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  1. Sorry for my absence. I've been in a bit of a funk lately from a combination of bad health and losing my psychiatrist(he left his practice with no notice to his patients or to his employers) and not having a replacement for him until last week. I've got new meds and am in the process of adjusting to them. If I had tried to post in the last few weeks, it would have been hard to not just have an RFED moment, so I thought it was better not to post.
  2. If my doctor's appointment next week can do me any good, I might be back up to posting like I was, and maybe even running the setting that I had in mind. The thing with my setting is that it will be very Doctor Who: You will be dropped into the middle of who knows where and who knows when with no clue what is going on until you blunder into the unknown and we see how everyone reacts. While the setting is drawn from a series that many of you will recognize, things had to be changed a bit to make them fit with the system and setting.
  3. Oh, I thought you were in the front seat. Not that it really matters, though it does put you in striking range of the mantis. Jeremy: The mantis doesn't try to dodge--it is just a rock after all, and while it is aware that you have magical powers(any astrally perceiving character can tell that at a glance), it doesn't know their nature. As such, jump straight to damage. Magnun: The glass wasn't aimed at you, so one success would have been enough. I rolled to randomly determine if it landed in your path, and you had the bad luck for the answer to be 'yes'. Frankly, the bug doesn't consider any of you(with the possible exception of Essa) a real threat at the moment, given that only one person has actually attacked it in any manner. Essa: With the amount of drain you've taken from some horrible rolls, I suggest that you might be inclined to switch to physical combat. If it applies to anyone, you will be getting multiple initiative passes this round. The surprise round you only got one regardless of your initiative passes. Edit: Actual post edited to add a little flavor to it. There are no mechanical differences, it is just a bit less bland.
  4. Essa's lightning bolt skittered along the chitin of the mantis, leaving a burn mark in its wake, and leaving Essa feeling very drained. The great thing about lightning spells is that they were armor piercing, bypassing the exterior and doing most of their damage to the interior of a target. The bad thing about lightning spells is that that made it very hard to tell how much damage one did unless the target exploded or shorted out. The rest of the team was busy trying to deal with the unexpected addition of a giant bug to the back of the sedan, and so didn't manage to distract the bug from its primary target. The mantis drew back a claw and stabbed forward--into the rear window of the sedan. It yanked out the safety glass with contemptuous ease and tossed it aside, opening the way for it to get to the case. The sheet of fractured glass landed in front of Magnun's bike, forcing the orc to swerve to avoid it, though the attack didn't seem directed at her as much as a matter of throwing away a bit of trash. There was no evidence that the bug was paying any attention to the orc at this point, at least. On the other hand, its giant compound eyes didn't need to move to track whatever was holding its attention, so it might have been a half hearted attempt to swat away a buzzing mammal.
  5. Sorry I didn't notice the edit. I'll put together the effect post and the bug's next action in just a bit.
  6. I was about to post, and was looking up the stats for Atasaya's spell to do his drain roll, when I noticed something: Foreboding is an area affect spell, not a single target spell. This means that Essa, Jeremy, and Atasaya are all in the area of effect. Since this is something he would know in character, I'm willing to let him change his action if the other players agree, the problem with this being that his player won't be back until Sunday, and likely won't be online until Monday. While I'm waiting on responses to this question, Magnun has a little more time to post. If the other players are willing to deal with being affected by the spell, then we will just move on with Atasaya not thinking about how close he is to his target. The drain for the spell is (f/2)+2. If Atasaya is allowed to repost, he can roll his own drain, otherwise I'll roll it. What Magnun will do if she doesn't post soon is notice the sounds of combat behind her, hit her brakes, and spend her action maneuvering into a better location for the next round. A reminder to Jeremy and Magnun: both of you are at -2 to all actions not involving controlling your vehicles as long as you are putting the effort into controlling your vehicles. Jeremy could let go of the wheel, turn around, and try to do something--as long as he is willing to take the very real risk of a crash in the process.
  7. That's Atasaya's post, so that only leaves you, Magnun. You have until Friday at noon EST to post, possibly later if I sleep late. Your action occurs simultaneous to Atasya's, so you don't know what effect it has before you post--heck, neither of you have any idea until the creature acts as to how it affected her.(soldier mantis spirits are exclusively female.)
