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  1. I got something planned, and from here on all of my threads if they involve more than myself and Daniel will be ST driven. Not open world.
  2. Yomiko smiled. "Well... you can thank the training of a former superheroine turned supervillain turned heroine again for that. Puts you in incredible shape." She smiled. Stroking Daniel's face. "She was one of my sib's teachers." "Let's just enjoy the morning... then we can see what the future brings."
  3. Yomi-chan nuzzled Daniel. She just couldn't really let go. The rest of the night there was more of the same. By the time morning came the next day, She was utterly spent. Daniel was well versed in carnal bliss, and she was an apt pupil. She was laying on her side, looking at Daniel. "You... you are amazing, you know that right?" She stroked Daniel's face. "Completely amazing."
  4. Flush with emotion she starts to cry. This was the most amazing thing she had been waiting for. All the interruptions, all the false-starts... when she finally opened up, it wasn't long before Daniel seemed to fill a hole. Once Daniel backs off, removing himself, she cradles her chest. "I... I..." She was speechless.
  5. It was amazing how Daniel kept it up like he was fresh. His first couple orgasms she knew happened. Then the heat in her reached it's fullest. Her head arched back as if to hear a distant voice. Although all daniel heard was her melodic sigh of release. She falls backward into the water, bouyed by her own self, she has a sighing sounding breath. It was easier for Daniel to move, although the first few shots he was already sliding smooth. "Th... th... Thank you..."
  6. She closed her eyes as the feeling of the moment welled up inside her. "Sorry... reflex..." She blushed as Daniel continued. She relaxed only to be greeted by more of the strokes. Looking at her own chest she was amused how she puffed up. "Wow this would have been... unh... fun in the... pool." She said, smiling with every surge. That was when she started to feel a combination of a pressure in her combined with a slight warmth starting to take hold within her. Her legs became weak. "Unh... Daniel... unh... you warming up? unh..."
  7. First there was the initial shock of entrance. She resisted clenching down to defend herself. Books around her moved unconciously for a moment off of her shelves. She inhaled as her eyes widened and her swim bladders fully filled as a defensive response. In a way now, her breasts were even more fun to look at as Daniel started. The first few strokes were hard for Daniel as she resisted clenching but then she relaxed as the hormonal nature of the moment began. She started breathing hard, enjoying the moment suddenly. "This... this is... " She bit her lip, she was finally getting what she wanted.
  8. She was primed. "Ready when you are Danny-boy." She said with a breathless tone. She was lit and just couldn't resist being slighly sly. "I heard the first time always hurts... for a few seconds."
  9. Then it came. That feeling again. "Well... I think that answered all my questions." She feels Daniel's abs, playing around his nerve clusters, fully aware what she is doing would set him off like a volcano if she wasn't careful. "I can't wait."
  10. She embraced Daniel. For every moment she was with him now, it wasn't some flood of emotion, now... through months of exposure to him, she had grown accustom to his force of personality and presence. She gently breathes. Daniel could feel her welcoming him. She lifts his chin up. "No interruptions, no disasters..." She embraces Daniel, her smile still there. "Just you, me, and this hottub."
  11. She could feel tension she never thought she had releasing with every motion. "Indeed..." She said with a smile, taking a relaxed breath. Daniel noticed she is floating a little, letting herself float in a way to keep her chest above water. Also letting Daniel see her breasts above the roiling surface of the water. "The water jets are a nice touch as well."
  12. She slinks into the water, still smiling. "What do you think?" She says in response toDaniel's question. She leans back in the hot tub, and begins the process of loosening up and takes on a relaxed posture, closing her eyes. "Wow... I've forgotten how wonderful this feels."
  13. She smiled when she saw Daniel. "No need to close the eyes..." She drops her towel. "Tonight we're both grown-ups." She giggled. "And one of those privledges... is being able to prresent yourself." And she did. Her well-built, healthy figure only enhanced her previously cute curves. Her dark greyish-black hair matched across the board. "I'm sure you find something you like?" Her dark grey eyes looked like a universe and it was ready to be explored.
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