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Aberrant: Mutant High - Character - Sakurako "Mouse" Hino


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Early History...
Sakurako was a sickly child, weak as a kitten and almost always ill. Her immune system was damaged by a unknown disease that made her susceptible to other diseases. Due to her special needs she was home schooled and spent most of her time indoors.

Her only friends were the characters in the novels she read and the scientists who published their work. When she turned 14, she was rail thin, and some doctors believed she would die by 25.

Ai and Sojuro Hino did everything for her they could, talking her to specialists, Looking into genetic therapy, and giving her what they can. Luckily as a rich family in Japan, they were able to cover the bills, with Ai a published and famous author and Sojuro a well respected aeronautical engineer, specializing recently in developing high-efficiency aircraft.

Then one day her Aunt came with the worst possible news... Her mother and father were dead. Killed in a plane crash as they were flying home from Hokkaido. The two that cared for her deeply and made sure her every need was met, and they were gone.

Her heart literally stopped. She was rushed to the hospital where they tried their best to revive her, then suddenly in the ER, she gasped. Her eyes went wide, and she screamed... “MOTHER!!!!”

She fell unconscious.

She woke up 7 days later, breathing soundly, and she felt different. She was already good at understanding what the Doctors talked about but she could easily read the stuff they wrote.

“Psychological and Physiological breakdown induced by extreme emotional distress. Recommend Hospice care.”

She stumbled to a mirror, after ripping every cord and hose connected to her and looked at herself. She saw her hair had turned white from shock.

But she could all of a sudden understand everything that has happened to her.

Once her Aunt knew she was awake she left with Sakurako for New York and took care of her and helped her recover. Sakurako found out her mutation granted her a second chance, and made her mind sharper and more capable of handling information. Her mind was thirsty.

What she also noticed is she wasn't weak any more. She was able to run like a normal girl, and actually life a normal life... but fate was cruel. As a Mutant she could not do those things.

Her Aunt, Sachiko Aino, was a mutant activist, and knew of the Lawrence Hunt Academy. In fact she was able to get an audience with Director Drumm himself.

A year after the worst week of her life, she was about to step foot out of the family limousine and start a new journey. She will discover what saved her life is a far greater gift than she thought.

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Sakurako Hino

Sakurako Hino stands Five Feet, Four Inches. She's of average weight of her height, and is a young girl of 15 years.

Her hair is naturally white from her harrowing near-death experience, and she regularly dyes it a pale purple color, because it amuses her.

She prefers to dress in a school uniform she wore when she was tested at a school to see how her homeschooling was going when she was ill. Now it's become a favorite outfit of hers, although it also is a bit of a necessity since she's unfamiliar with current fashion trends in the school. Also she always feels like she's doing something wrong wearing street clothes during her academic pursuits.

She's generally kind, but she is awkward and nerdy. She fits in with the other gamers and geeks of the school, and respects everyone equally, although as one of the squints she's not looked on too warmly by some cliques. This was only exascerbated by her actions when some of the students had her assist in breakoug out of the academy late at night and head to a nightclub, but Sakurako left a note as to where they were. While not looked upon fondly for that action, Sakurako's natural instinct to help others and look after her compatriots is starting to show some use.

She is more of a fan of American superhero comic books, science fiction in general, and is fond of giant robot Anime. She's starting to also pick up gaming in general in RPGs.

She's a natural detective, but her real mutation-enhanced skill is with Computers and Engineering. Although she is only good with building more than anything else. She also has the ability to fly, which she loves greatly.

She hates Aircraft, and will not set foot in one, and would prefer flying herself where she has control of the situation. Probably stemming from her Family's death. She's an only child, with her only family being her Mutant Activist Aunt, Sachiko, who while the executor of the Hino estate until Sakurako turns 18, she has practically left the entire estate's resources with her.

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Name: Sakurako Hino
Codename: Mouse
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 123pds
Nationality: Japanese
Immigration Status: Student

Concept: The Bookish Inventor
Nature: Analyst
Allegiance: The School, The Geek Clique

STR: 3

DEX: 3
Athletics (Dodge, Swimming): 3
Drive (Traffic): 1
Pilot (Motorboat): 1
Stealth (Hide in Shadows, Sneak): 1

STA(M: 1): 3 Enhancements: Tireless

PER: 3
Awareness: 2
Investigation: 3

INT(M: 1): 5
Enhancements: M.Prodigy (Engineering, Computer, Medical)
Academics: 3
Computer: 3
Engineering: 5
Intrusion :2
Linguistics: 2
Medicine (First Aid, Emergency): 3
Science (Physics): 3

WIT: 2

CHA: 3
Etiquette (Diplomacy): 1

MAN: 2

APP: 2

Cypher: 3
Resources: 5

Gadget: 4 - Invisibility Cloak - "Sakurako's Rain Cloak"
  • L2 Invisibility
  • L1 Body Modification: Organic LED Chromatophores
  • L1 Bioluminescence

Uniform 11: Carbon Fiber Uniforms


Anti-Scan Weave ••••
+4 dice to evade of fool mutant scanning devices

Armor ••••
+4L / +4B armor bonus

Unassuming •••
Five outfits. +3 die to evading equipment sensors that detect armor and weapons.