  8. Fortunately, nobody is currently waiting on me. I hope to post some more Ichigo-ness soon, but I've just been depressed and ill, which makes it hard to actually write. I have the stories for this and several other stories in my head or partially done, but even my DR fic isn't completed and I'm at the deadline for that. Before anyone asks, it is just meds and life, not anything major happening. I have ok periods and bad ones--I don't get the high of manic periods--and this has just been a bit of bad.
  9. What force did you cast the spell at? That determines how effective it is, how much drain you have to resist, etc. Edit: If you don't manage to respond soon, I'll assume you cast at the highest safe level for you, the point just before mental drain becomes physical drain. Given that you have already suffered drain from your multiple transformations, this may not be the best assumption, but I want Damon to have a chance to post before he leaves. There is no chance the two remaining people missed the sound of a bolt of lightning going off either just over your head for Atasaya or behind you for Magnun, so feel free to post based on what your character's have perceived. there is no chance this thing is going down with one blast, no matter how powerful a force Essa chose, so the mechanics and flavor text of exactly how much harm she caused can occur before or after your posts.
  10. I'm forced to agree. Essa has today to post. I know her work is really busy on the weekends, but this is holding things up too much. Damon, do you want me to act for your character while you are gone? You say that you are leaving town, but did not specify when you expected to return. PM me with the details if you have specific actions you wish to take, or I can just act according to my knowledge of the character. Alternatively, you can just fade into the background while you are unable to post.
  11. The run was going smoothly. Too smoothly, some would say, but not every run went all pear shaped. Just the vast majority of them. This was going through Magnun's head as she took the lead. She caught a flicker of motion on a rooftop, but these weren't exactly uninhabited streets, so while she got yet another small jolt of adrenaline from the potential danger, her instincts weren't yelling at her to duck and cover--yet. Jeremy was both more and less nervous than Magnun. More because his abilities were very much not geared towards combat from a vehicle--We need a real wheelman, or better yet, a Rigger. Sod it all, Ace, why'd you have to decide to take a break from running?--and less because he had those abilities to fall back on. A common failing amongst those who relied on magic or implants was to put too much faith in them. Suddenly, his earbud crackled into life with that same buzzing, only this time it was giving him a very clear and constant sound and telling him that the sound was rapidly approaching his car. Atasaya was... well, not bored, per se. Spending most of a year walking through a desert with nothing to do but think had left him with a really high threshold for boredom. He was uncomfortably cramped in the too small car, as far too few vehicles were designed with troll heights in mind, at least on the economy end of the price scale. Hunched over as he was, he couldn't see through the windows all that easily, so he was relying on astral sight to keep him apprised of the situation. He saw a spirit flying overhead, but this was far from the first such he had seen. Non mages had no idea how common spirits were--nor how much more common they were becoming as magic levels continued to rise. Essa was the only one in a position to get a clear view of the 6-foot tall praying mantis that took off from a building they were passing and made a beeline for the metal monster she was riding. It got to the vehicle and landed on the trunk before anyone else had a chance to react.
  12. All righty: This gives us an initiative order 15: Enemy 9: Jeremy 9: Essa 8: Atasaya 8: Magnun People with the same initiative act at the same time unless there is a good reason for one action to have to occur before the other. As such, Jeremy or Essa can post first. Once they have posted, then Atasaya and Magnun may both post. As for who spots what: Essa had the lowest threshold, due to the bonuses of astral perception, not being busy driving a car, and not being inside of a car. She is the only one who actually sees what is coming. Magnun catches a flicker of movement as she is driving by a building, but since they waited until the second car to attack, that is all she noticed. It is not enough for you to get an action during the surprise round, but it is enough to realize you are under attack and act next round, even if none of the players who can act does something to draw your attention. Sine you go last in initiative, I may allow you to act if something big enough happens behind you. Jeremy hears the buzzing coming towards his vehicle, but doesn't see anything. You can feel free to act after my first post of the combat. Atasaya notices a glowing being flying towards the car. If you had rolled lower, you wouldn't have been perceiving astrally at the time, or higher and you would have been looking out of a window at the right angle to see more detail. With this little detail, you are not certain if you are under attack or just being investigated by a curious spirit. Again, the actions of others may change that impression before your turn comes up. I think that is everything that needed to be covered in here. Now for the flavor text.
