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Avengers: Infinity War


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I'm going to talk about it, now that I've seen it, my spoiler box WILL contain spoilers for the movie.  This is your warning, continue reading at your discretion

as someone who has seen all the marvel movies, i gotta say, I'm glad to see Thor Redeemed some from the travesty that was Ragnarok.  I believe they gave the Guardians of the Galaxy abit too much Primacy in the movie, but given how things end I do understand it.  They did keep with the narrative they've established, and that's refreshing.   Brolin did an amazing job as Thanos, which makes me that much more hyped to see him in Deadpool 2.   The Interplay between Dr. Strange and Tony Stark was great, as was the final scene with Peter and Tony, they both serve to highlight aspects of the characters that they're known for within the MCU, and you can really feel the sense of Loss in the final scene.

The decision to end the movie with Thanos getting all the stones and doing exactly what he said he would (wiping out half of all life)  was handled well.  It does seem they've abandoned the whole "In Love with Death" aspect of this story, but you don't miss it, as they instead move him over to a logical (to him) outlook that the resources are finite, and thus cutting the population in half is a mercy, to make the resources go further.   Still it is trying to make Genocide sound beneficial.   I was abit aggravated with the decisions they went with on who got removed from existence,  (I do get that they kept all the Original Avengers, but I'd have kept Black Panther over War Machine.  I kinda hate being that guy, but they did kill pretty much every major Black hero  (Nick Fury, Black Panther, and Falcon)  I can kind of see them winnowing down the overall numbers simply to make way for new heroes, but after all the buildup, I just don't understand the loss of Panther, and we just got Nick back (the after credits scene) only to see him vanish.   Speaking of that, I get that they were trying to do an homage to The scene in Iron Man, only this time with Captain Marvel, but everything I've seen of that so far really doesn't give me alot of hope. 

I do still think this is all going according to a plan Dr. Strange worked out with Tony,  though I admit if that's really the case it does remove alot of the emotional pull from the the losses in the finale of the movie.    Only time will tell though if that's right.   

So what do you all think?

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