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  1. Sophia slipped the mustang into 1st and slowly edged out of the parking lot. "So what do you play," she asked Charlie, not looking at him? "What?" He glanced over at her and struggled to keep his eyes from her chest. "What class? In Sean's game. You do still play don't you?"
  2. The squeal of Bannon’s wheels as he tore out of the school parking lot signaled the end of the meeting for all intents and purposes. Sara apologized and told them she was too wound up to make the network tonight, that everyone should think about it and that she would may do it tomorrow. One by one they started to drift away to do their own things. As Sara left the bleachers, she passed Charlie who gave her a look that she interpreted to be blaming her for Jason leaving. She shrugged lowered her head and started the long walk home. Charlie Charlie saw Lilly and was going to go ask her for a ride when a car horn sounded behind him and when he looked, he saw Sophia Fingleman in her blue ’17 mustang that her wealthy daddy had given her on her 16th birthday. “Hey! Cole! You need a ride?” She called from the rumbling car as the passenger side window slid down. With a glance Charlie could see she was alone in the car there was no sign of her sister who usually rode with the buxom red head. Charlie knew, better but with a glance back over his shoulder to where Lilly was still talking with Clara, and with the stupid crap that just happened between his friend and Sara, he thought what the fuck. “Sure,” He called back and jogged through the fence and got into the tight little sports car. Cass and Cade “Well that was peachy,” Said Cass as the group broke apart, “Hey Cade you still up fo going with me on my errand?” Cade followed Sara with his eyes but Cass’s question brought his attention back to her .”Yes of course,” he said with a smile. As they were coming down from the bleachers discussing which car to take they ran into Beth who was holding a cat in her arms. A cat that looked remarkably like the cat from lunch but the size of a house cat instead of a Doberman. Cass and Cade looked at each other. And almost in unison “Where did you get that cat?” “Is that your cat?” “No, mom would never allow that but isn’t she adorable? Or he, maybe,” she giggled, ”I was looking for you to see if you wanted to go to Bunnees and saw her by your car. She was so pretty I mean look at her ears.” It was about then she realized that she was gushing about a cat in front of Cade Alistair, and then it dawned on her that Cade and Cass had been up in the bleachers after school. Suddenly she blushed and looked down not wanting to embarrass herself further. “Or later if your busy.” Marissa, Lilly and Clara “Well that’s great,” said Clara “What?” “Sara and Jason were supposed to help me get the truth out of Ettie at Bunee’s this evening but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now.” Lilly looked off at where Sara was just now leaving the fenced in field and noticed that Marissa was texting again. “Who are you texting? Mari looked up and was about to cut like a razor but stopped herself. “Autumn, she just texted me she was going to be late to the meeting. I told her not to bother the drama train done left the station. We can help with the traitor creep, sorry I mean Ettie,“ she smiled like a barracuda. “What you need us to do?” Clara considered a second then looked questioning at Lilly, her muscles would be just as good as Jason’s powers if push came to shove. “Lilly?” Lilly nodded “Sure.” “Good. Lets catch Sara.” Marissa looked annoyed. “Why do we need Sara?” Clara “To make sure he is telling the truth or to let us know if he is lying.” “Please I can do that.” Still they caught up with Sara before she left the school grounds and after briefly explaining the change in plans Sara nodded. “I’ll be there, just get him there, and we will find out everything he knows.” Sean and Laurie Everything had gone by so fast. Neither of them had the time to really form a question or make a remark before everyone seemed to say fuck it and left. Laurie looked at her big shorter brother “We are doomed.” Sean shook his head, “It isn’t that bad,” he held up his keys, “I have a jeep we can escape in when it all goes to shit.” The hyper intelligent brother and sister bumped shoulders and left the bleachers to go find the jeep that would save them all. Bannon Bannon stared straight ahead out the windshield as the car sped out onto the highway, music blasting wind tossing his hair from the rolled down windows, occasionally his eyes would flicker to his mirrors. It was during one of those flickers that he saw something. It wasn’t yet night so the headlights barreling up behind him wouldn’t have normally stood out but these were bright, not bright like those godforsaken blue things the assholes put on their 4X4s that blinded everyone, but bright like a flaming rocket. He put his foot down a bit and his speed edged up, still those lights closed the distance separating them. He edged his speed up more and now he could make out the car a big black beast with eyes of fire. The black caddy ate up the distance and seemed like it was going to slam into his rear. Jason hadn’t realized it but he was doing almost a hundred and the caddy was keeping pace easily. Suddenly it whipped into the other lane and pulled up beside him and Jason looked across at the man in black.