  13. Sorry, I've had a really busy couple of weeks, combined with poor health, so I've been using what time I had online for games that were already going. I'll resubmit my character with some summons soon.
  14. I have posted everything I can think of to post at this juncture. Until it is time to move through the gate, I don't think I will have anything to post. And of course I'm going to follow Evana. I don't trust that crazy broad enough to turn my back on her.
  15. All we need is Essa's, and this can move forward. Does anyone have any days this week they won't be able to post? I ask ahead of time so i know how much time I need to give each person to post their actions.
  16. QF, would you rather me close the Strawberry bomb thread and start a different one for what I am doing next, or just put my following actions in the existing thread? My next planned post is to leave Jason's house, followed by what I do afterwards.
  17. Jeremy: You hear the buzzing suddenly get a lot louder and head towards your car. You don't see anything, but will get an action during the surprise round. Good luck figuring out what you should do, though, with that little knowledge. Everyone: I'm going to need initiative rolls as well. If you don't spot anything, you won't get to go until the second round, though.
  18. This thread is for the purely mechanical aspects of combat, so the main threads can maintain a cinematic/story feel and not be cluttered with the numbers. Please post your rolls here along with descriptions of what you are trying to do with them--I'll then tell you what you succeed in accomplishing.
  19. The crate was barely small enough to fit in the trunk of the comet, but after Atasaya's comment, Jeremy put it in the back seat where it would be closer to them and would hopefully be shielded from magical vision by their bodies. Magnun once again took point as they left the warehouse and headed towards the facility where they were taking the package, on heightened alert now that they were less certain that they were decoys.
  20. I think he means that the entire staff is a cactus, like a branch of one of these:
  21. I made the same mistake with my first high quantum character, thinking that the extras were free that is, but have been playing it in IE(which is the only place I have that as of yet) as quantum 6 means for a level one power that adding one extra costs one dot, adding a second extra raises it to level two(at the regular price for raising the level), then you can get one more extra for the price of one level 2 dot, then raise the level of the power with the next dot, etc. Then again, we are playing really loose with the rules in IE because we are more interested in cinematic flair. I am strongly in favor of QF being able to just deny any power he thinks is getting ridiculous, like trying to layer 12 extras on claws, or Wrath of Mod a player who is abusing his/her place in the game to make it less fun for the other players. This story seems very much to be focused on the actual story, which is the main reason I wanted to join it with the character I did despite being ridiculously weaker than all of the other characters. Not only is my character pre-apotheosis, Ichigo is still young enough to have the max 3 dot cap on all powers and mega attributes, but I think she can contribute to the story a unique perspective and help add to what the rest of you have been creating.
  22. I'm willing to allow it, but we really need to cap the characters at the current level unless someone leaves, or it is someone that we all actively want to have join. No offense intended, Adrian, but I don't know you. I only know what little you've posted since coming back and what other players have said about you from before your hiatus. It is all good that I've heard, which is why I'm willing to let you in even though I felt we were getting a few too many participants.
  23. I said the same thing in his posted character thread--that if it hadn't been for the number of glowing reviews of his abilities as a player and writer, I would have objected to his joining. I felt that even adding Silvertalon was beginning to push the maximum number of participants we can have without things getting clunky. I've been unable to post for a while, for example, because no real time is passing and I have my character dedicated to a time intensive task while the story is locked on a conversation happening outside of the ship. Regarding your recent post, Adrian, did you really just hand out business cards made of volcanic glass, do they just look like glass, or by obsidian did you merely mean very dark in color?
  24. I've got the character completed, though admittedly I've been a bit busy and haven't finished up the summons. I could probably start as is, and just hope that I don't need any of the summons that haven't been statted out yet... Besides, you'll need to approve the stats on the summons. That's the biggest downside of this character concept, the number of different characters I need to work up, and my own insistence on making each of them truly unique.
  25. Thank you for letting us know where you were, my condolences to your coworker, and I'm sorry you had to shoulder that much extra work. Morrigan: Unfortunately, I can't join in on wildly beating hearts, as I haven't been shot at that point. Oh well. I hope some of the others give you someone to interact with other than Ein.
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