>>>(He's been doing hood work out of the Downfall.  Helped a few of the girls there ditch abusive ex-boyfriends and tracked down the relative of a regular who'd gotten lost in BTLs.  He brought the kid home and didn't accept payment.  He has a heart, and that's not common among the people out in the Barrens.)<<<<<
- Kia (17:19:11/05-16-72)

>>>>>(Ha!  What kind of a man doesn't accept payment for a job he's been hired for!?)<<<<<
- Trog D'ore (21:45:51/05-17-72)

>>>>>(The kind you'll never be.)<<<<<
- NetCat (03:21:38/05-18-72)


Body 4 | Agility 4 | Reaction 4(6)| Strength 4 | Charisma 3 | Intuition 3 | Logic 3 | Willpower 3 | Edge 3 | Essence 6 | Magic 6

Limits: Physical 6 | Mental 4 | Social 5 | Astral 5

Positive Qualities: Ambidexterous (4), Legendary Rep (Doesn't know with who) (4), Mystic Adept (35), Uncanny Healer (12)
Negative Qualities: Amnesia (Neural Deletion) (-8), Code of Honor (Assassin's Creed) (-15)

Skill Groups: Acting, Athletics, Biotech, Close Combat 1, Conjuring, Cracking, Electronics, Enchanting, Engineering, Firearms 1, Influence, Outdoors, Sorcery, Stealth
Combat Active: Archery 2, Automatics1, Blades 1, Clubs 1, Heavy Weapons, Longarms 1, Pistols 1, Throwing Weapons 2, Unarmed Combat 1
Physical Active: Animal Handling, Disguise, Diving, Escape Artist 2, Flight, Free-Fall, Gymnastics 2, Palming 1, Perception 2, Running 1, Sneaking 1, Survival, Swimming, Tracking 2
Social Active: Con 2, Etiquette 2, Impersonation, Instruction, Intimidation 2, Leadership, Negotiation 2, Performance
Magical Active: Alchemy, Artificing, Assensing, Astral Combat 5, Banishing, Binding, Counterspelling, Disenchanting, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting 5, Summoning
Pseudo-Magical Active: Arcana 1
Technical Active: Aeronautics Mechanic, Armorer, Artisan, Automotive Mechanic, Biotechnology, Chemistery, Computer, Cybercombat, Cybertechnology, Demolitions, Electronic Warfare, First Aid 1, Forgery, Hacking, Hardware, Industrial Mechanic, Locksmith 2, Medicine, Nautical Mechanic, Navigation, Software
Vehicle Active: Gunnery, Pilot Aerospace, Pilot Aircraft, Pilot Groundcraft 1, Pilot Walker, Pilot Watercraft
Knowledge Skills: Anatomy 2, Area Knowledge (Seattle) 2, Yakuza 2
Language Skills: English (N), French 3, Japanese 3

Martial Arts: Ninjitsu (Counterstrike, Strike the Darkness)

Initiation: 0
Spells: Combat (Flamethrower),  Illusion (Invisibility, Silence) (7 left forgotten)
Spirits: None
Adept Powers - Improved Reflexes (2), Killing Hands

Unarmed | Damage 4P | AP 0 | Accuracy 6 | Dice Pool 5 | Reach 0
Cougar Fineblade: Long | Damage 7P | AP -1 | Accuracy 7 | Dice Pool 5 | Reach 0
Bow | Damage 6P | AP -1 | Accuracy 6 | Dice Pool 6 | Mode SS | Ammo 1 | RC 3

Armor: Armor Vest (Electrochromic, Biomonitor) 9, Form-Fitting Body Armor (Custom Fit, Concealability, Electrochromic) 8

Street Gear:
Fake SIN (4), Metal restraints, Erika Elite commlink (with sim module and subvocal mic), Backpack, Knife, Flashlight, Flashlight (low-light), Micro-transceiver, Climbing gear, Tag eraser, Diving gear, Mapsoft (Seattle), Gas mask, Gold credstick, Respirator (4), Contacts (3) (with image link, low-light vision, and flare compensation), Survival kit, Earbuds (3) (with sound link and select sound filter (2)), 100 meters of rope, Camera (1) (with vision magnification, Medkit (3)

Vehicles & Drones-
Suzuki Mirage - Handling: 5/3 | Accel: 3 | Speed: 6 | Pilot: 1 | Body: 5 | Armor: 6 | Seats: 1 | Sensor: 2

Karma & Nuyen-
Karma: 1
Nuyen: 5,480¥

Candice O'Kane (Candi Cane) (Bartender at Downfall, Redmond) - Connections 3, Loyalty 2
Elf | Female | Young | Legwork

Lou Gunderson (Fence, regular at Downfall, Redmond) – Connections 2, Loyalty 2
Human | Male | Middle-Aged| Shadow Services



OOC Stuff:

Chunin was pulled from the Sound about six months ago by a some mariners.  He had a gunshot wound to the head, was in diving equipment, and miraculously was still alive.  That was six months ago.  He spent four months in recovery, coming to with amnesia and no means of identifying himself, save for an uncertified credstick that had quite a bit of nuyen on it, nuyen that was spent to cover his medical expenses.

He doesn't remember anything about his past life or where he learned his skills, only that he has them.  He is aware that he magically active but doesn't know why or even how he received his training.  His list of spells is small, to say the least, and somewhere in the back of his mind he knows he knows more and that feeling is a constant source of frustration and anxiety for him.

With no means of identifying himself, Chunin (the name just 'feels' right to him) has retired to a filthy basement in the Redmond Barrens and been frequenting the Downfall where he flirts with the girls and drinks himself into oblivion most evenings.  Sometimes the ladies he flirts with allow him to come home with them for the evening, which he doesn't mind, since he doesn't have a shower at his place.

