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Found 7 results

  1. (CLICK HERE FOR OPENING CRAWL) Consciousness returned slowly, gradually breaking through the mental fog just enough to become aware of the environment. Hard, unrelenting durasteel was cold against the face while a stale, artificially sterile smell hit the nose, which made the bitter taste in the mouth even worse somehow. A steady hum reverberated off of the durasteel walls which almost became maddening in the relative silence of the rest of the room if one focused on it. With pained winces eyes slowly dared to crack open only to be greeted by the harsh light when made them snap shut again until they dared to try and blink open again, if only the slightest bit. The light made the dull throb of a headache flare up into a stabbing pain which faded far more slowly than desired. The desire to get up off the floor was met with non-compliance as limbs refused commands, or moved barely, if at all. Still though, enduring the pain eyes did open and it was then that they realized they were in small cells, two to a cell, except for Jan and Arcata who was alone in their own cells. The forth wall of each cell was a forcefield separating the cell from the rest of the room and the lone, human male guard within. The guard rose and walked over to a small intercom. Pressing a button, he leaned closed and spoke, "They're waking up." he said with an unusual accent. "Good." replied a much more tinny voice through the speaker. With tremendous effort, Jan was the first to manage to rise to his feet enough to stagger to the metal slab bench that could only laughably be called a bed. He sat down on it with no grace at all and leaned his head back against the wall, trying to take stock of the situation. In the rest of the cells the others did similar, though many barely crawled to the bench in their cells as their limbs were slow to respond and resisting commands, though gradually control of their limbs was returning. The outer room door swished open and in walked a well dressed human male, seemingly nobility, along with a woman dressed in red with several cybernetic limbs who stood beside him. Following them two more beings stepped through the door, clad in unmistakable white and black... Imperial Stormtroopers, each one cradling their blaster cabines. They took up positions flanking the pair before them as the man approached the cells. "You know, I am not sure if I should be impressed with you, or disappointed in my own security, as were it not for my 'friends' here, a reward for continued loyalty to the Empire that you were not expecting, you might have actually managed to collect on that bounty." he sneered as he walked down the hall in front of the cells with his hands behind his back and his posture taut with the air of nobility. "Now though, instead of you collecting the bounty on my head, I shall be collecting bounties on your own." he taunted and stopped in front of Arcata's cell. "The Empire does not suffer traitors." he sighed, shaking his head as he looked her over with various unsavory thoughts running through his head. "Such a pity." he said with a shrug he continued walking down the line of cells, looking over his younger captives. "And you whelps. I am sure they will be quite pleased to have you handed over as well." he commented as he rubbed his chin. "You will be made to serve the Empire, or you will perish, I am sure." he added. The man shrugged again and pivoted on a heel to walk back along the line of cells as she spoke to his captives. "You were foolish for ever coming after me, and now that error in judgement will cost you dearly." he said, his voice dripping with smugness and scorn. "I am not totally without mercy though, so I will give you a chance to apologize and beg for your lives." he offers as he backs away from the wall of cells so as to be able to look at any who approach the forcefields. OOC
