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Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire *Combat Thread*


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Okay, the first space combat. Woo!

The defensive stats for the ship..

Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 9
Atmosphere: 400; 1,150 kmh
Hull: 5D
Shields: 2D

Maneuverability adds to the pilot's Space Transports (or Mechanical) rolls, including dodges.

Space is how many units of distance a ship may move in a single Move Action. A pilot may taken no more than 4 Move Actions in a single round.

Note: The length of a space 'unit' is not really specified, but all ship movements, sensors and weapons and so on use the exact same space 'unit', regardless of scale. 

Atmosphere is how fast the ship can move while in a typical planet's atmosphere. (Not that relevant right now)

Hull is used to resist damage.

Shields can be divided among arcs. Any attack coming from an arc protected by a shield adds the number of Shield D in that arc to the Hull roll to resist damage.

Considering you are being chased and that the TIEs are not probably not dumb enough to attack from the front (where the ship has more firepower), the Captain had all of the shields angled to the rear for the most protection (hopefully).

Supposing Zaylee stays on the bridge to fly the ship, that leaves the other four PCs to man the four laser cannons (2 forward and 2 turrets).

In combat there are 4 arcs: right, left, forward and rear. Turrets have a 360 degree arc, but at still somewhat limited by placement, but it usually not that big of a factor. (A dorsal/top turret cannot shoot a target under the ship, for example.)


Here the weapon stats again..

Laser Cannons
   Fire Arc: 2 front, 2 turret
   Crew: 1
   Skill: Starship gunnery
   Fire Control: 2D+2
   Space Range: 1-3/12/25
   Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km
   Damage: 5D


Starship Gunnery is a Mechanical skill. If you do not have the skill, then you can use your Mechanical Attribute.

Fire Control adds to your Starship Gunnery (or Mechanical) roll.

Range is broken down into short, medium and long ranges.

The difficulty to hit is based on range or the target's dodge roll and modified by terrain and other factors (like scale).

Assuming the target is of the same scale (starfighters and transports are both Starfighter scale)...

Short range = Easy difficulty

Medium range = Moderate difficulty

Lomg range = Difficult difficulty

You can shoot more than once in a round by declaring multiple actions. Each action after the 1st incurs a cumulative -1D penalty to ALL actions you take that round.  So shooting 3 times in one round would be a -2D penality to all 3 shots.

The forward cannons can only shoot at targets in the forward arc (most likely when a TIE fighter passes the ship on a strafing run), while turrets are 360 degrees of fire.

So you all need to decide who is manning what or doing other actions. You can all post in the main thread as well (covering previous reactions or current dialogue or whatever).


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When making the escape from the Frigate, Captain Mar took 4 move actions, putting in excess of 30 units is distance between the Customs Cruiser and the Frigate. Tractor Beam range is usually around 30, and he stated that it has no tractor beams to the rear. So if the Frigate turns, it would be at least a few rounds until it might close enough to get you back into tractor beam range, but you are still in range of it's Turbolasers.  Fortunately though, they are Capital scale, so they will have difficulty hitting your Starfighter scale Customs Cruiser (like the Death Star's Turbolasers vs the x-wings). So, for the moment, the frigate is of little concern/minimal threat for the time being.

The TIE fighters are faster than your Customs Cruiser and close quickly (i.e taking 2-4 move actions a round at least until you are in their weapons range). Right now TIE #1 is coming straight at you from the front. TIEs #2-4 are all coming from the rear. All four TIEs are currently at Long Range for your Laser Cannons, so at this range all attacks are Difficult. Anybody in a front Laser Cannon will be able to shoot at TIE #1 (and possibly the others if you save one or more attacks and they pass your ship on a strafing run). The turrets can shoot at any TIE fighter.

How initiative is handled varies a bit based on situation. In this case initiative will work by Sides. Each side (Your ship vs the TIEs) picks a person to make a Perception roll for Initiative. Each side takes turns declaring actions (lower roll to higher roll) and then each side acts (higher roll to lower roll).

The TIEs rolled a 5 for Initiative with a 1 on the wild die.

Zaylee is piloting the Cruiser, and rolls 8, so your side gets initiative.

So TIEs declare first: All four TIEs are Declaring 3 actions (so -2D to each action): 1 Move, 1 Attack and a Partial Dodge (dodges are not rolled until after both sides have declared actions).

Kayda and Kel are in each of the turrets. Roki is at one of the forward Laser cannons. Zaylee is piloting.

Each of you need to declare all of your actions now:

Mar will continue to astrogate.

The thin officer will take 1 action to jam comms.


Okay, some combat reviews...


- Movement -

To fly/drive/ride or whatever is called a move action.

Each move action counts as an action.

You may make no more than 4 move actions in a round.

If you take no move actions, then you may make one move of up to half of your movement rating for free.

Each 'Move Action' a pilot takes allows the craft to move it's full movement allowance.

   - So with your "Space: 9" Customs Cruiser, you get to move 9 units for every move action. (TIEs are "Space: 10", BTW)

Every action (of any type) after the first suffers a cumulative -1D to all actions that round.

The difficulty the piloting roll for a move action is based on terrain (even in space as there can be debris, asteroid fields and so on) and occasionally other modifiers.

   - You are in clear, open space, so the difficulty for move actions is Very Easy. If the combat turns into a tight scrum, then that difficulty may change to reflect trying to avoid hitting another ship.

