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  1. “Cazador del’agua”, Jadzia called out to the spirit as she tried with all her might to summon enough of her will to grasp on to what little bit of mana was not corrupted to call on the wind, instead of the water, “strike down de rats without hurtin’ me or my fellow hunters!”. She knew she had control of it, so far, and that it would be eager to hunt. But she felt it was also wise to couch her words carefully either way. Focusing her will, she called out to the last gusts of the wind that had come in when the door closed, a breath of fresh air. In so doing, she felt her body become lighter and a wisp of clouds emerged from around her feet as she lifted out of the water. It was inconvenient, hanging hunched over in mid-air against the low ceiling, but it beat being covered in crawling, biting rats by miles. The polluted water spirit seemed ponderous, laden with dead and bloated rats, but it was swift in the water, and its watery grasp could hold and drown any number of small rats still.
  2. With our current initiatives, poast order looks like this: Echo: 11+3d6 (22), Jenny: 13+2d6 (20), Jadzia: 7+3d6 (18), Piper: ??? Given the comment on concentration and clear thought while being swarmed with rats, my action at the end might be something like asking the spirit to use Confusion on the rats. Elemental combat magics on the rats swarming over us (while in the water with us) sound like they're out, and probably will have some pretty bad side effects.
  3. The Shaman put her fingers to where her lips would be behind the mask and blinked one of the lowlight lenses of her mask slowly at Echo with one eye. "Shhh, calm." she glanced back at it slowly, then back at Echo. Her voice was gentle, smooth - but under tension like a piano wire. "Show no fear. Give it no reason to find insult." She too was worried by the sudden appearance of what appeared to be a quite darker manifestation of form than she had expected. "I called it not, wanted it not. But it's what came." she gently placed herself between the Spirit and the other runners. "Sending it back is hard, it wants to stay. Wants to hunt. Best to let it hunt, tire out, go home tired. Trying to send off a creature excited to play - quite likely more dangerous than anything else down here..." she glanced meanwhile at Jenny, who at this point may or may not be the only one paying attention to the corridor ahead. More surprises...would be bad.
  4. The dead rats, red eyes and Jenny’s warning all screamed the unnatural to Jadzia. But she knew many kinds of things that could do this, and not all of them were magical in nature. Had she not remained enclosed within her gas mask, she might have believed it all a hallucinatory effect of the gas, like some Houngan parlor tricks added to the real Mojo. She clutched the scrimshaw pendant around her neck and called on the forces that resides beyond the grasp of her understanding. “Domwu’Agwu, one of many jaws, dere be good eatin’ here. Water under a skyless dark, I need ya to be vicious for me. I fish da waters you fish, me and my fisherfolk, and we share a meal of our last hunt before we hunt anew.” With that she took six tiny bone charms the size of a thumbnail, delicately carved from the head of a fish and threw them into the water ahead. “Prey for you, and prey for each of us. And prey for our enemies, so dey may be not begrudge us the death we bring dem.” At the call for this lesser spirit, aside of the group, part of the water seemed to thicken, roil and coalesce into a vague conical form, like some maelstrom that would exist in a much deeper body of water. At the sides of the whirl, contained within the spirits’ form, were two small schools of high-backed silver-white fish with dead-set eyes and massively sharp teeth jutting from their jaws. Jadzia strained under the pressure of containing the Spirit of Water. Its instinct was to devour, and while it was generally well disposed towards its summoner, Domwu’Agwu needed to be shown strength and respect at once. Failing to do so meant it might decide to take a nip out of her, or her companions. Not acceptable. Underneath the mask, a drop of sweat rolled down from the effort. “I thank ye, older brother. We hunt together.”
  5. Jadzia's budget had been sparse, and with her repayments, she had the cheapest of the cheap. Which at this time did not include a proper flashlight, to her current detriment. Making use of the light produced by Echo's flashlight by proxy of Jenny, and Piper's, she hoped she could find a way to remedy her situation before it would become critical. She could always perceive Astrally, but that lacked detail and would make her stick out on that plane. Using a summoned spirit's elemental aura to produce the barest minimum ligth was possible, but that would cost precious reagents...stalking behind the others she pondered her options.
  6. Closing up the rear, Jadzia felt a small twang of jealousy at the - obviously nicer - gear that the other two ladies had brought with them. Drawing her Streetline Special from its concealed holster she knew that it was more for the comfort of holding on to something than actually being useful. She promised herself to do some imagination-shopping in the catalog next time it arrived in her account. Her lowlight vision gave her just enough to go by, as she stepped down the stairs carefully. Even without perceiving Astrally, she was very sensitive to the roiling of forces on the Astral plane, and she'd know if something magical were to come their way.