  2. Click here if you want a true opening crawl ENEMIES OF THE EMPIRE "UNEXPECTED ALLIES" A plague has broken out on Finnare, an agricultural planet in the Outer Rim. The Endless Odyssey, a chartered transport, races back from the Dyvixx system on a mission of mercy with the necessary medicines to combat the plague. The simple trip, interrupted by an unexpected encounter with Imperial Customs, had the Endless Odyssey being detained for a full surprise inspection in the docking bay inside the Customs Frigate. What should have been a routine run-in with the Empire was anything but, when unbeknownst to the crew, the lone passenger turned out to be a Jedi who's mere presence has ensured that the entire crew was placed under Imperial arrest... The door to the brig opened and out stepped an older Imperial officer, flanked by a Stormtrooper, as he approached the desk. "Captain Mar?" the brig officer asked curiously. "I am here to collect the new prisoners for the transfer." the older officer explained with a calm authority to his voice. "Transfer? I was not informed of this. I will have to check it out." the brig officer stated. "I am collecting them by order of Inquisitor Cynis. I am to rendezvous with her to hand over the prisoners so that this ship can stay on patrol. Where there is one Jedi, there may be more. And it seems she is rather eager to meet this 'Jedi'." Captain Mar explained before adding, "But by all means, contact her and verify. I am sure the Inquisitor will enjoy having her orders questioned." "Well, if it is by order of an Inquisitor. I... I am sure it still in subspace. No reason to hold up her transfer." the brig officer said with a hint of a nervous smile. "Very well then." Captain Mar responded and turned to head down the cell may, motioning for the Stormtrooper to follow. The first cell opened and he stepped in with the Stormtrooper behind him causing Zaylee to swing her legs off the bench and too the floor. "Please. I did not know she was Jedi. I thought she was just a charter to collect medical supplies. I'm a simple cargo hauler. This is just a big misunderstanding." Zaylee pleaded, flashing her big, teal eyes at the older officer. "That will be for the Inquisitor to determine." Captain Mar said as he held out the opened binder, waiting Zaylee to place her wrists within them. "Inquisitor?!" Zaylee exclaimed, looking up at the man with wide eyes. Captain Mar gave Zaylee a quick wink as a small smile could be seem creeping out from under his thick mustache. The gesture caught Zaylee off guard, giving her a moments pause as she felt strangely comforted. "Fine." she relented and placed her wrists in the binders, which the officer closed, but seemed to forget to lock. Catching on and feeling more secure now, Zaylee played along, "This is just a big misunderstanding though." she sighed. Kel could hear the footsteps in the hall and pushed on the small wall plate behind the outside controls that he had been working at prying off. He then moved to the bench and pulled his legs up with his back to the door, pretending to sleep a moment before the cell door slide open. "Huuhh?" he murmured and turned to look at the door to see the Imperial officer stepping in while out in the hall beyond stood a Stormtrooper along with a bound Zaylee. The officer opened the binders and held them out, a gesture that Kel was familiar with since his youth. Casually he placed his wrists within the binders which were then closed, but not locked, around his wrists. Kel looked down at the binders and then up to the officer who winked and then to Zaylee over his shoulder, who gave a slow, small nod to her crew mate. Kel nodded in return and played along, walking out of the cell and falling in line behind Zaylee as they walked to the last cell. The door opened to reveal Kay kneeling on the floor with her eyes closed and hands, held together by the binders, resting in her lap. After a moment her eyes opened and she rose to her feet in a single, smooth motion. "So you are the 'Jedi', hm?" the officer asked from behind his mustache as he stepped into the cell and looked her over. "You do not seem that impressive to me." he added and grasped the binders, lifting them up to inspect them. In the hallway Zaylee and Kel watched and met eyes with Kay, giving her a small nod as the officer unlocked, though did not remove the binders. The gesture caught Kay's attention who looked at the officer curiously, only to have her gaze met with a wink. "Now move along. We do not want to keep Inquisitor Cynis waiting." the officer said, leading the prisoners out of the brig, and collecting a box with their personal effects on the way, with the Stormtrooper following behind. 