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  1. Mycroft grimaced, both at the sounds of the woman being assaulted and the likely probability they weren't the only ones looking for Crowne. "I don't make a habit of carrying lockpicks with me. If you don't, either we can bust down this door, or knock on it and pretend we're cops - or rather something more likely to show up. Don't know if this sleeze will panic or try to play it off like she slipped in the shower."
  2. "Well then." Mycroft set up his cyberdeck for optimized data searching. Fisher had a SIN, and if she was like the average wageslave, would be blasting out personal information on the Matrix like it was popcorn on Free Theaters Weekend. "Let's start with her then."
  3. Mycroft knew this was going to be a headache. Chunin was one of those inveterate snarkers, who would not stop making remarks about everything. From the confined space of Mycroft's Honda subcompact - which fit him fine and was affordable and quite serviceable thank you - to the music Mycroft tried to put on, to the brief burst of gunfire that occurred as Mycroft was making a turn to bring them to the shady spot. It was just a brief flare-up between gangers, and for once blessedly, Chunin had shut up and demonstrated a quite strong sense of alertness. Until it was clear it wasn't going to affect the two runners, and Chunin went back to making stupid comments. "All right, cram it." Mycroft finally told him, in no more mood for this. "Business time." He slotted the datachip into his comlink, entered the password, and projected the contents on AR display for Chunin's benefit. Crowne's picture showed a reasonably handsome human, but nothing to write home about. "We have Crowne's address and apartment number: in not too bad a part of town, but cops are going to take their sweet time if some noise happens." Then three more pictures. "Associates: Trevor Evans, friend from work. DJ Dewinter, Crowne's bookie. And Laura Fisher, an ex. No further info, but I'm sure I can track down where to find any of them. Your thoughts?"
  4. It would have been false to argue Mycroft's hands were clear of blood even when he'd been a law-abiding (certainly in the eyes of Cross Applied Technology) citizen. He'd been a security spider, and sometimes assigned to the places where corporate policy positively demanded hitting digital intruders with black IC and similar biofeedback attack programs. So Mycroft had never subscribed to 'thou shalt not kill.' Obviously, if you got into a shootout with security guards, the same principle applied. Hazard of the profession, albeit from the different end now. Wetwork was different, just as obviously. Mycroft had his distaste for it, as many runners did, but the nature of the shadows meant sooner or later you had to take one of those jobs. The question would be: was the target one you could stomach killing? Thomas Crowne, according to the Jackpoint buzz, had slept with the fiance of a mob boss' heir. Massive disrespect, and anyone who willful made that kind of decision had signed themselves up for the firing line. Mycroft wouldn't have come if he hadn't concluded that already. The issue that left here was, why wasn't the family doing this themselves? From what Mr. Johnson was saying, Crowne had important enough friends that a small-time family couldn't go after him. Not directly, anyway. The chip would obviously say more about Crowne's buddies. Of course Mycroft couldn't get the info without signing himself up for the job. So would fifteen hundred be enough to take the leap? Probably. Cat O' Nine said this was usually easy work from this Johnson. If this run would be the exception, well no way to find out until after all was said and done. Mycroft slowly nodded. "I'll accept."
  5. "A Guinness, thank you." Mycroft told the waitress, but he knew it was going to be a synthanol knock-off. It always was synthanol. Before the Crash 2.0, Mycroft could get a real cold draft Guinness beer, made of actual honest to dragons grain. Whenever the bosses threw an office party, the drinks were the real deal and even when they didn't, Frank Gordon had earned a high enough salary to afford the genuine article. It wasn't as if he'd had too many other expenses to worry about. Now he had to be sure he pulled in enough nuyen to keep his dismal apartment with intermittent power and water. What a difference the past several years made. Once the waitress (or dancer on her off-shift) left, Mycroft nodded to Mr. Johnson. "So, do you think Seattle's going to make the playoffs?" Given what Mycroft knew of the Johnson and his backers, he didn't scoff or roll his eyes at the suggestion of 'discussing credentials', since it would be disrespectful. But it didn't speak of an experienced client. If the Italian had gone through a fixer, he would have had the fixer's implicit promise the runners he received would be qualified. Hell, JackPoint itself was proof of quality. Only the good shadowrunners got to join. Of course, the job-offering process wasn't quite as organized as the classic fixer-driven process. Still, one would think Mr. Johnson had done his homework, representing even one of the lesser organized crime outfits. Unless this family had less history with runners perhaps?