He's growing stagnant and he knows it.  For every day he neglects his art, his art neglects him for two, and the drive to discover who he is and who tried to kill him has been making him restless.

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Birth Name: Frank Gordon
Aliases: "Mycroft"
Birth Date: September 15th, 2022
Nationality: UCAS
Metatype: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Height: 4'
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:

  • Short and stocky.
  • Full, heavy black mustache and beard.

Psychological Profile:

  • Possesses grudge against Ares.
  • Prefers stealthy, careful approach to hacking.
  • Gruff but professional.


  • Decades of experience with the now defunct Cross Applied Tech megacorporation.
  • Highly capable hacker.
  • Well versed in Matrix security.


  • Rebuild a comfortable living.

Current Residence: A converted low-rent apartment in Everett.
Lifestyle: Low [w/Grid Subscription to NeoNet] (2450¥/month)

Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0

>>>>>(So I hear this guy's the anti-Sticks?)<<<<<
- Mika (05:10:54/05-20-72)

>>>>>(No, Mycroft is rather subdued about his antipathy towards Ares. It won't stop him from taking jobs from an Ares Johnson, but he's not going to shed any tears if Damian Knight died in a plane crash tomorrow. He probably would attend the funeral so he could spit on the grave.)<<<<<
- Sunshine (11:43:37/05-20-72)

>>>>>(If anything, he's the anti-Slamm-0! Careful, stealthy... if he had a sensible attitude towards the techno-freaks, he'd be perfect.)<<<<<
- Clockwork (18:22:01/05-20-72)

>>>>>(By which you mean he's not a stark foaming bigot like you.)<<<<<
- Pistons (19:54:40/05-20-72)

>>>>>(Mycroft is certainly very proficient. I received some assistance from him when I had some business to handle personally in Seattle. The files were in my hands within 48 hours and no sign the targets suspected anything.)<<<<<
- Fianchetto (00:10:39/05-21-72)

>>>>>(I'm surprised you didn't come to any of us for help.)<<<<<
- Glitch (02:23:21/05-21-72)

>>>>>(I wanted a less prominent name involved. Just to be safe.)<<<<<
- Fianchetto (02:56:12/05-21-72)

>>>>>(Hey I'm all kinds of careful and stealthy... when I feel like it.)<<<<<
- Slamm-0! (08:19:45/05-21-72)



Body 3 | Agility 3 | Reaction 3 | Strength 3 | Charisma 3 | Intuition 4 | Logic 4 | Willpower 4 | Edge 2 | Essence 5.40

Limits: Physical 4 | Mental 6 | Social 6 | Astral 6

Positive Qualities: Codeslinger: Hack on the Fly (10), Golden Screwdriver (8), Overclocker (5)
Negative Qualities: Prejudice: Ares (Common, Outspoken) (-7)

Skill Groups: Acting 2, Athletics, Biotech, Close Combat 2, Conjuring, Cracking, Electronics, Enchanting, Engineering, Firearms 2, Influence 2, Outdoors, Sorcery, Stealth 2

Combat Active: Archery, Automatics 2, Blades 2, Clubs 2, Heavy Weapons, Longarms 2, Pistols 2, Throwing Weapons, Unarmed Combat 2
Physical Active: Animal Handling, Disguise 2, Diving, Escape Artist, Flight, Free-Fall, Gymnastics, Palming 2, Perception 4, Running 2, Sneaking 2, Survival, Swimming, Tracking
Social Active: Con 2, Etiquette 2, Impersonation 2, Instruction, Intimidation 2, Leadership 2, Negotiation 2, Performance 2
Technical Active: Aeronautics Mechanic, Armorer, Artisan, Automotive Mechanic, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer 6, Cybercombat 6, Cybertechnology, Demolitions, Electronic Warfare 6, First Aid, Forgery, Hacking 6, Hardware 6, Industrial Mechanic, Locksmith, Medicine, Nautical Mechanic, Navigation, Software 6
Vehicle Active: Gunnery, Pilot Aerospace, Pilot Aircraft, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Pilot Walker, Pilot Watercraft
Knowledge Skills: Area Knowledge (Seattle) 2, Matrix Security 4, Matrix Threats 4
Language Skills: English (N), Spanish: Aztlaner 3, Japanese 3

Cyberware & Bioware-
Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Sound Link

Unarmed | Damage 3S | AP 0 | Accuracy 4 | Dice Pool 5 | Reach 0
Combat Knife | Damage 5P | AP -3 | Accuracy 6 | Dice Pool 5 | Reach 0
Ares Predator V | Damage 8P | AP -1 (-5) | Accuracy 5 (7) | Dice Pool 5 | SA | Ammo 15(c) | RC
2 | 2 clips APDS, Concealable Holster, Silencer

Armor: Armor Vest (Biomonitor, Chemical Protection 2, Fire Resistance 2, Insulation 2, Nonconductivity 2) 9

Street Gear: AR Gloves, Datachips x10, Data Tap, Fake SIN: Adrian Wilson (4), Fake SIN: Larry Saunders (4), Fake License: Firearms License - Larry Saunders (4), Fake License: Concealed Carry Permit - Larry Saunders (4), Micro-Transceiver, Silver Credstick, Tag Eraser, Toolkit (Hardware), Transys Avalon Comlink (with sim module), Trode Patch

Cyberdeck and Programs:
Novatech Navigator (6/5/4/3 +1 free; Programs 3)
Common: Browse, Edit, Encryption, Signal Scrub, Toolbox
Hacking: Armor, Baby Monitor, Biofeedback, Biofeedback Filter, Blackout, Decryption, Defuse, Exploit, Hammer, Shell, Sneak, Stealth, Track, Wrapper
Modules: Overwatch Mask