,, ,,

Flight 2

Speed Reading: 2
Lightning Calculator: 2
Photographic Memory: 3
Concentration: 1
Power Recovery: 2

Weak Sense (Farsighted): 1
Phobia (Flying on Airplanes): 2
Combat Paralysis: 3
Low Pain Threshold: 3
Pacifist: 1

Final Statistics
Focus: 2
Power Pool: 30
Willpower 10
Initiative 5
Walk: 7m, Run: 14m, Sprint: 26
Flight Speeds: 48m Combat, 200km/h out of combat

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Earned Experience: 108
Spent Experience: 108
Remaining Experience:0

January 20th Experience Expenditures
Starting Experinece: 108 XP

Attributes Improvements - 24 XP

12 XP +1 Strength
12 XP +1 Dex

Logic on these improvements: Sakurako has taken it upon herself to get herself a bit stronger, she never knows it if she'll ever need it. That and lifting cleaning supplies and moving things around during her punishment helped. Sneaking by Oneca, doing laps as punishment, and other sorts of activity has made her wear some treads on her shoes.

Mega Attribute Improvements - 5 XP

5 XP Mega Intelligence Enhancement: Medical

Logic on these improvements: Sakurako's intellect is growing, and has recently found she grasps her lessons in first aid and other associated emergency response matters with greater ability.

Ability Improvements - 26 XP

1 XP Athletics Specialty: Swimming
3 XP +1 Drive
1 XP Drive Specialty: Traffic
3 XP +1 Pilot
1 XP Pilot Specialty: Motorboat
3 XP +1 Stealth
1 XP Stealth Specialties: Hide in Shadows, Sneak
6 XP +1 Academics
6 XP +1 Medicine
1 XP Medicine Specialty: Emergency

Logic on these improvements: Sakurako has been working pretty hard during her punishment, not to mention practicing for the swim team. She's been taking driving lessons off camera, and has not crashed the school van yet. She has talked about (in game) being on her aunt's yacht, and knows the basics of operating a sailing yacht and a tender for it. Of course, learning to keep hidden from Oneca, she has picked up some talent in sneaking. Sakurako, naturally, has taken to her education with relish, and has started to improve her knowledge of medicine and has even started to understand what to do in emergency response as well as her already encyclopedic knowledge of first aid.

Background Additions/Improvements/Investments - 40 XP

Uniform Investment
Duralumin Uniform - 4 Dots Total, 20 XP - Light Duty Armor
1 Dot Armor: 3B/3L Soak
2 Dots Impervious: -3 Armor Piercing
1 Dot Resistance

The uniform appears as a white with red armor plate bodysuit, that has a medic's cross armband on the left arm. It's light armoring is designed to allow for freedom of movement while allowing some survivability. It is advised that this doesn't completely stop damage, but it may prove the difference between life and death. This armor is designed for visibility, although the armor plating is slim and form-accomodating enough to allow a cloak (Such as Sakurako's Rain Cloak) to be worn over it.

Player Note: Is it possible to add gadgets to this? With further XP I might further add to this suit's functionality. (Computer Interface, Life Support)

Gadget 4: Invisibility Cloak - 20 XP "Sakurako's Rain Cloak"
L2 Invisibility
L1 Body Modification: Organic LED Chromatophores
L1 Bioluminescence

- This Cloak in it's default mode looks like a yellow rain poncho or cloak (with the arm slits zipped up), when infact the material of this cloak is interwoven with a Organic LED system that allows the color of the cloak to be changed, or through it's surrounding ataptation system turn invisible as it matches the colors and lighting of it's surroundings. When Invisible, the cloak's hood can be closed, and the person wearing the cloak can see their surroundings as a projection of what is around them is shown inside the cloak's hood. It can also have portions of the cloak light up to act as a flashlight, signaling device, or when invisible simulate lights.
March 3 2012 Expenditures
Mentor 3 - Doctor Lucia Chase - 12 XP
Uniform Readjustments...
XP Dots...

2 Anti-Scan

2 Armor

The 7 Dots

+2 Anti-Scan

+2 Armor

+3 Unassuming


4 Antiscan

4 Armor

3 Unassuming

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