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  1. Let me pick your brains for ideas... This was mentioned in chat some time ago and I thought I'd finally toss it out here. The concept is simple and complex all at once so bear with me. Premise Ultimate Aberrant. It's a game that is run just like a superhero game, it the antithesis of everything Aberrant stands for because quite frankly it is superfriends. Concept The PCs are high school aged 'mutants' (a la Marvel's mutants) and are stuck during a difficult time in their life: the discovering of their powers in a world that doesn't want them. With talks of Mutant & Supers Hero Registration the public seems to rally against them as 'their kind' does more and more property damage and harms the innocents caught in the cross fire every day. Sent to a special, private academy away from the rest of the world (in quiet upstate New York, where else!) they learn to master their abilities and bond with their new family; the others at the school with them. When the dangers of irresponsible mutants and other (dropped in vat of goo, and bitten radio active bugs) villains the students rise up and accept the challenge that if they are going to show the world they're the good guys, they can't do it if they're sitting on the bench. Sounds like a Marvel game. Basically. Except Marvel only serves as a means of reference so those who do not read comics could still relate. The technology is off the chain because of the super brains, and all the 'supers' are what we make them. The game will not be 'canon' Marvel, it will M&M with Aberrant's rules. What kind of characters could we expect to see? Who're the villains? There are 209 unused characters in the Aberrant: N!Prime section. I'm sure we could think of something. Imagine the super teams that could be born from them. Awesome! Count me in! Slow your roll there, I'm not proposing to run anything (yet). I'm trolling for ideas and input. Frankly I think it's an idea everyone could enjoy, but with the sheer amount of games going on around here I'm hesitant. I would prefer to see an Open World game where everyone can contribute to the over all storyline (playing heroes who all go to the school together). Because honestly we haven't had a lot of games where we can get wacky with explosives and teenage angst. Plus, several people have wondered what Aberrant would be like under my guidance. This theme and idea was the one I used that gave rise to Revenant and Artemis and a host of over 72 NPCs (like Primal and Contessa). It was zany, crazy, fun and filled with everything from adventure and excitement to love and drama (extra helpings of drama from time to time, they were High Schoolers after all). Discuss, I want to hear ideas and opinions. I also want to hear any questions you have for me. Oh, and for those curious, no. This has nothing to do with my 're-write the rules' project. That is just something I'm doing for grins and giggles on the side. But, as you all know, I'm a notorious rule bender.
  2. This is where combat issues relating to combat taking place in the thread will be handled so we don't bog down the OOC thread. Consider this also a 'table talk' thread pertaining to the thread as well. ,, Rules are simple, as always: ,, Questions? Ask. Comms let you all talk freely. Don't Meta-Game. Have fun. ,, I know I've been scarce, but RL is what it is. I'll be doing my best to keep this moving along. I'll try and keep the combat as swift and as brutal as I can. Because I love you guys.
  3. 1st Hour Nothing could have prepared them for the reality of what was happening in Manhattan. Radiating out from Time Square was just block after block of chaos. Fires roared out of control, blasts of all sorts of energy from electricity to light to creeping darkness could be seen in random spurts as the local National Guard tried to hold off the violent mutants with burst fire automatics. Dreadnoughts thundered down the avenues firing missiles and their forearm mini-gun lasers. Screams rose from the streets, explosions sounded and sirens blared. Through all of the disaster hundreds of thousands of people were trapped in the middle of it. Caught on the front line when the battle began or forced from their homes as the fighting damaged or destroyed their safe havens. Of course, the National Guard and local rescue teams were trying usher out survivors as best they could, taking them beyond the conflict to safe zones, but to say they were spread thin was nothing short of an understatement. Civilians scurried under and over wrecked vehicles, mutants and Dreadnoughts alike mowed any unfortunate in their path down with out a second thought, they hid where they could some were crushed under cars as the massive machines stepped on them as they passed to move towards a target, others still were simply victims of fallen rubble or a stray friendly fire bullet. By the score, civilians were being slaughtered and the Dreadnoughts (with less of a body count than the mutants) just couldn't keep up the pace. The battle was spreading, carrying itself out further and further by the hour. At this rate, Manhattan would be a crater by dawn. ,, Even the hardest among them could feel a pang in their gut or a tear in their eye. This was just horrible. ,, "Stealth system is engaged!" Curtis shouted over the engines, the open cargo door in the rear where they all stood looking out at the carnage, and, of course over the noise of hell itself. Compared to this, Dante had it easy they thought. "This is as close as I can get!" ,, "Please tell me someone has a plan." Alex's gut was so tight, knowing he was considering jumping down into that was enough to make him want to vomit. Sakurako was finishing calibrating everyone comm devices so the teams could communicate. She was dabbling with a few configurations on his wrist comm when she saw the havoc for herself the first time. She swallowed hard her stomach suddenly felt the same as Alex's. He placed his arm around her comfortingly, trying to shield her from the horrors going on below, but the noise was all to real. "You don't have to go." She didn't say anything, she just went back to distracting herself on his wrist comm. ,, Curtis looked over the edge and drank deep of the war zone that was underneath them. "As the most logical one here, I'd like to say for the record. We're beyond crazy." And it was true. Saying you're going out to go save the world, and actually doing it were on two totally different plates. It wasn't surprising if some of them lost their nerve. ,, "We hit them hard and we hit them fast." Warren moved to stand beside Curtis. He actually placed his hand on Curtis's shoulder, a gesture of respect from one warrior to another in some cultures, Curtis knew. We keep comm channels open and we support each other as best we can. Civilians are our priority, we're here to protect them first, kick ass secondary. We might not like each other sometimes," He glanced at Alex, as the two of them were still fighting over Warren's attitude towards teaching Morri about sex. "But we're all..." He hesitated, which was odd coming from him once you got him involved in something he was passionate about. "...we're all family tonight, guys. Keep each other safe." ,, "Guys!" Violet's voice came over their comms. "Oh, boy is it a poo storm down there. Alright... let's see. Satellite imaging is showing that there are Dreadnoughts battling mutants at the Rockefeller Rink, there are civilians on the radio in Hell's Kitchen trapped in the park and we have Brotherhood goons hunting and causing problems for trapped civilians in the Garment District, 8th Avenue and 38th street, right by the Manhattan Broadway Hotel. Aaaaand that's just the ones closest to you." ,, Oneca pressed her finger to her ear. "Thanks, Violet. This isn't going to be easy," She squeezed Warren's hand tight and he replied with the same. "There's no snake to cut the head off of. Best we can hope is for containment, to keep it from spreading." ,, "It's better than nothing." Cirque chimed up, gracefully balancing in a crouch along the edge of the loading ramp. "Violet, where are the nearest rescue squad base camps?" ,, "Umm..." They could hear hardlight keys being tapped with a 'booping' sound. "Nearest one is Chelsea Park. Doesn't look like the fighting has gotten there yet." ,, Alex tightened his wrist comm and took a deep breath. "Okay, good. We send those we rescue there, it's a start. There's too much for one team... who goes where?" ,, "We'll figure that out once we get down there." Warren said, tapping Cirque on the shoulder. She understood and took hold of his hand. "If you can fly, let's get on it. If not, grab a partner and let's get down there... we can't stay up here forever." ,, He was right. He usually was in stressful situations like this. Of all the mutants on the plane he and Morri were probably the two most dangerous with years of combat experience under their belts. Unlike Morri though, Warren was allowed to keep his mind, to some extent, intact. It made him the closest thing to a life line for them cling to in this chaos, a guy who'd done this sort of thing before (or so they thought). Truth of the matter was, this was no bar brawl or alley way scrap. This level of warfare was far beyond anything Warren could've imagined, just like the rest of them he was ready to spill his lunch. ,, Most of Times Square was empty, the battle having moved on to other parts of the city, but it was crowded nonetheless. Sonja, Oneca and Morri knocked out a few mutants who were harassing some civilians, but they didn't stick around long enough to thank their rescuers. Fire, ash and debris were the scenery with distant screams and explosions being the only noise instead of the bustle of traffic or horns blaring. ,, "We, uhh..." Cirque looked around and whistled. "Aren't stickin' around for the clean up, right?" ,, Morri looked at gymnast and shook her head as if to say 'you are out of your mind'. Everyone managed a smirk or small smile. It was the moment of levity they needed to formulate a plan of attack... ,, ...time to go to war. ,,
  4. Shortly after Night and Day at this point... ,, Curtis swallowed nervously as he approached the door. The requisite background research as recommended by Alex had been completed adequately to Curtis' understanding. All the usual structures of relationships or at least the attempt at such now led to this point. ,, Well, Caitlin had been friendly for certain, but would she display any interest in his advances? Curtis had no doubt the similarities to his sister, the sheer vibrancy and the... lure of her appearance had him hooked. But this was the sort of thing he'd never considered himself initiating, and prognoses were not on the face of it, promising. ,, But no hypothesis could not be confirmed without testing, Curtis reminded himself of the basic scientific procedure, and confidence boosted in that manner, knocked at the door to Caitlin's room.
