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Aspiring Author Needs Help

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So, normally, I don't like promoting things of a personal nature here, but a good friend's brother - who I used to game with myself - is looking at publishing a book, The Bones of the Past. He is active on a neat site called Inkshares, that seems to work sort of like Kickstarter, for books. He is currently in a contest, the winner of whom gets a professional editor to help with his book.

The winner is based on the number of pre-orders his book gets. So, what I'm asking for is that you take a look at the site, read or skim the first few chapters Craig Munro has released of The Bones of the Past, and post a comment on Inkshares. Making an account at Inkshares earns you 5.00 credits on the site, and leaving a comment earns you another 5.00 credits, and the cost of the pre-order costs only 10.00 credits, so just signing up and pre-ordering doesn't cost you anything but a bit of time - and you can turn off notifications from Inkshares on your account, so they don't clutter up your email.

As well, if he ends up in the top 3 when the contest ends in 6 days, he'll draw two names from those who have pre-ordered his name to win 50$ gift cards. I haven't told him I'm making a post about his book here, so any extra people he gets from here will be a surprise, hopefully a very pleasant surprise. So, if you have a bit of time to spare, please, help a friend of mine out.

Thanks fellow RPG-Posters. :)

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Thanks you two! Craig is still in Third place, vying for second. He, along with the other finalists, just did an interview with Sword and Laser, the folks running the contest, and it's up on YouTube.

There's three days left, so any other fantasy fans around here, or anyone just wanting to do me a solid, which I'll return anyway I can, please pop over to Inkshares, sign up for an account, write a comment, and pre-order The Bones of the Past with the free credits you'll earn. Takes just a minute or two.

Thanks folks,


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Just wanted to give people an update. The Contest has ended and Craig finished in third place. He is very pleased with this result and shall we say, got very celebratory. The pics on Facebook are pretty funny. What I hadn't realized, 1st through 3rd place in the contest all received the same rewards. So, he'll get one or two passes through a professional editor, help with book cover art, and even some physical copies published, IIRC. And I think there is something else as well.

Anyway, just thought people would like to know. He's very happy, and very grateful to all who helped him achieve his goal. Oh, and he gets a pretty good sum for each copy of his book sold, especially considering it's in American currency and the Canadian dollar is currently worth very little.

Cheers folks, and thanks to any who helped, or even showed interest.

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