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  1. There were a lot of things Echo had been trained to deal with in her time doing dirty deeds. Stealth work. Wet work. Blackmail. Extortion. A real 'laundry' list. A laundry room full of rats attacking her was not on that list. Having a body full of augmentations and some of the best gear you could buy all over your person didn't make being covered in squirmy, squeaking, clawy bitey things any less horrible. It went down deep in the brain to where the monkey lived. So confronted with this, Echo chose to get the frak outta there. Though she did at least have the presence of mind to get out in a novel directions. A quick signal to her personal network caused the straps of so-called 'gecko tape' incorporated into the undersides of the fingers and bottom palm of her gloves to activate. And then she climbed up the hallway wall, pulling her legs out of the tide of rats until she was nestled up in the crease where ceiling met wall. There she got a better grip with both hands and started slamming her hips and legs against the ceiling, trying to shake as many rats off as she could. Just needed to get some breathing space, then she'd be able to THINK again and try to figure out how to clear a room of rats when she was out of god-drekking-damn grenades. Always see your fixers before a run, folks. Even an 'easy' one. What was she, an amateur? Rats.
  2. Echo sucked a breath in and held it for a heartbeat, then let it out in a hissed, "Are you insane?!" Her feet stopped immediately and then backpedaled several steps, putting Jadzia between her and the...thing that had just been called into the world. She was no mage, but Echo had made a layman's study of magic, particularly its darker variants. It helped to feel like she had some kind of a grip on what it could and couldn't do. Even if the list of 'couldn't do' terrifyingly short. She knew enough to have the sense that spirits were pulled 'through' the world when they were summoned, and they took on aspects of what was around them. And what was around them in that basement was pretty nasty stuff. There was literally no way she was going into the same water that thing was occupying. "Get rid of it," she said tightly.
  3. Echo scowled deeply behind her helmet as she tracked what Jenny was saying. It scanned. She wasn't detecting heat signatures or ultrasound contacts that were consistent with all those eyes...and that implied either an illusion of some kind, or something beyond the touch of mortal tech. Either way, it was trouble. She said, "No heat or solid contacts yet." Then Echo put her lighter gun back in the armslide mechanism and retracted it, and produced the larger Savalette pistol; a real piece of work. It was loaded with ammo designed to punch through body armor, but she hoped it would work as well on magical beasties. From hard experience she knew better than to pull her punches on something like that. It was a lesson you didn't get to learn twice. Moving to one side a bit to let Jadzia come up alongside her, Echo then followed Jenny into the black.
  4. Echo fished into a slit in the hip of her armor to where a pouch was hidden under the ruthenium polymer. From within she pulled a flashlight remarkably similar to Piper's. They must shop at the same Stuffer Shack. She held it up by her head, directing the dim beam along her eyeline as she looked around. "Piper, which way's the laundry room? We'll start that way, clear to the end, then come back and clear the other way." The elf pointed and waved her light. "That way?" That's about when Echo noticed that Jenny seemed bereft of visual aid, and didn't get a flashlight of her own out. She stifled a groan. Typical 'shadowrunner.' Spend all your nuyen on a big fucking gun, completely forget you have to see to hit anything with it. "Hey. Jenny." When the dangerously beautiful woman turned to face her, Echo held the flashlight out, the base first. "Here. I'll want it back when we're done with the sweep." She then reached up to touch the contacts on the side of her goggles with her trodes and selected the ultrasonic sensor built into them, nestled between the two lenses. It charged with a barely-audible, high-pitched 'fweeeeee' and then began pulsing in frequencies only dogs or bats could comfortably hear. Her vision overlay switched over, painting the room in shades of grey. Solid shapes stood out clearly, showing the walls, ceiling, floor, shelves, and obstacles. Surface details were less distinct, and of course anything like text or print was lost completely. It would be enough to fight with, if it came to that. An adjustment laid the thermographic data over it...handy to tell a mannequin from a living body, which might otherwise be tricky if someone held still. "You take point, Jenny. I don't want to be anywhere in front of you when that hand cannon goes off."
  5. There was a click-whirr from Echo's right arm, and a mechanism hidden up her sleeve inserted a small pistol into her hand. As her fingers closed around its grip, she saw the HUD on her field of vision update to include ammo count and type, and a reticule appeared to show her where it was pointing. She fitted her helmet over her head, then snapped her goggles down over the eyepieces. A moment later the options for optical overlays added onto her HUD. She had a heavier gun than this, but the Ares had cheaper ammo. At 900 nuyen, she could come out at a loss if she fired off a mag or two of the expensive stuff. You save your good china for the high quality guests after all. Moving quietly then, Echo followed Jenny down the stairs, switching her goggles to thermographic mode to scan for heat signatures down below.
  6. "Looks like you got it right that time," Echo replied blandly, giving Jenny a nod. "Hell, I'm here. May as well take care of it." Nine hundred wasn't much, but it'd cover the tram fare out here and back. Echo wasn't as sure as Piper that the pipe wasn't the problem...all it would take was a re-organization of water flow to make potable water into sewage outflow, right? But that was way beyond the remit here. "Secure the basement, let you get access to the well. I'm in."