  5. Real Name: Oneca Isabel Bahaar Nicknames: Demona, Lilith, 'Neca Occupations: Mutant High School Student Legal Status: American Citizen, minor. Aliases: Demona, Lilith, DarkFlame (all 'net handles) Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA Age: 16 Marital Status: Single, dating Warren Verona. Known Relatives: Mother (Scandanavian, Asa's fleshing her out as she's ported over from Jason's backstory, she's already a Valkyrie-like Superhero), Father (Rahim Bahaar), older sister (Sonja Bahaar), little sister (deceased, Saja Bahaar) Group Affiliation: None so far. Mutant Expression: Attempting to summon a demon to fetch the spirit of her dead sister. Height: 5 feet 7 inches Weight: 126lbs. Eyes: Tawny Gold Hair: Black Distinguishing Marks: Intricate vine tattoo over her face and down the left side of her body. Strength Level: Low-end superhuman. Known Powers: Destruction, flight. Abilities/Special Skills: Goth angst. Weapons Used: Sarcasm, hands. Personality: Gothier-than-thou. Personal Interests: Poetry, mythology, Morticia Adams. ,, Oneca is the middle child and youngest surviving child of the Bahaar family. Her father is a wealthy banker that married a Scandanavian super-hero; her elder brother became her elder sister a few years ago and was sent off to the mutant school in upstate New York. Her younger sister Saja died from injuries and exposure after sneaking out of the house when she was supposed to be down for a nap when she was about 6. Her parents have always felt guilty over the death, but Oneca took it the hardest and became obsessed with finding a way to contact her dead sibling. As she became a teen, this morphed into an obsession with the goth culture and magick (because with a 'k', it's real!). She triggered as a mutant last Winter Solstice while trying to summon a demon to go fetch the spirit of her sister while her parents were at a Christmas party. Her powers have morphed through her somewhat twisted view of the world and reflect demonic powers. ,, She has shown the ability to destroy items with a controlled brimstone-smelling fire, although she doesn't seem to be able to control fire itself. She has the ability to fly, most likely inherited from her mother as is her well above human level of strength, though it is on the weaker end of the mutant scale. During initial testing she also once ripped through brick and wood using only her hands; there were burn marks left on the material. The triggering also greatly enhanced her body, though save for the strength only to the limits of human possibility instead of beyond; she also manifested a vine-like tattoo over her face and down the left side of her body. When questioned about it she merely stated that it was a mark of 'favor', whatever that means. She is being observed at the school for any other powers, as a psychological profile shows that she could be prone to abuse of more subtle mutant abilities. ,, Character Sheet Attributes: STR: 3 DEX: 3 STA: 4 (Tenacious) PER: 3 INT: 4 (Pragmatic) WIT: 3 APP: 5 (Exotic) MAN: 4 (Devious) CHA: 4 (Alluring) Abilities - Might: Brawl: Throwing: Artillery: Awareness: 1 Investigation: 1 Navigation: Disguise: Intimidation: 1 Style: 2 Archery: Athletics: 2 Drive: Firearms: Gunnery: Heavy Weapons: Ledgerdemain: 1 Martial Arts: 1 Melee: Pilot: Ride: Stealth: 1 Academics: 1 Bureaucracy: Computer: 2 Demolitions: Engineering: Gambling: Intrusion: Linguistics: 1 (Latin) Medicine: 1 Science: Survival: Tradecraft: Diplomacy: Hypnosis: Interrogation: Seduction: 1 Streetwise: 1 Subterfuge: 1 Endurance: 3 Resistance: 3 Arts: 1 Biz: Mediation: Rapport: Shadowing: Tactics: Weave: Animal Training: Carousing: 1 Command: Etiquette: 1 Instruction: Performance: 1 Backgrounds - Allies: 1 (Father, rich banker) Attunement: 1 Backing: Cipher: Contacts: 1 Dormancy: Equipment: Eufiber: Favors: Followers: 4 (Two girls from the school - Rachel (goes by Raven) and Lily (goes by Lilith)) Influence: Mentor: 3 (Warren, bonuses congruent with skills from living on the streets and knowledge/unlocking of power) Genome: 5 Rank: Resources: 1 (allowance) Uniform: 12 (Nanofluidic, 4/5/3, 10% minimum cover) Willpower: 4 Focus: 4 Soak: 9B/ 7L/ 0A Healing Rate: 5x Mega-Attributes: M-STR: 1 (Thrower) Quantum Powers: Flight - 3 Entropy Control - 2 (Bioentropy Storm, Probability Corruption) Claws - 3 Merits & Flaws: Sexy - 1 pt Merit Nightsight - 3 pt Merit Lusty - 1 pt Flaw Obsession - 2 pt Flaw (Ghosts/Death/Evil) Addiction - 1 pt Flaw (Nicotine) ,, Logs FB's - 5 in Attributes, 2 in Willpower, 8 in Backgrounds PP's - 15 in Focus 9 in Quantum Powers (5 for Entropy Control, 3 for Flight, 1 for Claws) 3 in Mega-Attributes 3 in Attributes (9 Attribute points) XP Log: +108 (108) - January 2013 XP backlog - 30 (78) - Uniform 1-5 - 6 (72) - Flight 2 - 6 (66) - Claws 2 - 14 (52) - Entropy 2 (Probability Corruption) - 18 (34) - Flight 3 - 18 (16) - Claws 3 + 5 (21) - Bonus XP from Four Hours in Hell
  6. The Proposal ,, ,, Director Drumm never taught a class, yet here they were. Several students from all different backgrounds and talent all assembled in his office. Mrs. Childs had personally went to each class room and pulled each of them from their studies. Some, like Kazuo, Warren and Oneca simply assumed they were in some sort of trouble... again. Others like Kia, Alex and Curtis found it strange, knowing they'd done nothing wrong, to be pulled from their class. Yet others like Caitlin, Daniel and Morri simply went with the flow. Why sweat the why's and wherefores when you'll know soon enough, right? ,, There were several chairs all lined up in rows in front of his massive hand carved, oak desk. As always he was immaculately groomed and radiated that charisma that set all the female students hearts aflutter. He adjusted the lapel of his incredibly expensive suit and greeted them all as they entered. Casually each took a seat and waited, wonder what was going on. Finally after several moments he clapped his hands together and beamed them all a smile, the sort of smile that told them all in a single gesture that he had incredibly big news. ,, "First of all, I'm sorry for pulling all out from your classes," He raised up his hands apologetically. "I know all of you would rather be there soaking up all that knowledge instead of here with me, just chillin' and talking." ,, "Really, it's cool, take you time." A majority of the students snickered and giggled when Warren chimed up. Others, the more erudite of the lot, offered him a scowl to remind him he wasn't funny. ,, Drumm shared a smile, expecting someone like Warren or Jaunt to have something to add. "I intend to. Because this is incredibly important." ,, "What is this all about anyway?" Sakurako asked. "I'm a bit confused." ,, "All will be revealed, no worries." He said as he did his customary lean on his desk. ,, After everyone had made a trip to to large buffet table filled with snack trays and sodas he began. "Ladies. Gentleman. I am here to disscuss with you something very important: Mutant Terrorism. Those two words are seeing more and more use these days and unfortunately there isn't any end in sight and the more use it gets the harder and harder it will be for members of the mutant community to ever achieve an equal status among the nations of the world. I hate to put it like that, but we all know it's politics and not brute strength that win most wars and make no mistake, this is an age of war." ,, "This school," he continued. He was a natural speaker and had already made eye contact with everyone at least twice. Each student felt lik ehe was talking to them despite how many others were actually in the room with them. "Meaning myself, Mrs. Childs and our benefactor-" ,, "Dr. Hunt?" Curtis said, with a measure of excitement uncommon to him. He'd wanted to meet Doctor Hunt for a long time and on the inside had hoped he'd be here to speak today. It wasn't until a moment later that he realized he'd spoken out loud and cut Director Drumm off in mid sentence. ,, He only chuckled a little bit, pleased by Curtis's enthusiasm. "That's right, Doctor Lawrence Hunt, the man for whom this school is named. We have been working for years to develop a plan that will assist the mutant culture into winning over the nations of the world and helping to establish a balance of peace. Our plans hit an unforeseen snag with arrival of mutant terrorist cells like The Brotherhood and private clubs like Ragnarok. Today's military technology is no prepared to deal with a mutant threat." Everyone noticed how Drumm was different from the media or the government when he spoke. He used terms like 'a mutant' instead 'the mutant' threat. Like the students at the school