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Character Ceation, House Rules, and General Background for AWS


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In Aberrant: Weirder Stuff (henceforth AWS) you will play a Quantum Enhanced Human who must decide how to live with your new found powers and what role you will play in the coming upheaval. It is a modern setting/Supers/Scifi/Weird Adventure which will run in a concurrent time line to our own reality. Focus will be Character Drama, Us against them, facing the Unknown, and Action. Oh and there may be sex.

The game will begin, but not be restricted to, a small town in Montana. The town is a Fictionalized version of Shelly Montana ( based on the town of Shelby  http://www.city-data.com/city/Shelby-Montana.html ). The general public are not aware of Quantum Enhanced Humans (Novas in base aberrant), although if your a nerd and google every weird thing in the world (I'm not saying it's aliens … but it's aliens) there are stories of... well weird shit happening, some of which are true.

Enhanced Humans first began manifesting about 10-15 years ago, although these early manifestations were primarily low level mega stat recipients and went undetected by even those who manifested. Over the intervening years more low level manifestations have occurred and were first discovered by the government agency responsible for creating them (unknowingly, more on that later). This discovery took place about 5 years ago . The exact cause of the manifestation of super normal abilities is not yet known but there are theories. There are few QEHs (Quantum Enhanced Humans) in existence all of which are from the united states and all who manifested in one of 3 locations and all of which are government employees. These couple of dozen or so QEHs possess powers that range from low level mega stats (1 -2 dot) to low level provable psychic abilities such as telepathy, esp, etc. The government is unaware of any massive super powered people and in fact there have been no such manifestations. Until now.


Characters should be high school aged (16 – 18). you could have manifested your powers as early as 13 but if you did you have kept them secret until now because no one, no matter how cool you think something is, wants to be singled out as different.

Character creation is as per the core rule book except as noted here. Only the Core Rule book and the Players guide are going to be used. Mega Enhancements from the Three Splat books (New Flesh, Brainwaves, and Forceful Personalities) are allowed but nothing else.

* All characters start with Quantum 5 and get 20np, you can lower your Q to 4 or 3 getting 5 np for each. Consider Starting Quantum score to be permanent. It cannot be raised by expending XP.

You may use taint to buy powers and Megas as per the rules but Taint handled in a completely different manner from baseline Aberrant. In this setting Taint is a hidden stat, there are no aberrations caused by Taint it's basically a storyteller tool.

You may only buy powers at character creation, however you can buy latent powers at 1/2 NP these are powers you have but cannot use until you spend xp on to make them active.

Option for character creation if you desire you may star the game as a baseline and Manifest during play if this is something you would like to do just make your character as normal following these guidelines but stop after bonus points. anyone who chooses this option will have a dramatic moment in game where they can spend their points.


Creation Points

Trait Points

Attributes (1st/2nd/3rd) 7/5/4

Abilities 25

Backgrounds 6 (no eufiber, keep in mind you are young people in a small rural town when buying backgrounds. If none of the back grounds feel fitting you may trade unspent backgrounds for Bonus points 1 for 1)

Willpower (Stam + Wits + Cha) divided by  2 round down

Quantum 5

Bonus Points (15)

Trait Cost per dot

Attribute 5

Ability 2

Specialty (max. 3 per Ability) 1

Background 1

Willpower 2

Initiative 1

Nova Points (20) see * above

Trait Nova Point Cost

Mega-Attribute 3 (Receive one free enhancement for each odd numbered dot in a mega-attribute)

Enhancement* 3

Quantum Power (Level 1) 1

Quantum Power (Level 2) 3

Quantum Power (Level 3) 5

Latent Quantum Power (Level 1-3) ½

Quantum Pool ½

3 Attribute dots 1

6 Ability dots§ 1

5 Background dots 1

Willpower dot 1




FOR COSTS USE THE UNIFIED POINTS COST TABLE IN THIS PDF https://www.dropbox.com/s/mywbo2pm06i47j1/Aberrant_Directory.pdf?dl=0



Taint and buying tainted powers etc.

As stated above Taint is handled completely differently in this game than in base Aberrant.

Taint is now a Storyteller tool more akin to bad luck, karma, or even paradox from mage. It has no noticeable effect on your characters daily life. But may impact it in whatever way the Story Teller deems fit.

All taint gained is permanent taint but the total will go up and down as the ST invokes a characters taint. Taint will never effect a dice roll directly it will only be used to create situation which may require difficult dice rolls.

Taint does not give you aberrations

When calculating Taint costs do not round up, use the costs as is for calculating totals.

A note on Latent Powers. Once your character has manifested her powers are locked. they can only change if the ST allows a new power to be added or if the player would like to remove a latent power. If a player wishes to remove a latent power she may do so for the gain of 3xp plus any xp that had been invested in the latent power before the power is activated. once a power is activated it is permanent unless changed through the story.


Willpower Additional Rules

Since willpower is now an attribute based stat it should be treated as other stats and should benefit from a characters Mega-Attributes.

for each dot in Mega-Stamina, Mega-Wits, and Mega-Charisma add 2 to your willpower calculation before dividing.  This may produce a willpower of greater than 10, however you cannot have more than 10 willpower points.

Keep track of your total willpower score and will power points separately as usual.

When called upon to make a willpower roll use your total score as your dice pool (dots over 10 only count as one dice), again as usual.

However if you expend all of your temporary willpower points, you may make a willpower roll using your willpower overage (for example if you have a 13 score you would make this roll with 3 dice), to gain an additional temporary point to spend immediately. As long as your character has quantum you may continue to draw temporay points in this manner. once your character exhausts his quantum pool you are spent and no longer able to summon the will need to push on.


Quantum Power Manifestation

The following is Meta information about the setting for the players and is NOT something a character would know.

THE Origins of Quantum powers began in the mid 1990s at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois. During a routine high particle experiment an innocent mistake in calculation input led to a failed experiment. However upon sifting through the data to discover the mistake certain anomalies were detected. It seems that the experiment did indeed produce results just not where they should have been, according to the data an abundance of HEPs (High Energy Particles) were created approximately three nano-meters from the point of impact in the accelerator. This was an unusual bit of data to say the least. It was assumed at first thet the impact point was misread but further data mining corroborated that indeed the impact occurred at the proscribed point and that the HEPs originated at the distance indicated. All indications said that the emitions were the result of the collision yet the resut occurred in a different location. This was profound and if proven the implications could be far reaching.. Recreating the mishap was now a priority.

It took almost three years to recreate the original failed experiment but they did. As the experiments continued they became aware that they were creating what was being described as a tunnel through space, a wormhole or gate of some sort if you will, that allowed energy and mater to be instantly transported over a distance without crossing the intervening space. All of this work had been done under the strictest of secrecy and once it was established that they could create these gates the experiments and all research as well as the scientist involved were moved to a secret research facility located in the American South West where work could continue under stricter supervision.

