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  1. As Charlie and Sophia talked quietly in the corner, everybody politely ignored the pair, though one or two smiles were shared at the kiss. One set of eyes, however, rested on the pair a little longer than propriety dictated - hardly a surprise, since the eyes in question belonged to a person to whom propriety was more of a suggestion than a rule. Courtney smiled a little, a mysterious and somewhat cynical curve to her lips as she observed Charlie and his girlfriend, her crimson nails tapping on the table very lightly, then shifted her gaze to the others in the room with an attitude not-dissimilar to that of a lioness watching the traffic at a watering hole. She watched the interplay between personalities, felt the warm flow of emotions between the group, and her smile became somewhat less predatory and more thoughtful as she did so. Kat's thoughts were spinning as she sat down, her emotions chaotic as the events of the day piled up behind her consciousness like a traffic jam. As she fought through the surging, clashing feelings, she became aware that she was not alone, that the glamorous-looking girl who seemed to be largely detested by most present had walked over and sat down beside her. Courtney, she remembered this one was called. The telepath who had just switched sides. "Girl, your head is a mess of static." Courtney said quietly, her gaze warm and sympathetic as she made a slight wincing expression. "Listen, don't pay too much mind to what others say. You've got the gift, same as them. I know what it's like to have a head full of fucking noise." She lifted a hand and placed it on Kat's shoulder. "Look, I'm a bitch, sure. Ask any of them. But Devin welcomed me to your club and I want to help, if only a little. I can't throw down in a fight like those guys, but I might be able to help you focus a bit... If you want me to. Nothing serious, just like a little calm-you-down."
  2. Jenny was having problems. Problems other than a rising tide of rats, that is. The cellar stank, even compared to most of the Sprawl and especially the Barrens. And seeing as her sense of smell and taste were so inextricably linked, it didn't help to breathe through her mouth, even shallowly - it just meant she was tasting the damned cellar as well as smelling it. She was thinking she should have taken the assassination job rather than agree to this... this indignity. She was also thinking she was going to bathe for a solid day after this job, in some of that strong floral bath oil that normally made her sneeze but right now seemed like a balm. Stupid two-legs and their stupid squatting over a dirty water supply and this dank, stench-filled cellar filled with bad astral vibes and walls of vermin - and to top it all off, the fragging wiz-lady's drek-polluted elemental was sloshing forward to add it's own unique brand of stank to the whole sordid business. No, Red Jenny was not in a good mood. In fact, she was cursing in gutter Russian, her voice taking on a resonant growling timbre that echoed in the gloom of the cellar as the nasty, squirming biting things surged around her legs. She could feel the insides of her skin itching as fur clamored to sprout, but instead snapped her Ruger back into it's holster. Whereas Echo had climbed, Jenny practically ran up the hallway wall to just below ceiling level, fingers seeking chinks and gaps in the shoddy masonry to anchor herself. The Stank-Elemental could clean out the vermin. There was no way she was going to try and fight a swarm with knives and a six-shooter. Stupid two-legs.
  3. Actually, in her human shape Jenny has an initiative of 17. Base of 10 plus 7. 20 would be in her feline form. Which given she's knee deep in vermin, might become a factor soon. There's only so much stinky, dark, foul-tasting bullshit a tigress can take. Anywho, Jadzia is up next.
  4. Jenny had frozen in place as the horror had risen from the water, feeling her hackles raising and resisting the urge to attack both the corrupt spirit and the mage who had summoned it. Once it was plain that Jadzia hadn't planned on raising such a thing, and had it under tenuous control, the weretigress grumbled deep in her chest and focused her attention on the red eyes ahead. "Send your pet to play." she growled at Jadzia. "Let spirit fight spirit." Drekking mages.
  5. "Something is here." Jenny said, her voice a low throaty contralto that could almost be called a growl as she sensed the paranormal threat. "Something not natural." She quickly checked the positions of the others, her gaze finding Jadzia. If this was a spirit, then the mage would be invaluable. She glanced at Echo, nodding towards the malevolent constellation of red eyes ahead of them, and moved to one side of the narrow corridor, raising both her gun and the flashlight to probe the darkness ahead as she moved forwards in a slow stalk. "Elf. Keep an eye on the flooded room. Watch our backs." she said to Piper, terse as always, aware that moving towards the entity meant putting whatever might be lurking in that water behind them.
