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  1. Yeah, to be honest I've been tempted to rebuild Sakurako as a CN character. She would be older than she's been (18) and with D0, I'm just thinking on either to make her a technician (as always) or make her different in terms of powers/theme.
  2. Curse you December Hiatus!!!

  3. Oh... didn't know the college thing was smacking him around as well. Last I heard he was just stuck with family stuff over the holiday. ,, Oh well, this just gives us more time to refine, right?
  4. Okay hopefully Shinn is catching e-mails from forum PMs. I'm checking in with him now, hopefully I get a response soon.
  5. You were working with Shinn before the cut-off, I hope?
  6. Well, people keep on impressing with the avatar choices.
  7. Anyways, Sakurako is just about ready. I might clean up the background a little, I was being heavily distracted.
  8. I don't think we're going that route. I'd build a different character otherwise.
  9. ,, We have a saying at the local game shop. Never give the GM ideas.
  10. Ah. Just sometimes when people say "Minimum" they mean "only". ,, Very well I'll take it as written then.
  11. So those that submitted before this change get to keep their extra complication, while the rest have just a motivation and complication? ,, Okay... just some of us will have fewer Hero Point opportunities because of that. I'm sure events in game might make up the slack, but it can cause point acceleration.
  12. So everyone can take One or Two Complications, and One Motivation?
  13. ,, I think he only wants us to have two, our motivation and our one complication, to keep things simple to start. Can I get some clarification on this, Shinn?
  14. Okay seeing what you're wanting here, I'm gonna refine a little. By Friday you'll have a character, I got some stuff to think about.
  15. I would think 1st Year, 2nd Year, etc... is absolutely fine. I just want to know if we're still doing the 16+ or 15+. Just so I can write this background properly. ,, One question though, when you say we're limited to two complications, that is two normal complications not including the required motivation, correct?
  16. Today or Tomorrow I should have a character ready. Just waiting for some advice on a couple things. ,, Namely, how can I simulate while when one thing is active, that I can have it cause a penalty to other things while it's active? (For instance a boost to Toughness that penalizes Parry and Dodge.) ,, Addendum: Shinn, would you allow Enhance Trait to be applied negatively for this? (For instance I take extra Protection that goes over cap, but take a penalty in the form of a negative Enhance Trait to balance the trade-off?) ,, The Fluff being is that when Sakurako knows she's about to get into a fight where the firepower will be a bit more than her armor at it's default setting can handle, she can cause the armor to toughen or bulk up so while it's more protective, it reduces her ability to avoid that inbound firepower in the process. ,, Note: Just asked on the ATT Forums. I'll get a basic read, but you are the final judge on this, Shinn. ,, Solution: You can take "Reduced Trait" as a flaw, so, I have my solution.
  17. Well, as we've been talking, I'm definitely interested in this. Working on the character now. ,, Character concept: Exchange student from Japan's Shugo-Tai [ 守護隊 ] (Guardian Squad) Program. Powers: Super smart, somewhat skilled, some tech gadgetry, can throw ordinary things as ranged weapons.
  18. Sakurako continued to work on the com-links, making sure everyone is set. "A... Alright that is the last of them... I'm... choosing to stay with the plane. We should set down somewhere where this can serve as a base camp for us if anyone gets hurt. I'm... no good out there in the front lines, but I gotta stay here for you guys. You knock them dead... err... unconcious, okay?" ,, OOC This is me sitting out. Final answer.
  19. I'm going to need someone to go with me to Hell's Kitchen. I can fly us down, and you can help soothe the masses while I look over the wounded. Sound like a plan? I'm going to talk to Abby too and see if she can be fire support. ,, Also, can Kia fly? I can give one person a lift, I wager with the medical gear I'll have with me it's not going to be easy. ,, That and once we're sure the people we rescue there are able to get to the proper evac point safe, that is when we should let them go. That point being Chelsea Park.
  20. Sakurako closed her eyes and started whispering. "Not me, not me not me... only a few hours flying in my dad's simulators... I know nothing about that plane... please don't look at me..." ,, She started to shiver... suddenly the possibility of flying around in a vehicle that looked like it depended on complex flight avionics to fly it's aerodynamically unstable airframe... one hell of a failure point. In fact she crossed her arms over her chest before realizing her time to get ready was leaking faster than her confidence. ,, "Crap! Crap crap crap! No time for this... got stuff to get set up for!" Sakurako exclaimed, running off to get ready for something she, and she wagered everyone, wasn't completely prepared for.
  21. ,, "I'm not running... not no more, Caitlin." Sakuako said, stopping in her tracks, dead serious in the tone of voice she had. "What I want to know right now... where do you stand with this? Because I might need to depend on you in the clutch, that and If I do my job right none of us will end up dead. I just want you to trust me, okay?" ,, "Thing is this was never safe... never simple... and never easy. We went about in this school day by day worrying about whoever liked us or who was pissed off at us this day over some perceived slight that now, out there seems like a lot of bullshit, doesn't it? This is what we agreed to do, Caitlin. It's our bed and we will sleep in it. If it's our coffin or where we lay our head for the night is up to us, isn't it?" ,, "Hell, I don't know if I can trust you guys in something like this because I am scared shitless at the moment thinking of what we are up against... but Dr. Hunt chose us for a reason. I'm not going to disappoint him. What you should ask yourself, is are you up to this? There isn't no grace period with what we're about to do here. It's all in or go home now. And to be honest I'd rather die for something noble than not knowing I could stand for something better in the world." ,, "Now I gotta get ready, and I think everyone else here that is on the fence make a decision now... because we gotta know whose got our backs out there and I gotta know how much in medical supplies I gotta take!"
  22. Sakurako nodded. "Right, I should get ready." "Comeon, Natalie, we got a crisis to resolve!" Sakurako said, waving Natalie to come along as she runs out. "Should take me three minutes to be all set... enough time to have whoever intends to fly that aircraft we got to go through the proper flight checks!" She stopped in place, Daniel's comments sitting in. "Come on, Daniel, be serious! Of course Dr. Hunt is sending us out... why else would he have set up all this!" She shook her head. "No time for delay here come-on!" She runs out to start gearing up, she wagers this proactive response will buy some time... if they don't go after all... at least she knows how fast she is in getting suited up. ,, That... and focusing on what she thought she should do to get ready pushed away the spike of fear tearing into her gut. At least her field suit has a helmet.
  23. Probably. I can imagine Saku doing a mad dash and will probably be just barely getting her suit on with all the medical gear she will be taking with. Although on arrival she'll also get a chance to show off her invisibility cloak. Well... actually it's hard to show off something that makes you invisible, right?
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