  6. >>>>>[Anyone familiar with Thomas Crowne, or the Johnson involved?]<<<<< - Mycroft
  7. Mycroft Birth Name: Frank Gordon Aliases: "Mycroft" Birth Date: September 15th, 2022 Nationality: UCAS Metatype: Dwarf Gender: Male Height: 4' Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Gray Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance: Short and stocky. Full, heavy black mustache and beard. Psychological Profile: Possesses grudge against Ares. Prefers stealthy, careful approach to hacking. Gruff but professional. Traits: Decades of experience with the now defunct Cross Applied Tech megacorporation. Highly capable hacker. Well versed in Matrix security. Motivation: Rebuild a comfortable living. Current Residence: A converted low-rent apartment in Everett. Lifestyle: Low [w/Grid Subscription to NeoNet] (2450¥/month) Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0 >>>>>(So I hear this guy's the anti-Sticks?)<<<<< - Mika (05:10:54/05-20-72) >>>>>(No, Mycroft is rather subdued about his antipathy towards Ares. It won't stop him from taking jobs from an Ares Johnson, but he's not going to shed any tears if Damian Knight died in a plane crash tomorrow. He probably would attend the funeral so he could spit on the grave.)<<<<< - Sunshine (11:43:37/05-20-72) >>>>>(If anything, he's the anti-Slamm-0! Careful, stealthy... if he had a sensible attitude towards the techno-freaks, he'd be perfect.)<<<<< - Clockwork (18:22:01/05-20-72) >>>>>(By which you mean he's not a stark foaming bigot like you.)<<<<< - Pistons (19:54:40/05-20-72) >>>>>(Mycroft is certainly very proficient. I received some assistance from him when I had some business to handle personally in Seattle. The files were in my hands within 48 hours and no sign the targets suspected anything.)<<<<< - Fianchetto (00:10:39/05-21-72) >>>>>(I'm surprised you didn't come to any of us for help.)<<<<< - Glitch (02:23:21/05-21-72) >>>>>(I wanted a less prominent name involved. Just to be safe.)<<<<< - Fianchetto (02:56:12/05-21-72) >>>>>(Hey I'm all kinds of careful and stealthy... when I feel like it.)<<<<< - Slamm-0! (08:19:45/05-21-72) OOC Frank Gordon was born in Trenton, New Jersey. His parents were corporate managers in the tech industry, and the exploits of Echo Mirage drew Frank's fascination from a young age. He channeled this along with a proficiency with the Matrix and their support into becoming a security hacker. The business he worked for eventually was absorbed into the Cross Applied Technologies megacorporation, and Frank became a dedicated company man. In his eyes, the corp could do no wrong. That was, until the Crash 2.0 occurred. Frank worked non-stop to help combat the damage wreaked, until he emerged one sleepless day to discover his SIN had been destroyed and Ares had snapped up his workplace. Some employees might have gotten help and a new corporate SIN from their new overlords. Frank however, learned that he was being dumped for being 'too old.' For someone who would be half his age and half the cost in salary. Insult to mortal injury. Frank had always seen himself as a white hat, but anger and necessity made him turn black, employing his skills as a hacker and shadowrunner just so he could have a roof and three soy-meals a day. One helpful element is a rule of his professional code: don't steal more than what the Johnson or the mission requires. Quiet and reliable beats flashy and trideo, as Mycroft likes to say.
  8. Still, around, interested... I think it took a bit for the PCs in Red to hash out a basic plan... but now we have some idea of what we're doing.
  9. So this wasn't just a legend. And apparently this wasn't much of a guide. Jian stepped back, observing the shape of the creature, his hands went to the hilts of some of his throwing knives, and he waited... Perhaps he was not the best against spirits, but his adept powers would be some help, so with his focus maximized intently, the moment the Gator came charging into view again, knives were thrown with precise aim to meet the creature. OOC Initiative Roll Jeremy *rolls* 8d6e5: 4,6,6,6,5,3,2,4. Successes = 4 Total: 8 + 4 = 12 [Jeremy] 12:23 pm: Quick Draw Throwing Knife #1 [Jeremy] 12:24 pm: Reaction 4 + Throwing Weapons 7 Jeremy *rolls* 11d6e5: 6,1,4,1,3,2,3,4,2,5,5. Successes = 3 [Jeremy] 12:24 pm: Actual Throwing Attack Jeremy *rolls* 13d6e5: 5,1,4,6,6,3,1,2,2,1,3,5,6. Successes = 5 [Jeremy] 12:25 pm: Quick Draw Throwing Knife #2 Jeremy *rolls* 11d6e5: 4,5,1,1,6,4,3,3,6,4,2. Successes = 3 [Jeremy] 12:26 pm: Actual Throwing Attack #2 Jeremy *rolls* 13d6e5: 6,3,5,1,1,6,6,1,6,6,2,6,5. Successes = 8
  10. Jian heard the low growl, and immediately paid more attention to his surroundings. Far more attention. Base Perception Jeremy *rolls* 7d6e5: 6,2,6,2,5,5,6. Successes = 5 [jameson] 1:24 pm: 8s [jameson] 1:24 pm: holy crapsauce If Visual Enhancement Applies [Jeremy] 1:25 pm: still, for completeness sake Jeremy *rolls* 2d6e5: 5,5. Successes = 2 If Audio Enhancement Applies [Jeremy] 1:25 pm: and now the audio version [Carver-working] 1:26 pm: What is he? Jeremy *rolls* 3d6e5: 6,6,3. Successes = 2 [jameson] 1:26 pm: jeeeezus
  11. Jian went further into the Underground, and decided to humor the kid's chattering. Never know when these sorts of things might come in handy... as a runner after all. "I see. So what's the biggest, baddest true to life story around these parts that you know of?"