were all aware, it wasn't their fault mutants abused their powers. The fault lay on the mutant responsible. "Just ask Sonja. How many of their killer robots have you dimantled recently?" ,, "Two." Sonja replied calmly. "To be fair though, I had help with the first one." She smirked and tossed a wink to Kia. ,, "Fair enough. Again, nice work ladies. I make that point to make this one: everyone on this planet reserves the right to live a life free of bigotry and persecution regardless of their genetic disposition. So we're starting a campaign here to combat both mutant terrorism and government persecution." ,, "What, we gonna picket the White House?" Kazuo snorted, already looking thoroughly bored. ,, "I didn't say we were going to picket anything, Kazuo." Drum stood up and his expression became so serious the people could feel their heart beating in their chest. "I said combat." Kazuo leaned up in his seat and Warren leaned forward. "Yeah, got your attention now, don't I? I'm here to make you all a very, very unorthodox deal so I'll simply put it as simply as I can. When mutants terrorists appear, you will be there to stop them. When the nations of the world sick their killer robots on the mutant populace, you will be there to dismantle them. You will be watchers over the world protecting both human and mutant kind alike. We don't need to win over the governments we need to win over the people and if we can do that then mutant kind will have a stronger advantage over the nations of the world we can begin negotiating towards a racial unity." ,, "You want us to become super heroes." Caitlin said flatly, bunching all that fancy reasoning into a single, simple sentence. ,, "In a manner of speaking, yes." His reply was as casual as it was honest. "I've spoken with all of you who have family and your families have all given me their blessing to proceed with this project, all I'm missing is what you want. If you choose not to be a part of this project, then I understand completely and will not hold it against any of you. It will be dangerous, the training will be tough, but I ask you to consider the good you will all be doing." ,, "The Sentinel Project has been in development for over seven years and of all the candidates Doctor Hunt, Mrs. Childs and myself have had the honor of meeting, you are the very best. Physically, intellectually and of course genetically." ,, "We're the strongest mutants you could find." Warren jumped on the band wagon of summing up answers. ,, "Precisely. You show the most promise and possess the greatest level of skill and assortment of mutant abilities. With training and focus, you can help reshape the world in the direction of peace for your species." ,,
  7. Timeline: Not long after Lion, Wench and the Warzone ,, This council in Jericho Drumm's office was a tripartite one: Eileen Gomez on one side of the desk, Denise Childs sitting to her left in a quiet and inscrutable fashion. And in the big chair across from them, the man himself, Director Drumm. Though he had been quietly listening to Eileen, the women could detect the subdued optimism hidden within Director Drumm's face. No matter how bad it got, Jericho always had hope. ,, "So right now then, Caitlin should not be in classes then, Eileen?" He summarized her past several minutes of talk. Eileen nodded soberly, "The body may heal, and hers quite fast...but that... animal put her through immense physical pain and trauma several times over, along with the psychological effects of a near-death experience. Add to that a measure of self-loathing... she's close to being like a trigger, Jericho." ,, Director Drumm nodded, his face tightening for a moment at the mention of Primal. For all his calm in the face of the Jungle King, he'd had a ringside view to their clash, and it had sickened him more and more about the sadistic mutant hunter serving the government. That and the reminder of his own family - recovery came slowly and not easily. ,, "Well, seeing as we can't ignore the matter of academics, I think I have the perfect tutor in mind, the least volatile of our super-geniuses." ,, Ms. Childs looked a bit like the devil's advocate for a moment at this pronouncement. "You sure you can get him out of that lab?" Director Drumm smiled a little. "Denise, you're asking that after his participation in Gold's rescue? When push comes to shove, Curtis will help his fellow peers in great need." ,, "However reluctantly." He then allowed. ,, OOC Feel free to fast forward to the actual tutoring, Vivi.
  8. March 27th (Roughly one month after Lion, Wench and Warzone) ,, "Well," Professor Jensen sighed as she squinted down at the steady flow of data scrolling across the screen of her tablet, "I think we're done with this battery of tests." ,, "Agreed." Dr Chase said as she eyeballed the matching set of figures on her own screen. She looked up and out through the reinforced transparent viewing window. "The changes to his cellular structure are significantly beyond those I studied when he first arrived at the Academy, but they seem to be stabilising again now." She then added what both women were thinking. "Fortunately." ,, "Rapid secondary mutation." Jensen summed up as she turned to look at Director Drumm. "No sign of the cellular changes trending towards the malignant. As you can see, his cell formations are becoming more efficiently aligned as his mutation progresses." Jericho Drumm nodded and pushed away from where he had been leaning on the rear wall of the lab. As he came forwards, Chase handed him a pair of polarised goggles which the Director donned without argument before glancing out of the similarly-polarised observation window. ,, Alexander Andrews was floating roughly six feet off the floor, clad in a pair of shorts and nothing else, with a huge bank of lights arrayed around him in a roughly circular pattern. The lights were releasing a steady pulse of light, heat, UV and IR rays, enough to cause melanoma and blindness in anyone else after a mere ten minutes of exposure, but young Andrews was just soaking it up. Literally. ,, "This is kept hush hush." the Director told the doctor and the scientist. "Need to know only. Bad enough that they tried to snatch Alex and Aradia last month: if they knew this, they'd have put up one hell of a bigger fight." He squinted through the goggles at the young man and smirked. "A living sun." ,, "Not technically." Jensen said in her best scientist voice as she came to stand by Drumm. He glanced at her and she shrugged. "Well, the definition needs work." ,, "What would you call him, Professor?" the rakishly handsome man asked her with a sly smile. ,, "Well, he's technically a catalytic absorber. They are usually Class 3 mutants, but with Mr Andrews, there's an interesting twist. He can use the absorbed energy in a number of ways, giving him greater versatility. Combined with his power output, I'd say that puts him at Class 5. Next year?" she shrugged and made a gesture of helpless surrender. "Who knows." ,, "He's also a young man." Dr Lucia Chase said, a note of somewhat prim disapproval in her voice. "For all of his power. I worry about the possible emotional effects of his further mutation." ,, "We all have to learn to grow into our capabilities." Drumm replied. "That is what we're here for, doctor. I trust you and Professor Jensen to keep a close eye on Alex." The line was delivered deadpan, and Drumm gave no sign of noticing the faint flush on both womens cheeks in the dark booth. "Keep me updated." he told them as he left the room. ,, * * * * * * Alex was deep in thought as he wandered across the grounds, the spring thaw being helped along a little by the summery radiance he shed in his wake. The doctor and the professor had been straightforward in informing him of their findings. He was changing, growing further and further away from the norm, and the most significant differences were on the cellular level. The glow, the heat - they were just symptoms of the fact that every single one of his body's cells was akin to a tiny, inefficient star. ,, It's kind of cool he mused as he passed a group of girls heading the other way. He flashed the knot of freshmen a warm, if somewhat preoccupied smile in response to the staccato chorus of "Hi Alex" before shoving his hands into the pockets of his thick black wool coat and went back to thinking. It's not all bad. I don't get tired so much, I hardly ever miss a shot at hoops now, I can fly... Not so bad at all. He kept on walking, not really to anyplace so much as just to walk, head down and his mane of sun-hued hair tumbling in the wind, and wondering why he had to keep telling himself that it wasn't so bad...