  7. Half turned away from the others, Jadzia rummaged around in her messenger bag and took out an old, beat up mask that looked like it had been cut, shot at and burned. A deep breath, then she removed the rebreather from her nose and quickly slid the mask onto her face. The core of it must be modern, as evidenced by the hissing noise as the thing fit on her face, but the outside had that rough look of carved bone. It had clearly seen better days. As she put it on and its systems connected, there was a faint Augmented Reality Overlay running across the mask that was visible for just a second before a mental command suppressed it. Curved lines in blue, maybe something nautical. Might remind someone of one of those ancient nautical maps when they still found their way using the flayed flesh of trees. Then they were gone. With its lowlight engaged, at least she could see before setting her feet in something nasty. "May I suggest we be adaptin' our posturin' to the more cramped area beyond? Punchy people up front, bullet hozes next, precision shooters final, and all dat jazz?"
  8. Jadzia felt comfortable knowing that the only symptoms so far were throwing up and queasiness. "Wouldn'a be surprised if dere be a Devil Rat down in dere basement, rollin' around in da water. Dey gets up to all kinds a mischief and 'fore ya know people gets sick of da Basura dey be draggin' in. I be comin' along as it sounds like it be fair pay for a fair job." She was keenly aware of the others' mildly uncomfortable shuffling around each other. "Well den, it be lookin' to be a girls' night out, ey?" She turned around towards the hallway where they came from, both to keep an eye out for any listners-in and to make a bit of headway towards the inevitable stairwell leading to the basement.
  9. Jadzia took her time to observe the scene as Echo grilled the clearly less professional Piper. Languidly like a snake that just woke up she moved around Piper, as if scanning the area for threats, or perhaps seemingly bored to those not aware of how her eyes darted to and fro. She was trained to deal with Mages, yes, but those same skills were very useful when dealing with the mundane as well. Once she believed she had the scene well memorized, she extended her vision into the Astral world to observe her surroundings in the Astral realm. Given that it was considered very rude to assense other people, she had the good manners to only catch glimpses. Just in case something interesting might present itself. “Being on the street in the Barrens makes my back itch." She heard, and her senses returned to the here and now. “Ah yes, agreed. Less ears.” While her mouth was hidden by the rebreather mask, her eyes squinted in that manner that suggested that she’d be smiling underneath.
  10. >>>>>[@Piper. Agua sea vide, vida sea valiosa. Tell me where to meet, and I be attending, amie.]<<<<<
  11. Birth Name: Jadzia Santiago Diminuitives: Jaz or Dia Aliases: Abyss Birth Date: Unknown, like somewhere between 19 and 23 years ago Nationality: Caribbean League Metatype: Human, Asian-Latin-African descent Gender: Female Height: 163 cm Weight: 61 kgs Hair: Ivory white (Dyed, lustrous black originally) Eyes: Heterochromatic (Light Blue/Dark Grey) Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance: Ivory white dyed hair and heterochromatic eyes (blue/grey) Light brown skin, freckles on the bridge of her nose and her cheeks Several thin scars of claws across her upper body and back Slavic nose and cheekbones, slightly slanted almond shaped eyes Speaks in a notable Patois, rolling voice with wooden timbre Psychological Profile: Scalding sense of black humor, sarcastic Calm and collected under pressure Intense and oddly intimidating for her size Pansexual and flirty Traits: Spellslinger trained in anti-awakened tactics, summoner who prefers sea- and sky-based spirit forms Talismonger/talislegger on the go Specializes in Air/Water elemental damage and battlefield control Very good at learning new things Motivation: Acquire licenses and a higher quality Identity to further her magical training and business. She needs money continuously to pay off the crippling debt to the smugglers who smuggled her out from the South. A permanent home, with warm running water and an enchanting workshop. Snazzy gear and improved equipment. Not to be alone, talking to herself, and permanently worried someone might displace her from her current crib. Current Residence: She has no permanent residence, but cribs and moves around regularly. All her possessions fit inside a single, well-worn backpack. She goes around with a beat-up old Dodge Scoot. Life Style: “Borrowed Lives”: Jadzia bribes local officials for addresses and access to easily overlooked places owned by Seattle residents who will spend some time in jail. She utilizes their services and hooks up a simple gridlink. This is a thrifty low lifestyl. Ready to move at a moment’s notice. She takes out trial memberships at a gym to shower, steals what she has to, is always looking for a way to make money under the table. On the net she displays a very different image, as she cribbed her deck secondhand from a decker that didn’t use his kiddy grade stuff anymore. The Icon file for it is thoroughly messed up, making it look like a column of snow falling down. Her computer skills don’t really go beyond User so she doesn’t know how to fix it, nor does she have the money to have it done. She uses temporary online virtual meeting spaces to auction off magical secrets that she managed to snag for petty cash or information. Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0 >>>>>[The Drowning Voice are an interesting but sinister group of shamans from the Caribs specializing in anti-awakened tactics. They mesh Nietzschean philosophy and self-torment through drowning and mutilation. I can see why she left.]<<<<< - Ma’Fan >>>>>[This one’s a country girl alright - won’t take off her rebreather until she’s standing right at the bar, where the air coming from the AC is cleanest and coldest.]