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Aberrant: The Sex Book

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Some of you might remember how, a few years ago, Sprocket posted this thread. To summarize, he was working on and recruiting writers for an Aberrant fanbook centering around sex in the Nova Age. However, his free time has since run out, and the project lies fallow.

However, I've talked to him about the project quite recently, and while he probably won't be returning to it anytime soon, he was okay with the prospect of passing the project to me to finish. So! Now that we're giving this thing another shot, I'd like to invite you all to contribute your own perspectives to the project. Some things to keep in mind, however:

  • This book will be about sex, but it will not be a guide to writing pornography.
  • This book is not going to be an extended dirty joke, like some other sex-related sourcebooks published for RPGs.
  • This book will contain exactly zero sexualization of children. Yes, teenagers count as children for this purpose. The rest of the rules are flexible and amenable to some exceptions. This one absolutely is not.

Now, some of you may be thinking, "It's all well and good to say you'd like our perspectives on the project, but how are we supposed to give those in a forum without seeing what's already written?" That's a fair question, and it's one I've been thinking about, too. Then it occurred to me to solicit character writeups.

See, pretty much every Aberrant fanbook, and a few official books, have sample characters inside, along with a few paragraphs of bio. Obviously, this tradition would continue with Aberrant: The Sex Book(working title), and it occurred to me that pretty much everyone who plays Aberrant is able to write up a character sheet with a short bio. So, if you want to contribute, just PM me a character sheet and a writeup, with the understanding that I will edit your submission, and it probably will go into a freely-distributed fanbook. Some rough guidelines for character writeup submissions:

  • Your writeup should feature a long Background section, talking about the character's backstory and history, a shorter but still substantial Roleplaying Tips section, describing the character's outward mannerisms, motivations, and other details necessary for understanding how they actually behave, and a short physical description. Also, obviously, a complete character sheet, with all of their stats filled out.
  • Try to go for longer rather than shorter. If it's too long, I can just trim it; if it's too short, then I'll have to add to it, and that'll take longer, as well as risking me missing the point of your writeup and introducing something wildly inappropriate to the concept.
  • The character described should be a person, first and foremost, not just a vehicle for your fetish. I don't want a writeup of your imaginary girlfriend. Write up a character who just so happens to have an interesting sex life, not a sex toy that happens to look like a person.

Aaaaand that's about it. Any questions, comments, or concerns you'd like to share should probably go in this thread, or even if you've got a suggestion for a finished name that's better than Aberrant: The Sex Book. Currently, my only ideas are Aberrant: From The Streets To The Sheets and Aberrant: Behind Closed Doors, and I'm certain that someone here can do better.

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Im always interested in new fanbooks for Aberrant on this site so im looking forward to this one. Also i have a few ideas i will post to you if the submissions are still open, with a few titles for the book:

-Aberrant: The New Age of Aquarius

-Aberrant: Sexual Revolution Redux

-Aberrant: Keeping it Casual

-Aberrant: When Titans Collide

-Aberrant: Built For Sin (i used a romantic title generator for this one:)

-Aberrant: Quantum Love

-Aberrant: The Novas Brides

-Aberrant: Too Sexy for My Cape

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I still want to contribute as much as i can because i dont trust the new edition yet; will wait for Sprockets first impressions. I have cooked up a few original characters and a couple based on existing franchises with numbers filed off(caught myself mistakenly twice going into My Magical Realm, so its not as easy as i thought), but i have a few questions:

- will this book cover nova STD-s, because i refuse to believe a new species would have no mutagens when they constantly change their dna and engage in intercourse with baselines, making baseline STD-s all viral and shit. Not victims but carriers?

- if this book follows Sprockets Outline, is Chapter 3 (Storytelling) already written? I have a few Story Seeds i would like to contribute. Maybe even a few Themes, Moods, Conflicts but not too much. Is my first fanbook contribution.


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