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  1. I have it. I read the character bios only because i was curious. My initial impressions are as follows: - I wanted more Player Character examples than they gave. I had the impression i was reading a Mutants and masterminds book available archetypes. The new edition has no stats for the big npcs, no stats no fun comparing to what we previously got imho. - I get that this is just the main book but i really wanted more than what we got. The fact that Eastern Europe has been lumped together(im from Poland and know people from Lithuania, its like we were just not relevant) makes me suprised. Maybe there will be stuff in Novas around the World later. - Also, i cant help but compare this to Progenitor or other games. Greg Stolze should have been on this book. Not much suprised me tbh, maybe Transcendence. Nothing stops GMs from developing their own weird takes on this game but hey, thats what would happen anyway, San Paolo explosion is the new big mystery.. except i wanted multiple new things. Well, waiting for followup supplements seems in order. - The art is great in most of the places, but thats subjective. - In media inspiration i would have written way more titles, for example the webseries Worm handles supers in a rather novel way(beeing a super is horrible and gets progressivly more horrible) or numerous others. - The setting is more bright compared to the first edition. Yes the Aberrant War is around the corner but that is in the future, the current time is important. Is this better or worse? In a way it enables new stories so im ok with it. - These are the foundations and im hoping for more. Would i run a game with this? Yes, but that is because i never ran or participated in an Aberrant game and would love to try it.
  2. Well, despite this probably beeing dead i sent HorizonTheTransient my ideas. If it was futile i wasted my time but i had some fun creating. Its optional anyways.
  3. I still want to contribute as much as i can because i dont trust the new edition yet; will wait for Sprockets first impressions. I have cooked up a few original characters and a couple based on existing franchises with numbers filed off(caught myself mistakenly twice going into My Magical Realm, so its not as easy as i thought), but i have a few questions: - will this book cover nova STD-s, because i refuse to believe a new species would have no mutagens when they constantly change their dna and engage in intercourse with baselines, making baseline STD-s all viral and shit. Not victims but carriers? - if this book follows Sprockets Outline, is Chapter 3 (Storytelling) already written? I have a few Story Seeds i would like to contribute. Maybe even a few Themes, Moods, Conflicts but not too much. Is my first fanbook contribution.
  4. Im always interested in new fanbooks for Aberrant on this site so im looking forward to this one. Also i have a few ideas i will post to you if the submissions are still open, with a few titles for the book: -Aberrant: The New Age of Aquarius -Aberrant: Sexual Revolution Redux -Aberrant: Keeping it Casual -Aberrant: When Titans Collide -Aberrant: Built For Sin (i used a romantic title generator for this one:) -Aberrant: Quantum Love -Aberrant: The Novas Brides -Aberrant: Too Sexy for My Cape
  5. Hi all. So the new books backer copies have dropped. Whats ur stance on this, did u buy one? Im interested in hearing opinions and impressions since i didnt buy one myself(bit short on cash). If u have em share:)
  6. 10 or so years in the making, the culmination of kevin pheige masterplan. Im cautiously optimistic and want more guardians making fun of earth heroes. Thats basically it.
  7. Its about to get released in a few days around the world. Anybody aboard the hype train?
  8. While i realise this is bit of a necro, im currently playing it so i decided to reply. What could it hurt? Warframe is a free MMO with a ton of content that hits the player from multiple directions. Its really a good deal of fun for a shooty looter with a parkour movement style. There are tons of reviews on the web so ill just write i recommend this futuristic romp.
  9. I have been waiting for this one and after a quick read I can easily say the wait was worth it. The scope of this book greatly enhances Aberrant. An expansion of the Aberrant timeline was always needed, fun to read too. New quantum powers are on the high end of the spectrum, for example Battlezone, made me remember that star trek episode Q does this to the crew, was this the inspiration for it? Paradise Meridian was my favorite Alternate Universe, the lemurian civilisation is nice idea for a chronicle. There could be some connectivity with the new Aegis setting when its finally out. The Devries bet was fun:) And the Doyen writeup expands on them greatly, as an enemy to novas they are a challenge but still not a direct one. A Big Thank you for the work put in this book:)
  10. Firsts things first; Hi to all people on this forum! As a longtime Aberrant fan I was very happy to see a community still interested in this verse:) The free ebooks were also very nice. I wanted to know what books you consider thematically appropriate reading for Aberrant? Or other properties? Ted Chiang' s ''Understand'' seems to me as good inspirational stuff. A test subject becomes super-intelligent and starts to become something more then human, illustrating how mega-intelligence works in broad strokes. The tone is rather serious, the protagonist is not using new powers for fun or playing with them. He later enters into a conflict with another super-intelligent test subject, over ideologies. A few thing get mentioned, a new language for super-intelligent people, the danger of losing mental balance because of the intelligence boost, the means and methods two mega-minds use to hurt each other. Good stuff. So, what do you recommend?
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