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Found 14 results

  1. Velma Thompson Velma was born wanting nothing. Her family, the Thompsons, the head of the family owned transport firm Thompcorp, a world-wide corporation that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the largest postal and heavy transport firms. She's the middle daughter of three children, her older brother and younger sister. She was a bright girl growing up, but lacked the business acumen of her brother, and seemed more to be the protector of her disabled little sister who has no use of her legs from an injury while she was a toddler. Velma's parents saw Velma would be better served in life to follow her direction in life, focussing on setting her older brother up to take over the company at some point. This became something not in their future, but in their present lives. When Velma was 14, her parents were coming back on a flight back to Los Angeles from Honolulu, when the flight vanished from radar over the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii. Rescue efforts provided nothing. It was as if the aircraft simply disappeared. What no one knew, was some strangeness had happened, a person on board suddenly developed powers that caused the flight to vanish. To where no one knows, but everyone on board was lost to the world in the process. This thrust her 20 years old at the time brother into his role as the head of Thompcorp. Also the inheritance the children recieved was evenly split, but Velma's brother, Alexander, split his portion between Ann and Velma, as he was pulling a check from his new duties. Velma took to her lonlier life, with only Ann and her guardian, the family Butler, James to take care of things until Velma became an adult. Velma graduated Valedictorian from the private school she went to high school in, then entered CalTech looking to get a career in being a Meteoroligist with the National Weather Service. She showed to be a very apt student, and on her summer break between her freshman and sophomore year, she went on a "storm chasing" trip with her Professor. During the trip, her group was caught in a storm, and while taking shelter a F5 tornado came down upon them, and where they were holed up would not survive and they couldn't run. But before the storm came too close, Velma's powers woke up. She managed to hold the tornado in place and dissipate it. Everyone present saw her do this, but out of gratitude kept this a secret, chalking it up to the storm calming as it approached. In her Sophomore year, Velma realizes she's got an interesting life ahead, indeed. When she got back home from her trip before her second year began, she decided to pull a few contacts to start putting together something. Somewhere in her head she wanted to do something more than just be a student, so while she started physically training, she had a protective coat made for her to handle what she thought she had the greatest chance of running into. By the end of her second year in college she started appearing on the Los Angeles streets in her signature rain slicker, stopping muggings and saving lives during spring floods. Now in her Junior year, she focusses on her studies further, while juggling taking care of her sister and managing her "night life". Personal Info Velma has blonde hair, which when in class she keeps well styled, although she lets it go when she is operating as "The Gale". She has piercing blue eyes, and tends to wear the best clothes. When not being The Gale and having free time from her studies, she volunteers in a program that gets children interested in Science, traveling from school to school doing programs or speaking in presentations at libraries. Complications Identity: Velma Thompson is the secret identity of The Gale. Motivation: Responsibility: Unlike the typical rich person stereotype, Valma feels she has a responsibility to use her fortunate upbringing for the good of society. Now that she has powers, that's an even greater motivator. Quirk: Velma loves the rain, and loves Los Angeles' few rainy days, and does whatever she can to be out enjoying them. Responsibility: Velma is a student at CalTech, and as such, has those responsibilities tacked on to her "night life". Dependent: Velma takes care of her disabled sister, Ann, a Junior High student.
  2. Alex was born on July 4, 1915. His father, Alexander Aceworth SR., had just gotten back from his most recent tour of duty in the first World War, and had been discharged due to losing his right leg. But in the process, Alexander Senior erupted, becoming a sharp mind with a keen intellect. He went into business for himself, eventually pioneering research into a form of Aetherfiber that becomes one of the premier brands of Aetherfiber clothing on the market. Even after the Great Depression set in, Aceworth Aetherics Applications created many Aethertechnology products that have recieved wide acclaim, enough to bouy the corporation through the troubled waters of the 1930s. Alex's mother, Rebecca Aceworth (Nee Shwarzstadt) was a Nurse during the war effort, although once her husband Alex came home, they had gotten together. Rebecca was a smart woman herself, although she loved her coming role as mother to her dear boy. Alex was a only child, unfortunately, as Rebecca died soon after. Alex Junior had an eye for airplanes. They were the new form of transportation, and Alex loved putting models together whenever he could. Although he sighed as to how aircraft just weren't coming along like he wanted. He wanted to go faster, further, and with greater heights. Then when he turned 18, after hearing about the US Navy's aviation program, he immediately enlisted, and indeed showed great promise as a pilot. First in training with seaplanes that were just starting to see use, then with fighter aircraft designed for carrier use. While many higher up officials in the Navy didn't see the viability, Alex did, and participated in a demonstration that showed that indeed a carrier-based attack could devastate a old style battleship fleet. Then in 1940, as he was flying in a new Catalina type flying boat, he and his crew were testing a potential new aetheric detector that would pick up on submerged enemy submarines through the electromagnetic disturbances they cause as they travel through the water. When the device activated, it could detect even the most minute electromagnetic variance using a specific frequency called "Aetheric X-Frequency Waves". Everything started alright, as the crew reached their testing point over the Atlantic 50 miles off the coast of Miami. Then the device shorted, releasing a massive pulse of X-Frequency Aetheric Waves, causing Alex's crew to immediately have massive brain hemmorages. They died on the spot as their brains became a mush. Alex on the other hand was slammed into with the same waves, but unbeknownst to everyone, through interaction with his father and the constant exposure to a variety of Aetheric waves; his central nervous system was arranged in a certain pattern, causing the trigger of a eruptive event. Just as Alex's head hit the dashboard of his stricken plane. When he came to, his plane was sinking as the tail end was sheared off in the crash, and he had mere moments to get out. Grabbing the now fried device, and got out. Left floating out in the Atlantic for two days, blood trickling from his nose, and the test team on shore didn't know what had happened. Search parties went north and south of him. He didn't even know if the submarine that was picked to head out as a test subject would be passing through and made part of the search. All the while he knew sharks would arrive. And they did, but before they could make a meal of Alex, the test submarine surfaced and picked him up, sending him back home. Luckily he grabbed the device as well, the science teams had a field-day on it wondering why it failed. But Alex already knew just by looking at how it faulted. Sabotage. German Sabotage. Then he showed how the Aetheric waves interacted with the emmiter ring, and several other things only a Athertech engineer could figure out. In fact they discovered that Alex had somehow become smarter, and his reaction time jumped up greatly. Seeing he would be a great asset analysing Wunderwaffe weapons starting to pop up from the Blitzkrieg, Alex was sent to Washington DC; with a higher rank and a new duty to a newly formed department made up of the best minds in the US Navy. In January of 1941, he is sent to England to assist the Royal Air Force, Navy, and Army, in analysing discovered Aethertech from shot down Luftwaffe aircraft. This, is where Alex's war begins.