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    anyone have a post for in the bleachers get it in today or tomorrow i am moving forward
  4. The cat looked up at Cade and the newcomer, the with a long very cat like stretch moved around cass rubbing up against her onto cade where she lingered a moment and meowed the even went up to Charlies and rubbed around his legs. Then went back into the bushes and laid down and began cleaning herself and gave the human not another glance. “That is one weird looking cat,” said Charlie, and freaking big. Come on guys we are going to be late for class.” It was in the hall before last period when Sara finally caught up with Clara, with whom she shared few classes, it was a bit surprising to find Marissa and Clara together, but Sara respected their privacy and didn’t scan either of them. “Hey Clara, Marissa, sorry to interrupt…” “Then why are you,” snarked Marissa out of habit. Sara smiled and gave the pretty, no beautiful, girl her the best ‘I can break you in two’ look she had. “We’re getting together after school, the fellowship, I need to talk about the network and maybe a couple of other things before we start these investigations. If you want to be part of the network, I need you to be there.” She looks at Marissa, “You too, Marissa your part of this and we need you. Devin too but I don’t think he will want anything to do with it, but you can ask him if you see him.” She glances back at Lona as the bell sounds. “I haven’t seen Lona either since the storage room, you might want to let her know.” Mari and Clara exchange glances as they head to their seats. After School One by one the Fellowship made their way to the Track field and into the bleachers. “Is this going to take long,” asked Lilly looking at her watch? “I have to get to practice.” Sara shook her head and once everyone who had been invited and was coming had arrived, she began. “Thanks for coming. The main reason I wanted all of you here was, well mainly because of this morning in the cafeteria. I think we need to be careful, more careful, with who we reveal ourselves too. That was made even more apparent when Sean confronted Dr. Cook this morning after Cook had spoken with Jason. I want to make the network permanent.”
  5. Cass watched as the path stretched images began to form only to shred away like smoke in a wind. She could only get fragments of images and all of them were confusing and Cass wasn't sure what she was seeing... A pyramid a half built sphinx beyond it spins into... A snow filled pass several wood wagons like the settlers used to use caught trapped dead and frozen horses... A field of trenches the explosions and gun fire men dying screaming smoke and yellow gas... The ice of an immense glacier at night a star streaks across the sky growing bigger and bigger until it slams into the ice with a cataclysmic explosion... The blast looked so real like Cass was actually there that it shocked her out of her trance to find the cat had moved an was now standing right in front of her. Cade had been quietly observing when the cat suddenly moved right up to Cass and sat on it haunches, then Cass flinched out of her trance. The cat gazed into Cass's eyes and leaned forward until its head touched Cass's \IMPOLITE/
  6. Mid-Session XP Reward 11/12/19 2XP Do not spend XP at this time
  7. Marissa looked at her phone as her and Clara walked through the halls. Clara could feel the energy around her, the way just being around Marissa made everyone respect her just a little bit more. Was that Marissa's power? The Diva smirked and tapped out a reply. //Girl, who do you think run this school? I have your back. Watch after my idiot other half and I'll make sure we cover you here on the battlefield. Look in my dresser, bottom drawer, right hand side, all the way back... be safe. And for the love of God, enjoy it. You need it.// Clara's phone flipped up another message as she was reading Lona's first one. She looked to Marissa. "You know you sent that to everyone, right?" "Yuuuup." She declared in her best Lana from Archer impression. Clara didn't even know Marissa could be fun, let alone funny. "Clara, trust me, in a few minutes minutes, she's not going to care what a Hooli is, and since I don't know, I don't care. We'll confer with the brain trust later, figure this madness out then. For now, let's keep the focus on making you fabulous." "But, Marissa, I'm part of the brain tr-" "Shhh," Marissa cut her off. "No nerding right now. We're focusing on a more confident, less nerdy, slightly hotter you right now. Don't mess that up by nerding on my leg."