'Cynis...' Kay thought, feeling like she had heard the name long ago, but uncertain of where exactly.... Once in the turbolift the officer turned to the tree prisoners and dropped his calm, authoritative demeanor for a moment. "I am Captain Mar and we are breaking you out. I managed to get the medical supplies and things moved to my ship. With luck, we can make a clean escape and still get those meds to Finnare before they realize what happened." he explained quickly. "Sorry, but leaving in your ship would draw too much attention." he said to Zaylee with what seems to be sincere sympathy. "And do not worry, Hiroki here is one of us." he said, motioning to the Stormtrooper who nodded. "The rest are on board, prepping the ship. When the door opens, just follow me and keep acting like prisoners until we are safe on the ship." The turbolift doors open revealing the docking bay with the Endless Odyssey at the near side of the bay, the ship obviously of Mon Calamari design. Beyond the Odyssey, at the far side of the bay, sits an Imperial Customs Guardian Light Cruiser. At a steady pace the 'prisoners' are led across the bay in single file to the ramp of the bulky Imperial ship, a sharp contrast to the grace and smooth lines of Endless Odyssey. With a sigh and a heavy heart Zaylee looked back at her ship as she walked up the ramp, fearing she may never see her ship... her home... ever again. Imperial Customs Guardian-class light cruiser (stats in spoiler) Once on board Captain Mar opens the box and begins handing back the blasters and personal effects, allowing the items to be replaced with the removed binders. The last item he withdraws from the box is the lightsaber. He holds it in his hand, looking at it thoughtfully for a moment. "I wasn't sure I would ever see one of these again." he said as he handed the ancient weapon to Kay. "I served along side some Jedi in the Clone Wars, just so you know. I found the Emperor's story about the attempted coup rather hard to believe because of it." he added. After a short walk down the corridor they arrived at the bridge. It was larger than the Odyssey's, allowing for the load to be shared among several crew and had a cold, practical design common to Sienar Fleet Systems. Sitting at one of the consoles was another Imperial Officer, a much smaller, rather thin man looking to be no more than twenty years old. "The preflight check is complete, sir. We are ready to depart at your leisure." the young man said before he turned to look at the Captain and his guests. "Hello ladies, oh, and gentleman. Welcome aboard.If you would be so kind as to stay out of sight until we exit the bay, we should be on our way directly." he greeted as Captain Mar walked past and took his seat on the bridge. "Control, this is Customs Cruiser IC-532 requesting permission to depart." Captain Marr announced into the comm. "Uhhh.. IC-532, we do not seem to have you listed for departure at the moment." a voice replied. "We are on a goodwill mission to Finnare. You can check with the Commander." Captain Mar calmly replied. "Hold IC-532." the voice stated. With the comm off, Captain Mar spoke over his shoulder, "I convinced the Commander that having the Empire deliver the medications would help with goodwill in the sector. He was going to come along to do so personally, but I suggested that he be here to receive the Inquisitor and I could play a holo-message from him instead." "IC-532, you are cleared for departure." the voice finally answered, relieve the growing tension on the bridge. "Affirmative. IC-532 out." Captain Mar replied. The ship's engines hummed as it lifted from the deck and slowly drifted forward passing through the force field and into the space beyond.. "Wait IC-532. Didn't you load prisoners? Where are you taking them? IC-532, you are to return immediately." the voice commanded over the comm. "Looks like the caught on." the thin officer said. "Everybody grab a hold of something!" Captain Mar exclaimed and a moment later the ship took a hard dive and turned to skim the underbelly of frigate toward the engines. "They have no tractor beams to the rear, but the guard fighters are sure to be incoming. Angle the deflector shields double rear. And Captain Zanne, take the controls if you would while I calculate the jump to Finnare." Captain Mar directed as he moved over to the NavComputer. "Even if we make the the jump to hyperspace, they will expect us to be heading to Finnare. So if we are going to deliver these medical supplies, then we need to beat them there and we might have to fight our way out." the thin officer said as he raised and adjusted the shields. "So the rest of you get to the laser cannons. There are two forward and two turrets. TIEs should be incoming any minute now.." Captain Mar explained.
  3. CP will be given out occasionally during an adventure (every week or two usually) as well as at the end of a story. CP Awards: Everybody gets 2 CP and Kel gets an additional +1 CP for being the first to use "Enemies of the Empire" IC. Yay!