While a gate could be opened reliably it could not be held open for more than a few nanoseconds which would effect usability. This problem was solved surprisingly by one of the junior scientist on the project Dr. Kevin McCauly, who after a failed attempt to hold a gate open suddenly began writing new math protocols for the gate input. McCauly, it would later be discovered, was the first Quantum Enhanced Human who manifested heightened intelligence and almost inhuman mathematical ability. He would not be the last.

With the duration problem solved experimentation doubled and soon energy, data and even small measures of matter were routinely being transported instantly over distances of several meters. It was soon discovered that if you enclosed the exit gate in a strong magnetic field it could be moved to any distance and as long as the original gate was actively open the exit gate regardless of distance would remain open and connected allowing the transport. By the late oughts, the gate research was mobile. Using the Air Forces Secret Drone Shuttle a gate was establish aboard and placed in orbit for long distance moving transport and it was kept powered for increasingly longer periods of time. In 2010 on one of the shuttle drones an entry gate was created aboard along with an exit gate and a robotic system. The exit gate from the drone was placed in a remote tracking station near Shelly, Montana. Eventually a gate connecting two drones as well as both ground installations were in almost constant operation. In the last five years animal testing has been approved and ongoing testing of the transporting of live specimens has commenced. In 2013 the discovery of provable telepathy in one of the civilian personnel at the main research facility led to testing and the discovery of several EHs at the facility While there is an obvious link to the gate from the sheer coincidence there has been no actual connection or cause discovered. These enhanced individuals have displayed several psychic abilities as well as off the scale intelligence, higher degrees of coordination strength and health beyond what is normal. There have been no reports or indications of deleterious effects. As of late 2016 less than 2 dozen proven Enhanced individuals have been verified all have been from three locations the main secret research facility, the drone tracking and receiving base in Montana, and Cape Canaveral where the drones are stored and reconditioned between flights. The existence of these enhanced persons is classified and while all are free they are monitored closely.

To date the rest of the world including the scientific community are not aware either of the Gate experiments nor the enhanced persons.


How Quantum Enhancement happens.

Its is suspected that the gates are somehow responsible for the enhancement of certain persons who have been in proximity yet no connecting phenomena has yet been discovered to prove this. Never the less it is true.

When a gate is formed two portals come into existence, one allows passage into the spatial conduit and the other allows exit from the conduit. The creation of a gate and the passage and exit of energy or matter from the exit portal creates a spray of High Energy Particles. These particles are mostly of known types but there is one which has not yet been detected and is of an unknown type. This particle is a type of boson which has not even been theorized yet . It has properties of a higgs boson and a guage boson as well as properties of the theoretical Tachyon particle, in that is travels faster than light. As far as HEPs go it is fairly long lived and is able to travel a good distance during it life span of less than 1/1000th of a second. It particle is harmless and in fact leaves no impression upon the universe unless it interacts with a biological source in a very particular way.

When one of more of these particles interact with a biological entity like a human there can be spectacular results. The particle is drawn to the electrical impulses of the brain and if one or more should tunnel through an active pituitary gland spontaneous DNA mutation can occur allowing the growth of a new organ ( the MR Node) which allows the being to absorb and channel what will become known as Quantum energy. Chances of this mutation are greater in those beings who are pubescent or post pubescent but have not yet reached their full growth cycle. While older beings can grow a node the node is typically underdeveloped and Quantum Enhancements are generally weaker and limited.

How Quantum Powers Manifest

A person who has become quantum enhanced will generally have some physical and mental mutations as well as the ability to use abilities which the public will regard as super powers. In fact all of these effects are the result of quantum channeling and not real mutations. The way powers are manifested are at the direction of the persons subconscious when the node first grows there is a brief moment where the individual loses consciousness and his sub conscious takes over in most cases the time is not even measurable as it all take place at the quantum level. During this instant the template for a person Quantum Enhancement is set and it is generally unchangeable after. There is no physical change other than the development of the node UNLESS the sub conscious dictates. For example the individual may give himself mega strength but unless his subconscious see itself as a muscle bound Adonis there will be no outward physical change. The only exception to this is mega appearance. Mega appearance will cause the physical enhancement of the persons feature to bring them in line with the subconscious ideal mega appearance changes generally take several seconds or minutes depending on the extent of the modification to the self. For those QEHs who have abilities which drastically alter their physical forms the person will develop an alternate form that they activate to transform into (treat as dormancy 5 )

Shelly, Montana

As stated above the campaign will begin in the characters hometown of Shelly, Montana. Shelly is a fictionalized version of an actual city named Shelby which can be seen here http://www.city-data.com/city/Shelby-Montana.html

For look, feel and general information Shelly is Shelby but I have made a few changes and additions.

The largest change isn't even in the city itself but rather outside of it and about 5 -10 miles away this is the addition to the area of an active Military installation. This installation isn't new it's presence goes back to the late 1800s when Fort Bulwark was established to protect white settlers in the region. During WWII the fort served as a training camp for US Rangers. After the war the camp was basically shuttered until the early 60s when it was turned over to the US Air Force and made into a radar installation as part of the net work tasked with detecting nuclear attack on the United States. By the mid 70s the base had served it's purpose and was obsolete and deem unneeded so it was once again shuttered except for a small Montana National Guard presence. In 2009 The Air Force once again took over the base and reopened it as a Satellite networking station under the Space Command control. The site received some very high tech upgrades as well as a robust security force. The base is small and very secure it has added approximately 400 persons to the area population. While Bulwark is designated as an airbase it does not have an airfield capable of servicing fixed winged craft but it does have facilities for Helicopters of which two UH- 72s and one BlackHawk are stationed.   The base has made a mildly positive economic impact since it's reopening.

Another Change is the Team mascot which I have changed from the coyotes to the Rangers.

There are no fast food places the only national franchises in the city are a Pizza Hut and a Subway. The popular hang out is a 1950s/60s style Drive-in/Diner called Bunnies Burgers which is located across form the bowling ally which is the other main hang out.


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Willpower Additional Rules

Since willpower is now an attribute based stat it should be treated as other stats and should benefit from a characters Mega-Attributes.

for each dot in Mega-Stamina, Mega-Wits, and Mega-Charisma add 2 to your willpower calculation before dividing.  This may produce a willpower of greater than 10, however you cannot have more than 10 willpower points.

Keep track of your total willpower score and will power points separately as usual.

When called upon to make a willpower roll use your total score as your dice pool (dots over 10 only count as one dice), again as usual.

