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Dan Hawkins

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Well I got a message from Joani early this morning, and I'll post it here for you all

"I'm still alive and working my ass off literally. On top of that my employer released a warning via eMail that any employee caught surfing the internet during workhours will be punished with disciplinary measures up to getting fired. Naturally I had to stop visiting the site during workdays (which I did over 90% of my time). Since I can't login anymore (and at home I simply won't because of my wife/family) my ability to participate in any games has been pretty much destroyed. I wanted to leave a personal notice on the site after new years eve stating my retirement from the site for the time being (meaning until my worksituation has changed, I'm applying for several others jobs but haven't been lucky). You can give the guys an heads up from me - I won't be coming back anytime soon I fear. I'll try to keep in touch but it's going to be difficult. I'm really sorry about this."

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