  4. Here I'll post write-ups on ships, speeders, walkers and so on you come across. So to get thing started.... The Quasar Ray The Quasar Ray (aka Typhoon Star) Craft: Modified Mon Calamari Scout Ship Scale: Starfighter Length: 62 meters Crew: 3 crew + 4 gunners, Skeleton: 1 at +5 difficulty (Stock: 3 crew + 1 gunner, Skeleton: 1 at +5 difficulty) Crew Skill: Passengers: 4 (see Game Notes) (Stock: 8) Cargo Capacity: 60 metric tons (Stock: 80 metric tons) Consumables: 6 months Hyperdrive Multiplier: x0.75 (Stock: 2) Hyperdrive Backup: x5 (Stock: 10) Nav Computer: Yes Maneuverability: 1D+2 (Stock: +2) Space: 7 (Stock: 5) Atmosphere: 350; 1,000 km/h Hull: 4D+2 (Stock: 3D) Shields: 3D +4D Backup* (Stock: 2D +2D Backup) * Like most Mon Calamari ships, this Scout Ship has back-up shields (4D). When a die of shields is lost, if the shield operator can make an Easy Starship Shields roll, one of the back-up dice of shields can be brought up to increase the shields back to 3D. Sensors: Passive: 20 / 1D Scan: 40 / 2D Search: 60 / 3D Focus: 4 / 4D Weapons: Laser Cannon Fire Arc: Dorsal Turret (may be fixed forward to be fired by pilot at only 1D fire control) Skill: Starship gunnery Fire Control: 2D Crew: 1 Space Range: 1-3/12/25 Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km Damage: 4D Concealed Laser Cannon (Sensor baffled, Not stock) Fire Arc: Left Turret (may be fixed forward to be fired by pilot at only 1D fire control) Skill: Starship gunnery Fire Control: 2D+2 Crew: 1 Space Range: 1-3/12/25 Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km Damage: 5D Concealed Ion Cannon (Sensor baffled, Not stock) Fire Arc: Right Turret (may be fixed forward to be fired by pilot at only 1D fire control) Skill: Starship gunnery Fire Control: 2D Crew: 1 Space Range: 1-3/7/36 Atmosphere Range: 100-300/500/3.6 km Damage: 6D Proton Torpedo Launcher (Sensor baffled, Not stock) Magazine: 6 (2 remaining) Fire Arc: Rear Skill: Starship gunnery Fire Control: 2D (may be fired by pilot at only 1D fire control) Crew: 1 Space Range: 1/3/7 Atmosphere Range: 50-100/300/700 Damage: 9D Game Notes: The ship was a new design to be used by the Mon Calamari Exploratory Service several decades ago, Unfortunately the MCES was eventually, and abruptly, dissolved by the new Galactic Empire. The small fleet of scout ships were sold at auction to private owners, by which time only a few thousand such vessels had been produced. As a scout ship, the cargo bay was intend to store survey equipment, supplies and ground vehicles, but it also makes the ship a serviceable freighter when pressed into such a role, which most of the new owners did. Like most Mon Calamari designs, each individual ship is slightly different, crafted as unique works of art rather than mass-produced, identical ships. The craft is equipped with different types of landing gear that can be deployed as needed: a landing claw ( to stabilize the ship when docking with another vessel or an asteroid), standard landing gear and the ship can land/float on water. Like many Mon Calamari vessels, the ship is also submersible (maximum depth 1,000 meters). In addition, a significant amount of credits has been spent to heavily modify this ship from it's stock configuration; - The ship's displays have all been converted from the visual spectrum of the Mon Calamari to the galactic standard. - The ship is equipped with a code masker. - - The code masker has one alternate transponder code programmed, "The Typhoon Star". - The both hyperdrives have been replaced with faster models. - - The primary hyperdrive has been upgraded. - The engines and handling have been heavily upgraded. - The shield generators and backup shield generators have been upgraded. - Significant weapon systems have been added (laser cannon, ion cannon, proton torpedo launcher). - - The added weapons are all visually concealed until in use and sensor baffled, visually disguising them effectively hiding them from all but the best sensor operators. - The ship has two cabins with two bunks each, four individual crew cabins, and a single, slightly larger cabin (likely for the captain) - The ship was built with an additional three cabins (with two bunks each), but modifications have claimed the space; - - The first cabin was converted into small machine shop/workshop (+1D+2 to Repair skills). In addition it contains two repair droids. - - A second cabin was sacrificed to expand the sick bay, complete with a bacta tank. (+2D to First Aid. The bacta tank requires the Medicine advanced skill to use). - - The third cabin has been replaced with a supplemental energizer, to handle the considerable additional power draw of the ship's added weapons, shields and upgrades. Alternately, it allows the ship to 'run silent' for up to an hour and can provide emergency power and life support. - The cargo bay, located in the rear of the ship, has had one quarter of the space permanently divided off and converted into a spacious and luxurious passenger suite capable of carrying up to four passengers in comfort well beyond that normally offered by a ship of this type. - A cargo skiff and speeder bike are secured in the cargo bay.