  8. Bannon Earlier "I want to know as much as you do how my powers work and interact with my surroundings. I also want answers, Doctor, and unlike my fellows I don't have any particular moral outrage about what you're doing here. Don't just use me as a test subject - let me assist you." Jason leaned back in his chair once more. "Give me that challenge, let me work with you, and I will cooperate as a test subject." That smile again, “Well that may not be the best idea, there are legal ramifications, you’re a minor, and well it might not be safe for you. Look let me see what I can find about your mother and then you come down to the hospital tomorrow after school and we can talk some more.” Cook had stood while speaking and motioned for Jase to stand. It didn’t take a genius to realize that that was all he was going to get form the doctor this morning, so Jason nodded and let himself be led out of the office. Sean, Sara, and Laurie Earlier Sean flicked through the nearby surveillance feeds and found an empty classroom that usually wasn't used the first period after lunch. Sean nodded, and lead Dr. Cook, Laurie, and Sara across the hall and down two doors to the classroom. When they were all inside, he locked the door, then turned to face his doctor. The only doctor who hadn't sees his condition as something to be fixed, an error to be corrected. Was that because it was something he had done? Side effects in the pursuit of psionic activity? Was Jase's psychopathy another side effect? Lilly being a bloody amazon, or was that a different vein of research? "What did you do to us?" Sean hissed with pleading intensity. Cook had let the unusual group of kids lead him to the empty classroom but once inside he decided to stand firm, his earlier encounter with Jason Bannon had unnerved him a bit but now faced with three more his old defensive stubbornness was coming back. “Sean, I completely understand your concerns, but this really isn’t the time or place. Why don’t you come to the hospital tomorrow and we can talk in private,” Cook said with a eyes-only glance at the other two teenagers present. Sean began to respond with a demand for answers now, when a smooth thought entered his mind from Sara <Don’t push him I have what you want> “Okay Doctor Cook, I’ll come by about 4:00 tomorrow,” the boy said holding in his emotions. “Better make it 5:00. See you tomorrow Sean.” Cafeteria End of Lunch Lilly and Jason were almost to the cafeteria when the bell rang, they stopped short when kids started piling out of the lunchroom, they shrugged and headed to their lockers, along the way the met up or passed several other members of the fellowship, exchanged brief greetings and comments then headed to class In the lunchroom as the bell was ringing, Sophia leaned in close to Charlie, "You know me charlie we have both had drama classes and debate since middle school I am as good as any of the other girls who do these things all the time, and, " Sophia straitend up in her seat thrusting her ample bosom in Charlies direction, "I fit the part. I'll see you in class." With that she stands and turning away sashays out of the lunchroom. Before the bell the fellowship’s phones buzzed and the eye-opening text from Mari appeared for all to see… //Girl, who do you think run this school? I have your back. Watch after my idiot other half and I'll make sure we cover you here on the battlefield. Look in my dresser, bottom drawer, right hand side, all the way back... be safe. And for the love of God, enjoy it. You need it.// The rest of the day went about as could be expected… Sara either telepathically or verbally spoke to each of the Fellowship and asked to meet with all of them after school to discuss the network.