<<<<< - DrummerBoy >>>>>[It’s easy to tell from her aura that she’s got some magical potential, and yet she lives like a vagrant. Makes me wonder if she’s got some serious issues preventing her from getting a regular magical gig.]<<<<< - Winterhawk >>>>>[…or some serious enemies.]<<<<< - Snopes >>>>>[She can charm people well enough with that rolling patois, but she’s no kitten. Some sports bar schmuck was riding up on her a bit close and she just looked at him. I don’t know how someone as tiny as that can look down her nose at such a big dude, but she did. And it got darker all of a sudden, like you have a cloud passing over the sun outside. The dude apologized, bought her a beer and fragged off quicker than a hosed-down tomcat.]<<<<< - Ma’Fan >>>>>[I like her armor, when she turns on the lights it has bones and skulls and moving sea beasties on it. Like in that Trid sho---user disconnected]<<<<< - Benny70 >>>>>[Gotta be older than 18 to post here, sport.]<<<<< - Butch OOC Stuff When you grow up magical in the Caribs life is wicked. You learn to be quick, sense danger and stay out of trouble. Creatures want to eat you, shamans want you to do menial work, and people believing in magical cures from unlicensed witch doctors want to grind your bones for magic faerie dust. Jadzia avoided all that, but only because she joined up with the Drowning Voice, a pretty nasty band of magicians operating against Aztlan. Like a child soldier, she was trained to fight mages, spirits and awakened critters. Like a cultist, she was taught the way of the Voice from Below. For a teenager, those are wild days. Wearing scary armor, fighting sea-beasts and mages seems like a trid show. But fewer came back every day. Her family put together money, knowing that they could never have her back. Even if she'd come back, they might not recognize her anymore, and the local gangs and pirates would wait to scoop her up. So they surrendered their life savings to a scumbag called Fyrecracker to take her away from that place and somewhere better. His team managed to infiltrate the hideout (the Drowning Voice as a cult have great difficulty defending against mundane intrusion) and salvaged her from a seemingly lethal ritual she was subjected to. Feeling pretty good about saving the girl and making it out, Fyrecracker's lazy ass decided that the girl was a bit of a hassle. The deal was for her to be taken to Amazonia, where she might be able to build up a new life with her gifts. But Fyrecracker thought that was a bit too far and a bit too dangerous, and no one would be the wiser if he dropped her off in Miami instead. Being alone and without support, but with magical talent, Jadzia found herself in an unexpected and unwise alliance with some people smugglers from Miami who would be more than happy to deliver her to Seattle. It was no problem that she had no money, because they had associates there who would very much value her work and she could simply pay off her debt. The Triads took over her debt, essentially buying her from the people smuggglers. It's been three years and she has stolen, smuggled and hocked wares for them ever since, and her debt seems to shrink only ever so slightly. She sleeps where people abandon their homes because of forced jailtime. She showers at gyms, steals food and takes most jobs she can. Most of her gear still comes from when she fled the Caribbeans, although the Triads had a decker set her up with a proper false identity. She doesn't want to run - but she has to. Like a shark, if she stops swimming she will sink. And then there's her magical obligations. The spirits she had made pacts with represent the flensing winds of the storm, the eternal stillness of the glacier, the doldrums and the crushing loneliness at the bottom of the drowning deep. If she does not swim up for air in time, she will find herself drowning in it. The ritual the Drowning Voice were subjecting her to was actually an attempt at initiation, and Fyrecracker's disturbing it caused it to fail. Instead of being given access to deeper mysteries of magical secrets, she instead nearly drowned. The sea water damaged her lungs and as a result she is very sensitive to pollutants; she goes nowhere without a respirator and sometimes won't even take it off indoors if she's not in polite company. It made her voice slightly hoarse, which makes her sound a little older than she is. She does not appreciate the irony that her voice was quite literally drowned. She has a incision scar underneath her left collarbone where a small cluster of datachips was slipped underneath the skin, attached to a micro-transceiver. The data on the chip can only be accessed by physically removing and hacking it, or by using a stealth chip with the access codes in combination with a positive ID on a biometric reader. She keeps a backup of her formulae, research and magical data here, in case she has to flee and cannot bring anything with her. She has a backup stealth chip inside the scrimshawed amulet around her neck.This was set up by the Triads, just like her MCT Trainee cyberdeck. She can't use it for decking because she lacks the necessary skill, but she sometimes runs its Evaluate and Cloudless programs to gauge the value of files she gets sent by other magicians. Any decker who sees that thing hidden in the shell of a Hermes IKON commlink is going to have a fit of laughter. She mostly uses it to set up online VR meets, and to auction off magical paydata and secrets she finds. Her icon is that of a snowy blizzard; this isn't because that's her choice, but because her icon file was corrupted and this is simply the white noise that was left behind. She lacks the technical skill or money to fix it up. In a team she can deal elemental damage and control the battlefield, as well as heal. She can handle magical enchantments, auras, wards and objects. She can be a Face or Tactician, or help the team out if they need to navigate water. She is especially good at taking out enemy mages, spirits and paracritters. ((The image I used is the best match I could find at short notice, will look for a better one or make a new one myself if I can find the time))
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