Vehicles & Drones-
Honda Spirit - Handling: 3/2 | Accel: 2 | Speed: 4 | Pilot: 1 | Body: 8 | Armor: 6 | Seats: 2 | Sensor: 2

Karma & Nuyen-
Karma: 7
Nuyen: 4,310

Mina Dreyfus (Fixer, Everett) - Connections 5, Loyalty 2
Elf | Female | Unknown | Shadow Services

Dr. Meinhauser (Street Doc, Everett) – Connections 2, Loyalty 2
Ork | Male | Old | Shadow Services



Frank Gordon was born in Trenton, New Jersey. His parents were corporate managers in the tech industry, and the exploits of Echo Mirage drew Frank's fascination from a young age. He channeled this along with a proficiency with the Matrix and their support into becoming a security hacker. The business he worked for eventually was absorbed into the Cross Applied Technologies megacorporation, and Frank became a dedicated company man. In his eyes, the corp could do no wrong.

That was, until the Crash 2.0 occurred. Frank worked non-stop to help combat the damage wreaked, until he emerged one sleepless day to discover his SIN had been destroyed and Ares had snapped up his workplace. Some employees might have gotten help and a new corporate SIN from their new overlords. Frank however, learned that he was being dumped for being 'too old.'

For someone who would be half his age and half the cost in salary. Insult to mortal injury. Frank had always seen himself as a white hat, but anger and necessity made him turn black, employing his skills as a hacker and shadowrunner just so he could have a roof and three soy-meals a day. One helpful element is a rule of his professional code: don't steal more than what the Johnson or the mission requires.

Quiet and reliable beats flashy and trideo, as Mycroft likes to say.

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Birth Name:  Laohu Shang-Liang 
Aliases:  Red Jenny; Jenny Laohu;
Birth Date:  Unknown
Nationality:  Sino-Russian
Metatype:  Human
Gender:  Female
Height:  5'8"
Weight:  150lbs
Hair:  Black and red (not dyed)
Eyes: Greenish-gold, shine in dim light.

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:

  • In excellent physical shape, moves with grace, silence and precision.
  • Thick Russian accent.
  • Usually dresses in tight revealing clothing, prefers red and black.
  • Usually avoids more than basic makeup and ornamentation, never wears perfume.

Psychological Profile:

  • Standoffish and alert.  Never seems to relax in company.
  • Despite manner of dress, is far from promiscuous.
  • A woman of few words and not a lot of patience for small talk, haggling or politics.
  • Prefers straightforward hunting or extermination jobs.  Has been known to take recovery runs.


  • Paranormal critter hunter.
  • Usually works alone, high success rate to date.
  • Classified as a physical adept.
  • Licensed for pistols, concealed carry, bounty hunting and short blades.
  • Dislikes anything more than basic technology.  Can barely use her commlink.


  • Survival: living free and on her terms.
  • Comfort: she does like some creature comforts.  Nuyen seems to be the path to that.

Current Residence:

  • Concealed apartment sandwiched between two buildings in the Barrens.  Weather-proof, basic matrix access, close to a Stuffer Shack.  A stipend paid to the local Triad ensures she is mostly left alone.

Life Style:

  • Low Lifestyle: Public Grid, Hard to Find, Dangerous Area.  (1800¥/Month)

Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 1
Public Awareness: 0

>>>>>(So this slitch is fucking crazy!  Came into a Stuffer Shack where me and my chummer were getting some munchies, walked right up to my buddy, who's one of those straight-edge guys - a little chrome, no drugs, health freak.  When I say 'right up' I mean she was all up on him like scales on a drake.  She practically dragged him outta there - leaving me ditched, btw - and apparently gave my chummer a wild three or four days at his pad.  She never left her commlink code and never called him.  So far, so what, right?
Only we see her again a month later, hanging in a Mah-Jong parlor - she scopes my friend and I can tell she recognises him.  So he goes over to try and break off another piece, right?  She blows him off - not embarrassed or anything, just not interested in more sexy times.  He's trying to get his flirt on and goes for the ol' casual touch: and the slitch damn near shivs him right there with a goddamn Cougar Fineblade.  He said it was like talking to a completely different woman.  Lesson learned, chummers - this one is so far up the Crazy-Hot scale she's Jekyll & Hyde.)<<<<<
- DrummerBoy (09:12:54/05-13-72)

>>>>>(Or maybe she was working, jackass.  Word is that Red Jenny does bounty work, mostly paracritter cleanup but she'll track down anyone for recovery and retrieval if the money is decent.  Your buddy humping her leg in public that way was probably fragging with her professional image or worse, her bottom line.)<<<<<
- Frosty (11:56:12/05-13-72)

>>>>>(Yeah, well there's ways to say "Not interested, frag off."  That's all I'm saying.)<<<<<
- DrummerBoy (13:39:41/05-14-72)

>>>>>(Paracritter exterminator.  Works alone, mostly.  Buddy of a buddy of mine over at the university consults with her in exchange for 'specimens'.  I have to say, she seems quite the specimen herself...  Joking and innuendo aside, she's supposedly very capable in her chosen field, though I'm not sure about the other more shadowy bounty work she undertakes.)<<<<<
- The Nutty Professor (22:19:10/05-14-72)

>>>>>(She's pretty new on the scene.  Came out of nowhere about 3 months back, did a retrieval job for the local Triads bringing back a bookie who tried to leave Seattle in a hurry over some financial misunderstandings.  Cleaned out a devil rat nest for a consortium of local interests in the Barrens, tracked and killed an escaped barghest from a corp security project, and that's about it.)<<<<<
- Winterhawk (03:21:14/05-16-72)