  6. Jenny's first instinct when the basement door had slammed shut had not been a healthy one: she'd almost Shifted at being trapped without warning. Glowering in the darkness at the elf, she'd fought hard to repress a growl as Piper explained the situation. She wasn't completely debilitated in pitch darkness, of course - the Astral overlaid everything with it's faint ethereal glow, highlighted by the vibrant life of her companions, the rats and the dim phosphorescence of micro-organisms that enjoyed basement living. Not unlike some Deckers she'd met. But this was another lesson. More thought needed to go into her gear if she was to become successful. A low-light flashlight such as the one Echo had provided her unasked would be useful for those times when one couldn't rely on regular senses. The stench down here was... Well, Jenny resolved to breath shallowly and through her mouth, grateful that she wasn't in her four-legged shape right now. Not that breathing through her mouth was much better - she could taste just as well as she could smell. Perhaps a breathing mask would also be in order - it rankled her to be cut off from such an essential sense as scent but, right now, she'd happily be a nose-blind monkey. How the drek did they allow themselves to live like this? She'd be sick too, living above and drawing water up from a place that smelled like this. "Thank you for the light." she said tersely, moving to take point as Echo had suggested. Holding the flashlight up and sweeping it over the floor and walls, she headed with her usual silence in the direction Piper had indicated, her Ruger held low and her Astral eyes likewise scanning for anything larger than a rat.
  7. Without a word Jenny drew a pistol that wouldn't have looked out of place in an Ork's hand from the folds of her lined duster. A six-shooter, but there was little quaint or Olde Worlde about the Troll-killing handcannon. Not the most technically-inclined, the hunter liked revolvers simply because they didn't jam, and if you got a misfire due to a dud round you just pulled the trigger again. Additionally, it was suitably intimidating that most street life scurried away from the bore as though they were cockroaches from a flashlight's beam. That was good - it saved her having to show them why they really shouldn't bother her. She moved past the mask-wearing mage and peered down into the darkness, her eyes penetrating the gloom. "Stairs is old. We go one at a time, moving careful, da?" She started down the steps, somehow managing to set her feet so lightly that she made no noise, even the creaking stairs seemingly not registering her passage. Pausing at the bottom, she glanced back at Echo and Jadzia, the dim lighting in the hallways causing her eyes to shine once more with that eerie flash, before turning and peering into the darkness of the basement.
  8. "I take the job. Money paid when it is done, yes." Jenny spoke up from where she had moved to one side of the others. The quiet woman's gaze had not slid far from the mage, but for now rested on Piper as she asked the question, then glanced around the place, pacing to the entrance to Piper's room and peering inside, then back to where they stood. "Need to know." she shrugged, a human gesture she found useful. "What type of sick do people get? Throwing up? Shitting? What is symptoms?" "Nausea." Piper confirmed, with a nod at her. "Just queasiness, some throwing up. Nothing really bad, but bad enough we don't want people using the water." "Fine then." Jenny shrugged again, taking off her green-tinted shades and tucking them into a coat pocket. "Where is basement?" She was all business, obviously wanting to be about the work, collect her money and go. She glanced at the other two, the dim lighting gleaming eerily from her eyes for an instant as she flashed a small smile without showing teeth. "If you come, then come. If not, then more nuyen for me."
  9. Jenny wasn't pleased to see the other two women, both evidently Runners, show up for her job. She didn't react as such, though, thinking it through in her basic fashion. Sure, it should be just a kibble run to sort out what was messing up the water supply to this flophouse, but even if it was and the meager nuyen had to be split three ways... Well, she might at least make some useful connections for better work out of it. The new hunter in the jungle had to take their game as they could catch it. A lean figure in a fastened dark-red armored longcoat, she leaned against the nearby wall and studied the three other females from over the rims of her shades. The tigress was not a deep thinker, but she was a keenly attentive stalker. A leaf crushed against a tree, a footprint in spilled blood - a hunter studied the details and looked for the things that did not fit. Piper... Did not fit. Sure, she smelled like someone who had been living the Barrens lifestyle - kibble and rat diet, hadn't bathed recently. But her manner was uptown, surburban, or out-of-town. She used deodorant, fresh stuff. Her body language was neither prey nor predator, but rather that of an excitable young fawn, lots of gestures and expressiveness. An elf, dyed hair or not, was not your typical Barrens resident. The woman wearing the rebreather smelled of preserved organics, candlewax, spices. A talismonger, or a mage, or both. Given that she was here for a shadow job, both seemed most likely. The other one, the one who sensibly suggested getting off the street - she smelled expensive. Decent gear, bathed regularly with good quality soap and shampoo, deodorant and had some manner of enhanced pheramonal augmentation. Unlike Jadzia, Jenny was always aware of the Astral - it was part of her nature and thus it took no effort or concentration for her to keep track of both worlds. Piper was not Awakened, nor was the Expensive One, though she showed some level of artificial augmentation common amongst Runners. As the Rebreather One shifted her senses though, she immediately announced her nature to the weretigress, who straightened from where she was leaning and looked straight at the mage, her gaze intent. Jadzia, as she swept her gaze across the surroundings, turned to see the form of a large tiger superimposed over the woman in the red coat, it's eyes and Jenny's overlapping perfectly and staring right back at her. There was no obvious menace in her posture or manner, but there was a predatory alertness that was almost as off-putting. "I think we should go somewhere private too." Red Jenny said to Piper, her voice low as she kept her gaze on the spellworm. "We do not yet know each other's names, and we do not yet know if we have a problem that can be solved."
