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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Request: Regarding "Immortality".

The Traveler

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I was going to ask if I could have a slight modification to a drawback to Immortality from The New Flesh that a First Gen Nova has to take.

To quote from "The New Flesh"...

Originally Posted By: Immortality: Page 229

Change of Heart: Experiencing death and the subsequent resurrection causes significant changes in the Immortal nova's psychology. Each time the nova returns to life using Immortality, he must select a new Nature. If the circumstances of the nova's previous death were stressful and/or violent, the nova will also suffer from a temporary mental disorder of the Storyteller's choosing.

I was thinking as a bit of a trade for my concept I've been going with for The Professor, I take that drawback with these modifications...

  • When my Immortality is used to resurrect from the dead it changes my appearance as well as my nature and personality.
  • While everything in terms of my psychology changes, her ethical and moral compass does not change.
  • After my resurrection, my character is completely exhausted and must rest for a time similar to the topor drawback (In other words, it takes a whole day for my character to recover.) where my character is pretty much unconcious and with no actions except completing her recovery and being in a deep sleep.

I thought before I take this power, I wanted to run this modification by everyone.

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  • To ensure a random nature, I am open to having the IE community and/or the GM choose the new nature for my character.
  • To ensure I am unaware of my new appearance, I am amicable to having a random member of the community pick a new appearance for my character. To clarify though, the character must be humanoid and cannot change gender (unless the GM is the one that chooses).
  • If I develop a temporary mental disorder, I am amicable to having the community and/or GM choose the disorder.
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Yeah. I would have went the Captain Jack Harkness route, but that's just too OP and Mary Sue.

Having my Immortality bring that surprise of a new face, personality... well pretty much a new person with the same powers/abilities. I think this would actually be in interesting twist, seeing what the IE community sticks me with.

Also at some point I'm gonna have to archive every incarnation.

But if you guys start arguing who your favorite Professor is, I'm gon' cry.

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I'm just looking forward to the episode where you get to talk to your 'husband.'

I really think that has become my favorite episode of all time, even though the current Doctor isn't very high on my list of favorites.

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  • 2 months later...

I am using "The New Flesh"'s Immortality. As far as I know, if I take an adequate amount of aggro I'm toast. Also if I take lethal during the "not regenerated yet" hour window. At least that's how I read the default of the power. Of course I am also vulnerable during the 24 hour torpor I'm In after a regeneration.

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