>>>>>(I've met this chica, up close and personal-like.  Never woulda guessed she did that kinda work, to be honest.  She moves like- and her skin is smooth and flawless as a-  Well, all I'm saying is that she's got no scars.  None.  Also, she never called me back either. :( )<<<<<
- MisterLoverLover (11:41:54/05-16-72)

>>>>>(That's interesting...  So she either drops major 'yen on cosmetic surgery, or has a magical edge.  She's a licensed adept, so...)<<<<<
- Winterhawk (014:29:11/05-16-72)

>>>>>(Hey, MisterLoverLover.  We need pics.  Vids.  Trids.  For research.)<<<<<
- El-Perv(21:34:51/05-17-72)

>>>>>(Yeah, even if I had 'em I wouldn't share 'em.  She's scary intense, hunts people, and that story Drummer told about the knife?  No way.)<<<<<
- MisterLoverLover (03:21:38/05-18-72)


Attributes- (All bolded stats are for Beast shape only)

Body 4 / 6 | Agility 4 / 5 | Reaction 4(5) / 5(6) | Strength 5 / 7 | Charisma 4 / 5 | Intuition 5 / 7 | Logic 2 / 2 | Willpower 4 / 4 | Edge 1 | Essence 6.0 | Magic 4

Limits: Physical 7 / 9 | Mental 5 / 5 | Social 6 / | Astral 6 / 7
Initiative: 10 +2d6 / 13 +2d6
Astral Initiative: 10+3d6 / 14+3d6

Positive Qualities: Acrobatic Defender, Adept, Balance Receptor, Broadened auditory system (Ultrasound - animal form only), Catlike, Low-light Vision, Sense of Direction
Negative Qualities:  Computer Illiterate, Poor Self Control (Combat Monster), Simsense Vertigo, Uneducated

Skill Groups: Acting, Athletics 1, Biotech, Close Combat, Conjuring, Cracking, Electronics, Enchanting, Engineering, Firearms, Influence, Outdoors 1, Sorcery, Stealth

Combat Active: Archery, Automatics, Blades 4, Clubs, Heavy Weapons, Longarms, Pistols 3, Throwing Weapons 2, Unarmed Combat 4
Physical Active: Animal Handling, Disguise, Diving, Escape Artist 4, Flight, Free-Fall, Gymnastics, Palming, Perception 3, Running, Sneaking 4, Survival, Swimming, Tracking
Social Active: Con, Etiquette Impersonation, Instruction, Intimidation 3, Leadership, Negotiation, Performance
Magical Active: Alchemy, Artificing, Assensing, Astral Combat 1, Banishing, Binding, Counterspelling, Disenchanting, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting, Summoning
Pseudo-Magical Active: Arcana
Resonance Active: Compiling, Decompiling, Registering
Technical Active: Aeronautics Mechanic, Armorer, Artisan, Automotive Mechanic, Biotechnology, Chemistery, Computer, Cybercombat, Cybertechnology, Demolitions, Electronic Warfare, First Aid, Forgery, Hacking, Hardware, Industrial Mechanic, Locksmith, Medicine, Nautical Mechanic, Navigation, Software
Vehicle Active: Gunnery, Pilot Aerospace, Pilot Aircraft, Pilot Walker, Pilot Watercraft
Knowledge Skills:  Area Knowledge: Seattle (2); Critters (3); Fight Clubs (2); Triads (2)
Language Skills:  Russian (N); Mandarin (6); English (3)

Martial Arts:

Adept Powers- Combat Sense 1; Improved Reflexes 1; Improved Sense (Olfactory); Improved Sense (Taste); Traceless Walk; Wall-running

Critter Powers: Dual-Natured, Regeneration, Shift (Metahuman Form), Allergy (Severe - Silver), Vulnerability: Silver

(Bite) | Damage 9P | AP -2 | Accuracy 9 | Reach 0
(Claw) | Damage 8P| AP - | Accuracy 9 | Reach +1
(Unarmed) | Damage 5S| AP - | Accuracy 7| Reach 0
(Cougar short) | Damage 7P | AP -1 | Accuracy 7 | Reach 0
(Throwing Knife) | Damage 6P | AP -1 | Accuracy 7 | Dice Pool 6
(Ruger Super Warhawk) | Damage 10P | AP -3 | Accuracy 5| Dice Pool 7 | Mode ss | Ammo 6| RC 3  (Explosive rounds)

Armor: 9 - Lined coat w/ Thermal Damping.
Street Gear:  Renraku Aguchi Commlink; 30 rounds Explosive heavy pistol ammo, 6 throwing knives, an assortment of tight / revealing clothing in shades of red and black.

Fake SIN:  Jenny Laohu (Rating 3) w/ Certified Silver Credstick: 500¥ [Small Blades License 4; Pistols License 4; Adept License 4; Bounty Hunter License 4; Concealed Carry License 4]; 

Vehicles & Drones-
(Name) - Handling: | Accel: | Speed: | Pilot: | Body: | Armor: | Seats: | Sensor:

Karma & Nuyen-

Contacts:  Caroline Ho (2/1G) - Local Triad gang leader.  Human | Female | None of your business | Personal Favors
                         Gray   (4/3) - Fixer.  Dwarf | Male | Unknown | Shadow Services
                         Kevin Laughing-Cloud (3/4) - Parabiologist.  Human | Male | Single | Legwork


OOC Stuff:

Laohu Shang-Liang was born roughly four years ago in the far eastern reaches of Siberia.  She was not called Laohu Shang-Liang then, of course - that name came later, when she Awakened and first changed into her metahuman form shortly after her second winter of life as a young Siberian tiger.  An elderly parabiologist, Russian but of Chinese ancestry, discovered the weretigress and 'adopted' her after a fashion, earning her trust through gentle, respectful treatment.  It was from this woman that Laohu Shang-Liang got her name, meaning "Shining Tiger", and learned about life on two-legs.