  5. Captain Mar - - - NPC - - - Name: Addo Mar Occupation: Former Imperial Customs Captain Legal Status: Wanted by the Empire Homeworld: Ballor Prime Species: Human Gender: Male Height: 5'9" (175.25 cm) Weight: 178.5 lbs (81 kg) Hair Color: Gray Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Fair Apparent Age: Late fifties to early sixties Appearance: Captain Mar is an older man, with the somewhat heavy build and broad shoulders common to the people of Ballor Prime. His gray hair is worn rather short and a thick mustache hides his upper lip. Despite his age, his eyes have a glimmer of mirth and cleverness to them at times. Personality: Easy going and calm, but authoritative when he needs to be. He has a somewhat fatherly (or grandfatherly) bearing and at least a hint of charisma. Due to his decades in Republic and then Imperial Customs, he has seen a great many things and is rarely caught off guard. Quick thinking. Background: Captain Mar served in Republic Customs and then Imperial Customs when the Empire came to power. He spoke up to his superiors when he began to see the shift in policy and treatment of spacers at the hands of the Empire, but quickly learned to quite down as some of his former Republic Customs colleagues began to vanish after speaking out similarly. Over roughly three decades in Customs Mar has risen through the ranks, but found the ceiling due to damage he done to his career by speaking out, never being promoted any higher than Captain of a Imperial Customs Guardian Light Cruiser. He remained in Customs though, trying to make what small difference he could and continued conducting his duties in the same manner and respect that he always had while attempting to pass it along to the next wave of Customs officers. It was in so doing that he met Talmod "Tal" Thane, a young ensign that took what Mar had to say to heart and took the young ensign under his wing. Finally word reached Mar of a Jedi taken into custody on a Customs Frigate and in a few scant minutes Mar gathered up the few others he knew had grown disenchanted with the Empire and hatched a plan to free the Jedi and the crew that was being held for transporting her. Making his escape with the Jedi, the crew that was guilty by association and a handful of Imperials, Mar became a wanted man and set out to make some difference in the galaxy.
  6. Okay, the first space combat. Woo! The defensive stats for the ship.. Maneuverability: 1D Space: 9 Atmosphere: 400; 1,150 kmh Hull: 5D Shields: 2D Maneuverability adds to the pilot's Space Transports (or Mechanical) rolls, including dodges. Space is how many units of distance a ship may move in a single Move Action. A pilot may taken no more than 4 Move Actions in a single round. Note: The length of a space 'unit' is not really specified, but all ship movements, sensors and weapons and so on use the exact same space 'unit', regardless of scale. Atmosphere is how fast the ship can move while in a typical planet's atmosphere. (Not that relevant right now) Hull is used to resist damage. Shields can be divided among arcs. Any attack coming from an arc protected by a shield adds the number of Shield D in that arc to the Hull roll to resist damage. Considering you are being chased and that the TIEs are not probably not dumb enough to attack from the front (where the ship has more firepower), the Captain had all of the shields angled to the rear for the most protection (hopefully). Supposing Zaylee stays on the bridge to fly the ship, that leaves the other four PCs to man the four laser cannons (2 forward and 2 turrets). In combat there are 4 arcs: right, left, forward and rear. Turrets have a 360 degree arc, but at still somewhat limited by placement, but it usually not that big of a factor. (A dorsal/top turret cannot shoot a target under the ship, for example.) Here the weapon stats again.. Laser Cannons Fire Arc: 2 front, 2 turret Crew: 1 Skill: Starship gunnery Fire Control: 2D+2 Space Range: 1-3/12/25 Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km Damage: 5D Starship Gunnery is a Mechanical skill. If you do not have the skill, then you can use your Mechanical Attribute. Fire Control adds to your Starship Gunnery (or Mechanical) roll. Range is broken down into short, medium and long ranges. The difficulty to hit is based on range or the target's dodge roll and modified by terrain and other factors (like scale). Assuming the target is of the same scale (starfighters and transports are both Starfighter scale)... Short range = Easy difficulty Medium range = Moderate difficulty Lomg range = Difficult difficulty You can shoot more than once in a round by declaring multiple actions. Each action after the 1st incurs a cumulative -1D penalty to ALL actions you take that round. So shooting 3 times in one round would be a -2D penality to all 3 shots. The forward cannons can only shoot at targets in the forward arc (most likely when a TIE fighter passes the ship on a strafing run), while turrets are 360 degrees of fire. So you all need to decide who is manning what or doing other actions. You can all post in the main thread as well (covering previous reactions or current dialogue or whatever).
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