  9. The dorm halls were just one could expect, except with mutants... which meant loud talking, shouting, phones ringing, and people running around in the cramped hallways. Now add in a few pieces of telekinetically-floating luggage, and the occasional flier who didn't feel like being patient and walking ripping down the hall above the crowd, and what you have is a hormonally charged, post-pubescent, mutant dorm. Warren rolled his eyes as he waded through the crowd. Some of the students looked odd: strange colored hair and eyes seemed common but strange skin tones, colors and materials seemed to sprout up here and there. He noticed a student made of rock who was moving down the hall by rolling himself into a ball. He literally owned nothing except what he wore, but Director Drumm said that some lady named 'Childs' would help him in procuring a more sensible wardrobe. This is bullshit. He thought to himself as he grew impatient and simply began making his own path through the people. "Hell out of the way people, Christ." The rock boy he kicked and sent the little guy tumbling/rolling down the hall until he wiped out by slamming into some chick who appeared to have wood for hands and forearms. "Freak." He muttered as he watched the boy stagger to his feet. "Hey!" A classmate was suddenly in his face, a pretty girl with elongated ears, sligtly pronounced fangs, and fuzzy tufts of fur on her forearms. "The kid's only in 4th grade. Back off." "You wanna join him?" The glare he gave the girl was a challenge for her to keep talking and be prepared to back up her words, or walk away. "Ugh, asshole." She fumed as she walked away, shaking her head in disgust. As she walked off to help the poor little kid out. "Shale, sweetie, are you okay? Are you looking for you sister?" Weak. He sighed, disappointed. A few doors later and he was at his room. Twisting the knob he strode into his room to meet his new roommate...
  10. Morri ran. It wasnt all that different than her first emotional breakdown during the early weeks of her time at Hunt. But instead of running into the woods looking for solace from people, she was seeking certain people. Students gave her a wide berth for their safety as she streaked across campus. Though panicked, she was aware of what she was doing. Her nose was testing the air constantly, seeking one of a handful of familiar scents. When she found it, Morri skidded to a stop, her feet sliding in the soft spring mud. Jumping back and crouching, she confirmed it: Son-ja had been here recently. Sniffing, Morri followed the trail, as clear and bright as her friends hair. The path lead to the library, so inside the feral went, surprising the librarian. The man knew who she was, but had never seen the infamous mutant in his building. He rose from his chair, but she ducked past him without a word and dashed deeper into the shelving. Sonja was sitting on the floor. None of the furniture here was comfortable or at the right height for her legs anymore. Even if there had been a barstool to perch on, the seats were no longer wide enough to be comfortable for her hips. Not that she was fat! She was just big-boned. The kneeling cushion shed found at a new age store was perfect for softening the floor, and big enough that she could sit on it and cross her legs. It was still annoying that she couldnt sit on a chair; she was considering the possibility of using the tables as chairs. They were tall enough and probably sturdy enough Despite the fact that she held a book on the union efforts of early industrial U.S. in her hands, Sonja wasnt really reading it. She was too annoyed with her seating arrangements to concentrate, and though she was reading and pages were being turned in the book, she has no retention of the material. She was thinking about how she had to sit on the floor. Then Morri walked up, stepped between the book and Sonjas body, sat down in her lap and huddled against her. Sonja blinked as she found her arms and lap full of a shaking Morri. Even as she thought once again that someone needed to bell the red-eyed mutant, she set aside her book and hugged Morri. What is it? Whats wrong, Morri? The feral sat up and twisted to face Sonja. Mar-ko hurt head. Hurt here. Morri put a hand to her chest, her eyes wide as she looked to her friend for comfort.
  11. Tank lofted the football high into the air, wincing when it cleared Curt’s head by a dozen yards. His mutant powers had increased when he’d hit a second growth spurt, leaving him struggling to get used to his new upper body power. Curt gamely made an attempt, but he couldn’t stretch his arms fast enough to compensate for the unexpected distance. Both teens turned to see where the ball would land and both shouted a warning when they saw the man on the sidewalk. Tank’s bellow downed out Curt’s shout and echoed against the exterior of the gym; it got the guy’s attention easily. Instead of running away, though, the guy turned into the toss, giving a little hop and stretching out his hands. He placed himself perfectly for the catch and the ball seemed to float into his reaching fingers. Tank was impressed. The dude knew how to catch pretty well for an old human guy. The man was at least thirty, maybe even forty. The teens watched as he tossed the ball a couple of times; just when Tank was wondering if the guy would ever toss it back, the stranger snapped off a throw. He made it look easy, but the spin was just perfect and Tank had to move all of two feet to catch it. “Nice toss!” he hollered and got a wave from the man before he continued on the sidewalk. Curt jogged over to him and nervously asked, “Shouldn’t we tell someone that there’s a strange guy walking around on campus?” “Naw. He’s human.” It was one of Tank’s gifts; he didn’t know what a given mutant could do but he knew if he was mutant. It was a sixth sense or something, and a secret he didn’t share with many. In the wrong hands, he could be very dangerous to other mutants. “What’s one human going to be able to do to us? Go back to where you were, and let’s try again.” Curt looked unconvinced, but with a stretch and of his legs and a single step, he was back in position. Tank bit his lips, gauged the distance and threw it again. As Curt caught the ball, Tank looked the direction the guy had went, but he wasn’t in sight anymore. The young mutant promptly forgot him. Ford slipped between two buildings, going over the map in his head again. He hoped that the kids wouldn’t say anything to anyone; the last thing he needed was Gomez getting wind that he was here. She wouldn’t understand; none of them would. He owed the Morrigan for what he’d done to her; he needed to see her, make sure she was safe and deliver the gift he had for her. He didn’t trust what Gomez would do with it, and he knew damned well that she wouldn’t give him any credit. She hadn’t quite told him to go die in a fire in Africa, but it had been close. In truth, he was just as angry that she used him to free Morri and then left him behind. He’d nearly been killed by Vyse because she’d abandoned him. Ford stopped suddenly, his eyes widening. There she was. The Morrigan sat on a stone bench, laboriously writing or drawing in a notebook that was perched on her crossed legs. She was wearing jeans and a windbreaker against the spring chill; her hair was long and waving slightly in the wind. He’d always thought her beautiful but now she looked young and innocent. Frowning, he wondered if she had changed too much, if she was the same girl he’d come to love. With a snarl like shredding paper, Morri slammed both fists into the notebook, then threw it away from her in a tantrum. Ford grinned. That’s my girl. Carefully, he stepped forward, trying not to spook her. “Morri,” he called softly, and the girl twisted to see him. Ford’s heart sank at the rage that filled her eyes. “Vyse!” she all-but howled, bounding to her feet. Blood flowed down her arm to pool in her hands, a long blade already forming from the liquid. “He’s not here! Morri, Morri, it’s okay.” Ford quickly crouched, holding his hands well away from his body. “He’s not here, and you know I’m your friend.” The dangerous mutant peered around before sidling over to him. Ford held himself very still as she smelled him, no doubt seeking Vyse’s scent on his clothing. “See? No Vyse,” he told her when she straightened. “No…” she agreed, her voice uncertain. “I-lean say you bad man.” Ford blinked at her vocabulary. She’d known words in Africa but not this many, and she’d never been able to communicate very well. Pride at her accomplishments filled him, and he resisted the urge to try to touch her. He needed to be sure she was all right with being touched before he did it. “Eileen was half-right.” She frowned and he quickly added, “I know that what I helped do was wrong. I’m here to say I’m sorry.” “Help is-cape.” “Yes! Yes, I did.” He grinned, hopeful that things were going his way. “Morri, is there somewhere we can talk?” The girl frowned. “Talk work here. Words work here.” “No, I mean private.” He didn’t want anyone to interrupt them. “Pry-vet?” “Alone.” Ford swallowed, trying not to sound too eager. He didn’t want to work her emotions up, because who knows where they would go. “Just you and me, so no one else can hear us or… stop us.” Morri nodded and walked away briskly. Ford followed her, watching for spies as they walked. She led him into a building and then into a dance studio. It was a small room and probably doubled as a space for many things, but the mirrors on one wall betrayed what its original purpose had been. Morri sat down gracefully, crossing her legs at her ankle and dropping to the hardwood floor. That maneuver would have left Ford in pain, assuming that he wouldn’t fall on his ass trying it. He opted to sit down before crossing his legs. For a moment, he watched her, drinking in the sight of her. He hadn’t realized what she’d meant to him until Gomez had stolen her. She waited patiently, her glowing eyes moderately curious. “How have you been, Morri?” Her brow furrowed in confusion and he clarified, “Do you like it here?” She nodded quickly, her expression lighting up with delight. “Have frends. Good food. No Vyse. No cages. PIE! Can right!” “You can write now?” Ford latched onto the last thing on the list before her train of thought could keep going. “What can you write?” She pulled a piece of paper out of her jeans and handed it to him. Ford unfolded it to reveal the lined paper that they used to help kids write. In painstaking letters, she’d written ‘MORRIGAN’. The R’s were backwards, but Ford exclaimed, “Wow, that’s great! I’m so proud of you.” Morri’s smile faltered. “No drugs?” she asked abruptly. His own grin was gone as he matched her somber mood. “Never.” Ford met her eyes and let her see that he was being sincere. He held out a hand to her. “I will never hurt you again, or stand by and let anyone else hurt you. I swear.”