  3. Name: Rollo Strange Mutant name: Strange Charm Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 115 lbs. Race: Caucasian National Origin: Sullen Hollow, CA, USA Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Handedness: Right DOB: 15-Oct-1997 Blood Type: O Allergies: None Contacts: Lyle and Jessica Forthright, Adoptive Parents Short description: Long wavy hair, with pronounced sideburns and a petit goatee. Favors tie-dyed shirts and black jeans, with black work-boots. Has a jean jacket (worn) with numerous "colorful" buttons. Has a few psychedelic tattoos in a similar style of Robert Crumb. Mutations: Rollo has been confirmed, after a series of tests at the Hunt Academy, to have a genuine metaphysical mutation: extreme luck. No one is quite sure how it works, or how long Rollo's mutation has been active. Backstory: Rollo was in a bad situation growing up: His parents addicted themselves to stronger and stronger drugs, becoming less and less attentive and more self-destructive over time. Rollo was over at a friend's house the night his parents blew up their trailer. Luckily, the friends he had stayed at were able to adopt him. Soon, luck favored them with a winning lottery ticket. By all accounts, they have a strong relationship. Rollo found out by accident that he was a mutant; somehow the results were mailed to his family instead of the authorities. Thinking quickly, his adoptive parents reached out to the Hunt Academy, who agreed to take him in. Rollo hopes to develop himself as an artist and entertainer. Character stuff Concept: World's Luckiest Slacker Nature: Jester Allegiance: Friends Strength: 2 Dexterity: 2 Athletics 2, Drive 1, Legerdemain 2, Stealth 2 Stamina: 5 (Healthy) Endurance 3, Resistance 3 Perception: 3 Awareness 2 Intelligence: 2 Academics 1, Computers 1, Intrusion 1, Science 1, Survival 2 Wits: 3 Arts 2, Rapport 2 Charisma: 6 (Genial) Perform 3 Manipulation: 2 Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3 (4 BP) Appearance: 5 (Magnetic) Powers: Luck 5 (Area, Selective), Mega-Charisma 1 (Soothe) Backgrounds: Allies 5 (2 BP), Cipher 2, Contacts 2 (2 BP) Genome 2, Resources 3 (3 BP) Focus 1 , Genome Points 22, Taint , Willpower: 5 (4 BP) Initiative: 5, Walk/Run/Sprint: 7m/14m/26m , Soak: 5B/ 2L PowerPoints: 25 on Luck (Area, Selective), 3 on Mega-Charisma (Soothe), 2 on 6 Attributes
  4. Early History... Sakurako was a sickly child, weak as a kitten and almost always ill. Her immune system was damaged by a unknown disease that made her susceptible to other diseases. Due to her special needs she was home schooled and spent most of her time indoors. Her only friends were the characters in the novels she read and the scientists who published their work. When she turned 14, she was rail thin, and some doctors believed she would die by 25. Ai and Sojuro Hino did everything for her they could, talking her to specialists, Looking into genetic therapy, and giving her what they can. Luckily as a rich family in Japan, they were able to cover the bills, with Ai a published and famous author and Sojuro a well respected aeronautical engineer, specializing recently in developing high-efficiency aircraft. Then one day her Aunt came with the worst possible news... Her mother and father were dead. Killed in a plane crash as they were flying home from Hokkaido. The two that cared for her deeply and made sure her every need was met, and they were gone. Her heart literally stopped. She was rushed to the hospital where they tried their best to revive her, then suddenly in the ER, she gasped. Her eyes went wide, and she screamed... “MOTHER!!!!” She fell unconscious. She woke up 7 days later, breathing soundly, and she felt different. She was already good at understanding what the Doctors talked about but she could easily read the stuff they wrote. “Psychological and Physiological breakdown induced by extreme emotional distress. Recommend Hospice care.” She stumbled to a mirror, after ripping every cord and hose connected to her and looked at herself. She saw her hair had turned white from shock. But she could all of a sudden understand everything that has happened to her. Once her Aunt knew she was awake she left with Sakurako for New York and took care of her and helped her recover. Sakurako found out her mutation granted her a second chance, and made her mind sharper and more capable of handling information. Her mind was thirsty. What she also noticed is she wasn't weak any more. She was able to run like a normal girl, and actually life a normal life... but fate was cruel. As a Mutant she could not do those things. Her Aunt, Sachiko Aino, was a mutant activist, and knew of the Lawrence Hunt Academy. In fact she was able to get an audience with Director Drumm himself. A year after the worst week of her life, she was about to step foot out of the family limousine and start a new journey. She will discover what saved her life is a far greater gift than she thought.
  5. NAME: Rachel Fiore (aka Red Fury) ORIGIN: Biochemical Accident POWERS: Superstrength, Supertoughness and fast Metabolism THEME: Unstoppable Force of Nature. Physical Prowess TITLE: none yet. GENDER: Female AGE: 28 (Age indeterminable as Red Fury, but probably a very healthy mid-twenties PERSONALITY: Rachel has a somewhat dual nature ever since the accident. Her unpowered side remains the curious scientists mind and she abides by the rules and oaths she has taken. She can be even considered mousy at times, when she is deeply involved with her work. As Red Fury she is far more outgoing and direct. She revels in her powers and likes to show it off. The strength she possess makes her prone to powertrips and she has difficulties holding back when is is wiser to remain calm. POWER LEVEL: 8 APPEARANCE: Rachel is a dark-brownhaired attractive woman of half italian and half irish heritage. She has the good looks of her mother and a somewhat shrewd and sarcastic sense of humor inherited by her father. She seems to be somewhat oblivious of her looks, though. She seldom wears clothes that go beyond her usual business or work attire and her last date was when she was at college... Background: Rachel is the daughter of District Attorney Giovanni Fiore and Detective Siobhan Fiore. Both her parents have a strong sense of Justice and could be considered as good people as far as their personal backgrounds and taxpaying history is concerned. DA Fiore has the questionable reputation of being a hot-headed and stubborn DA who literally hunts down organised crime as if he was on a personal vendetta. His wife is a faithful Detective and while not as hot-headed at least as stubborn as her husband. Rachel could be considered the perfect combination of both their good traits but deep inside she also faces her inner demons which she very rarely is confronted with. Her dedication to her work and also the very passive nature of being a medical doctor who mostly deals with corpses is rather beneficial for staying out of trouble. At least the trouble of the physical/aggresive kind. This all changed a few months ago when Rachel had a rather lifechanging episode of the biochemically-induced accident kind. She was doing her old College Professor a favor who was no longer at University but following a project for the government which he could not speak of to her, but she could help him with some experiments without risking giving away what he was working on. As things turn out with these kinds of stories those experiments weren't as harmless as presumed and Rachel found herself exposed to a variety of chemical substances that altered her bodychemistry down to the DNA-level. Instead of dying (which all the rodents and rats did in their cages), the chemical compound changed Rachel, rebuilding her DNA and making some extreme alterations to her genetic code. The result was Red Fury - a hulking two and a half meters tall female juggernaut packed with muscles and bright red skin with fiendish looking yellowish glowing eyes. As Red Fury Rachel was capable of incredible feats of strength and could withstand all kinds of weapons up to Assault Rifle Calibre without even flinching. Fortunately she retained her intelligence and didn't devolve to a mad monster but the change still had an considerable effect on her personality. Soon Rachel found herself attracted to danger. She got more active in her research and tried to accompany her colleagues to the sites of crime, hoping to get another chance of unleashing the Red Fury and have a more active role in stopping crime. This had to draw some attention sooner or later and she was quickly contacted by the superhuman division to join their special forces Squad. At first reluctant, Rachel agreed to join the team, waiting for her first real encounter with criminals or villains who would challenge her unbelievable prowess and might.