Even more than their mundane cousins weretigers are much sought after, albeit illegally, in China for their various uses in talismongery and traditional Chinese remedies.  When poachers began sniffing around the area, the parabiologist used what connections she had to smuggle her ward out of the country and over to the UCAS, setting her up with a fake SIN and connection with a local parazoology student with whom she was in correspondence.  Kevin Laughing-Cloud knows what Jenny is and sees her as an endangered rare species - he's also a little infatuated with her, a feeling she does not reciprocate and does not encourage, knowing that it would only lead to complications.  She is friendly enough with him, but maintains an arm's length relationship - although he knows her SIN and her commlink code, he does not know where she lives or frequents.

Most of the time she is all business - direct to the point of bluntness and seldom wastes words.  One reason she's not doing so great on the earnings circuit is her habit of either just accepting an offer, or just getting up and walking out if she feels an offer is too low, rather than haggling.  Likewise she cares little for metahuman territorial claims, though she is wary of larger organisations such as the Triads or the corps.  Despite being attractive and dressing to emphasise this, Jenny (as she now calls herself) only seeks out male companionship of that nature rarely.  She dresses the way she dresses firstly because she likes the look, and secondly because two-leg males are easy to distract with breasts.  Which she finds foolish, though in cases of the few men she likes also somewhat endearing.

The exception in her behaviour is a matter of biological necessity.  She is a tigress, and tigresses go into heat.  At such times she will be affectionately forward around males who hit the right buttons, and somewhat touchy-feely around everyone else.  Other females who happen to be ovulating might get a different reaction, especially if she sees them as competition.  It brings a whole new meaning to the word 'cattyness'.  Or 'catfight' for that matter.  Whenever possible, she sequesters herself away from males she knows and wants to cultivate professional relationships with when her heat strikes.  

Dietarily, she's a meat eater.  This is expensive in the Sprawl, though there are... low-budget options.  So far she has mostly abstained from eating metahumans, for a couple of reasons.  One, maneaters tend to be hunted quite vigorously if their predations hit a certain point, even amongst the SINless nothing-people.  Two, maneating encourages laziness - they're not exactly challenging prey.  She mostly preys on critters, ranging far and wide across the various Barrens zones and even outside the city now and then.

It's important to note that Red Jenny does not see herself as metahuman.  She's a tigress, and whilst she can and does have friendly / professional relations with metahumans, she doesn't consider herself one of them.  Generally she considers two-legs to be foolish, obsessed with triviality, weak, sense-blind and prone to all sorts of vices that makes no sense to her.  Shadowrunners at least tend to be more interesting, though she dislikes computers and distrusts those who display a great facility with them.  She is wary around mages, as they could potentially tell her true nature, but comfortable around other adepts, street samurai, kick-artists: fellow 'hunters', in short.

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Birth Name: Gwyn Hill1A4erFF.jpg
Aliases: Echo (running handle), Bliss, Sin
Birth Date:  March 18th, 2044
Nationality:  UCAS (MCT Corporate citizenship originally)
Metatype:  Human
Gender:  Female
Height:  5'9"
Weight:  142lbs
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Pale blue

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:

  • Echo's tallish, and a bit heavier than she looks due to the augmentations she's had.
  • The tattoo on the back of her neck reads '06' in characters slightly lighter than her skin tone.

Psychological Profile:

  • Professional to a fault, can get pissy when plans get derailed.
  • When working with a team, she takes the team's safety very personally
  • Has sweet tooth for the finer things in life
  • Tends to distrust mages on general principle; keeps a close eye on them when she has to work with one


  • Atonement - Echo doesn't talk about it, but somewhere in her past she's done something that doesn't sit right with her. Sometimes she'll do a bit of work on the side to try to put that to rest.
  • Maintaining lifestyle - Echo doesn't slum if she has any options. She likes warm, dry rooms with steady power and hot and cold running water. Trids. Local grid access at WORST. That takes nuyen, and this is how she earns it.
  • Going Legit - Echo runs in the shadows from necessity, not desire. She's still fresh enough to the game to let herself dream of getting enough put together to buy a custom, impregnable SIN and a house somewhere not too polluted and live a quieter life. She may underestimate how boring that life might be after awhile, but that's tomorrow's problem.

Current Residence:

  • Single bedroom, fairly upscale with decent view of the much better neighborhood it's not quite part of. Also maintains a safehouse in the Barrens.

Life Style:

  • Medium, vanilla with basic Doc Wagon

Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0




Body 4 | Agility 6 (8) | Reaction 5 (7) | Strength 3 (5) | Charisma 3 | Intuition 4 | Logic 3 | Willpower 4 | Edge 5 | Essence  3.04 | Magic 0

Limits: Physical 7 | Mental 5 | Social 6 | Astral 6
Initiative: 11+3d6

Positive Qualities: Born Rich, Data Anomaly, Hawk Eye
Negative Qualities: Big Regret, No Man Left Behind, Creature of Comfort (Middle), Prejudiced (Magicians, mild)

Skill Groups: Athletics (Gymnastics, Running,Swimming) 2
Combat Active: Pistols (semi-auto) 6, Throwing Weapons 1, Unarmed Combat 2