  12. Jian stared at Valkyrie for a moment, trying to make sense of what universe she lived in before sending a message back, for her only. I think Caesar is acting on a less than violent means of keeping him from selling out us. The 'social problem' is the proposal itself, or its contents. In case you are not aware of the few remaining taboos in the world, one of them is violence directed towards children. Even runners have some morality - and that you're not definitively saying "Kill him!" makes no difference. I feel reasonable in saying for the rest of us that we're not prepared to do so, and the fact that you are prepared is a red flag itself, one that public knowledge of could ruin your reputation in the runner community - perhaps permanently.
  13. Jian scowled with frustration as Gato quit on him. Not a good sign. Either he was involved in this mess, which Jian still doubted but couldn't rule out entirely, or the Pirate's Cove was that bad - and Turner with it. At least two pieces on information came up out of this - very limited pieces of information, but something. Jian came back and waved at the Ork kid to move back out of earshot, "Give us a moment, kid." Once the youngster had complied, Jian looked at the others and whispered. "The fixer I talked to was... reticent about saying anything. Apparently, Pirate's Cove is an ugly word, and I quote 'bad for business.' What I did get, is that it exists, and that they provide 'certain goods.' No, he didn't specify."
  14. Joani: A little request, that we move ahead on Jian and Gato's convo, please.
  15. Jian nodded as they set off, "Let me split off for a moment, I'll hit up a contact for information on Pirate's Cove, or if he knows of any smugglers in the Underground to hit up." He stepped away a short distance, leaning against a pillar as he dialed the Great Gato, his fixer. As the Gato's cat icon appeared, Jian made his request. "Gato, thanks for the job, by the way. And about this call: Know anything about Pirate's Cove... or know of any smugglers who operate in the Ork Underground? If you need to look things up, what will it cost me?"
  16. Jian paused as he thought about this. "You're right. No scans. Didn't ask for our SINs, right? No actual record. Still, it would feel more comfortable if we had any sort of leverage to keep them away."
  17. "Worse? Don't know about that yet, but bad, yes." Jian pointed out. "I have to wonder how they knew about us. It doesn't make sense that they just appear where they never go, at prompt speed and then just figure out who we are." He let the concern go, at this point they'd have to worry about it later. "Now - the big issue, is actually finding Pirate's Cove, since that's all we have to go on. So logically, where in the Underground would be the best place for smuggling goods?"
  18. Jian, still as blank-faced as a Renraku Red Samurai with his helmet off, turned his head to meet Caesar's questioning gaze, and nodded lightly. One, they didn't have a choice. Two, not every hiding criminal was a shadowrunner, and as long as it wasn't a runner - their reputations would survive any potential hit. Of course, the question who Turner classified as was academic - due to the scrubbed Matrix trail. Three, if they managed to do this right, no one would even know. Four, it was too much of a coincidence, but hopefully it was just that? In any event - long years with the Triads had taught Jian that when put in shitty deals without a real choice, you put up with it until you can get out of it.
  19. Jian at first thought the traditional thought of any shadowrunner surrounded by Knight Errant personnel with overwhelming odds. Oh this is glitched. Still, he tried to maintain a composed attitude, though this was seriously too fast and too serious by Knight Errant. Was this about them, rather than the gangers? Jian wasn't sure, but he was more relieved by the heavy troll Detective appearing, even though he had a good idea of who they were. The reason being, he had seen this Errant Detective before and knew a few things about him. Thus, he said nothing out loud - but with the Detective blocking most of the precision view of the other armed officers, Jian sent out a quick AR text message to Caesar and co. Recognize him. Looks the other way often if you slot him enough cred.
  20. Jian observed the callous disregard for the people around - but getting involved, was a waste and those dead were already so. They had to focus on finding Turner, and preserving the life of Fiona Craig if it turned out to be the case. The message popped up again, as Jian shifted to prepare to go: Someone called Knight Errant. Time to slot out again? OOC [Jeremy] 11:18 am: Agility+Stealth Group (Infiltration) Jeremy *rolls* 7d6: 6+6+3+5+2+1+3: 26 [Jeremy] 11:18 am: 3 hits [jameson] 11:18 am: what is the roll ? [Jeremy] 11:19 am: Composure = Willpower + Cha Jeremy *rolls* 7d6: 5+6+6+6+1+4+3: 31 [jameson] 11:19 am: oh [Jeremy] 11:19 am: 4 hits [jameson] 11:19 am: ... [Jeremy] 11:19 am: yes - Jian is a bastard, you can say it
  21. Jian stopped short as he realized they'd frakked into another fricking gang war, Ork Underground or not. His inclination was to stay away and he looked at Caesar with an incredulous expression, before heading for cover too. The message to everyone's comlinks was short and simple. Again? OOC Initiative roll: Jeremy *rolls* 8d6: 1+1+2+2+1+1+3+2: 13 A near glitch... Initiative 8. Running to Cover and going on Full Defense.
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