  7. What am I doing here? Echo asked herself silently. If she's lucky the other two won't just pop her here on the sidewalk. "Piper," she said trying for 'gentle but firm' but falling too hard on 'firm,' "Lead with the details on the job. What do you need done, where, and when? Then we can talk price." Echo glanced around then and added, "And while we're at it, do you have someplace we can talk that has walls? Being on the street in the Barrens makes my back itch."
  8. (PM) >>>[Piper, lets talk about your problem. Time/place of your choosing.] - Echo
  9. Birth Name: Gwyn Hill Aliases: Echo (running handle), Bliss, Sin Birth Date: March 18th, 2044 Nationality: UCAS (MCT Corporate citizenship originally) Metatype: Human Gender: Female Height: 5'9" Weight: 142lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Pale blue Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance: Echo's tallish, and a bit heavier than she looks due to the augmentations she's had. The tattoo on the back of her neck reads '06' in characters slightly lighter than her skin tone. Psychological Profile: Professional to a fault, can get pissy when plans get derailed. When working with a team, she takes the team's safety very personally Has sweet tooth for the finer things in life Tends to distrust mages on general principle; keeps a close eye on them when she has to work with one Motivation: Atonement - Echo doesn't talk about it, but somewhere in her past she's done something that doesn't sit right with her. Sometimes she'll do a bit of work on the side to try to put that to rest. Maintaining lifestyle - Echo doesn't slum if she has any options. She likes warm, dry rooms with steady power and hot and cold running water. Trids. Local grid access at WORST. That takes nuyen, and this is how she earns it. Going Legit - Echo runs in the shadows from necessity, not desire. She's still fresh enough to the game to let herself dream of getting enough put together to buy a custom, impregnable SIN and a house somewhere not too polluted and live a quieter life. She may underestimate how boring that life might be after awhile, but that's tomorrow's problem. Current Residence: Single bedroom, fairly upscale with decent view of the much better neighborhood it's not quite part of. Also maintains a safehouse in the Barrens. Life Style: Medium, vanilla with basic Doc Wagon Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0
  10. "I dunno," Echo said to the AI's avatar hologram as she watched the scene play out over the shipboard sensors. "Is this when I push the 'flood the corridors with neurotoxin' button? What do you think, Solenya?"
  11. The Ship's avatar re-materialized in the engineering compartment next to Echo, or rather another avatar as the other was still in the control center conversing with Sunshine. Solanya pursed her lips and fixed the artificial life form with a glare. "I will forgive your disrespect of earlier and allow you to make amends. Are you the one responsible for the unauthorized modifications done to my space frame?" Echo grinned. "Some of them, yeah. They're pretty nice, right? Still got a lot of work to do though." She tapped her cheek with her fingers as she rested her chin in her hand, gazing at the hologram meditatively for a moment. "What kind of changes do you want made? Don't get me wrong, this is a great ship...maybe even better than I figured at first...but there's always room for more and better." With a glance at the display monitoring the bridge and communications, Echo shrugged. That gambit would work or it wouldn't. If it did, she wouldn't have to worry about it. If it didn't...there'd be panicked calls down to engineering for shield and engine power any second now. She'd jump into that ravine when she came to it.
  12. "Aw baby, don't be like that," Echo said to the inert instrument panel. "I just got used to thinking of all this as mine, you know? Then it's...hey no, there's company in here. Bit of a shock." "Lets start over. I'll get you a nice new set of plasma filters."
  13. "I'm Echo," replied the engineer tartly. "Why are YOU squatting in MY computer like a space hobo in a space cargo pod waiting for a space handout?"
  14. "I must ask you to cease." said the...person in perfect Binary. Echo reached over and grabbed a hand scanner, her eyes never leaving the apparition. The scanner was a diagnostic device, meant to help track down leaks or shielding faults in the engine core, but it was better than just eyes and ears. "Aaaaall right, I've ceased," the android said, aiming the scanner at this 'elf.' "For now. Mostly because I'm pretty sure you're the one I was looking for anyway. So. Who are you?"
  15. The revelations from the cat-guy convinced Echo that there could be another source of information...perhaps one more amenable. When he'd issued his commands, something had replied...a voice speaking from the Solenya's computer. Now, having verified her early check results on the nature of the anomalies in the ship drive, Echo went on a hunt into the computer's core. It was a big, complex computer...it wasn't out of the question that an AI could hide itself in there, but now that it had revealed itself by issuing directives, there'd be a datatrail. Naturally it would have been deleted, but the deletions themselves made a kind of...well...echo of the original commands. So long as the AI hadn't done anything, it was a ghost in the machine. But now Echo had a scent, and she could track that through as many layers of deletion and concealment as the AI had time to throw out before she managed to isolate it. It took several minutes...an eternity for an android mind working in a digital world...and in the end, the craftily-hidden software routines and spoofing obscured exactly where the actual programs were, but she managed to bring up an interface. She sent directives to the secret programming, instructing it to share basic operating data with her. Was this an actual intelligence? Echo would soon find out. Computer: 1D20+16 = [19]+16 = 35
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