However if you expend all of your temporary willpower points, you may make a willpower roll using your willpower overage (for example if you have a 13 score you would make this roll with 3 dice), to gain an additional temporary point to spend immediately. As long as your character has quantum you may continue to draw temporay points in this manner. once your character exhausts his quantum pool you are spent and no longer able to summon the will need to push on.

I will post this in the rules above as well for printing purposes

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May I suggest that each dot of M-Sta, M-Wits, and M-Cha only add 1 to the Willpower Calculation before dividing? Mega attributes already provide big benefits, with each adding 2 to the calculation and because you divide the total by two, it means each dot of one of these Attributes adds 1 to Willpower, which, while not happening soon, likely, means someone can get a Willpower over 20, not counting any other individual dots of Willpower purchased or various powers that add to Willpower to resist certain effects.

That would mean, with the roll for phantom Willpower would almost never fail. I would think just getting to Willpower 15 (Sta, Wits, Cha of 5 with Megas at 5 divided by 2) would be more than sufficient. As is, everyone will should see some bump in Willpower, which will make effects resisted by it less dangerous on a whole.

Just my two cents, from the more conservative rules analyzer. :)

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this is how Combat will work for us for now

I am going to forgo my usual  way of doing action post made by you in cmbt thread with me combining them in the story thread. Instead we will go the more traditional rout of each of you making your own story post on your initiative.

If a player is absent during her turn for too a long time I will post that characters move myself.

the combat  round will go in initiative order. Initiative will be rolled (1d10+ characters initiative score) at the beginning of the combat. It will remain the same unless in game actions come into effect which change this order.

Attacks-  Attacks are rolled using attribute + skill or power level, mega- stats add dice to this roll with 7, 8, and 9 adding 2 sux, and 10s adding 3. mega stats are powerful.

defense rolls - dodge, parry, block, etc. are rolled against the attacks sux reducing them on a one for one basis. mega - stats count the same as with attacks

Damage - is rolled as per weapon or power. Mega-stats do not add dice to damage, instead they add an amount of automatic damage as listed in the appropriate table. if a stat that normally does not do damage is used use the same table that strength uses to find the appropriate auto damage.

Soak - Soak is applied on a one for one basis to the damage dice or automatic damage Before damage is rolled. Soak comes of of automatic damage first then off dice.

We do not have a dice roller and i am not going to hold things up waiting for one I trust you all to roll and count the dice your selves. you can post your rolls if you wish but really all i need to know is the outcome

post any questions and i will do my best to answer



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Ok I made a mistake Sunday with how Mega Strength works in combat. That mistake plus a discussion with Noir and Sean about thrown attacks led me to look at Megas in combat a little closer.

So after reading through it and thinking things over this is what I have come up with as a set of house rules to cover megas and combat. (note some of this applies to combat even if there are no megas involved.



Mega-Strength adds automatic successes only to Close Combat Damage and Might Rolls. The amount of auto sux added can be found in the Aberrant Core Rules book on page 156.


Mega-Strength never adds to any attack dice pools of any kind, not even brawl.


Brawl is the only Close Combat skill which must use strength. Brawl covers unskilled close combat only, any sort of trained (even self trained) close combat skill falls under the martial arts skill governed by Dexterity (you should specify what your skill is in martial arts i.e. boxing, kick boxing, judo, etc. note that this is not a specialty just a list of what you are trained in. you can train in one form of combat per dot of the skill.).

Mega-Strength auto-damage applies to all close combat skills.

Mega-Dexterity adds dice to the attack roll of Martial Arts but not Brawl


Throw is listed as a Strength skill but the skill in the book does not take into account the use of throwing weapons which require skill. If you are throwing a car or a huge boulder something which requires raw strength to do Use Strength. However there are no rules covering things like daggers, darts, throwing stars, or spears or any other sort of muscle powered ranged weapon. This produces a quandary.

I have come up with the following House rule to cover skilled thrown weapons


You may substitute dexterity for any thrown weapon which either weighs 2kg or less or is designed to be thrown (throwing star, dagger, javelin, etc) range must be within the your base strength x 5 meters. Any range greater than that requires you to use strength as your governing stat.

Any weapon thrown using dexterity does damage as follow.


Item thrown is 1 kg or less does str + mega-strength in dice -1d lethal unless the target is armored. If armored damage is bashing unless the weapon is designed to penetrate in which case it is lethal.


Item weighs over 1 kg up to 4kg does str + mega-strength in dice +1-3d bashing unless it is designed as a penetrating weapon in which case it does lethal


Any Item weighing over 4kg uses standard throwing rules (core book page 236)


I will add to or refine this as needed


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Extras for powers. You may add extras to any power you have just pay the cost as written in the book.

You may add more than one extra to a power each extra raises the powers level for costs but does not require any higher Quantum score.

Note that Extras are permanent and always on unless otherwise specified in the extras discription. so a quantum bolt that has the extra Aggravated damage will always do aggravated damage. So if you want a regular bolt and and aggravated one you will need to take the power twice, one with and one without.

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Psychic Link and Guild Chat

Psychic link or Guild chat as we will call it operates mostly as stated in the Players Guide page 64

It cost no power to activate or reactivate and may be shut off by any member at any time. There are two parts to the links.

There is the private links each member has with each other member. These links as stated in the rules are permanent but unlike the rules whereas they cane be shut off they cannot be broken. These links are separate from guild chat. You must make a roll to open the link to each individual you wish to have conversation with out side of guild chat. You may have multiple private links active

private links are not part of guild chat. For instance Sara and Sean can be sexing through there link and Sean can also have an open link with Alec and Able discussing game stuff. In this example Alec and Able would have an 2 open links one connecting themselves to each other and one each connecting to Sean. Sara would not be part of this 3 way link she would only have access to her and Sean's link. For Sara to join the game link she would have to open her links to Alec and Able.

Those are private individual links then we move to guild chat Guild chat is the network. Anyone with even a single private link active is automatically active in guild chat. If you do not have an active private link open then you need to make a roll to activate guild chat. Anything said or shared in guild chat is available to anyone else in guild chat. Everyone in guild chat is aware of everyone else active in guild chat.

The other big rule is Range. There is no range Limit to Guild chat or your Irregulars Private Links.

However each of you has two additional links you can uses these two links are handle exactly as the rules state. Including the range rules. These two extra links are not part of the guild network.



these changes have been removed use the power as written in the rule book



these changes have been removed use the power as written in the rule book


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Dice Pool : see below

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Instant

Multiple Actions: Yes


Teleport allows an enhanced human to move great distances without traveling the intervening space. Teleportation is instantaneous regardless of the distance traveled


A characters Quantum Score (up to Quantum 10) determines the base maximum distance he can travel with this power. Range bands beyond a characters Quantum score are determined by extra successes.