  10. Private message: >>>>>[Piper. I will meet with you, hear the offer and what details you can provide. I promise nothing more. Here is my commlink code to give me directions.]<<<<< -Red Jenny
  11. >>>>>[What is the buzz about the water supply matter, where it is or why it might be an extermination gig.]<<<<< - Red Jenny
  12. There. Added some Shadow-buzz and some OOC info to the sheet
  13. Birth Name: Laohu Shang-Liang Aliases: Red Jenny; Jenny Laohu; Birth Date: Unknown Nationality: Sino-Russian Metatype: Human Gender: Female Height: 5'8" Weight: 150lbs Hair: Black and red (not dyed) Eyes: Greenish-gold, shine in dim light. Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance: In excellent physical shape, moves with grace, silence and precision. Thick Russian accent. Usually dresses in tight revealing clothing, prefers red and black. Usually avoids more than basic makeup and ornamentation, never wears perfume. Psychological Profile: Standoffish and alert. Never seems to relax in company. Despite manner of dress, is far from promiscuous. A woman of few words and not a lot of patience for small talk, haggling or politics. Prefers straightforward hunting or extermination jobs. Has been known to take recovery runs. Traits: Paranormal critter hunter. Usually works alone, high success rate to date. Classified as a physical adept. Licensed for pistols, concealed carry, bounty hunting and short blades. Dislikes anything more than basic technology. Can barely use her commlink. Motivation: Survival: living free and on her terms. Comfort: she does like some creature comforts. Nuyen seems to be the path to that. Current Residence: Concealed apartment sandwiched between two buildings in the Barrens. Weather-proof, basic matrix access, close to a Stuffer Shack. A stipend paid to the local Triad ensures she is mostly left alone. Life Style: Low Lifestyle: Public Grid, Hard to Find, Dangerous Area. (1800¥/Month) Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 1 Public Awareness: 0 >>>>>(So this slitch is fucking crazy! Came into a Stuffer Shack where me and my chummer were getting some munchies, walked right up to my buddy, who's one of those straight-edge guys - a little chrome, no drugs, health freak. When I say 'right up' I mean she was all up on him like scales on a drake. She practically dragged him outta there - leaving me ditched, btw - and apparently gave my chummer a wild three or four days at his pad. She never left her commlink code and never called him. So far, so what, right? Only we see her again a month later, hanging in a Mah-Jong parlor - she scopes my friend and I can tell she recognises him. So he goes over to try and break off another piece, right? She blows him off - not embarrassed or anything, just not interested in more sexy times. He's trying to get his flirt on and goes for the ol' casual touch: and the slitch damn near shivs him right there with a goddamn Cougar Fineblade. He said it was like talking to a completely different woman. Lesson learned, chummers - this one is so far up the Crazy-Hot scale she's Jekyll & Hyde.)<<<<< - DrummerBoy (09:12:54/05-13-72) >>>>>(Or maybe she was working, jackass. Word is that Red Jenny does bounty work, mostly paracritter cleanup but she'll track down anyone for recovery and retrieval if the money is decent. Your buddy humping her leg in public that way was probably fragging with her professional image or worse, her bottom line.)<<<<< - Frosty (11:56:12/05-13-72) >>>>>(Yeah, well there's ways to say "Not interested, frag off." That's all I'm saying.)<<<<< - DrummerBoy (13:39:41/05-14-72) >>>>>(Paracritter exterminator. Works alone, mostly. Buddy of a buddy of mine over at the university consults with her in exchange for 'specimens'. I have to say, she seems quite the specimen herself... Joking and innuendo aside, she's supposedly very capable in her chosen field, though I'm not sure about the other more shadowy bounty work she undertakes.)<<<<< - The Nutty Professor (22:19:10/05-14-72) >>>>>(She's pretty new on the scene. Came out of nowhere about 3 months back, did a retrieval job for the local Triads bringing back a bookie who tried to leave Seattle in a hurry over some financial misunderstandings. Cleaned out a devil rat nest for a consortium of local interests in the Barrens, tracked and killed an escaped barghest from a corp security project, and that's about it.)<<<<< - Winterhawk (03:21:14/05-16-72) >>>>>(I've met this chica, up close and personal-like. Never woulda guessed she did that kinda work, to be honest. She moves like- and her skin is smooth and flawless as a- Well, all I'm saying is that she's got no scars. None. Also, she never called me back either. )<<<<< - MisterLoverLover (11:41:54/05-16-72) >>>>>(That's interesting... So she either drops major 'yen on cosmetic surgery, or has a magical edge. She's a licensed adept, so...)