A craft's maneuverability score is added to the piloting dicepool (including dodges).

   - The Customs Cruiser is "Maneuverability: 1D", so that +1D to Zaylee's Space Transports dicepool.


- Dodges -

There are two types of dodges: Partial Dodges and Full Dodges.

A Partial Dodge is when you have declared a dodge as one of your multiple actions for the round.

To perform a Partial Dodge you make a piloting roll (or Dodge roll if on foot). All incoming attacks have to beat the normal difficulty for their attacks or your Dodge roll (whichever is higher).

A craft's maneuverability score is added to the piloting dicepool (including dodges).

   - The Customs Cruiser is "Maneuverability: 1D", so that +1D to Zaylee's Space Transports dicepool.


A Full Dodge is when you focus on dodging every incoming attack for the round.

If you perform a Full Dodge then it is the only action you can that round, but you are permitted a free move at up to half your movement rating.

To perform a Full Dodge you make a piloting roll (or Dodge roll if on foot). The result is then added to the difficulty for all incoming attacks that round.

A craft's maneuverability score is added to the piloting dicepool (including dodges).

   - The Customs Cruiser is "Maneuverability: 1D", so that +1D to Zaylee's Space Transports dicepool.



- Ranged Attacks -

Each attack is an action.

If you wish to make make multiple attacks in a round, then you must declare them at the beginning of the round and they all suffer a cumulative -1D penalty for each attack after the first.

   - For example, declaring 4 attacks would result in a -3D penalty it each.

The difficulty for ranged attacks is based on range. Each weapon has the Range stat broken up into three categories. Short, Medium and Long.

   - Assuming the target is of the same scale (starfighters and transports are both "Starfighter" scale)...

     Short range = Easy (5-10)

     Medium range = Moderate (11-15)

     Long range = Difficult (16-20)

    In general, assume you need the roll the max of the difficulty range.

Fire Control adds to the Starship Gunnery (or Mechanical) dicepool for each attack, regardless of multiple action penalties.

   - So each attack made with the Laser Canons of the Customs Cruiser get a 2D+2 bonus to the Starship Gunnery (or Mechanical) dicepool.


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I shall man the forward weapons, and fire on any TIE fighter that crosses my gunsights with a 4d6+2 pool.

And I rolled because I am a REBEL (not really).

[SalmonMax] 7:00 pm: Alright then, I shall roll
SalmonMax *rolls* 4d6: 4+6+4+2+2: 18

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Well, I lost the post I had written going over the numbers and everything when my compy froze. So here is the quick recap...

Round 1:

Mar astrogated

The thin officer jamed comms.

Zaylee does evasive maneuvers.

Arcata fired at TIE #1 and nicked the engines. (Lightly damaged)

Roki fired at TIE #1 and got a solid hit, knocking out his weapons. (Heavily damaged)

Kayda and Kel in the turrets both fired at TIES #2 and #3 and both missed.

TIE #1, who was flying right at your ship from the front, can no longer shoot.

TIEs #2-4 all shot and missed.

Feel free to post your actions and result IC like Roki, Arcata and Zaylee have.


Start of Round 2:

To keep things moving, you will just keep initiative, so that means the TIEs declare first.

TIE #1 (who is now weaponless and into medium range in the front arc) is taking only one action for a Full Dodge.

TIE #2-4 are all taking 2 actions (so -1D to both actions). They are taking 1 move action and 1 shot each.

So now your side needs to declare actions and take them.

Mar will astrogate.

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The Interdictor is Capital scale.
Your Cruiser and the TIEs are Starfighter scale.

That means it is difficult for the Interdictor to hit you with a turbolaser, ion cannon or tractor beam. If it does hit though, it is easy for it to do a lot of damage or get a good hold on you (breaking free of a capital scale tractor beam with a starfighter scale ship is not easy to do).

A ship cannot safely engage hyperdrive within 50 space units or so of an average size/mass planet due to the planets gravity shadow in hyperspace. A ship also cannot safely engage hyperdrive while in an artificial gravity well, like that projected from an Interdictor-class cruiser. Your ship had not cleared the gravity shadow of Finnare when the Interdictor jumped in right in front of you (outside of Finnare's gravity shadow) and engaged its gravity-well projectors. So no matter the distance between your ship and Finnare, you cannot make a hyperspace jump as long as you are in a gravity-well.

Mar suggested flooring it toward the asteroid belt because if the Interdictor followed and kept you in a gravity well, it would likely have to turn them off or else the gravity wells would start pulling big rocks towards the Interdictor (not to mention the Interdictor is a 1,600m long ship that would have much more difficulty avoiding asteroids than your 42m ship).

Mar also suggested doing some evasive maneuvers to help keep the Interdictor from getting a lock on your ship with its Capital scale tractor beams or getting hit with a Capital scale ion cannon..

The Interdictor scrambled a squadron of TIE fighters (12). The TIEs are accelerating and coming at you at top speed. Even still, as long as your ship moves at top speed it should take a little bit for them to catch you. If the TIEs do chase your ship into the asteroid field, then their fragile (2D) hull makes it a much more risky place to be than your sturdy (5D) hull and decent (2D) deflector shields.

So depending on Zaylee's actions and piloting, your could have several rounds to do stuff, like Kel who seems to have some idea involving slicing...

You can post regularly for the time being, but know that it is a couple of minutes at most before the TIEs catch your ship.

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