Physical Active: Gymnastics 2, Palming 1, Perception 4, Running 2, Sneaking 4, Swimming 2
Social Active: Con 1, Etiquette 1, Negotiation 1
Technical Active: Computer 1, Locksmith 4
Vehicle Active: Pilot Groundcraft 1
Knowledge Skills: Security Procedures 3, Small Unit Tactics (Urban) 3, Area Knowledge: Seattle 2, Astronomy 1, Magical Threats 1, Parazoology 1
Language Skills: English (N), Japanese 1, Chinese 1

Martial Arts:

Cyberware & Bioware-
Synaptic Booster 2
Muscle Replacement 2
Tailored Pheromones 1

(Name)         | Damage | AP | Accuracy | Reach
Shock Gloves      8(s)      -5        7            0
(Name)                 | Damage | AP | Accuracy | Dice Pool | Mode | Ammo | RC
Ares Light Fire 75         6P        0       6/8          16/18       SA        16       3
Savalette Guardian       8P       -1      5/7           16/18      SA/BF    12       7/8

Armor Clothing (AR 6)
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger (AR13, Chem Protection 2, Nonconductive 2, Ruthenium Polymer 3, Thermal Damping 2, Holster, Custom Fit)

Street Gear:
Ammo: APDS (Heavy Pistols) - 40
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Light Pistols) - 32
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Heavy Pistols) - 40
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Light Pistols) - 32
Autopicker R3
Backpack (Good)
Bug Scanner R4
Catalyst Stick
Cellular Glove Molder R3
Certified Credstick, Gold
Climbing Gear
Contacts R3 - Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low Light;
Crowbar - 1
Datachip - 10
Duffel Bag (Good)
Earbuds R3 - Audio Enhancement rating 3;
Fake SIN (Bliss) 4 - Fake License 4 (Concealed Carry Permit) , Fake License 4 (Firearms License) , Fake License 4 (Restricted Cyberware License) , Fake License 4 (Restricted Armor License)
Fake SIN (Sin) 2 - Fake License 2 (Concealed Carry Permit) , Fake License 2 (Firearms License) , Fake License 2 (Restricted Cyberware License) , Fake License 2 (Restricted Armor License)
Flashlight, Low-light
Gas Mask
Gecko Tape Gloves
Goggles R3 - Single Sensor rating 2 with Ultrasound; Vision Enhancement rating 1, Vision Magnification;
Jammer, Directional R4
Maglock Passkey R28
Medkit R3
Medkit Supplies 1
Miniwelder Fuel Canister 1
Rapelling Gloves
Restraint, Metal 1
Roll of Duct Tape
Security Tags - 10
Sensor Tags - 10
Sequencer R2
Slap Patch, Antidote Patch R3 1
Slap Patch, Stim Patch R6 1
Slap Patch, Tranq Patch R6 1
Standard Tags - 10
Stealth Rope (100m)
Stealth Tags - 10
Subvocal Mic
Tag Eraser

Vehicles & Drones-
(Name) - Handling: | Accel: | Speed: | Pilot: | Body: | Armor: | Seats: | Sensor:

Karma & Nuyen-
Karma: 0
Nuyen: 1,800

Contacts: Jared Becker - Fixer- Con 2/Loy 3
Enemies: Otto Pancreas - Street Doc - Con 2/Loy 2



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Birth Name: Jadzia Santiago
Diminuitives: Jaz or Dia

Aliases: Abyss
Birth Date: Unknown
, like somewhere between 19 and 23 years ago
Nationality: Caribbean League
Metatype: Human, Asian-Latin-African descent
Gender: Female
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 61 kgs
Hair: Ivory white (Dyed, lustrous black originally)
Eyes: Heterochromatic (Light Blue/Dark Grey)

Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance:

  • Ivory white dyed  hair and heterochromatic eyes (blue/grey)
  • Light brown skin, freckles on the bridge of her nose and her cheeks
  • Several thin scars of claws across her upper body and back
  • Slavic nose and cheekbones, slightly slanted almond shaped eyes
  • Speaks in a notable Patois, rolling voice with wooden timbre

Psychological Profile:

  • Scalding sense of black humor, sarcastic
  • Calm and collected under pressure
  • Intense and oddly intimidating for her size
  • Pansexual and flirty


  •           Spellslinger trained in anti-awakened tactics, summoner who prefers sea- and sky-based spirit forms
  •          Talismonger/talislegger on the go
  •           Specializes in Air/Water elemental damage and battlefield control
  •           Very good at learning new things


  • Acquire licenses and a higher quality Identity to further her magical training and business.
  • She needs money continuously to pay off the crippling debt to the smugglers who smuggled her out from the South.
  • A permanent home, with warm running water and an enchanting workshop.
  • Snazzy gear and improved equipment.
  • Not to be alone, talking to herself, and permanently worried someone might displace her from her current crib.

Current Residence:

  • She has no permanent residence, but cribs and moves around regularly. All her possessions fit inside a single, well-worn backpack. She goes around with a beat-up old Dodge Scoot.

Life Style:

  • “Borrowed Lives”: Jadzia bribes local officials for addresses and access to easily overlooked places owned by Seattle residents who will spend some time in jail. She utilizes their services and hooks up a simple gridlink. This is a thrifty low lifestyl.
  • Ready to move at a moment’s notice. She takes out trial memberships at a gym to shower, steals what she has to, is always looking for a way to make money under the table.
  • On the net she displays a very different image, as she cribbed her deck secondhand from a decker that didn’t use his kiddy grade stuff anymore. The Icon file for it is thoroughly messed up, making it look like a column of snow falling down. Her computer skills don’t really go beyond User so she doesn’t know how to fix it, nor does she have the money to have it done.
  • She uses temporary online virtual meeting spaces to auction off magical secrets that she managed to snag for petty cash or information.

Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0

>>>>>[The Drowning Voice are an interesting but sinister group of shamans from the Caribs specializing in anti-awakened tactics. They mesh Nietzschean philosophy and self-torment through drowning and mutilation. I can see why she left.]<<<<<
- Ma’Fan

>>>>>[This one’s a country girl alright - won’t take off her rebreather until she’s standing right at the bar, where the air coming from the AC is cleanest and coldest.]<<<<<
- DrummerBoy

>>>>>[It’s easy to tell from her aura that she’s got some magical potential, and yet she lives like a vagrant. Makes me wonder if she’s got some serious issues preventing her from getting a regular magical gig.]<<<<<
- Winterhawk

>>>>>[…or some serious enemies.]<<<<<
- Snopes

>>>>>[She can charm people well enough with that rolling patois, but she’s no kitten. Some sports bar schmuck was riding up on her a bit close and she just looked at him. I don’t know how someone as tiny as that can look down her nose at such a big dude, but she did. And it got darker all of a sudden, like you have a cloud passing over the sun outside. The dude apologized, bought her a beer and fragged off quicker than a hosed-down tomcat.]<<<<<
- Ma’Fan

>>>>>[I like her armor, when she turns on the lights it has bones and skulls and moving sea beasties on it. Like in that Trid sho---user disconnected]<<<<<
- Benny70

>>>>>[Gotta be older than 18 to post here, sport.]<<<<<
- Butch




Body 2 | Agility 2 | Reaction 1 (3) | Strength 2 | Charisma 5 | Intuition 3 | Logic 4 | Willpower 4 | Edge 2 | Essence 6 | Magic 7

Limits: Physical 4 | Mental 5 | Social 7 | Astral 7

Positive Qualities: Exceptional Attribute (Magic), Mentor Spirit (Thunderbird)
Negative Qualities: Allergy (Mild, Common, Pollutants), In Debt 11, Information Auctioneer


Skill Groups: Acting, Athletics, Biotech, Close Combat, Conjuring 4, Cracking, Electronics, Enchanting, Engineering, Firearms, Influence, Outdoors, Sorcery 6, Stealth

Combat Active: Archery, Automatics, Blades 2, Clubs, Heavy Weapons, Longarms, Pistols 2, Throwing Weapons, Unarmed Combat
Physical Active: Animal Handling 1, Disguise, Diving 1, Escape Artist, Flight, Free-Fall, Gymnastics, Palming, Perception 3, Running 2, Sneaking 2, Survival 1, Swimming 1, Tracking 1
Social Active: Con, Etiquette 3, Impersonation, Instruction 1, Intimidation 3, Leadership 3, Negotiation 3, Performance
Magical Active: Alchemy 2, Artificing 3, Assensing 4, Astral Combat 3, Banishing 4, Binding 5, Counterspelling 6, Disenchanting 2, Ritual Spellcasting 6, Spellcasting 6, Summoning 4
Pseudo-Magical Active: Arcana 4
Technical Active: Aeronautics Mechanic, Armorer, Artisan, Automotive Mechanic, Biotechnology, Chemistery, Computer 1, Cybercombat, Cybertechnology, Demolitions, Electronic Warfare, First Aid 1, Forgery, Hacking, Hardware, Industrial Mechanic, Locksmith, Medicine, Nautical Mechanic 1, Navigation 1, Software
Vehicle Active: Gunnery, Pilot Aerospace, Pilot Aircraft, Pilot Walker, Pilot Watercraft 1, Pilot Groundcraft 1
Knowledge Skills: Magic Traditions 2, Parazoology 2, Parabotany 2, Magical Theory 4, Magical Threats 1, Talismongering 2, Black Markets 1
Language Skills: English (N), Spanish 2, French 1

Initiation: Not initiated
Spells/Complex Forms: Ice Spear, Lightning Bolt, Analyze Magic, Heal, Armor, Levitate, Mist
Spirits/Sprites: No summoned spirits
Adept Powers: Improved Reflexes 2, Astral Perception, Mystic Armor 3, Three-Dimensional Memory, Magic Sense

Cyberware & Bioware: None


Streetline Special | Damage 6P | AP - | Accuracy 4 | Dice Pool 4 | Mode SA | Ammo 6 (c) | RC 2

  •      Concealed in a quick-draw holster
  •      100 rounds of regular ammo

Throwing Knives x3 | Damage 3P | AP -1 | Accuracy 5 | Reach 0 | Dice Pool 4

Khyrambit x2 | Damage 3P | AP -1 | Accuracy 5 | Reach 0 | Dice Pool 4


Two sets of basic clothing (undergarments, shirt and cable sweater, jeans)

Auctioneer Business Clothes (Armor 8, concealed holster)

Drowning Voice Ritual Armor (Decommissioned)

  •           Ballistic Mask (Armor +2, Gas Mask, Image Link, Trodes, Lowlight)
  •           Armor Jacket (Armor 12, Insulation 6, nonconductivity 6)
  •           AR tags that project nautical and monstrous themed designs on the armor when activated, shown only to people with active AR.

Carried Gear:

     Fake SIN (Rating 3 – Jadzia Raeni Santiago) with Talismonger’s License 3, Driver’s License 3, Concealed Carry Permit 3, Mage License 3, Hunting License 3

2 Respirators, Rank 6 (one on her, one in her bag)

Good quality backpack (Messenger bag style)

Implanted library (Memory module connected to a microtransceiver and stealth tags. A matching stealth tag is inside her biometric module, and a third one (backup) hidden in her scrimshaw necklace. This allows her to access the data inside the module, which includes her arcane library and copies of her spells and formulae.)