Range Bands Maximum Base Range

1 2km

2 20km

3 200km

4 2,000km

5 20,000km

6 200,000km

7 2,000,000km

8 20,000,000km

9 1 AU

10 10 AU

11 100 AU

12 1000 AU

13 1.5 LY

14 15 LY

15 150 LY



Each extra success on the characters teleport roll moves the maximum range up by one level. Successes can exceed quantum score maximums for range determination. Range increases beyond 15 are in in multiples of ten of the previous range band.



Dice pools for Teleport may be either perception based or intelligence based, decided upon purchase of the power. Quantum score no longer gives automatic successes instead quantum score is treated as additional mega- dice added to the dice pool.

To Teleport safely and efficiently a character must be able to observe his destination in real time, distance I snot a factor with real time observation and any medium of observation will suffice as long as it is in real time, or he must have attuned him self to that location at some point by visiting the location spending a minimum of six minutes - quantum score, and spending 1 temporary quantum point. A person may attune a number of locations equal to (Int + Per + Quantum + Teleport ) x 10. A character may drop an attunement to attune to a new location if her capacity is full. If a Character possess edetic memory she may attune any number of locations.

A character may teleport to an observable or attuned location by making a simple teleport roll of either Int or Per + teleport level + Q as Mega dice + any other relevant Mega dice. Only one success is needed. This takes one action to accomplish and counts as your characters movement action not your regular action in a single turn. Multiple actions allow multiple teleports with normal difficulties associated.

Teleportation can be used defensively as a reaction.



Attempting to teleport to a location you cannot observe or are not attuned to is very difficult and very dangerous.Blind Teleporting requires the character to make a teleport roll as above but requires one additional success per range band to be traversed beyond the normal one success.

For example a character with a quantum 5 can teleport up to range band 5 (20,000km) with a simple roll of one success to teleport to range band six she would have need 2 successes as long as she were attuned or could observe the location. If she could not observe the location or were not attuned she would require 6 success to reach range band 5 and 7 to reach range band 6 and so on.

In addition to the extra successes needed the power cost is also greater. For each range band traversed in a Blind Teleport 1 additional quantum point must be spent.

If the roll to make a blind teleport is failed, unlike a normal teleport where there is no teleport and no quantum is spent, the Blind teleport goes off course. Full quantum is spent and the character can appear in any location with in any of the range bands crossed. The character who fails a blind teleport will be dazed and unable to act for a number of turns equal to the number of range bands crossed. This can be mitigated by a resistance roll at a difficulty of 3.


If a botch occurs during a Blind Teleport...god help you.


Taking the Safe Blind Teleport Extra lowers the cost of a blind teleport to the normal teleport cost and allows the character to convert her mega dice into 1 automatic success per point of Quantum spent. For example if a character needs to blind teleport 8 range bands she would normally need 9 success and the cost would be 10 quantum (2 +8) however with Safe Blind teleport if she possessed five dots in quantum and a three mega dot in her governing attribute. She could spend the same amount and only need one success on her roll. But she would only roll her attribute + teleport.



In world mechanics

When a character teleports there is no sense of motion, not loud pops not flashes of light the character simple ceases to be where she was and is somewhere else. The only thing that happens is Heat Redistribution.

When teleportation occurs the location where the character was loses heat and the place where she goes gains that heat. The further the distance traversed the greater the heat redistribution.

For each Range band traversed 1 degree of temperature is exchanged. A loss at the point of origin and a gain at the point of destination. This heat exchange is felt by anyone with in 1 meter of the teleporter.

For every 10 degrees of heat exchange the teleporter and anyone within 1 meter who is not immune or protected will take 1 level of unsoakable bashing damage. This damage may be mitigated by an endurance roll at a difficulty equal to the amount of damage taken.


WARP WILL FOLLOW. If you have teleport and do not like these changes you may drop the power and redistribute the points.


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Additional Information for the Psychic Link

 If a character is unconscious the link is severed and must be reestablished upon the characters return to consciousness.

Sleeping does not sever the link neither the individual ones nor the Guild Chat Link.

If one member of a link is asleep the link remains open but communication with that member is not possible. also the awake member of the link can not peer into the sleepers dreams attempting to do so just results in white noise.

However if both members of a link are asleep then the subconscious' will communicate with each other resulting in a shared dreaming.

Only Private links can share dreams.

Dreamers in guild chat are only mental white noise.





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XP can be spent to activate a latent power to 1 dot at anytime

Certain Backgrounds can be bought or raised by 1 dot at any appropriate time, these include but are not limited to: Allies, Attunment, Contacts, Followers, and Resources. There must be an in game explanation for the addition.

You may use XP at anytime to raise Willpower, Initiative, or Quantum Pool



When ever I post an Interlude scene XP may be spent as follows

You may do one of the following

You may purchase a new Ability or

You may purchase a new Mega-Attribute or

You may add 1 Dot to an existing Attribute or

You may add 1 Dot to an existing Mega-Attribute or

You may add 1 Dot to an existing Ability or

You may add 1 Dot to an existing Power


You may use the Interlude XP rules for each separate Interlude I post even if they are back to back.


Anytime you can add to a power or buy a new power you may add extras.




When I end a chapter you may spend XP as follows

You may purchase 1 new Ability

You may purchase 1 new Mega-Attribute

You may add 1 Dot to any existing Attributes

You may add 1 Dot to any existing Mega-Attributes

You may add 1 Dot to any existing Abilities

You may add 1 Dot to any existing Powers

You may add Extras to any existing Powers


You may not add multiple Dots to a single Attribute, Ability, Mega-Attribute, or Power


Keep track of your XP expenditures on your XP Log



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Mega-Charisma Enhancement
Natural Performer

Novas with Mega-Charisma already have arresting presences. One with this enhancement knows instinctively how to give a performance that can move an audience to tears, joy, or nearly any other emotion a masterpiece performance could possibly evoke. They intuitively strum just the right chord, hit the perfect note, tell a joke with the precise delivery, or use the ideal gesture, expression, or tone for a scene or role to elevate a great performance into a sublime one. These Novas are in immense demand in Hollywood and Bollywood as well as in the music industry, able to make even a mediocre script or song into a money maker. When paired with a director or Songwriter with the Artistic Genius enhancement, the nova can revolutionize the industry in fantastic and amazing new ways.

System: Whenever the character is performing a song, acting a part (including doing impersonations), orating a speech, telling a story, dancing, or otherwise engaging in some manner of live artistic expression, the player may roll Charisma. For each success he rolls, he may add one automatic success when making Performance rolls and related rolls.

This enhancement is always active, and it costs no quantum points to activate.

(Reskinned version of the Artistic Genius M-Wits enhancement, applied to Performance by Sean)

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Nomenclature change

Taint is now named QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT for AWS

this should remove the preconception of what taint is in Aberrant and what this new Stat is in AWS

I am still not going to tell you how it works though.

