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Found 4 results

  1. Some of you might remember how, a few years ago, Sprocket posted this thread. To summarize, he was working on and recruiting writers for an Aberrant fanbook centering around sex in the Nova Age. However, his free time has since run out, and the project lies fallow. However, I've talked to him about the project quite recently, and while he probably won't be returning to it anytime soon, he was okay with the prospect of passing the project to me to finish. So! Now that we're giving this thing another shot, I'd like to invite you all to contribute your own perspectives to the project. Some things to keep in mind, however: This book will be about sex, but it will not be a guide to writing pornography. This book is not going to be an extended dirty joke, like some other sex-related sourcebooks published for RPGs. This book will contain exactly zero sexualization of children. Yes, teenagers count as children for this purpose. The rest of the rules are flexible and amenable to some exceptions. This one absolutely is not. Now, some of you may be thinking, "It's all well and good to say you'd like our perspectives on the project, but how are we supposed to give those in a forum without seeing what's already written?" That's a fair question, and it's one I've been thinking about, too. Then it occurred to me to solicit character writeups. See, pretty much every Aberrant fanbook, and a few official books, have sample characters inside, along with a few paragraphs of bio. Obviously, this tradition would continue with Aberrant: The Sex Book(working title), and it occurred to me that pretty much everyone who plays Aberrant is able to write up a character sheet with a short bio. So, if you want to contribute, just PM me a character sheet and a writeup, with the understanding that I will edit your submission, and it probably will go into a freely-distributed fanbook. Some rough guidelines for character writeup submissions: Your writeup should feature a long Background section, talking about the character's backstory and history, a shorter but still substantial Roleplaying Tips section, describing the character's outward mannerisms, motivations, and other details necessary for understanding how they actually behave, and a short physical description. Also, obviously, a complete character sheet, with all of their stats filled out. Try to go for longer rather than shorter. If it's too long, I can just trim it; if it's too short, then I'll have to add to it, and that'll take longer, as well as risking me missing the point of your writeup and introducing something wildly inappropriate to the concept. The character described should be a person, first and foremost, not just a vehicle for your fetish. I don't want a writeup of your imaginary girlfriend. Write up a character who just so happens to have an interesting sex life, not a sex toy that happens to look like a person. Aaaaand that's about it. Any questions, comments, or concerns you'd like to share should probably go in this thread, or even if you've got a suggestion for a finished name that's better than Aberrant: The Sex Book. Currently, my only ideas are Aberrant: From The Streets To The Sheets and Aberrant: Behind Closed Doors, and I'm certain that someone here can do better.
  2. By now, most of you folks have likely read the interview piece I did with Matt for the release of Aberrant: Nexus. In that piece, I stated that there would be the possibility for new fanbooks to be released *IF* there was an audience for them. I also stated that I had another potential Aberrant fanbook project on my back burner. So here's the thing; back when I was wrapping up work on Aberrant: A Breed Apart over at the now-defunct EON Online site, several people asked whether that fanbook would also be covering the subjects of sex & pornography. Several posters began providing relevant & interesting ideas for Storytellers to introduce sexual/pornography related matters into their Aberrant chronicles. I said "no" to that idea at the time, due to the prevalent political & social climate back then. EON Online was also in a rather precarious state back then as well, & I didn't want to rock an already leaky boat. I denied that I had plans for such a book, and joked that someone might release a hoaxbook of that nature as a .TXT file. While I had written up some homebrew sex-related enhancements, bodymods, aberrations, abilities, merits & flaws strictly for amusement at the time, but that file went into long-term storage & was soon forgotten about as work resumed on Aberrant: The New Flesh. Flash forward to the present. Many of us are adults here, and a lucky few are parents. Would there be a large enough audience for a mature-themed Aberrant fanbook to be considered a worthwhile project? This hypothetical "Aberrant: Sex" fanbook should be short compared to Aberrant: Nexus (which was 190 pages, not counting the covers). Are there any Aberrant fans here on RPG Post that are interested in doing some gamebook writing and willing to contribute spare time & material to this fanbook? Matt has told me that he'd be fine with a mature-themed fanbook, provided there was enough of an audience for it & that it would be labelled appropriately for mature audiences only. He also that it should have no objectification of teens & children, a requirement with which I agree wholeheartedly. It will also have the necessary "common sense" waiver gray sidebars on that & other sex-related matters - "Safe, Sane And Consensual", "This Fanbook Is Not A Sex Manual", "Rape & Other Sick Stuff Is Evil", "BDSM 'Sadism' Vs. Real Sadism", "Beware Trigger Issues" and so on. Finally, this project should not be about writing pornography; it should be about allowing mature Aberrant gaming groups to add a missing facet of the human/nova experience to their chronicles. Also, I'm not looking to produce a pure parody book like "Exalted - The Scroll Of Swallowed Darkness". That's not to say there can't be some humor in it; the book as a whole just needs to be about all facets of Sex in the Nova Age - funny, exciting, terrifying and just plain evil. One good question is this: Why bother with writing