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Found 1 result

  1. So, normally, I don't like promoting things of a personal nature here, but a good friend's brother - who I used to game with myself - is looking at publishing a book, The Bones of the Past. He is active on a neat site called Inkshares, that seems to work sort of like Kickstarter, for books. He is currently in a contest, the winner of whom gets a professional editor to help with his book. The winner is based on the number of pre-orders his book gets. So, what I'm asking for is that you take a look at the site, read or skim the first few chapters Craig Munro has released of The Bones of the Past, and post a comment on Inkshares. Making an account at Inkshares earns you 5.00 credits on the site, and leaving a comment earns you another 5.00 credits, and the cost of the pre-order costs only 10.00 credits, so just signing up and pre-ordering doesn't cost you anything but a bit of time - and you can turn off notifications from Inkshares on your account, so they don't clutter up your email. As well, if he ends up in the top 3 when the contest ends in 6 days, he'll draw two names from those who have pre-ordered his name to win 50$ gift cards. I haven't told him I'm making a post about his book here, so any extra people he gets from here will be a surprise, hopefully a very pleasant surprise. So, if you have a bit of time to spare, please, help a friend of mine out. Thanks fellow RPG-Posters.
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