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I am adding this to the game I also should have allowed some of the other merits and flaws from Trinity but I overlooked it.

Exceptional Potential [3 point Merit]

Your Quantum enhancement altered your Genetic structure enough that you are able to reach superior level of development in some aspect of human nature. You may raise one attribute to a maximum of six dots with XP. Exceptional Potential may be taken for more than one Attribute.

I am giving this Merit to all player characters for free. You may use your free dot from this end of the chapter to use this merit if you wish.

I will also allow you to purchase new merits from the Trinity book for the time being. cost of a merit from Trinity (or the Aberrant PG) will be 1xp times the merit point cost of the merit. Flaws may be taken as well.

this is a limited time offer and may be removed at anytime without warning.

Thank you

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Moving forward in AWS. when writing posts that may need to feature other players characters. Check with those players so that you can have an accurate idea of what that character would do or say. when posting a post which make use of another players character that you have discussed the post with, make sure that you make a spoiler space acknowledging that the post was cooperative and list all that participated in the post. If you are unable to get feedback from a characters player Do Not Use the character in your post.

thank you

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Okay moving forward

I do not want to see dice rolls. All I care about is number of successes or if you botch. We have all been doing this long enough that if I can't trust you to tell me how many sux you get on a roll...really whats the point.

If how ever you are bound and determined to show dice rolls Use http://orokos.com/

make an account and use the description box to tell use what you are doing and which dice are megas. after you roll copy and paste the bbcode into your spoiler.

Thank you

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In keeping with our TV show tropes this last chapter that we just finished was the end of Season 1 of AWS. Your Project 8 Stories take place during the hiatus before Season 2.

Season 2 will be starting soon and with it new story lines, new characters and some production changes. I have looked back at AWS from the very beginning up to now and have seen some things that worked, some things that worked well, and some that didn't work at all.




ASPIRATIONS (paraphrased from the Trinity Core Rules)

Each player chooses Aspirations: two Short-term and one Long-term. Aspirations are a player’s goals for his character, not necessarily the character’s own goals. A player wants his character to get into a fist fight, even though his character might be the kind of person to abhor physical confrontations. Aspirations are story moments a player wants to see happen. Achieving Aspirations is the responsibility of the entire group. While a player should always be watchful for opportunities to achieve his aspirations for his character, he should also watch for opportunities to set-up his fellow players to achieve theirs. If all of the players achieve their short-term Aspirations in the same session, all of the players present get Experience. The Storyteller will also use the Aspirations as guidance for the types of stories players are interested in playing and will provide opportunities for the players to achieve their Aspirations.

Aspirations should always push action, not restrict it. This means that players should phrase their Aspirations as something to do rather than something to not do. “Don’t get into a fight” removes a character from action. In contrast, “Use your words for once” keeps the character in a potential conflict, but nudges them toward using a different resolution tactic than usual.

Short-term Aspirations are something a character can achieve in a single session. The aspiration may be a scene a player wants to see happen, an ability he wants to use, or a character moment he thinks would be interesting or cool.

Examples: Use your words for once, Solve it with science!, Have a heart-to-heart with a teammate, Snag a big scoop, Coax a secret from a mark

Long-term Aspirations are something that takes an Arc to achieve. A long-term Aspiration may be how a player would like to see his character grow or change.

Examples: Betray the Transcendent Alliance, Build a working freeze ray, Bring Jackal’s killer to justice, Find my twin sister

This addition should help me better include everybody in the action and tailor some of the episodes for each character.



Initiative has been a problem due to not everyone being able to post in a timely manner, not necessarily through fault of their own. This is my way of hopefully fixing initiative going forward.

Player Characters now always have initiative and go first in a turn. All PCs will act before NPCs and Adversary Characters.

Order of PC actions will be decided by the Players. You can discuss how and what order you wish to go in this will allow you to do set ups and removes some of the problems with a set initiative order. Or you can just decide to go in a first come first act order. I don't care. Just remember once your character acts in a tun she must wait until all other characters act before getting to act again.

Now while the standard order is all PCs then all NPCs that can be changed. As Storyteller I can interrupt the PC actions with one of my own. How ever doing this will give the players a benefit which I will discuss below.

Since with these new turn rules in place the old initiative score is now pointless. If you have spent any points on raising your initiative you may take those points back and use them elsewhere.



Momentum exists outside of the game; characters do not know it exists and only experience its effects. It is a tool for players and enables them to affect the game’s dramatic pacing. Momentum can add dice equal to Momentum used to a dice pool, or enable additional attempts at complex actions, perform stunts, wow the ST etc.

Players share Momentum in the Momentum Pool. This Pool may hold up to three times the number of players worth of Momentum at a time. When a player wants to spend Momentum from the Pool, he states in a spoiler that he is doing so for the action and what he is using the momentum for. A player can choose to spend up to one third (minimum of 1) of the Pool at once.

The pool receives one Momentum for a regular failure and two for a Botch on any rolls PCs make. The pool also receives one Momentum when the ST interrupts the PCs action order to allow one of her NPCs to take an action.


With changes to initiative and the addition of momentum it is incumbent on the players to really keep track of what is going on in each characters posts. If you spent BP you get the BP back and can spend them as BP if you spent XP you get XP back


Hopefully this will work out. As always if you have questions catch me in chat or pm me.

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Okay some more changes this time in the background.

I want all non fluff mechanical material removed from your entry in the  Character Thread and your signatures. I will be sending each of you a PM where I want you to post your full sheet including original Baseline sheet and current powered sheet with all mechanical and a comprehensive xp log going forward. The log is for future expenditure and does not have to show previous expenditures.

From this point on all XP awards will be done individually directly to that PM.

At this point and I know it is short notice but I have decided to do another XP parity reset. Note you do not have to redo your characters this is just to get everything on an even footing for me.

Ronin, Sean, Lilly, Kia, and Abel will reset to  500xp

Tease and Charlie will reset to 250XP

Jean will stay where she is for the time being. She will receive a boost after her first episode.

You can spend Any new xp at this time freely except that you cannot raise Quantum.

Once I have everyone new sheet in PM i will launch season 2, so lets try to get to it pretty quickly.

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  • 3 months later...


A few guidelines for Open World AWS

It's your world tell the stories you want to tell. Nothing is closed or offlimits now. The Metaplot is for the most part solved.

Irregulars I  know I am going to get the question of how much xp when can we upgrade. The simplist answer is whatever you want. Like I told Jeane use what the stroy youare telling as your limiting factor in other words the herores should be as powerful as they need to be. But I also know y'all like hard lines so here are some

Quantum 8 is the max for Irregulars. That includes Jeane and Charlie.

Quantum 5 is the max for NPCs, Q6 if they need to be special.