  12. Sometime after The Lion, the Wench, and the Warzone, but before The Proposal... ,, Aradia licked her lips nervously as she leaned up against the wall outside the boy's locker room. They'd just gotten done with gym class, which was always an amusing adventure at Lawrence Hunt, and Aradia had rushed through her shower like a speed demon, in order to get done and out before the guys did. She wanted to talk to Alex alone, and unless she was going to brave wandering through the boy's dorm and exposing herself to whatever was going on in that part of the building, as well as to the teasing she'd be subject to from the girls for being there, catching him right after class was her best option. Otherwise, he and Sonja would probably be hanging off one another, and she didn't even feel like dealing with that. It only took another minute for the boys to begin trickling out, and Ari nodded to a couple of them and flashed them friendly smiles. Finally she spotted Alex walking out by himself (thankfully!), and waved him over. "Hey, Alex - you got a minute?" ,, The young Adonis flashed her that charming smile - the one he gives everyone, stupid! - and made his way over to her, hefting his backpack up onto his shoulder. "Hey Ari, what's up?" ,, "Well, I've been thinking..." She ran a hand through shower-dampened hair, and smiled a little, trying not to look like an idiot. "I just kind of thought that maybe we should do something for Caitlin. I haven't had much of a chance to talk to her, see how she's settling in. And I really wanted to do something to thank her.. you know.. for doing what she did for us. I don't know what yet, but I thought I'd see if you wanted to get in on it." ,,
  13. "Look, guys," Director Drumm tried to plead with his three gathered students. "It's not that big of a deal, okay? We're just going to meet a family who's interested in their daughter joining our family and I'd like for them to meet a few of our students here to help break the ice. Easy peasy." "But... it's freezing." Aradia said calmly as they all stood there in the driveway waiting for the van to warm up. The quartet stood shivering. "We could totally keep an eye on things for you while you're gone, no problem. Just a normal day." As if on cue a young mutant with redish hued 'psychic wings' flew past them at break neck speed, slamming into a tree a second later. His 'wings' fizzled out with a blink as he tumbled to the ground just before all the snow in tree buried him. The kids that were chasing him ran to the tree as he was digging himself out, apparently unhurt. He grounded mutant raised his hands, pleading to one of the others that was approaching. "Mucus tag!" The approaching mutant shouted before drowning the snow covered boy in a barrage sticky, slimy mucus balls he dripped into his hand from his never empty nose. The Director and his three companions simply stood there, mouths agape in disgust and horror at the rather rancid scene. This of course meant retaliation and in a matter of moments the booger soaked boy begain blasting the others with bolts of reddish psychic energy, leaving them all drooling in a heap upon the cold snow. Jericho smiled brightly looking to Aradia. " Oh, how I yearn for normal. Get in the van." He ushered them into the van and turned to the poor snot soaked boy. "Hawke! Hawke, are they dead? They better not be dead. Or vegetables. I want no vegetables either." The boy shook his head, trying not to cry at the humiliation of being covered in boogers. "They're just dreaming of Cookie Monster." "Well, that's rather kind of you, I thought you baked their brains this time." Jericho was rather pleased at the restraint the young man showed despite how he was just treated. "Not really," Hawke shrugged, still shambling his way to the front entrance wringing boogers out of his scarf. "They're the cookies." With a stern glance the occupants of the van quit laughing hysterically. So much for restraint. Jericho sighed. "Just get inside and let someone know they're out here. We can't have them freezing. We'll talk when I get back." He climbed into the van and began driving off and by the time the van had reached the end of the drive way, all four were laughing hysterically again... Just a normal day. About an hour later... "Alright, we're here." The van pulled into the driveway of a rather nice home, apparently the parents did pretty well for themselves. "Now, remember..." "No power use." Aradia repeated, with a roll of the eyes. "Be respectful." Alex chimed up. "We're here to set their minds at ease about the school." Natalie said on queue. "Thank you. Now come on, try to have some fun with this. What's the worst that could happen?" He said with his typical charming smile. The four stepped onto the porch and Alex rang the doorbell...
  14. This will be where we create, discuss and disect idea involving the various toys we'll be playing with throughout the UA 'game'. Use this thread as a means of offering up input and adding to our ideas so we can create a final piece of work to include in the UA universe. Consider this a work bench where we tinker with prototype ideas.
  15. The VW bus rolled to a stop in front of the gates of the Lawrence Hunt Academy. It had a 'coat of many colors' from primer, paint, and repainted areas, but it ran well and didn't belch too much noxious exhaust. When it had stopped completely, five people poured out of the van. Two older people came from the front of the van, a man and a woman. They were older, and dressed in sneakers, flannel, and well-worn blue jeans. They looked like a couple who had met at a Grateful Dead concert, and had followed the Dead ever since, Jerry's death and the band's break-up be damned. ,, Next was a twentysomething blond/green haired girl in a tie-dyed haltertop, a long skirt, and sandals. Close behind her was a young man with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, sporting a beard, a leather jacket, old jeans and motorcycle boots. Last came another young man,jean jacket festooned with pins,a mop of long, curly dirty-blond hair. He had sideburns that wouldn't have been out of place in the 70's, and a two-finger wide strip of facial hair running from under his bottom lip to under his chin. Any outside observer would be hard-pressed to say why it was this last young man who was so riveting, but there was certainly an aura about him, an aura that made him seem comfortable, like the sight of a long-lost friend. ,, They unpacked the van, removing a guitar case, what was apparently a keyboard case with "CASIO" emblazoned on the side, and a large wheeled suitcase, complete with leash. The family all hugged their goodbyes, and promised they would stay in touch. Then the first four got into the van, which honked a farewell and drove off. ,, The last young man, Rollo Strange, stood watching the van disappear. Already he had some regrets about leaving the Forthrights. His adopted family had loved him and treated him better than his biological parents ever had, The older girl, Aurora, had been the one who'd helped him sit down and focus on his high school lessons, proving to himself that he could be smart if he wanted to be. And Stone,was his brother, and they'd looked out for each other all throughout school, getting into all sorts of shit that they'd luckily never been caught for. The only member of the family who hadn't shown up, Jasmine, had run away last summer with a guy who obviously loved her, but was just as obviously a little off-kilter and not too shiny. They hadn't heard from her in over a month, and Rollo was kinda bummed and more than a little worried. He and Jasmine had a special kind of connection, once upon a time, but then jasmine had mysteriously got fed up with everybody, and wanted out in the worst way. Which, thinking about it, was pretty much exactly how she'd left. ,, And now it was Rollo's turn to leave. He'd gotten around to taking a long-overdue test to see if his genes were funky, and it had turned out they were. The silver lining had been the fact that the copy that was supposed to have gone to the authorities had instead gone to the Forthrights. At least they'd been given time to come up with a plan, which was better than some families had, and that had led Rollo here. ,, And here was...beautiful. The building looked like an academy, but not in such a way that it resembled a prison with a friendly facade. It was welcoming. The sun was still up, it was neither too hot nor too cold, and the nearby flowering plants added a pleasant perfume to the air. Much, much nicer than the trailer park he'd grown up in, and all because of a few flies in his DNA soup. Ain't life a bitch like that? ,, He put in his earbuds, dialed up Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling", and strolled at a leisurely pace through the gate and towards the director's office. Some last-minute paperwork snags to untie, and then he'd dump his shit somewhere and go out and get some food. Meet his fellow inmates, hang around his own kind. Maybe among his fellow mutants, he could finally lose that sense of being the oddball, and have a home to call his.