  9. Bannon Earlier in the Principles Office Cook opened his mouth to speak but then something Jason said caused him to pause. He smiled, which Jason was quickly coming to see was a nervous tic, the older man had, then with a barely noticeable shake of his head, continued. “It's an understandable reaction on your friends part, “ he smiled again, “their kids, even if some of them have displayed remarkable abilities, still kids. But your reaction to everything and to the reaction of your friends is not usual. Look Jason , I'm a scientist, I am interested in all of this on an academic level. Especially now when everything we have been working for , for almost fifty years, is starting to show results, real result, but results that on the surface make little or no sense. For instance, you. You have developed an incredible level of psychokinetic ability and you were never even in the active program. Sure you received the same nutritional injections and supplements and such that all the kids in Shelly have for years. But you came to town at what ten or so, that was too old and there isn't a link to the program so you were put in the Control group. That you have seemingly developed greater ability over the rest of the test group is marvelous. It is going to take me some time to track down the information on your mother, so Why don't you come to the hospital tomorrow and let me run some tests and I should have something for you by then?”
  10. Lona frowned, opened the door wider and looked around without going out, but no one was there. She was puzzled it hadn't taken that long to come down stairs to the door, even if who ever it had been hadn't waited they should still have been in the yard. Yet there was no one and she couldn't hear a car or anything except the birds. As she started to close the door she glanced down and stopped. There in the middle of the door mat lay an envelop. She crouched down and picked it up there was no writing on the front or back, saying who it was for, and she saw that it wasn't sealed. She stood and looked around again then glanced up the stairs. Shaking her head and muttering to herself about curiosity and cats, she peeked inside. In the envelop was a single sheet of some sort of paper very thin, folded over. it wasn't normal sized but smaller, she slipped it out, read it, and her eyes went wide. With a last glance out side Lona closed the door and rushed upstairs taking the steps two at a time. She all but burst into Devin's bedroom and stopped staring at him lounging sexily in the bed, and she held up the note. "Who is Hooli?"
  11. Jauntson Residence The car didn't pull into the half circle drive just rolled slowly past, none of the occupants could get a good look but no cars in the drive could be seen. The car a dark blue sedan came to a stop and the man in the passenger side front seat turned to the two younger guys in the back. "You two go see if anyone is home, and don't be stupid the place probably has a silent alarm." "Sure Vinnie," said the youngest, Paulie, a hint of excitement in his voice, "we got dis." The other guy in the back who went by Jack, rolled his eyes, he was young but had more experience including some combat experience from the middle east. The two guys left the car and made their way along the hedges and into the Jauntson Yard. Watching the windows the carefully made their way to the house itself, after checking the back yard by looking over the fence, "Wow thats a nice pool," they went and looked in the windows and saw nothing. "I don't see nuthin Jack, ya wan me go get Vinnie?" Jack shook his head and slipped a pistol out of the back of his belt and took a silencer out of his pocket and screwed it onto the barrel. "Ring the bell." Upstairs... Lona flinched when the doorbell rang.
  12. Lunchroom Sophia looked at Cassandra and gave her a catty smile, "I wasn't, now I am, got a problem with that?" The she turned her attention back to Charlie, "So, what ya got for me?" Cade shook his head at the display, women I swear i will never understand. He looked at his watch lunch was almost over then he glanced around the lunchroom and his eyes widened when they fell upon the windows there at the corner was the cat. A little over an hour ago in the field The cat turned her head and looked deep into Lona's eyes and Lona's heart skipped a beat, had the animal understood her? The cat stepped up and around Lona then Cade in turn rubbing on them and purring, then suddenly darted away as both their phones went off. when the checked their phones thay saw that they each had a text from Devin. When they looked back the cat had vanished.
  13. Lunchroom Near the end of Lunch Cass, Cade, Charlie and Tawney made their way into the lunchroom and straight to the serving line since while being the first of the Fellowship they were among the last of the kids arriving for lunch which was half over. After getting their lunces and taking their places at the usual table. They started with some stilted small talk the just as Tawny opened her mouth to say something the chair next to Charlie scrapped back and Sophia Fingleman plopped into the seat and set her diet coke in front of her. "Hey guys, where's the rest of the nerds?" A strange question from Sophia someone all of them had known all their lives and was just as much a nerd as the rest of them. The only reason she wasn't in their gaming group was that she ran a group of her own and didn't much like Sean. Not waiting for any replies she barreled on, "So Charlie i heard we were doing the Labyrinth, what part you got for me," she asked scooting a little closer to the would be Drama King.
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