  6. Image Credit: Sue-Chan.com Appearance: There's simply no getting around the fact that Roxanne is one of the most physically distinctive novas on the planet, a mixture of woman and fox. She is covered head to toe with orange, black or white fur; has short, stubby (and mostly harmless) claws; a muzzle, sharp teeth, and a pair of fox tails. She has head hair, which is white, and green eyes. Despite these extreme physical changes, Roxanne shows no signs of excess 'taint,' implying that this appearance is a subset of her powers rather than an aberration. Regardless, people tend to stare, and they take a while to get used to her - and some never do. When copying a nova's powers, Roxanne sprouts an additional tail. Any physical nova-related changes are also transferred, causing her to resemble a hybrid of herself and the other nova's nova-specific physicality. When transferring these powers, the second tail disappears. Sometimes the subject who is given the abilities gains the tail, along with all the other physical nova-specific traits Vixen has (fur, muzzle, etc) - and sometimes they simply gain the powers. It appears to be random, and thus far, a puzzle Roxanne has yet to solve. OOC Essentially, whether a recipient of a transfer from Vixen winds up resembling her is up to the character's player. This is to prevent her from causing mass outbreaks of fuzzy lunacy unless people want that. Personality: One might initially mistake Roxanne for a hedonist, but a more accurate description would be of someone who just climbed out of a 30 year long full body cast. She loves trying new things and having new experiences. Unlike many novas who find their powers isolating, Roxanne finds that her understanding of and ability to empathize with people has only gotten greater. She could be described as super-smart about people, and this ability to sympathize often goes a long way when it comes to getting people past her physical appearance. When doing a psychological evaluation or in sessions with a patient, Roxanne is pleasant, but professional. If testing powers, she is meticulous in her documentation, though you'd never know it watching her fly around like a hornet on amphetamines. Roxanne thinks very quickly and is tough to surprise or shock, so what seems like goofing around to others is her enjoying the powers of a nova after she's done initial evaluation in her head. History:Roxanne has been disabled ever since a car accident as a teenager; complications from the accident took the life of her father not long afterwards. Despite losing all feeling in her legs and most of her right arm, Roxanne became a respected biologist, making her home in Seattle. The arrival of novas to the world turned her profession upside down, and Roxanne's fondest wish was to get to study the biology of novas firsthand - however, much of her focus was on the animal kingdom, and studying took time. So she contented herself with it being a far-off goal, until opportunity landed in her lap. The animal was found atop a rocky outcropping in the middle of a Japanese national park; it was a red fox with two tails, and quantum detection equipment picked up the presence of a considerable amount of the radiation found in the aftermath of nova power usage. Its biology was inexplicable, defying known science; with her unique crossover talents in both quantum-based life sciences and animal biology, Roxanne turned out to be a natural candidate to study it. As the months wore on, Roxanne grew frustrated. The animal was clearly highly intelligent, but aside from that she couldn't make any decent headway. It was a one of a kind specimen, so any kind of vivisection was out of the question, not that she'd do such a thing; without invasive testing, Roxanne's speculations remained unfocused. Was it the first of a wave of quantum-powered animals - would they have to content with super-strong paramecia soon? Or was it some kind of quantum construct, a created thing made with nova powers? The implications were staggering, if true... One night, late in the lab, her frustrations reached a fever pitch. She wheeled her wheelchair closer to the specimen cage and stared the creature straight in the eye. "What I want more than anything in this world, right now? I want to understand you. I want to understand why everything I know about biology, genetics, physics and the properties of matter turns into flubber when something like you is around. I want to understand how that's possible. I wish I could just see first hand how something like you does the things that it does - " Then Roxanne blacked out from a sudden, stabbing headache. When she awoke, her headache was gone, and she found herself feeling better than she'd felt in decades. She discovered the three reasons why in fairly short order. First, the fox had vanished. A review of security footage - which is currently classified highest top secret since it is one of the few known instances of an eruption captured on camera - shows that as Roxanne collapsed from her headache and fell out of her chair, the creature seemed to dissolve into a stream of energy that seeped through the walls of the cage, flowing into Roxanne. Secondly, Roxanne changed, becoming a physical hybrid of both herself and the fox. In addition to the obvious changes, Roxanne's nerve damage and spine was repaired, and when she woke up, witnesses say she did a dance. She did a dance because post-eruption, Roxanne processes new information very quickly and efficiently. "Oh, I freaked out. I had a panic attack for what felt like an hour, and to everyone else it was just a couple of seconds. Then I realized what it meant, and - look, if you were sitting down for three decades and suddenly you could dance a jig, you would too." In addition to her sharpened mind, which understands the biology and psychology of eruption better than most, Roxanne now possesses "meta-quantum powers" - she can shut down a nova's abilities, copy them, and even impart them on others. Roxanne understood that the key to understanding nova powers is to understand nova psychology - so Roxanne has, in the months since her eruption, dedicated herself to the study of the human mind. She's obtained a new doctorate and has secured backing to begin a new career - field researcher of nova powers, as well as a helpful hand to novas who have... issues. Character Stats Code Name: Vixen Real Name: Doctor Roxanne Richardson Height: 5 ft 2 inches Weight: 141 lbs Age: 44 Nature: Explorer Cause of Eruption: Intense Curiosity/Frustration Theme: Meta-Quantum Manipulation (Understanding and Manipulating Quantum Powers) Series: Cosmos Nova Experience: Player's Name: Mike OOC Attributes Strength •• Dexterity •• Stamina •• Intelligence ••••/••• (Rational) Wits •••/••• Perception •••/••• Appearance ••• Manipulation •• Charisma ••• Abilities Awareness ••• Investigation •• Academics •• Computer •• Linguistics •• Medicine ••• Science •••• Rapport ••• Etiquette ••• Backgrounds Backing ••• Influence •• Resources •••• Willpower: 3 Willpower Pool: Bonus Point Allocation: Science +1: 2 Specialty: Biology, Quantum Theory, Psychological Profile: 3 Influence 2: 2 Analysis 4: 8 Theme: Meta-Quantum Specialist Quantum: 5 Quantum Pool: 50 (4np) Mega-Attributes: (27np) (Considered Out of Theme)Mega-Perception ••• (Bloodhound, Quantum Attunement) Mega-Intelligence ••• (Linguistic Genius, Medical Prodigy) Mega-Wits ••• (Natural Empath, Human Nature) Quantum Powers: (49np) (In Theme) [*]Body Modification (Humanoid Fox Person) (0np) [*]Disrupt ••• [*]Quantum Imprint •••• [*]Nova Proxy •••• Taint: Aberrations: Nova Point Allocation: See above Experience Point Allocation:
  7. Naomi Minami Department 0 Consulting Detective Status: Deceased Background History Not every Nova on the planet has a average eruption, nor a peaceful one. None exemplify this than Naomi Minami. A former Schoolteacher, 35 years of age and a fan of detective novels. She grew up in the Japanese ocean town of Ukedo, a shipping and fishing port on the northeastern coast of the main island. She wanted to be a schoolteacher like her English father and Japanese mother. And she did well enough to finally achieve that dream. She taught at Ukedo Elementary School for 10 years as a Math Teacher. Two years prior to her eruption, she adopted a cat named Shiro. A Calico kitten who grew to be an inquisitive, intrepid soul. Naomi loved him greatly, and when she could, she took Shiro everywhere. On March 11, 2011 though, everything changed. For her town, and for her. When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, she was at School, preparing for her lessons. She knew from some of the physics she knew, that a Tsunami could happen, and fast. So unlike everyone who went for a higher level of the school, Naomi rushed to her home to save her Cat. The school wasn't too far of a trip, and most people were heading inland to avoid the coming wave. But Naomi after finding her scared cat stepped outside and saw the rushing water of the Tsunami about to crash into her. She held onto Shiro and said. "I'm sorry... don't hold your breath... it'll just prolong the inevitable." The wave hit and Naomi's world went black. She came to in the ocean, she was swept out to sea with her town's wrecakge. She scampered on to a fishing boat that somehow miraculously got washed out. It was starting to sink from it's hull damage though. But the radio had power. When she tried to speak though she felt her lips were strangely shaped, it was harder to talk. She thought she was injured severely, so she immediately found a mirror and looked... She looked... like herself and Shiro! She ran up to the radio again after grabbing a life vest that was still on board and tried radioing shore again. It was a day before a JMSDF helicopter arrived. The boat had already sunk and she was holding on to a piece of driftwood while floating by the life vest she found. The bewildered look of the crew onboard was muted when a woman peeked from behind the hoist operator. A odd woman with dull pink hair and wearing a white labcoat under her life preserver vest. "I'm Aiko Nakamura. Head of Department 0, and Nippontai, a emergency team currently operating in the area... Are you alright, dear? Although I wish this was on better circumstances, welcome to a new world." Naomi fainted. When she came to the next day she was wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting full-body suit. She looked in the mirror and saw her tail, and wondered what happened. Then the memories came... and she could only think of one thing her father taught. Something in regards to Quantum Physics where two objects cannot be in the same place and time in Time-Space. Whatever happened... violated that rule and now she is here... changed. When she realized that she somehow understood completely what happened she had no choice but to accept Aiko's offer to train in the use of her new gifts, study her body's changes, and to adapt. What she discovered is that she has a natural aptitude and innate understanding of the process of being a Detective. In a matter of a year, she was ready for her first assignment. ,, Cause of Death Death after Child Birth complications.
