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  1. Are we still going to the Aberrant for Grownups? I have to admit I am looking forward to the book. Not for Prurient interests, but I like the system and I am a sucker for new characters stated out and new crunch.
  2. I have a Mega Mental scientist/businessman along the lines of Rachel Alinsky and Red Son Lex Luthor. This is the type of guy who writes world changing novels in his spare time and revolutionizes scientific fields he isn't even all that interested in based on doodles in the margin of his notebooks. He has truly prodigious intellectual and social abilities with no other powers. He just got a mega int of 6 and soon a mega wits of 6 and I need some ideas for interesting enhancements that he might have access to now that that he is a intellectual powerhouse. I have a Q6 and potentially access to L4 powers, but he isn't a powers character. I just want some mental extras that make it worthwhile to be truly godlike in intellect. While I don't mind combat enhancements he isn't really a combat character. I would prefer some noncombat enhancements if someone can think of them. I have access to all the EonOnline (brainwaves, Aberrant Compendium, New Flesh, etc) stuff and I love and use it, I just want to expand it with intellectual enhancements that are more interesting than just dice adders and really make my Q6 worth it.. And If anyone has any interesting Mental Prodigies they came up with, I would love to hear those as well.This character collects Mental Prodigies
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