If there are questions you don't want to answer yourself drop me a line I will make any calls that require my input.

Start your own threads... include which characters and players you wish make it your universe

I will probably drop into your threads if Sara is needed or desired.

I will be back as ST at somepoint with a new campaign but not soon I want to see what someof you can do I may even make some smaller characters to play in your threads maybe I don't know

Anyway we can have fun with this and you can get your Ideas and stuff out there. Treat it just like a comicbook when writers change... only the most basic of things remain sacred

After all this is Weirder Stuff

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To make sure everyone is on the same page for Damage in AWS, I have decided to post this as to how to calculate going forward


Calculate auto-successes and number of dice to be rolled as per the power effect listed.

Remember Extra Successes from your to hit roll can be added to your dice but only a maximum of 5 extra successes may be applied in this manner. These are applies as dice not auto-successes.

Apply Soak deducting from auto-successes first then dice.

Roll dice and add any remaining auto-successes to determine final successes for damage.

If the power has mastery extra apply the effect multiplier to the final rolled outcome.



Notes on Mastery Effects for any powers

Mastery levels do not stack.  While you do have to buy each level of mastery for a power to get to the next level of mastery, when calculating the mastery effects you only use the highest level of mastery that you have for a power.

if you bought Mastery with one or more weaknesses at a low level you have to buy the higher levels with the same weaknesses. if you wish to you may buy weaknesses off but you have to pay for each level the weakness was applied to originally.

always apply the effect multiplier of your mastery  to the final rolled/calculated outcome.

This multiplier does not increase number of dice rolled or auto-successes it only affects the final successes rolled.

Ignore the examples in the book which seem to imply otherwise.


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  • 6 months later...


NEW CHARACTERS and NPCs - New characters will have several restrictions placed upon them which will put them at an extreme disadvantage against the Irregulars.

New characters must prioritize their Mega Stats, but unlike the normal stats it is each mega-stat that must be prioritized individually. You may have one Mega-Stat that can fully level, one mega-stat that can rise to one level below your primary mega-stat and so on until you can only have a one in a particular mega stat. the up side is a Key begins with a one in all Mega Stats.  Existing characters (irregulars will receive one dot in any mega-stat they do not already have a one in. for irregulars these mega stats may be raised normally)

No Mega-Stat can be raised higher than the characters Quantum Score. If an existing character has a Mega Stat higher than her Q-score it may stay there but may not be raised further.

For new characters build your pre Key sheet as normal. once unlocked you have a set quantum score of 2 may be raised to a maximum of 5 with the expenditure points only in character creation creation and 30 points for use in unlocking your potential. Not all powers are available, i will provide a list soon.

New character integration - new characters will not begin as irregulars may never be irregular may never even meet and irregular. all that depends on the story. all new characters will unlock after the events of chapter 3, age must be between 12-20 and a fully fleshed out backstory.

I encourage all of you to consider making new Characters to play as well as your Irregular characters, but it is not a requirement.


You no longer have Quantum Points. you may use your powers freely  as long as you have not been injured. once injured you need to make one will power check to continue using powers until injured again. If you fail this check you will need to expend a temporary will power to continue using powers. if you do not spend the will power you may not use any powers for the remainder of the scene until you do. Mega-Stats are not affected by this. Each level of injury increases the difficulty of this roll.

Quantum score is now added to all dice-pools associated with powers and mega-stats as extra dice and rolled. each level of injury removes one quantum dice from your pool and all are removed if you fail an injury will check.


Dice rolls slow things down and can screw up a narrative so i don't want a bunch of rolls. When writing your posts you only need to roll and post WHEN I SPECIFICALLY ASK YOU TO. All of these characters are pretty much experts and randomness really doesn't enter into the frame with out cause.  When taking any action during the writing of post consider that  the character automatically receives the needed amount of success to succeed in what ever task she is endeavoring. if you personally wish to roll dice for stuff in the privacy of your home feel free to do so and use those results to guide your writing but there is no need to post these personal rolls. I don't want to see them.

If i want to see a roll I will tell you to roll and post it.

Keep in mind you may always fail a task if you think it would make the narrative better.

Less Rolls but a bit more difficult. Successes are granted on a 7, 8, 9, and 10 now and 10 no longer grant 2 sux but now explode. Each 10 rolled may be added and re-rolled and re-rolled as long as a 10 is rolled.

Mega and quantum dice may be turned into a single guaranteed success without rolling them, but then have no chance of exploding.


I will no longer issue XP in stead i will use a sort of mile stone system and advancements which I will detail later.

Quantum score for all existing characters is capped at your current individual score. this is a soft cap

Quantum score is capped at five for all new characters. this is a soft cap

Quantum score for ST Characters my exceed caps for challenging purposes.

Soft cap of quantum, while characters now have a limit to the score that is for purposes of learning new powers and abilities. this cap may be exceed with advancements to allow the score to be raised to provide quantum dice for the pool only. Q score over the hard cap has no other effect.

if there are any questions ask me here not in chat

thank you

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The following list are the allowed powers for Player Characters going forward. If your current character has one of the powers that has been removed you may retain the power or trade the power for a new allowed power as long as it does not impact the story history greatly. Powers that have been removed yet retained by characters may operate differently. I reserve the ability to use any power that has been removed for NPC/Adversary Characters for story.