  8. MK-III Devilion Suit with combined Cormorant MK-II vest Kei Nakano Codename/Callisgn: "Sea Eagle" Other Codenames: Umiwashi (海ワシ) DOB: January 8th, 1992 Age: 20 Height: 4'11"/150cm Weight: 105pds/47.6kg Hair: Short Black (Dormed), Long Black (Active) Eyes: Dark Brown (Dormed), Sky Blue (Active) Armored form: F-35-like plating with DSA markings. Attack Manifestation: hand-fired blue laserbeam Legal Status: Native Nova, US Natural-Born Citizen, Single, Department of Metahuman Affairs Operative. Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America Early History Kei always dreamed of flight. At an early age she gave no end to stress by jumping from her bed or hopping from trees (and promptly breaking an arm) or other dangerous and costly behavior. As she got older she stopped the craziness, and started learning how to fly... as in airplanes. At Fourteen she started her lessons and by 16 she was about ready to get her licence. One day while flying with her instructor, out over the waters of Lake Superior, their Cessna had an engine failure. Now this wasn't much of a problem since the Cessna itself was fitted with a Ballistic Recovery System, but a plane mounted parachute did no good in the cold, late october waters of Superior. Once they hit water it was a mad dash to ditch the plane. Made harder with the fact that the Instructor broke her leg. They managed to ditch and get their single-person rafts deployed, and they both were sure rescue would arrive. What complicated matters though was Kei's raft got pricked and was slowly losing air. The one thing that could save her from a quick death was betraying her. Then Kei's Instructor did the unthinkable, she falls out of her raft and starts to swim away with whatever stregnth she could muster. She was damn set in seeing Kei survive and use her raft. The stress was too much for Kei. At that moment something snapped in her mind and within moments she had dashed out of her raft, flying under her own power, grabbed her instructor, and made it to shore. After setting her instructor down safely, she collapsed, with blood dripping from her nose. Within 20 minutes a US Coast Guard helicopter was overhead and rescued the two pilots. Kei had her beacon with her and it was a bit of confusion as to how they survived getting there. Until they found out Kei was a Nova. The next day some men in suits showed up. "So... another Native Nova... We're with the Department of Superhuman Affairs. We would like to offer you an opportunity to join our organization. I can understand this is all sudden, but your country needs you, and the world as a whole. Are you ready yet? You will be trained, of course, to your ability set." Kei thought only for a few moments before she stated her answer. "Just no spandex." Personality, Appearance, and Quirks Kei Nakano is 20 years old, with dark brown to near black hair, with brown eyes. She tends to wear her usual flight gear when doing her flight work. When not doing so she generally is wearing nothing more than Jeans and a T-Shirt of some meme that is popular at the time. She seems to still be having a bit of a childhood, living her dream of being able to fly, and would rather not hurt anyone unless it was necessary. Then again, if made necessary... she will bring hell. Ask some pirates in Somalia and the Japanese cargo crew she saved.
  9. Character Illustrations Ensign Minneapolis (c. 2027 - Temporary until I sketch her out) Epsilon - Naval Ops (Sans rebreather helmet) Nova history Mary Masters erupted early in the Nova era, around 2001. It was during the stresses of a abandon-ship situation when the diesel generator of her ship she was serving on exploded from a maintenance error. The explosion was almost next to her but her electromagnetic aura she formed during her eruption was enough to shield herself and her crewmates. It was this that bought everyone time to get off the beleagured ship. She had a knack for controlling electromagnetism, perhaps too good. Combined with what she knew from basic training and as a navy seaman only added to her repotoire of military knowledge. Among her shipmates, they called her "The Railgun". So called because one of her hobbies when she was transferred to the USS George Washington aircraft carrier was flicking magnetically accellerated bottlecaps into the water at hyper-velocity speed. This caught the eye of one Anna Devries. After Mary put her 4 years in, she immediately signed up with DeVries, taking on the name DigiGeist, since by the time 2005 rolled around, she was a natural cyberkineticist, and was discovering how damn stealthy she was. She was practically a ghost. She cleared DeVries' basic training courses in record time. Some even believed she was the potential successor to Totentanz if something ever happened to him. But she was special in her own way. She was godlike with a pistol, and learned how to channel her electromagnetism through the pistol to turn a simple .22 or M1911 into a anti-tank weapon. This aptitude for gunplay earned her special training with a master of a school of Golden Gunplay, favoring positioning, superiority in firing angle, and reduction of the body's profile in a gunfight. By the time her training was done, some believed she was indeed a unique persona within the DeVries corporation. Then the first mission came down. She was to hit a radar installation in the Congo. This was during the conflict Einherjar was in that led him to the throne. And se did just what DeVries expected... except when the firefight really began she was forced to eliminate every last soldier at the base. 200 in total. This massacre was her last mission. Seeing the destruction she could unleash, she decided it was for the best to part ways. Since her contract was on a case by case basis DeVries didn't mind her leaving for "personal reasons". Looking for direction she came home to her family and found comfort in old stomping grounds in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was when she saw something... Minneapolis was looking for a Municipal Defender to represent it. She had heard of such people and was completely enamored with the idea. She confidently strode to City Hall, resume (sans massacre) in hand. DeVries would seal the deal... a completely independent, DeVries trained and Navy Vetran nova? The sailor outfit was... tolerable. The photo ops... fun... the occasional fight with a criminal? Priceless. From 2008 to 2015, Minneapolis' crime rate went crashing down, over 5000 lives were saved when she prevented a skyscraper from collapsing, and she made a little money on the side. Not to mention the Detective's licence was a cheeky bonus. But something felt missing... She felt she was redeeming herself, but still didn't feel right in her own skin. Then in 2015 she met Dan Hawkins. A former colleague in DeVries. He saw she was softening up, avoiding some parts of herself and some with good reason. So he gave her a option. Come with him and learn a better way. Come to terms with your inner demons and find new stregnth. Just