  16. “Why take ice cream?” Eileen glanced up at Morri’s question, blinking at the shrewd look in the girl’s red eyes. “What?” Eileen asked, stirring her half-melted ice cream in the little wax paper bowl. “Ilean only take Morri ice cream when big talk.” The semi-feral mutant still had that shrewd gaze in her vermillion eyes, even when she took a large and undignified bite of her heaped ice cream, chocolate sauce and M&M bits. “In-poor-ant talk.” Eileen glanced around the small ice cream parlor with a little smile, proud that Morri had made that connection. The place was almost empty right now, which was why Eileen had chosen it. If Morri became upset, there were fewer people to hurt. Eileen was confident in her ability to control the unpredictable mutant but just in case, it never hurt to look ahead and minimize collateral damage and injuries. Plus the owner was pro-mutant and aware of the situation, and Morri had a massive amount of ice cream to focus on, so Eileen had done everything possible to keep the situation in hand, if it became a situation at all. Swallowing nervously, Eileen turned her attention back to Morri. “Yes, I had something to speak with you about, hon. It’s about Sonja and Alex.” Morri’s face lit up at the mention of her friends and Eileen blinked at the deep emotion that rose in the girl. The love that surged up in Morri had been there, but it had spiked at the mention of her friends. Eileen knew that feeling and knew it well - she’d seen plenty of students develop crushes. That’s... unfortunate that she has a crush on anyone, much less Alex. Morri’s not ready for a relationship. And he’s a nice boy, but she is definitely not his type. This talk couldn’t have come sooner. Feeling the need to establish as baseline, Eileen asked, “You’re happy they’re dating, right?” Morri all-but glowed as she bubbled, “Yes! Sonex cute! Kia agree! Morri happy for Sonex!” “Yes, it’s good for both of them.” Alex had recovered well from his first dating experience, Eileen thought, and she was glad that Sonja was finding someone, too. Sonja’s size issues were not like most girls’ size issues, but they were no less real. “I’m glad you’re happy for them. And I know that you want the best for them, right? You want to help them?” Morri shook her head hard enough to dislodge a few of the crushed toppings. As the feral picked them off the table and popped them into her mouth, Eileen opened the topic of conversation. “Then I wanted to talk about the best thing you can do to help them: not being a third wheel.” “Morri not do!” The feral blinked a moment and asked in a calmer voice, “What thurd weal?” “That’s when someone is always around a couple all time, and doesn’t give them time to be a couple.” Eileen watched intently, waiting for the moment that love stopped being the dominant emotion and was replaced by confusion. “New couples need time to get to know each other, as a couple, without other people around.” The tip of the cone thumped to the table as Morri’s arm dropped to the surface, dislodging a more candy crumbles and cracking the base of the cone. Her confusion was fading; fear was rising in its stead. “Morri...” Her lips actually trembled and Eileen thought she saw the first hints of tears. “No see Sonex?” Her voice cracked on the last name. Alarmed at the distress but relieved that Morri’s emotions were swinging this way instead of to violence, Eileen snatched up napkins and wiggled them under the compromised waffle cone. “You can still see them, Morri, and they’re going to want to see you and hang out together. But I know you spend a lot of time with them, and I want you to understand that you need to spend less time with them, not no time.” The feral still looked shattered. “Sonja... Alex... no want Morri around?” “Oh, no! No, no, honey... that’s not what this is about!” Eileen sighed as she wondered how Morri could have taken this so wrong. Reminding herself to be patient due to Morri’s background, she clarified, “Neither Alex nor Sonja has said anything about this. I’m telling you because I know you’re trying to learn appropriate social behavior. And in this case, the way you can be a good friend is to give them time alone. This isn’t something they’ve asked for. This is something you can do for them.” As Eileen sat back and felt Morri’s fear ebb, she reflected that it was best that Morri get some close ties to other people, particularly if she had a crush on Alex. It was odd that Morri didn’t seem to be jealous of Sonja, but Eileen was sure that would come eventually. Does Morri even realize what she’s feeling for the young man? Helping Morri understand that couples had to be couples would save everyone some heartbreak, Morri most of all. Eileen gave her another moment to think. “Do you understand what I’m saying?” “What good less time?” Morri’s expression was sorrowful, and Eileen flinched at the bleak sadness in Morri. “The best way to know is read their body language. You are comfortable with that, right?” Eileen gave her a smile which Morri didn’t return. “What you’ll be looking for is whether they’re happy to see you, or uncomfortable. Signs of discomfort might mean that they don’t want you around but don’t want to hurt your feelings by saying so. If they’re in a public place, that’s a good sign they’re just hanging out. And let them invite you places with them, don’t assume you can go.” “Inn-bite?” Morri asked sadly. Her ice cream was ignored, melting slowly. Eileen sighed and rose to her feet, moving to the counter. The girl behind the counter gave her a to-go cup, and Eileen went back to Morri and transferred the cone to the bowl. “In-vite, sweetie. You know what that is, when someone asks you to do something with them, instead of just going with them without being asked. Does that make sense?” “Morri get in-vites.” The feral’s expression hovered somewhere between sullen and forlorn. “I know you do! I hear others saying what a good friend you are all the time.” Eileen slid into the booth next to Morri and put her arm around her shoulders. “All I was doing was telling you everything, so you know what to look for and can keep being a good friend.” Worried, she studied her for a moment, brushing the girl’s hair back from her eyes. “Do you understand?” Slowly, Morri nodded, but her sad expression didn’t change. “This is a good thing. For them and for you.” Eileen kept up the smile, even when Morri gave her a doubtful look. That was troubling; she’d never had Morri even consider questioning her, but there was no doubt that Morri didn’t believe her. “They get to become a couple together, and you get to make new friends.” “No want new friends.” Resentment flooded Eileen’s senses as Morri expression became petulant. “Want Sonja and Alex!” “I know you feel that way now. It’ll be all right. Morri, look at me.” The Morrigan glared at her as Eileen tipped her face up with a gentle touch on her chin. “I know this seems so strange to you, and scary. But I can promise you two things. First, you’re not going to lose your friends. Second, things are changing, but in the end, it will be good changes I know it doesn’t seem that way, but this will make Sonja and Alex happy, and that’s what you want, right?” Sorrow crept in again as Morri slumped a little and nodded. She didn’t understand yet, not really. But Eileen knew that she would, in time.