Sorry for the length of the list

PowersSuperscript denotes Power Level

Subscript denotes Quantum Minimum *



1 Aberrant, pg. 182

*Animal/Plant Mastery2

1 Aberrant, pg. 182; Players Guide, pg. 109


1 Aberrant, pg. 183


1 Aberrant, pg. 183; Players Guide, pg. 109

*Body ModificationN/A

1 Aberrant, pg. 184; Players Guide, pg. 109; Teragen, pg. 130


3 Aberrant, pg. 185;


2 Aberrant, pg. 186


1 Aberrant, pg. 186


5 Players Guide, pg. 63, 110


4 Aberrant, pg. 187; Players Guide, pg. 110

*Alter Data Aberrant, pg. 187

Animation6 Players Guide, pg. 110

*Control Aberrant, pg. 187

*Fool Aberrant, pg. 187

*Initialize Players Guide, pg. 110

*Opening Players Guide, pg. 110

*Overload Aberrant, pg. 188

*Possession6 Players Guide, pg. 110

*Reprogram Aberrant, pg. 188

*Synchronization6 Players Guide, pg. 110

*Tag Players Guide, pg. 110


1 Teragen, pg. 126

Density Control2

3 Aberrant, pg. 189; Players Guide, pg. 111


5 Aberrant, pg. 190; Players Guide, pg. 111


1 Aberrant, pg. 190


3 Aberrant, pg. 190


3 Aberrant, pg. 191

*Elemental Anima3

4 Aberrant, pg. 192; Players Guide, pg. 111

*Alter Temperature Aberrant, pg. 193

*Blast Aberrant, pg. 193

*Elemental Shield Aberrant, pg. 193

*Enhance/Diminish Aberrant, pg. 193

*Lethal Blast Aberrant, pg. 193

*Movement Aberrant, pg. 193

*Shaping Aberrant, pg. 194

*Wall Aberrant, pg. 194

Elemental Authority4

7 Players Guide, pg. 123

Storm Players Guide, pg. 124

Elemental Mastery3

5 Aberrant, pg. 194; Players Guide, pg. 111

Animation Players Guide, pg. 111

Attraction Players Guide, pg. 112

Blast Aberrant, pg. 195

Crush Aberrant, pg. 195

Excitation Players Guide, pg. 112

Imprison Aberrant, pg. 195

Lethal Blast Aberrant, pg. 195

Phase Change Players Guide, pg. 112

Plasma Conversion Players Guide, pg. 112

Propel Aberrant, pg. 195

Shield Aberrant, pg. 195

Sphere Aberrant, pg. 195

Storm Aberrant, pg. 196

*Empathic Manipulation2

2 Aberrant, pg. 196

Entropy Control3

4 Aberrant, pg. 196; Players Guide, pg. 113

Bioentropic Vortex Players Guide, pg. 113

Bioentropy Storm Aberrant, pg. 197

Breakdown Aberrant, pg. 197

Entropic Front Players Guide, pg. 113

Entropic Shield Aberrant, pg. 197

Probability Corruption Aberrant, pg. 198


3 Aberrant, pg. 198


1 Aberrant, pg. 198

*Force Field2

2 Aberrant, pg. 199; Players Guide, pg. 114

Geological Supremacy5

8 Players Guide, pg. 133

Gravity Control3

4 Aberrant, pg. 199

Gravitic Blast Aberrant, pg. 199

Gravitational Field Aberrant, pg. 199

Gravitic Flight Aberrant, pg. 200

Gravitic Shield Aberrant, pg. 201

Gravitokinesis Aberrant, pg. 201


4 Aberrant, pg. 201; Players Guide, pg. 115


1 Aberrant, pg. 201


4 Aberrant, pg. 202; Players Guide, pg. 115


1 Aberrant, pg. 203


1 Aberrant, pg. 203


1 Aberrant, pg. 204


2 Aberrant, pg. 204

Information Manipulation3

5 Players Guide, pg. 115

Coherence Players Guide, pg. 115

Disinformation Players Guide, pg. 115

Information Void Players Guide, pg. 115

Steganography Players Guide, pg. 115

Translation Players Guide, pg. 116

Transposition Players Guide, pg. 116


1 Aberrant, pg. 205


1 Aberrant, pg. 205


1 Aberrant, pg. 206


1 Aberrant, pg. 206

*Magnetic Mastery3

4 Aberrant, pg. 207; Players Guide, pg. 116

*EMP Aberrant, pg. 207

*Magnetic Blast Aberrant, pg. 208

*Magnetic Field Aberrant, pg. 208

*Magnetic Levitation Aberrant, pg. 208

*Magnetic Shield Aberrant, pg. 208

*Magnetic Storm Aberrant, pg. 208

*Magnetize Aberrant, pg. 208

*Magnetokinesis Aberrant, pg. 208

Matter Chameleon3

5 Aberrant, pg. 209; Players Guide, pg. 116

*Mental Blast2

3 Aberrant, pg. 210


3 Aberrant, pg. 211

Molecular Manipulation3

5 Aberrant, pg. 211; Players Guide, pg. 116

Animation Aberrant, pg. 212

Destruction Aberrant, pg. 212

Molecular Alteration Aberrant, pg. 212

Second Skin Aberrant, pg. 213

Shapeshift Aberrant, pg. 213

Momentum Control3

4 Players Guide, pg. 116

Momentum Rotation Players Guide, pg. 117

Momentum Swap Players Guide, pg. 117

Momentum Transformation Players Guide, pg. 117


1 Aberrant, pg. 213; Players Guide, pg. 118


1 Aberrant, pg. 214


4 Aberrant, pg. 215; Players Guide, pg. 118

*Psychic Link1

1 Players Guide, pg. 64

*Psychic Shield1

1 Aberrant, pg. 215

Quantum Awareness4

6 Players Guide, pg. 126

Direct Awareness8 Players Guide, pg. 127

Quantum Bolt2

1 Aberrant, pg. 216

Quantum Construct3

4 Aberrant, pg. 216; Players Guide, pg. 118

Quantum Conversion1

1 Aberrant, pg. 217

Quantum Imprint3

4 Aberrant, pg. 218; Players Guide, pg. 118

Quantum Leech2

2 Aberrant, pg. 218

Quantum Regeneration2

3 Aberrant, pg. 219

Quantum Vampire2

3 Aberrant, pg. 219

*Sensory Shield1

1 Aberrant, pg. 220


4 Aberrant, pg. 220


1 Aberrant, pg. 221


1 Project Utopia, pg. 141

Sizemorph (Grow)2

1 Aberrant, pg. 222

Sizemorph (Shrink)2

1 Aberrant, pg. 222; Players Guide, pg. 118


1 Aberrant, pg. 223

*Stun Attack2

1 Aberrant, pg. 223


2 Aberrant, pg. 224


3 Aberrant, pg. 224


2 Aberrant, pg. 225

Temporal Manipulation3

5Aberrant, pg. 226; Players Guide, pg. 118

Accelerate Time Aberrant, pg. 227

Age Alteration Aberrant, pg. 227

Delayed Blow Teragen, pg. 131

Delayed Damage Teragen, pg. 131

Dilate Time Aberrant, pg. 228

Internal Clock Aberrant, pg. 227

Stop Time Aberrant, pg. 227

Mental Projection Players Guide, pg. 138

Physical Projection Players Guide, pg. 138

Weather Manipulation3

4 Aberrant, pg. 229; Players Guide, pg. 118

Alter Temperature Aberrant, pg. 229

Lightning Bolt Aberrant, pg. 229

Weather Alteration Aberrant, pg. 230

Windriding Aberrant, pg. 230


Extras- Exras are always on, if you wish to use a power without an extra you must have a separate version of the power.

Aggravated Aberrant, pg. 231

Area Aberrant, pg. 231

Armor Piercing Aberrant, pg. 231

Burning Aberrant, pg. 231

Cloud Aberrant, pg. 231

Explosion Aberrant, pg. 231

Homing Aberrant, pg. 231

Impervious Aberrant, pg. 231

Increased Duration Aberrant, pg. 231

Increased Range Aberrant, pg. 231

Mastery Players Guide, pg. 119 – Scope (range and area are now separate Mastery Edges), Effect and Duration are now each a separate Mastery Extra. Cost has be removed. There may be further modifications which I will post separately

Merged Players Guide, pg. 119

MIRV Aberrant, pg. 231

Range Aberrant, pg. 231

Reduced Quantum Cost Aberrant, pg. 231

Reflexive Players Guide, pg. 119

Spray/Jet Aberrant, pg. 231


Note: see also individual power descriptions for power-specific Extras.