one thing... he needed a support specialist. Someone who could be not only a field medic, but an eye in the sky and if needed one hell of a fire support. He'd talk to Anna first, and get things smoothed out in regards to Mary leaving after her first mission, and assure her this time it was to help him. Anna was glad a important resource came back on a better footing. When the time came, she tossed the sailor outfit away and traded it for a variable camoflauge pattern jumpsuit and all the gear she could carry. Of course wearing a respirator helmet as extra protection for her identity was just a cost for being there for Dan. Under the codename Epsilon she ran covert missions alongside various members of a elite strikeforce made up of high-powered novas such as Dan Hawkins, Long, and a multitude of others. They were troubleshooters. Epsilon's unique intelligence gathering techniques honed through her on-the-job detectivework only added to her repotoire. Many noted she wasn't growing upward, but laterally, making her weaknesses her strengths. She didn't want more power, she refined what she had and learned new ways to do old tricks. Between missions, Dan taught her the diciplines of Qi Meng. As a member of the Sifu's first diciples, Dan was one of the more combat-oriented stylists, but the calm dicipline he had was welcoming to Mary, like a warm blanket. It was just what the doctor ordered. By the time she was done, she was brilliant. When the time came for Mary once again to leave, all Anna could say was "Thanks... And good luck in your future endeavors." In 2026, a woman called. Needing a detective. She set up a meeting place with Mary in secret. This woman was Sophia Rousseau. The words that came out of her mouth were expected. It took no effort for Mary to join the Aberrants. This started a whirlwind year, she learned to travel light, keep watching her back, and always rely on those you trust. It was a call from her old mentor Dan that changes everything... Appearance Mary Masters is a average looking first generation Nova. Her elven looks though add to a air of mistique that has made her famous as Ensign Minneapolis. As Epsilon or DigiGeist she kept those ears hidden. Her piercing blue eyes are another notable feature. She's also known not to settle on any one hair color, dying it on a whim. One time she had it pink for 3 days, then blue the next... She doesn't care. She dresses for the part. Whatever she wears it's utilitarian and without any extra "gubbins" as she calls them to snag on anything, wether it's three-piece business suits, surplus flight suits, or simply her eufiber, it's plain, non-descript, and loaded with pockets. One thing that stands out though is when she's Ensign Minneapolis. She's changed her "uniform" costume greatly from the old one-piece sailor collared Jumpsuit she used to wear when she started out. She now wears a rather business-like ensemble of a navy blue sailor collared blazer with a similarly colored skirt with a single white stripe, white shirt with red tie and navy blue vest, with thigh-high stockings and black dress-shoes. She switches to and from this outfit by shouting "En Avant!" Her rallying cry and motto for the city of Minneapolis. Personality Mary is, for all noticable purpose, changeable. She has emotions she wears on her sleeve, but that is well tempered from the diciplines she learned as a Qi Meng Stylist. She's not a pacifist, but she will reserve all action unless it is necessary. As she is apt to say... she didn't start the fight but she will sure as hell finish it. She also is prepared for what she expects at all times. And when she's caught unawares she's adaptible. Not to say she doesn't have her bad traits. She has a habit of analysing every person she meets like Sherlock Holmes. Not that she can help it she sort of sees every possible detail. She also can come across as sometimes manic to those that don't know her. She's also what some would call "Socially missing a step". Due to her constant immersion in data, she seems almost like a case of mild, high-functioning Autism. This comes from her wading through the information swirling about her. From what her senses pull in, what she sees in "The Silver Web" - the wireless transmissions that float all about, and from just general observation. This can cause her to miss empathic cues in regards to social interaction. She's tried to keep it under control lately, "but it's hard to breathe underwater" as she'd say. Current Identities Mary Masters - Resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota - 45 y.o. Seaman Mary Masters, USN - USS Rochester LCS-10 (Scrapped), USS George Washington CVN - 73 - Honoribly Discharged in 2005 DigiGeist - Inactive since 2007 - DeVries Freelancer - Classified: Level - Red (Need to know basis) Ensign Minneapolis - Public Defender - Now World-Trotting Humanitarian - Active Persona Epsilon - DeVries Operative - Classified: Level - Black (Only DeVries personnel within the cell Epsilon works with allowed to know)
  10. Nature: Survivor Height: About 5' 11" Weight: 180 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown (little bit of balding) Duds: Surplus army/hunting gear. Got a ratchety old Jeep running low and some foods and guns and ammo. He won't be caught off-guard again. Strength: 5 (Brawny) (Brawl 2, Might 1) Dexterity: 5 (Hand-Eye Coordinated) (Athletics 1, Drive 1, Firearms 5, Legerdemain 1, Martial Arts 2, Melee 5, Stealth 5) Stamina: 5 (Tireless) (Endurance 3, Resistance 3) Perception: 5 (Alert) (Awareness 2) Intelligence: 2 (Engineering 2/Repair Specialty, Science 1, Survival 3) Wits: 5 (Unfazeable) (Rapport 1) Charisma: 2 Manipulation: 2 (Subterfuge 1) Appearance 2 (Intimidation 1) Backgrounds: Attunement 2, Dormancy 1, Node 2, Resources 3 Mega-Atts: Mega-Dex 2 (Accuracy), Mega-Per: 1 (EM Vision), Mega-Sta: 2 (Adaptability, Tireless), Mega-Str: 1 (Lifter), Mega-Wits 2 (Enhanced Initiative) Powers: "Imaginary SMG" (Tainted): Quantum Bolt 3 (MIRV) Makes noises and smells like spent bullets for a few minutes afterwards. No bullets, though. Just results. Quantum: 2 Quantum Points: 24 Taint: 3 Willpower: 7 Init: 1d10+14/19 Speed: W 7m/ R 19m/ S 41m Soak: 5B/2L Reply Report