In Backpack:

MCT Trainee cyberdeck (Disguised form factor as a Hermes IKON commlink)

  •           Biofeedback filter, Commlink Functionality, 2/1/1/2, Hot SIM, Connector
  •           Common programs: Toolbox, Signal Scrub, Search, Edit, Browse
  •           Hacker programs: Encryption, Evaluate, Cloudless
  •           AR Gloves, Biometric Reader, Subvocal Mic, Electronic Paper

Magical Lodge Materials (Rating 6), 50 dram worth of reagents, Spell Formulae (Extended Mindnet, Borrow Sense), Focus Formulae (Summoning [Spirits of Air] 1, Summoning [Spirits of Water] 1, Weapon Focus 1)

On Scooter: Small Air Canister (2 hours air supply for Gas Mask), Survival Kit

Vehicles & Drones
Dodge Scoot - Handling: 4/3 | Accel: 1 | Speed: 3 | Pilot: 1 | Body: 4 | Armor: 4 | Seats: 1 | Sensor: 1; Improved Economy, Sensor Array (2), Satellite Link

Karma & Nuyen


Benny Wu (3/3) – Faux Chinese Talislegger.  Human | Male | Old | Single | Has family obligations (Brother) | Shadow Services

Baebwa N’dora (1/2) – Mercenary Alchemist from the Caribs.  Female | Middle Aged | Divorced | Prefers hobby (fashion) items | Swag

Parcival Wickton (2/4) – Paramedic from London.  Dwarf | Male | Middle Aged | Unknown | Likes paracritters | Support

[[Priorities: Skills A, Magic B, Attributes C, Metatype D, Resources E]]


OOC Stuff

When you grow up magical in the Caribs life is wicked. You learn to be quick, sense danger and stay out of trouble. Creatures want to eat you, shamans want you to do menial work, and people believing in magical cures from unlicensed witch doctors want to grind your bones for magic faerie dust. Jadzia avoided all that, but only because she joined up with the Drowning Voice, a pretty nasty band of magicians operating against Aztlan. Like a child soldier, she was trained to fight mages, spirits and awakened critters. Like a cultist, she was taught the way of the Voice from Below. For a teenager, those are wild days. Wearing scary armor, fighting sea-beasts and mages seems like a trid show. But fewer came back every day.

Her family put together money, knowing that they could never have her back. Even if she'd come back, they might not recognize her anymore, and the local gangs and pirates would wait to scoop her up. So they surrendered their life savings to a scumbag called Fyrecracker to take her away from that place and somewhere better. His team managed to infiltrate the hideout (the Drowning Voice as a cult have great difficulty defending against mundane intrusion) and salvaged her from a seemingly lethal ritual she was subjected to. Feeling pretty good about saving the girl and making it out, Fyrecracker's lazy ass decided that the girl was a bit of a hassle. The deal was for her to be taken to Amazonia, where she might be able to build up a new life with her gifts. But Fyrecracker thought that was a bit too far and a bit too dangerous, and no one would be the wiser if he dropped her off in Miami instead.

Being alone and without support, but with magical talent, Jadzia found herself in an unexpected and unwise alliance with some people smugglers from Miami who would be more than happy to deliver her to Seattle. It was no problem that she had no money, because they had associates there who would very much value her work and she could simply pay off her debt. The Triads took over her debt, essentially buying her from the people smuggglers.

It's been three years and she has stolen, smuggled and hocked wares for them ever since, and her debt seems to shrink only ever so slightly. She sleeps where people abandon their homes because of forced jailtime. She showers at gyms, steals food and takes most jobs she can. Most of her gear still comes from when she fled the Caribbeans, although the Triads had a decker set her up with a proper false identity. She doesn't want to run - but she has to. Like a shark, if she stops swimming she will sink. And then there's her magical obligations. The spirits she had made pacts with represent the flensing winds of the storm, the eternal stillness of the glacier, the doldrums and the crushing loneliness at the bottom of the drowning deep. If she does not swim up for air in time, she will find herself drowning in it.

The ritual the Drowning Voice were subjecting her to was actually an attempt at initiation, and Fyrecracker's disturbing it caused it to fail. Instead of being given access to deeper mysteries of magical secrets, she instead nearly drowned. The sea water damaged her lungs and as a result she is very sensitive to pollutants; she goes nowhere without a respirator and sometimes won't even take it off indoors if she's not in polite company. It made her voice slightly hoarse, which makes her sound a little older than she is. She does not appreciate the irony that her voice was quite literally drowned.

She has a incision scar underneath her left collarbone where a small cluster of datachips was slipped underneath the skin, attached to a micro-transceiver. The data on the chip can only be accessed by physically removing and hacking it, or by using a stealth chip with the access codes in combination with a positive ID on a biometric reader. She keeps a backup of her formulae, research and magical data here, in case she has to flee and cannot bring anything with her. She has a backup stealth chip inside the scrimshawed amulet around her neck.This was set up by the Triads, just like her MCT Trainee cyberdeck. She can't use it for decking because she lacks the necessary skill, but she sometimes runs its Evaluate and Cloudless programs to gauge the value of files she gets sent by other magicians. Any decker who sees that thing hidden in the shell of a Hermes IKON commlink is going to have a fit of laughter. She mostly uses it to set up online VR meets, and to auction off magical paydata and secrets she finds. Her icon is that of a snowy blizzard; this isn't because that's her choice, but because her icon file was corrupted and this is simply the white noise that was left behind. She lacks the technical skill or money to fix it up.

In a team she can deal elemental damage and control the battlefield, as well as heal. She can handle magical enchantments, auras, wards and objects. She can be a Face or Tactician, or help the team out if they need to navigate water. She is especially good at taking out enemy mages, spirits and paracritters.

((The image I used is the best match I could find at short notice, will look for a better one or make a new one myself if I can find the time))




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