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  1. Yeah, to be honest I've been tempted to rebuild Sakurako as a CN character. She would be older than she's been (18) and with D0, I'm just thinking on either to make her a technician (as always) or make her different in terms of powers/theme.
  2. Curse you December Hiatus!!!

  3. Oh... didn't know the college thing was smacking him around as well. Last I heard he was just stuck with family stuff over the holiday. ,, Oh well, this just gives us more time to refine, right?
  4. Okay hopefully Shinn is catching e-mails from forum PMs. I'm checking in with him now, hopefully I get a response soon.
  5. You were working with Shinn before the cut-off, I hope?
  6. Well, people keep on impressing with the avatar choices.
  7. Anyways, Sakurako is just about ready. I might clean up the background a little, I was being heavily distracted.
  8. I don't think we're going that route. I'd build a different character otherwise.
  9. ,, We have a saying at the local game shop. Never give the GM ideas.
  10. Ah. Just sometimes when people say "Minimum" they mean "only". ,, Very well I'll take it as written then.
  11. So those that submitted before this change get to keep their extra complication, while the rest have just a motivation and complication? ,, Okay... just some of us will have fewer Hero Point opportunities because of that. I'm sure events in game might make up the slack, but it can cause point acceleration.
  12. So everyone can take One or Two Complications, and One Motivation?
  13. ,, I think he only wants us to have two, our motivation and our one complication, to keep things simple to start. Can I get some clarification on this, Shinn?
  14. Okay seeing what you're wanting here, I'm gonna refine a little. By Friday you'll have a character, I got some stuff to think about.
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