  11. Concept: A seeking of mysteries and magic, of deeper enlightenment and understanding of the essence and nature of magic, a professor of history, literature and mythology. Personality & Beliefs: Thomas is perhaps, one of the most intelligent minds of his generation, perhaps not the absolute most intelligent, but very nearly so, and he has a good measure of pride in that fact. He is also one of the most calm and self-controlled individuals, and his resolve has been increased by his awakening to being above the norm, but he lacks somewhat in charm and charisma due to being so cerebral, but makes up for it with considerable empathy and persuasive capability, and even now often attempts to find ways to get folks to work together when they are unwilling. He believes strongly that everything in the universe has a place and a purpose, that there is a powerful divine will behind everything, and his experience with awakening has only strengthened this believe, though he now believes he sees the building blocks, the essence of the divine will, in the arcana, that within the essence of the arcana is the very mind of god. History Thomas was born approximately 28 years ago, in the city of LA, and he grew up in a fairly normal home, his parents were both teachers, at the elementary school level, and he learned to love knowledge while growing up in that house. As a child he learned quickly, and was well behaved, and he was their first child, but the arrival of a sister, and later another brother changed his life in some interesting ways. His childhood was fairly normal, though his intelligence and such actually had him skipping a grade or two, and by the time he was 12 he was actually a sophomore in high school, by the time he was 15, he had enrolled in collage and begun to study literature as his major. It was about at this time, the disappearance of his sister and brother was to change his life significantly, though they tried to find her, they couldn’t, and after a time they were sure she was dead. It broke his parent’s heart, and within the next few years his family dissolved, but even so, he managed to complete his major and begin studying for his doctorate by the time he was 18.. Continuing to aggressively focus on his studies, he kept coming back to his sibling’s disappearance, and began to study the nature of occult and science to see if there wasn’t anything more he could find out, with a steady and direct manner that was actually to serve him well in the years to come.. It was when he was 25 when he managed to confirm one thing in his own mind, if not find actual proof, the world was filled with dark supernatural creatures, and that meant he’d only found the tip of the iceberg, and Thomas slow and direct investigation at last, he found his way to the watchtowers.. It was while at a anthropological during heavy rains when he saw something outside in the lightning from his tent, and curiosity, and need to know compelled him to investigate.. Heavy winds and storms blew in his face, and he felt as though he was fighting against the world itself, but he found his way to a golden tower, and going inside, was almost compelled to write his name on the pages of the golden book he found there… when he woke, he had awakened and found that he was drenched and in an old building that they had uncovered in the dig, one with nothing all that remarkable about it, except it overlooked the rest of the dig. [This was a little more then year ago] A thirst for knowledge and understanding of the mysteries lead him to the mysterium, and he began to take the first step in the deeper mysteries of his order in this last year, and he has spent a measure of resources on building a private sanctum near a personal hallow he found, that has allowed him a place to carry out some of his more private researches and begin building his knowledge base. He also took the first steps onto the legacy, The Eyes of Ain Soph, the seekers, seeking to know more of the nature of magic itself Today, Thomas has entered the LA university as a teacher of Anthropology, Literature and History, though he’s only begun teaching there this year. Goals: Among Thomas’ many goals in life are the following - Find/Join/Start a Cable of Mages in his area, Oppose the Sears and Banishers, Deepen his understanding of the Mysteries (deeper status with the Mysterium & Mystery Initiation), Build an Athenaeum, Master the Prime Arcana (before others), Further his steps along the Seeker’s path (Expand Legacy), Find out what really happened to his Brother and Sister (he's certain it was something supernatural, he's simply unsure what) Capabilities: Thomas has degrees of anthropology and mythology, not to mention history and literature, he's also a capable scientist, and as a student of human nature, he knows the basis of persuasion and empathy, and due in part to the years spending time on different digs in many parts of the world knows a bit about survival. On the arcane front, however, his first steps along the path's of his legacy have allowed him to gain the ability to see and interpret magical phenomenon without much trouble, and look across the gauntlet into the spirit world.. as natural capabilities. His considerable ability with the prime sphere allows him considerable control over what sort of magic he allows to affect him, and should he need to, one of his more powerful rotes even allows him some offensive capability when necessary. He often has the rotes of magic shield and aura perception up, with the vision his legacy attainment gives him, and sometimes includes second sight when dealing with spirit beings.
  12. Captain Simon Tanner stats Str *** Dex **** Sta **** Cha *** Man ** App ** Int *** Wit *** Per *** Abilities: 30 Academics 1 Favored: Animal ken 2 Art Athletics 3 Awareness 3 Brawl 3 Command 2 Control 2 Favored: Craft(sewing) +1 Craft(traps)+2 Empathy Favored: Fortitude +3 Favored: Integrity +2 Investigation Larceny Favored: Marksmanship 3 +1 Medicine Melee 2 Occult Politics Presence 1 Science 1 Favored: Stealth 3+1 Survival 3 Thrown 1 Boons and Epics(select 6) Epic dexterity Epic perception Epic Wits Purview Animal Purview Chaos Purview Water Purview Scire Virtues: Courage * Valor *** Harmony **** Loyalty * Backgrounds: 7 Ata genome: 3 Backing: 3 (rank of Captain) Resources: 2 Willpower= 7 Bp: 10 on skills(all favored), 4 on willpower, 1 on Background Captain Simon Tanner grew up the son of a Ranger. He was taught from early childhood to fend for himself in the wilds, but was also instilled with the strict code of honor his held to. It was a perfectly natural thing for him to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Rangers in turn. Several tours of duty later earned him enough recognition for valor, adaptability, and honor to get him recruited to the SGC, where he served as first a member of SG-14, and then later as leader of SG-17. When the opportunity presented itself for the mission to Atlantus, he was one of the first to volunteer. He had no family left excet his father, who he was permitted to tell only that he would be on an extended mission of as yet undetermined length during which he would be unable to contact home. Retired Ranger that he was, his father took the news with pride. Simon has always felt a strong affinity for the wild places in the world and wild creatures in general, an affinity that he doesn't share as much with his fellow men. He prefers to operate alone or with people he knows he can trust, but knows that this is not always possible. He would die to save his men, but would also die to stop one of his men from becoming the kind of embittered soldier who started shooting children in Vietnam because they would eventually grow up to be the enemy. His code for his men is, "We are here to stop evil, not become it. We will always be the better men because we choose to not let ourselves be lesser."