  17. Name: Rollo Strange Mutant name: Strange Charm Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 115 lbs. Race: Caucasian National Origin: Sullen Hollow, CA, USA Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Handedness: Right DOB: 15-Oct-1997 Blood Type: O Allergies: None Contacts: Lyle and Jessica Forthright, Adoptive Parents Short description: Long wavy hair, with pronounced sideburns and a petit goatee. Favors tie-dyed shirts and black jeans, with black work-boots. Has a jean jacket (worn) with numerous "colorful" buttons. Has a few psychedelic tattoos in a similar style of Robert Crumb. Mutations: Rollo has been confirmed, after a series of tests at the Hunt Academy, to have a genuine metaphysical mutation: extreme luck. No one is quite sure how it works, or how long Rollo's mutation has been active. Backstory: Rollo was in a bad situation growing up: His parents addicted themselves to stronger and stronger drugs, becoming less and less attentive and more self-destructive over time. Rollo was over at a friend's house the night his parents blew up their trailer. Luckily, the friends he had stayed at were able to adopt him. Soon, luck favored them with a winning lottery ticket. By all accounts, they have a strong relationship. Rollo found out by accident that he was a mutant; somehow the results were mailed to his family instead of the authorities. Thinking quickly, his adoptive parents reached out to the Hunt Academy, who agreed to take him in. Rollo hopes to develop himself as an artist and entertainer. Character stuff Concept: World's Luckiest Slacker Nature: Jester Allegiance: Friends Strength: 2 Dexterity: 2 Athletics 2, Drive 1, Legerdemain 2, Stealth 2 Stamina: 5 (Healthy) Endurance 3, Resistance 3 Perception: 3 Awareness 2 Intelligence: 2 Academics 1, Computers 1, Intrusion 1, Science 1, Survival 2 Wits: 3 Arts 2, Rapport 2 Charisma: 6 (Genial) Perform 3 Manipulation: 2 Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3 (4 BP) Appearance: 5 (Magnetic) Powers: Luck 5 (Area, Selective), Mega-Charisma 1 (Soothe) Backgrounds: Allies 5 (2 BP), Cipher 2, Contacts 2 (2 BP) Genome 2, Resources 3 (3 BP) Focus 1 , Genome Points 22, Taint , Willpower: 5 (4 BP) Initiative: 5, Walk/Run/Sprint: 7m/14m/26m , Soak: 5B/ 2L PowerPoints: 25 on Luck (Area, Selective), 3 on Mega-Charisma (Soothe), 2 on 6 Attributes
  18. Participants This is a Sakurako and Natalie thread. Sakurako adjusted her windbreaker. It wasn't too unusual for her to wear it as she had been busy tidying up the outside as winter transitioned to spring. She had gotten into the habit also to be prepared for rain, as trying to hold a umbrella with a broom is a task doomed to fail. Although the weather today was due to be sunny and seasonible, there was still a bit of nippyness to the western breeze. She rocked back and forth on her feet, brushing off her dark purplish skirt or getting self-concious about her shoes. The converse shoes she was wearing looked cute and all, but were something new to her. She was waiting for her roommate Natalie. Before they take a Taxi to town to enjoy some rare free time. This was really Sakurako's first taste of freedom since the Dante's incident, although she did have to negotiate this outing. She was on academic probation, and Drumm had signed off on things, but admonished her that a second incident would not be tolerated. But if there was anyone that would signal the least amount of trouble, it is Natalie. She looked at her watch, whistling a little. "Come on... the Taxi will be here soon..."
  19. This timeline is a work in progress. Comments and/or suggestions should go in the OOC thread, not here. WINTER What Could Go Wrong?!- Started by Alexander Andrews, 06 Feb 2012 Day of the Dreadnoughts (Redeux)- Started by Dave ST, 15 Feb 2012 Dante's Inferno- Started by Dave ST, 15 Feb 2012 Learning Curve- Started by Sakurako Hino, 11 Nov 2012 (Follows Dante's Inferno) Retaliatory Gift- Started by Sonja Bahaar, 01 Feb 2013 (Follows Learning Curve) The Lion, The Wench and the Warzone- Started by Dave ST, 15 Feb 2012 "Relax, We're The Good Guys"- Started by Dave ST, 15 Feb 2012 Midnight PIE!- Started by The Morrigan, 26 Sep 2012 (Follows Relax, We're The Good Guys) Bribing the Evil Glowing One!- Started by The Morrigan, 14 Sep 2012 ,, SPRING Marco's First Day- Started by Marco Moreno, 22 Jan 2013 Comfort- Started by The Morrigan, 24 Feb 2013 (Follows Marco's First Day) Lively Lessons- Started by Curtis Shane, 18 Feb 2013 Old Friend, New Problem- Started by The Morrigan, 20 Feb 2013 Changing Seasons- Started by Alexander Andrews, 05 Mar 2013 [MH-Plot] The Proposal- Started by Dave ST, 06 Mar 2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UNSORTED Cryogenic Biology- Started by Glacia, 30 Jan 2013 Jolting Developments- Started by Curtis Shane, 15 Jan 2013 Spark, Sizzle, Chill.- Started by Hotstreak, 16 Jan 2013 Picnic Study Session [Mature]- Started by Hotstreak, 05 Oct 2012 Moving-in Day- Started by Locomotive, 05 Sep 2012 Saku and Natt's Day Off- Started by Sakurako Hino, 25 Feb 2013
  20. Spring in a new school. No one ever liked being the new kid at school. Having no friends and being the outsider; it sucks. What made it worse was his condition. To his horror and shame, Marco had only recently discovered he was a Mutant, a freak, and finding that out had cost someone their life. True it was just another mutant, but the fact that he had killed someone still didn’t sit right with the young man. That this was a school set up and designed to handle mutants was a mixed blessing. At least he didn’t have being the only mutant around working against him but yeah… a whole school filled with these freaks. Marco sighed and looked around the space that was to be his room. It was smaller than the walk-in closet of his parent’s bedroom. At least he didn’t have to share the room with someone else like the poor kids. Mr. Drumm and his lawyer slash guardian Mr. Lovell watched him expectantly and he smiled weakly at them. “It should suffice,” he said. His English was superb, with only a soft hint of his Spanish accent that added a sultry quality to his voice. He watched as they relaxed ever so slightly. Truth be told Marco was hoping he wouldn’t be here long enough for the lack of space to become an issue. “I’m glad you are happy with it Marco,” Mr. Drumm said. “Well, now that everything is in order here, I will leave you to your unpacking as Mr. Lovell and I finish off the last of your paperwork. If you’d like, I’ll send one of the other students around to give you a tour of the campus. Your welcome package has a map and your class schedule, but we’ve found that having another classmate to show you around and introduce you to the rest of the student body can make the transition period easier.” Marco looked at the head of the school new without a doubt that his smile was truly genuine. And then the voices came; first Drumm’s, then Lovell’s, then everyone else’s. A flood of disconnected images, feelings and thoughts from what must have been everyone in the building rushed through his mind and he turned away from the two adult before they could see the pain on his face. “As you wish,” he said dismissively as he tried to focus on his luggage. It wasn’t his intent to be rude, but the pain of the telepathic overload made it difficult to remember his manners. The two men left as Marco struggled through the pain to unpack and step up his iPod docking station. Techno-dance music echoed down the corridor of the dorm as the thumping bass and beat began to drown out the voices in Marco’s head. Slowly he began to relax and eventually he could think again. He spent the next hour unpacking and setting his things up. Once his space was set, Marco switched off his iPod and grabbed his welcome package. He was feeling better after his little ‘incident’ and wanted to explore the campus a bit. Grabbing a jacket of his own design, a striking black number modeled off a Spanish bullfighter’s jacket and removing the little map of the campus he decided to check out the athletic facilities first. After a quick orientation upon discovering the map was less helpful than expected, Marco found himself in the gym. While no one would ever accuse him of being a jock, Marco did enjoy certain sports, fencing the foremost, and wanted to see if the facilities could accommodate his interests as advertised. He wasn’t prepared for what he found there. Around 30 6th graders were split into 2 groups on either side of the massive gymnasium and were engaged in an enthusiastic game that involved throwing soccer ball sized red utility balls at each other vigorously. Apparently there was no restriction against using one’s powers and the sheer variety of power on display was staggering. There were kids in the air, bouncing off the walls, speeding around the floor. One kid had turned his hands into big fly swatters and was batting balls at the other team, a girl with four arms had a ball in each hand and was swinging for rafter to rafter by her feet, another kid was intangible, letting balls pass right through him and only becoming tangible long enough to throw a ball back and all the while kids were laughing, hollering and cat calling each other. It was a riotous chaos that bewildered and unnerved Marco. As he watched energy flash and kids shape shift or speed around the floor or any other number of impossible things, Marco felt his throat constrict and his chest tighten. Around him small unattended objects began to rattle, then jump and dance as he started generating uncontrolled telekinetic power. Fearing another attack, Marco fled from the gym. He jogged away from the building while trying to get his power back under control, stopping to rest under a large tree.
  21. After her latest discussion with Daniel, Diana was brought back to something that she had wanted to know more about for some time, a better understanding of mutant biology in general and her own biology in specifics, that required study of her personal biology and powers. Why were the powers of each mutant different in some ways and yet very similar in others, how much did personality, event and experience shape one's powers? So here she was, in the school labs, doing a few tests on herself, and wondering if she couldn't get a few other mutants in the school to help with this.. sure, she could likely get Daniel to help, but that was almost a given, and she wanted to study more then just their two sorts of abilities. Many things about her own person didn't make complete sense to her, how was her biology shifted to cryogenic but still fully able to work and manifest normal, it was as though every cell was altered, and her body was tougher to, though not as tough as some of the mutants here. An exploration of personal powers and capabilities as well as the powers and capabilities of others was in order.. but first, to explore her own capabilities further.