Area Players Guide, pg. 141

Damage Players Guide, pg. 141

Dice Pool Players Guide, pg. 141

Duration Players Guide, pg. 141

Linked Powers Players Guide, pg. 142

Multiple Actions Players Guide, pg. 141

Range Players Guide, pg. 141

Sensory Basis Players Guide, pg. 142

Target Restrictions Players Guide, pg. 141


Area Players Guide, pg. 143

Damage Players Guide, pg. 143

Duration Players Guide, pg. 143

Multiple Actions Players Guide, pg. 143

Range Players Guide, pg. 143

Supplementary Senses Players Guide, pg. 143


Misc. Power-Related Notes

Creating and Altering Powers Aberrant, pg. 178

Extras Aberrant, pg. 230; Players Guide, pg. 96

Maxing Powers (Special Maneuvers) Aberrant, pg. 147

New Power Techniques Players Guide, pg. 98

Player-Defined Powers Players Guide, pg. 97

Same Power, Different Name Players Guide, pg. 97

Special Effects Players Guide, pg. 96, 108

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List of Powers that were Removed

Aberration Transfer2



Chimeric Aberration2

Climatic Supremacy5

Consciousness Supremacy5

Create Consciousness Players Guide, pg. 131

Enforce Consciousness Players Guide, pg. 132

Groupthink Players Guide, pg. 132

Mental Block Players Guide, pg. 133

Muse Players Guide, pg. 133

Suppress Consciousness Players Guide, pg. 133

Creation Ex Nihilo6

Crosstime Travel4

Disease Authority4





Ecological Supremacy5






Spontaneous Generation

Matter Creation3

Node Spark3

Nova Proxy2

Planck Scaling6

Quantum Authority4

Quantum Duplication

Quantum Diffusion

Quantum Imposition

Quantum Intensification

Quantum Reduction

Quantum Forgery2

Quantum Inferno6

Quantum Supremacy

Quantum Enhancement

Quantum Synchronization

Quantum Transformation

Spatial Manipulation3



Ripple Shield

Spatial Shock Wave

Warp Body

Time Travel5

Time Warp

Time Bubble


Universe Creation6




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These powers needed to be reworked since power points are no longer used

Quantum Conversion – operates the same except use Power level +  Q-score in place of Q-points to determine the amount of energy converted.

Quantum Imprint – works as written

Quantum Leech – This power now works by forcing the targeted player to make an opposed roll of will+ q-score vs Q-Leech level + Attribute + Mega Attribute + Q-score, or lose connection to quantum rendering him powerless just as if he had failed and injury roll. This disconnect lasts one round per extra sux the attacker made. Id the target also has Q-Regeneration he add that powers dice to his pool to oppose

Quantum Regeneration - Use this power to reactivate a characters Quantum connection after a failed Injury roll with out needing to expend a temp will power. Also add this powers level to the initial will power roll as extra dice roll to retain the connection. This power may be used even if the character is without quantum connection once per round until the connection is regained

Quantum Vampire - As written except Q-Score is added to both the attacker and targets opposed roll as dice, in addition if the target has Q-regeneration he may also add his level in that power to his roll as extra dice.


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Node Background

With the removal of Quantum points the Node back ground now gives different benefits to a Key who has a highly developed node.

Where as before Quantum was stored now quantum is transferred or channeled through the node. In the RAW you are allowed to maintain powers as long as you can pay the cost in points. the upper limit of how many powers you could maintain was determined by your Q-point total. Now your node level determines how many powers you can maintain at one time. some one with no back ground in Node may maintain one power while doing other things including using a different power. if you have dots in the Node background you may maintain as many additional separate powers as you have levels in the back ground. Once a power is maintained it will remain active until the Character deactivates the power or the flow of quantum is disrupted by injury or other means.

Multiple actions -  each dot of this back ground will reduce consecutively  the multiple action penalty for quantum powers used each turn. The bonus only applies to penalties applied to the use of the power(s), not regular actions. for instances if the dice penalty is 5 and you  have 3 dot in node then the use of a single power is only at a penalty of 2, if a second power were used the second power would incur the full penalty. Alternatively you may split this bonus between multiple powers.

There may be other benefits/effects

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Creation Points

Trait Points

Attributes (1st/2nd/3rd) 7/5/4

Abilities 25

Backgrounds 6 (no eufiber, keep in mind you are young people in a small rural town when buying backgrounds. If none of the back grounds feel fitting you may trade unspent backgrounds for Bonus points 1 for 1)

Willpower (Stam + Wits + Cha) divided by  2 round down

Quantum 2 at no cost may be raised to 5 with points

receives one free dot in each mega attribute but must prioritize each attribute separate

Bonus Points (15)

Trait Cost per dot

Attribute 5

Ability 2

Specialty (max. 3 per Ability) 1

Background 1

Willpower 2

Initiative 1

Nova Points (30) see * above

Trait Nova Point Cost

Mega-Attribute 3 (Receive one free enhancement for each odd numbered dot in a mega-attribute)

Enhancement* 3

Quantum Power (Level 1) 1

Quantum Power (Level 2) 3

Quantum Power (Level 3) 5

3 Attribute dots 1

6 Ability dots§ 1

5 Background dots 1

Willpower dot 1

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For those making new characters, remember, Keys do not erupt they unlock. A Key manifesting (old term) or Unlocking (new term) is not dependent on environment, circumstances, state of mind, etc.. It is as far as anyone can determine a relatively random event that can only occur in certain individuals between the ages of 12- 21 or so. No theory about how or why has been proven and most have been dis-proven.

Unlocking is spontaneous. It does not happen over time. It starts with a headache caused by the sudden growth of the node, this can last a few seconds to a minute or more depending on the size of the growth node (tens seconds per dot in Node) followed by unconsciousness that also last a few seconds and up to an hour depending upon the amount of physiological changes benign done to the physical body (body morphs, claws, armor plates, etc.). When consciousness is regained the character has full knowledge of her powers and how to use them. There is no trial and error learning period.

As always I have reasons why things are the way they are and why I do not want deviation to my established norm.

Thank you


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I inverted some numbers in my head while makeing the cc rules and didn't realize that I had severly limited the power choices.

With that in mind I have removed the purchase cap on quantum score at creation you may now but it up to five. 

sorry for the confusion i had not realized how much of a constraint i had placed on people

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