  13. Mage Profile: Astra Quote: "Huh. What're the odds?" Background: Morgan's life seems to have been ill-starred from the very beginning. She was conceived in a corner booth of "The Luck-E-Star," following the dive's weekly Tuesday night poker game. Whoever the winner was, he didn't stick around to spend his money in Santa Monica, and by the time the pretty bartender realized she was pregnant, it was too late to do anything about it legally, and too expensive to handle it any other way. Once the baby was born, though, Morgan's biological mother got rid of her as quickly as she could. It was easy to rationalize things so that she didn't feel like a horrible person: she couldn't possibly support a bastard child on a single income, and giving the baby up was really just giving both of them a chance at a better life. It wasn't selfish at all, and she wasn't terrified of the responsibility parenthood would entail, and the sacrifices she'd have to make. It was, really, the best thing to do, in her mind. Luckily, infants are almost always adopted quickly, and Morgan was a beautiful baby with dark hair and huge, curious eyes. The couple who took her in, the Westbrooks, were absolutely ideal parents, and doted on the little girl until she was nearly four years old. They would probably have remained an adorable little family if Robert and Ellen had left the house a little earlier, or a little later, for a romantic anniversary dinner. In the aftermath of the accident, Morgan once again found herself "in the system," where she would remain for the next twelve years. Something always seemed to happen to the girl's foster families, and while many of them deserved it, the ones who didn't left their mark on her developing psyche as she was shuffled from one home to another. Bankruptcy. Illness. Debilitating injury. Infidelity. Fire. Psychotic breaks. Overdose. Blackmail. Divorce. Coma. A string of calamities followed wherever she went, indiscriminately laying both the wicked and the virtuous low until even the girl herself was convinced she was cursed. When her last foster mother was diagnosed with clinical depression after attempting suicide, Morgan decided she'd had enough. Instead of going back to the youth home, she bolted, disappearing in LA where she could be just another runaway in a city full of outcasts. For nearly two years, she lived on the streets, surviving in whatever fashion she could. Sometimes that meant picking pockets, shoplifting, or doing favors, and sometimes it meant finding a creative way to get inside a vacant motel room for a few hours before housekeeping came through. Every day was a new challenge, and it was difficult to do much more than scrape by. It wasn't easy, and she was alone, but to her, it was better than knowing people were suffering simply because she was there. There were times she almost joined up with one of the juvenile gangs roaming LA's streets, if only for the companionship, the sense of belonging, but her fear of the consequences of that bond prevented it. Just after her seventeenth birthday, Morgan began to fear she was going crazy. Strange people moved through the crowds wearing odd clothes and weird masks, and when they spoke to her, it was like a dream. She knew without a doubt that what they discussed was important, but afterward, she could never quite remember what it was- only that she should. Reflections in car windows didn't quite match the environment, she couldn't rid herself of a weirdly musical ringing in her ears, and the flow of time seemed maddeningly off somehow. Most disconcerting, however, was a growing tendency to find herself in places she couldn't remember going, with no idea how she'd arrived or how long she'd been there. She dropped everything, getting completely clean and sober almost overnight, but nothing helped. If anything, it was even more frightening, because she knew her perceptions should have been accurate. Even the awful reality of LA's underbelly no longer reassured her with its cruel, banal predictability. As it happened, a Thyrsus was waiting on a contact in the bar of the high rise Argo Navis hotel when Morgan reached the culmination of her Awakening. No one in the lobby noticed when, around 11pm, a dark-haired girl walked calmly into the elevator and took it all the way up. Ten minutes later, when a glowing star that was part of the illuminated constellation on the roof came crashing down into the middle of the street- that got their attention. That Thyrsus, a coffee-skinned beauty called Mayati, extricated the young woman from the scene and taught her what she needed to know in an immediate sense; despite the difference in their paths, Mayati eventually became her mentor. It was an unusual, and sometimes contentious relationship, but Morgan (now calling herself Astra, as it seemed appropriate), was fiercely devoted to her teacher. When Mayati was pronounced dead after a mission to deal with a group of Banishers that had begun seeping into LA, Astra ignored all the previous arguments they'd had about whether or not she could do what her mentor had and approached the order directly. Acanthus are rarely inspired to join the Arrow, but the order recognized that while skills can be learned, enthusiasm and drive cannot. Astra possessed both of the latter in abundance, if little of the former, and so she began her training in earnest. Recently, she has been placed in the University of California at Los Angeles, both to further her education and to monitor the campus from a perspective most in the Awakened orders cannot see. Shadow Name: Astra Aliases: Astra di Bonaventura Real Name: Morgan Ophelia Westbrook Path: Acanthus (Enchanters) Order: Adamantine Arrow Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Lust Attributes Mental: Intelligence - OO, Wits - OOO, Resolve – OO Physical: Strength - OO, Dexterity - OOO, Stamina – OO Social: Presence - OOO, Manipulation - OOO, Composure – OOO Skills Mental Skills (-3): Academics O, Crafts (Painting) OO, Medicine O, Occult (Symbols) OOO Physical Skills (-1): Athletics OOO (Fleeting the Scene. Or, if you prefer, just Running.), Brawl OO, Firearms O, Larceny OOO , Stealth OOO, Weaponry O Social Skills (-1): Empathy OO, Expression OO, Socialize OO, Streetwise OO, Subterfuge O Other Traits Merits: High Speech O, Resources OO, Status (Adamantine Arrow) O, Sanctum O (Size), Sanctum O (Security), Fighting Style: Kung Fu O Willpower: OOOOO Wisdom: OOOOO O Initiative: 6 Defense: 3 Speed: 10 Health: 7 Gnosis: OOO Arcana: Fate OOO, Life OO, Time O Rotes: Body Mind (Life OO), Fortune's Protection (Fate OO), Purge The Unbidden (Life O), Strike True (Time O), Sybil's Sight (Fate O) Mana/per Turn: 3 Armor: Magic Shield: Fortune's Protection Equipment: Cell phone, messenger bag (theoretically for school work), clove cigarettes, butane lighter, Glock 34 9mm. pistol, butterfly knife, small assortment of lockpicks. Dedicated Magical Tools: Deck of Tarot cards, small silver hand mirror Creation Log: Merit Points: Gnosis OO (3pts), Gnosis OOO (3pts), Resources O (1pt) (7pts total) Experience: Date Trait/Exp. Type Rank Gain/Cost Balance 29 Jul 2011 Creation Points - +50 50 29 Jul 2011 Wisdom Reduction - +5 55 29 Jul 2011 Wits Attribute 3 -15 40 29 Jul 2011 Academics Skill 1 -3 37 29 Jul 2011 Crafts Skill 2 -6 31 29 Jul 2011 Firearms Skill 1 -3 28 29 Jul 2011 Weaponry Skill 1 -3 25 29 Jul 2011 Streetwise Skill 1 -3 22 29 Jul 2011 Subterfuge Skill 1 -3 19 29 Jul 2011 Resources Merit 2 -4 15 29 Jul 2011 High Speech Merit - -0 15 29 Jul 2011 Status (Order) Merit 1 -2 13 29 Jul 2011 Sanctum (Size) Merit 1 -2 11 29 Jul 2011 Sanctum (Security) Merit 1 -2 9 29 Jul 2011 FS: Kung Fu Merit 1 -2 7 29 Jul 2011 Medicine Skill 1 -3 4 29 Jul 2011 Sybil's Sight (Fate 1) 1 -2 2 01 Mar 2012 Fiction XP - +3 5