<<<<< - Winterhawk (014:29:11/05-16-72) >>>>>(Hey, MisterLoverLover. We need pics. Vids. Trids. For research.)<<<<< - El-Perv(21:34:51/05-17-72) >>>>>(Yeah, even if I had 'em I wouldn't share 'em. She's scary intense, hunts people, and that story Drummer told about the knife? No way.)<<<<< - MisterLoverLover (03:21:38/05-18-72) OOC Stuff: Laohu Shang-Liang was born roughly four years ago in the far eastern reaches of Siberia. She was not called Laohu Shang-Liang then, of course - that name came later, when she Awakened and first changed into her metahuman form shortly after her second winter of life as a young Siberian tiger. An elderly parabiologist, Russian but of Chinese ancestry, discovered the weretigress and 'adopted' her after a fashion, earning her trust through gentle, respectful treatment. It was from this woman that Laohu Shang-Liang got her name, meaning "Shining Tiger", and learned about life on two-legs. Even more than their mundane cousins weretigers are much sought after, albeit illegally, in China for their various uses in talismongery and traditional Chinese remedies. When poachers began sniffing around the area, the parabiologist used what connections she had to smuggle her ward out of the country and over to the UCAS, setting her up with a fake SIN and connection with a local parazoology student with whom she was in correspondence. Kevin Laughing-Cloud knows what Jenny is and sees her as an endangered rare species - he's also a little infatuated with her, a feeling she does not reciprocate and does not encourage, knowing that it would only lead to complications. She is friendly enough with him, but maintains an arm's length relationship - although he knows her SIN and her commlink code, he does not know where she lives or frequents. Most of the time she is all business - direct to the point of bluntness and seldom wastes words. One reason she's not doing so great on the earnings circuit is her habit of either just accepting an offer, or just getting up and walking out if she feels an offer is too low, rather than haggling. Likewise she cares little for metahuman territorial claims, though she is wary of larger organisations such as the Triads or the corps. Despite being attractive and dressing to emphasise this, Jenny (as she now calls herself) only seeks out male companionship of that nature rarely. She dresses the way she dresses firstly because she likes the look, and secondly because two-leg males are easy to distract with breasts. Which she finds foolish, though in cases of the few men she likes also somewhat endearing. The exception in her behaviour is a matter of biological necessity. She is a tigress, and tigresses go into heat. At such times she will be affectionately forward around males who hit the right buttons, and somewhat touchy-feely around everyone else. Other females who happen to be ovulating might get a different reaction, especially if she sees them as competition. It brings a whole new meaning to the word 'cattyness'. Or 'catfight' for that matter. Whenever possible, she sequesters herself away from males she knows and wants to cultivate professional relationships with when her heat strikes. Dietarily, she's a meat eater. This is expensive in the Sprawl, though there are... low-budget options. So far she has mostly abstained from eating metahumans, for a couple of reasons. One, maneaters tend to be hunted quite vigorously if their predations hit a certain point, even amongst the SINless nothing-people. Two, maneating encourages laziness - they're not exactly challenging prey. She mostly preys on critters, ranging far and wide across the various Barrens zones and even outside the city now and then. It's important to note that Red Jenny does not see herself as metahuman. She's a tigress, and whilst she can and does have friendly / professional relations with metahumans, she doesn't consider herself one of them. Generally she considers two-legs to be foolish, obsessed with triviality, weak, sense-blind and prone to all sorts of vices that makes no sense to her. Shadowrunners at least tend to be more interesting, though she dislikes computers and distrusts those who display a great facility with them. She is wary around mages, as they could potentially tell her true nature, but comfortable around other adepts, street samurai, kick-artists: fellow 'hunters', in short.
  14. Bael will be a Mage with the Tevintan Altus background - Noble-born mage.
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