these fanbooks when Onyx Path will be rebooting all three gamelines? My answer is that I certainly DO hope that all goes well with Onyx Path's reboot, but I'm far too cynical to bet money on it. I've seen way too many efforts (speaking in general terms) that I liked get flushed down the metaphorical toilet to trust that the folks at Onyx Path will 100% be able to deliver on their promise. And so, I'm still writing fanbooks at the moment. All that said, there's absolutely NO WAY that I will take on this project by myself, for several reasons listed as follows: 1: Single-writer projects - which around 90% of Aberrant: Nexus was - are horrendously exhausting ordeals to have to go through. I started that project partially for fun at first, but the unshared workload quickly quelled that. I have NO intention of going through all that on my own a second time. 2: As a topic, human (and therefore nova) sexuality is a complex one that requires multiple writers to provide a sufficiently wide range of viewpoints to do it justice. Otherwise I could've just adapted material from some of the sex-related RPG books, but the majority of those seem to be written solely from the male heterosexual (if not outright "frat brother") perspective. Can we do better than that here? Female & non-heteronormative viewpoints ought to be addressed as well. 3: Many (good) writers makes for light and relatively speedy work, especially on short books. I'm thinking *maybe* 50 pages as an upper limit, not counting the covers? We'd also have pieces of interior art here & there to pad things out. Since many reproduction-relevant topics were addressed in Aberrant: A Breed Apart, the overlap should cut down on some of the topics (pregnancy, fertility, etc.) that would otherwise be addressed in this hypothetical fanbook. So, that's my spiel about this project. If anyone's seriously interested in helping to write this fanbook, please either reply to this thread or PM me. I've got a rough outline laid out, but there's a lot of blank subject space in Chapters 1 (Sex In The Nova Age), 2 (Mechanics) & 3 (Storytelling) to be filled. Chapter 4 (New Items) also has space for additions, though since sex is such a small portion of the spectrum of nova capabilities I may have covered most of the possible ideas already. I don't think there will be any Appendices this time, unless someone wants to submit sex-related material for Trinity and/or Adventure! If there's no serious interest in the project, I'll just release the material I've written as a ZIP file for anyone of age who might be interested.
  3. Okay, folks. Here's what I've managed to hammer out for the Aeon Continuum timeline. Some of the listings will be shorter than others, but that just gives other writers & STs more wiggle room to operate in. I've kept it as generic as possible, so it can be used in all three Aeon Continuum games. Please read & review. If there's any mistakes made or details left out, they'd best be caught now. The New Century and The Adventure! Era As per the timeline in the Adventure! core book, pp. 259-262. Interregnum I - Twilight of the Inspired The following section covers the period between the Adventure! and Aberrant settings, and focuses on the activities of the Inspired and the circumstances affecting them. 1946: Having been infiltrated by the KGB, the Ponatowski Foundation is taken over from within. The Czar is captured and thouroughly interrogated by KGB agents, only to eventually be reduced to a broken shell of a man and sent to die in the gulags. Princess Anastasia manages to escape to Canada with the majority of the Czar's wealth and information. She shares the information with the Aeon Society in return for their aid in setting up a new identity for her retirement. Back in the U.S.S.R., enough hard information is found to begin what will become the KGB's psychic warfare & espionage programs. 1947: The surviving Inspired begin to go underground in the First and Second World nations, although some Second World Inspired manage to quietly defect to a First World nation. Many then cease all Inspired activities and begin to settle down and start families. Others do so to evade official notice and involuntary conscription - especially as they make juicy targets for anti-communist or anti-imperialist investigation - sometimes by becoming part of their local political hierarchies and hiding in plain sight. The physical effects of aging serve to put a brake on the activities of most of the other Inspired. In the First World nations, some of their offspring will briefly carry on with their parent's Inspired activities for larks - usually by digging out a handy gadget such as a flight pack out of a steamer trunk in the basement - but little comes of this save for discounted tall tales and reports of Fortean events. An alleged UFO crashlands on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, and is quickly taken by the United States military. The event is ineptly covered up, and civilians are threatened by the government to remain silent about the event. 1948: The Aeon Society begins their covert efforts to cover up any and all Inspired activity in the First World nations. In the United States, these efforts take silent advantage of Senator Joseph McCarthy's witchunts for communists and leftist intellectuals to ensure that what few Inspired remain keep their existence well out of the notice of the government, the business community and the public at large. 1949: The spread of television and televised journalism brings further incentive for the Inspired and their offspring to remain discreet.
  4. Just wanted to let anyone who's interested in helping make Aberrant: Nexus (aka the Book of Aeon crossovers) into an existing fanbook that I've started work on that in the Aberrant RPG Forum. If you'd like to contribute material to the work or even perform peer review, your opportunity is here. I've already hammered out a generic timeline covering all three games plus an assortment of new toys & traits that need to be peer reviewed before being "set in stone", so to speak. So if you've an interest and have the time, feel free to join in on the effort!
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