  14. ***CHARACTER SHEET*** **ATTRIBUTES** MENTAL _2 Intelligence _3 Wits _2 Resolve PHYSICAL _2 Strength _3 Dexterity _3 Stamina SOCIAL _2 Presence _2 Manipulation _3 Composure **SKILLS** MENTAL _2 Academics _1 Investigation _1 Medicine _3 Occult PHYSICAL _1 Athletics _3 Brawl (Bite) _1 Drive _1 Firearms _2 Stealth _3 Survival SOCIAL _1 Animal Ken (Wolf) _1 Empathy _1 Intimidation _1 Socialize (Pack Dynamics) **DISCIPLINES** _1 Animalism _4 Protean (Haven: Soil; Form: Wolf) _1 Resilience _3 Sublunario (Crescent Moon) **DEVOTION** Wolf-Man **MERITS** _1 Domain (Location) _2 Fighting Style: Tooth & Claw _2 Outdoorsman _3 Spirit Ear _2 Supernatural Lore (Uratha) _3 Undead Menses **OTHER** _7 Health _4 Willpower _2 Blood Potency _6 Humanity _5 Size _10 Acting Speed _20 Running Speed _3 Defense _0 Armor _6 Initiative Modifier **CLAN WEAKNESS** _The more she feels the call of the Beast, _the more Bestial she becomes. (For Int. & _Wits the 10-again rule does not apply. _Additionally, any 1s subtract from successes.) **BLOODLINE WEAKNESS** _Dead Wolves take 1 extra damage from attacks with _silver weapons. _They also must spend extra vitae to stay awake _during full and new moons. ***CREATION LOG*** ATTRIBUTES (5/4/3) _Primary Physical: 1 Strength, 2 Dexterity, 2 Stamina _Secondary Mental: 1 Intelligence, 2 Wits, 1 Resolve _Tertiary Social: 1 Presence, 1 Manipulation, 1 Composure SKILLS (11/7/4) _Primary Physical: 1 Athletics, 3 Brawl, 1 Drive, 1 Firearms, 2 Stealth, 3 Survival _Secondary Mental: 2 Academics, 1 Investigation, 1 Medicine, 3 Occult _Tertiary Social: 1 Animal Ken, 1 Empathy, 1 Intimidation, 1 Socialize SPECIALIZATIONS (3) Brawl (Bite), Animal Ken (Wolf), Socialize (Pack Dynamics) MERITS (7) 3 Blood Potency (1 dot), 2 Outdoorsman, 2 Spirit Ear CLAN ATTRIBUTE (1) ComposureDISCIPLINES (3) 3 Protean ***XP LOG*** Date__________Trait/Exp. Type_____________________Rank___Gain/Cost___Balance 24 Jul 2011___Creation Points_______________________-________50_______50 24 Jul 2011___Discipline: Animalism_________________1________-5_______45 24 Jul 2011___Discipline: Protean (Wolf)____________4_______-20_______25 24 Jul 2011___Discipline: Sublunario________________1________-5_______20 24 Jul 2011___Merit: Supernatural Lore (Uratha)____1,2_______-6_______14 24 Jul 2011___Merit: Fighting Style: Tooth & Claw__1,2_______-6________8 24 Jul 2011___Merit: Undead Menses__________________3________-6________2 24 Jul 2011___Merit: Domain (Location)______________1________-2________0 05 Sep 2011___August Experience_____________________-________11_______11 11 Sep 2011___Discipline: Resilience________________1________-5________6 07 Oct 2011___September Experience__________________-________ 4_______10 07 Oct 2011___Discipline: Sublunario________________2_______-10________0 01 Nov 2011___October Experience____________________-_________3________3 01 Ded 2011___November Experience___________________-_________3________6 01 Jan 2012___December Experience___________________-_________3________9 01 Feb 2012___January Experience____________________-_________3_______12 01 Mar 2012___February Experience___________________-_________3_______15 01 Mar 2013___Discipline: Sublunario________________3_______-15________0 30 Apr 2013___March Experience______________________-_________3________3 30 Apr 2013___April Experience______________________-_________3________6 30 Apr 2013___Welcome Back to WoD:A Bonus___________-________20_______26 21 Jun 2013___Devotion: Wolf-Man____________________-_______-15_______11 BACKGROUND Sarah was born on the wrong end of the genetic lottery. Her extended family included Lupines in its number, but she was not wolf-blooded. From her earliest memory, it was drilled into her that her place in life was secondary to her more-fortunate kin. Favors heaped on her cousins were denied her, and she was only told enough to know that she was missing out. That, and that her duty would be to someday marry a man of the family's choosing, to contribute by being, as she saw it, a "broodmare". Adding to the torment was a whisper in her ear, a drone of strangeness that she eventually came to understand was the sound of the spirits with whom her family dealt; she could hear them, even understand them to a degree - and by extension, the derived tongue used by her Forsaken kin - but all this really did was to rub in her face the fact that she would never change. All of this served to fuel a lifetime of resentment; she was to be forever denied equality and what should have been a birthright, and it burned at her. As luck would have it, however, her life was to take the most drastic of changes, and opportunities she believed were forever denied would be made available... after a fashion, and for a severe price. TIMELINE NOTE: All items after arriving in Los Angeles are subject to modification, based upon group efforts to establish background ties. 15 Mar 1983: Twin children are born to James (a werewolf) and Evelyn O'Neally (wolf-blooded), members of the extensive Wren clan of werewolves and their kin. They name the boy Shane, and the girl Sarah. 25 Dec 1985: Little Sarah understands for the first time the whispers she has heard. When she begins to try to tell her mother, the spirit tells her that she can never tell, that she would be punished if she did. Frightened, Sarah holds her tongue; none know her secret for nearly the next quarter-century. 21 Jun 1986: Under the withering gaze of Grandmother Wren, the twins are tested by the clan spiritualist, who determines that while Shane carries a remarkably strong wolf-blooded trait, his sister Sarah is bereft of same. The two begin to be treated differently, with Sarah receiving the short end of the stick. 3 Oct 1991: Shane goes into convultions and begins hallucinating. In belief that he is about to undergo a remarkably young First Change, he is taken away from the family home... leaving Sarah to watch the one person who treated her decently leave her eight-year old life. 1991 through 2001: Sarah is treated by the Wren clan as a sort of "third-class citizen", after the werewolves and the wolf-blooded. She is trained for and used for various tasks, including marksmanship so that she can stand guard at the paths to the sacred grounds of the werewolves. Worse, she secretly understands their spirit-based speech and knows some of the truly derisive things they say about her. Her resentment and envy of her "more blessed" family simmers and grows. 28 Aug 2001: Sarah begins courses at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. 25 May 2004: Sarah graduates with a Bachelors of General Studies, and is accepted to the University of California at San Francisco for pre-med. 30 Aug 2004: Sarah beings classes at UCSF, revelling in the relative freedom from her oppressive kin. 18 Aug 2006: Her second summer in San Francisco, Sarah gets a hankering to venture back into the woods for a bit. She embarks on a trip to Yosemite National Park, planning a primative hiking venture in the back-country. 23-25 Aug 2006: Sarah is stalked by a "fellow hiker", a Predator King who thinks (based on her mannerisms and faulty spirit information) that she is wolf-blooded. Approaching with intent of rape, the Pure Uratha realizes that she is not wolf-blooded, then brutally attacks and leaves her for dead in the wilderness. Before she can expire, she is embraced by Juan Ortega, a Dead-Wolf who had also been watching her since her arrival in the park. Mar 2008: After much wandering - and a falling out with her sire - Sarah comes across Presidio's Pride, a somewhat ragtag pack in the shadow of the Presidio of Monterey. After an initial period of distrust, they accept her as an ally in their conflict with both a rival Pure pack and encroaching vampires from Pacific Grove. Jun 2008: Sarah formally joins Presidio's Pride, giving her support to the pack's totem. She pledges - in her own fashion - the Oath of the Moon, and begins to learn from her new packmates how to properly fight as a wolf. Apr 2009: While Sarah is away trying to scout out the latest probe by the vampires, the pack's locus is attacked by the Pure. The totem is killed, and what survives of the pack scatters. Sarah returns to find herself without a pack. Demoralized, she leaves the area. Jul 2010: After another period of wandering, Sarah arrives in Los Angeles. For lack of acceptance by the established packs and distrustful of the vampires, she sets up her own territory in Holmby Park, marking it as her own and defending it against all comers. Summer 2011: Isolation has taken its toll, and once more Sarah begins to look for allies in the night - preferably of the werewolf variety. FICTION Communications Issues Giving the Gift of Indigestion Boot-Scooting Boogie Comes With The Territory The Order (Part 4) Reunion THE FORMS OF SARAH Wolf Size 4 Max. Strength 4 Base Health 4 Acting speed 8 Running speed x2 Natural Weapons (Claws and Bite): +1 Attack Bonus, Lethal Damage. Perception: +2 to Wits + Composure draws to be aware of events around the user
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