  22. It had taken a lot of convincing Morri to calm down, but the feral had done it. It had been several days before she’d talk to Sonja. The busty blonde reminded herself constantly for those long days that Morri would come around, if given the time to do it at her own pace. It happened slowly: laboriously, even. But Sonja still counted herself as the lucky one; the red-eyed mutant hadn’t spoken to Alex yet. Alex tried; in his own gentle way, he attempted to make Morri understand that they were equals. It was a little hard when she wouldn’t even met his eyes; the very attempt sent her running away from him. He tried not to let it hurt, but the drastic change between the excited girl playing on the guitar, renaming notes and this frightened child was hard to bear. It only made it worse to know that he’d caused it, indirectly. Finally, Alex waited for her to make the first overture to him. It came only a couple of days after he stopped trying, though he didn’t recognize it. He found one of his guitar picks lying on his pillow. It had gone missing not long after he’d arrived here. Alex had assumed one of the freshmen girls that had been making eyes at him had taken it, but he’d never figured out which one. Apparently, he’d been wrong; it had just been misplaced. Likewise, he didn’t recognize the candy bar as being from her either. It was his favorite candy, and he guessed that another admirer had left it. Some part of him hoped it was Velvet, but didn’t seem her style. Kia, maybe? The sun-child spent some time considering the possibilities, but no candidate jumped out at him. The porn magazine was written off as a joke. It seemed the kind of thing that Warren would do for a laugh, particularly as the magazine had been called Beautiful Black Busts. So he’d laughed about it, discreetly 'read the articles' and gotten rid of it. The escalation had gotten weird then. He’d find guitars from the school music room on his pillow, or a bit of food—always candy. Once, there were some car keys on his pillow. They’d been to Director Drumm’s car. Alex had quietly returned them, guessing that someone’s powers had gone awry. But part of him wasn’t quite sure. Sonja’s underwear could not be ignored—in all possible meanings.
  23. It was a rare thing, for Someone to walk next to Daniel along the paths between buildings. Still it was cold out, and it so Happened that Curtis had taken refuge within the aura of radiant heat surrounding Daniel to take the bite out of the Cool air and colder wind. Class had gone well today, and while nowhere near the level of intelligence as Curtis, Daniel still did well enough. "So, Curtis how're things going with you?" It wasn't often they really spoke, though hearing his take on Milton, along with Warren's had helped he and Sonja put together another "A" grade report. "Thanks again for your help with the Report on Paradise Lost, between you and Warren, and even Oneca, you all gave me plenty to think about when we wrote the report."
  24. ~ Takes place during Learning Curve, after classes ,, Sonja glided out of the school and towards the student parking lot, her open pink long-coat swirling around her legs and a grin on her lips. It had taken a while, but she had finally gotten her BMW X6 adjusted, so she could fit behind the wheel again, though at the cost of most of the backseat room on the driver's side. ,, There had been annoyances, though. Finding out she was a mutant - she didn't have glowing eyes or blue skin, but, well, it hardly took more than a glance to tell she was more than human - the mechanics had dragged their feet on the work. Then when she had picked up her car, they had tried to over-charge her. ,, Which was kinda stupid when the client could benchpress buses. She really hadn't meant to intimidate them so badly, but she had wanted her car back, so she had simply picked it off the lift it had been sitting on. ,, She raised her fob and her silver BMW beeped as the doors unlocked. She slid in behind the wheel, luxuriating in the leather seat for a minute, a faint furrow appearing between her brows as she wondered if she really did smell a faint trace of brimstone or cigarette smoke.It was still a snug fit for her, and she was still adjusting to new sightlines, but it was hers. ,, She put the Sports Activity Coupe in gear, then peeled out of the lot with all the speed and unconcern of a young woman tougher and with reflexes greater than human. She had some running around to do and was simply happy to be driving a stylish vehicle again instead of the lumbering school van. ,, First, she stopped off at Barnes & Noble and picked up a copy of Dante's Inferno. And a copy of the Cliff Notes with only the slightest pang of guilt. ,, Next, was the main reason why she had come out. She had ordered something to gift 'Neca in return for the clothing she had arranged for her, and had gotten the call that it was in this morning from the specialist shop she had found. ,, However, when she was passing the Guiseppe Zanotti store, she couldn't help but stop in and look at the shoes. The sales associate gave her a surprised and not-quite-condescending look. She may have been dressed casually, but her clothes looked top of the line and someone as good looking as her must come from money. ,, On the other hand, she was a seven foot goliath, looming over the sales associate, despite her sky-high heels. Wistful, Sonja wasn't expecting to find anything in a size 17 and she didn't. But she could look, and take some pics with her phone. Maybe her aunts and cousins in Iceland could make something. I'll have to check to see if Zanotti, St-Laurent, or Louboutin take commissions... ,, With that detour over, Sonja finally made it to the specialty sewing machine shop. Idling before the shopfront, Sonja checked the address again on her phone, then frowned. It looked like an inconspicuous store with a very plain, brick facade... Built with a door all the way back when people on average were noticeably shorter than they are now. ,, With a sigh, Sonja climbed out of her car and wondered if they had a loading dock they would be willing to let her use.
  25. Name- Diana Madison Codename- Glacia Nicknames- Ice Maiden, the Snow Queen, Icy, that Cold Bitch(Derogatory) Age- 16 Birthday- 2 -17-1993 Height- 5' 6 Mass- 51 kg (112 lbs) Sex- Female Hair- White, with a touch of blue Eyes- Blue Bloodtype- O- General Appearance This young woman is absolutely beautiful, which, according to her, is something fairly new with her mutant gene's awakening. Her hair is completely white, with a hint of blue to it, which together with her youth makes her age somewhat confusing and hard to isolate. Add into this particular situation her intelligence and general maturity, and unless you know her real age, you might think she's older then she is. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Mutant Origin Diana was an a strong willed and extremely intelligent girl a few years ago, before her family went a cruise ship to Alaska. When they went deep within the mountains of Alaska to enjoy some skiing, they were caught in a terrible snow storm, followed by an avalanche. Everyone except Diana was killed in the accident, and the only reason she was not, was that was the point her mutant gene activated. Even as the avalanche crushed everyone under it, Diana changed, transforming, becoming much colder, and somehow, seemed to be changed. Colder then ice, she reshaped the very ice and snow around her to allow her to survive. Unfortunately, with her family dead, and unable to protect her, the other humans around turned on her, blaming her the disaster, saying that her powers caused it, and they drove her away. They were unable to actually harm her at the time, because she used her powers to defend herself. The school later got in touch with the girl, as she was roaming the wilderness of Alaska and Canada, and asked her to come to them. Incredibly strong-willed and intelligent, she considered their offer for a while, a week in fact, before agreeing and joining them. One of the teachers acts as a mentor, guide and willing ear for the girl to talk to, and is one of the few folks Diana talks too. Personality Diana is cool and distant in her personality, to just about everyone except Daniel(and her Mentor), also known as Hotstreak, the fiery mutant initially got on her nerves, but somehow managed to get though her defenses, and touch her heart, which had felt frozen sense her family died. Despite this, she does care about people, especially her fellow mutants, knowing some of the troubles they have gone through similar to hers. She is also slow and analytical; it takes effort on her part to make quick decisions, but she is very strong willed and almost unyielding once she's made one. Though few folks have discovered this, if a case can be made for some idea logically, she'll often support or allow it, even if it goes against society or cultural norms. Powers She has total control over ice and cold, able to create and shape ice at will, she can even freeze liquid nitrogen out of the air, she's yet to fully explore how strong her power over cold can get. She's also mostly immune to the cold, and can easily just covert her inner energies into cold. In fact, she has a problem not doing so, as she constantly manifests freezing cold around herself, like a aura of it, and her touch is almost painful, like putting one's hand on something so cold it can give you frost burn, those able to keep themselves warm, adapt to temperatures, or immune to cold are the only ones without this problem. She's been trying to control that aspect of her powers, but can't quite manage to, yet. She is also inhumanly tough, adapting to every environment except extremes of heat, and blindingly intelligent, her IQ rates off the charts.
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