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Aberrant: 200X - Crush "Charity For All" - Requests Thread

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My girlfriend, Jay, is organizing for the survivors and victims of the Crush, MCing the upcoming charity event. I've decided to help out in a different way. I will be taking small to medium donations from anyone who cares to donate, and I will provide the following donation incentives.

For $10 or Higher: I will answer any question you send to my SocialCircle account, at alias @RealKnockout.

For $25 or Higher: I will plug your opnet site, blog, movie, TV show, novel, video game, or whatever, on SocialCircle and on my YouTube channel.

For $100 or Higher: I will take a picture or short video of myself doing, or wearing, what you request. I reserve the right to say 'no' in advance, and just so you know now, you're not going to get to see any goods, but I'll look at any reasonable request.

For $175 or Higher: Jay will be in said picture with me.

For $1,000,000 or Higher: I will go on a (chaperoned, non-sexy) date with you. UPDATE: Jay and I counted the number of people with a million to burn and the number of weird tabloid stories out there, and this level of support is no longer offered.

Suggestions, in addition to sent to my SocialCircle account, can also be posted here. Have at 'er! Post requests or questions as well as level of support.

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OpPhone Transmission through SatLink, origin: North-east Congo. Time/Date stamp: 0700 hrs, 10 April, 2011

Heya K.O,

Seeing as I'm currently deep in the middle of nowhere babysitting some Doctors Without Borders folks and bored to tears, I'll take you up on that. I'll donate $100,000 for a signed photo, poster-sized, of you and Jason posed wearing something like this for me:


Naturally, you both have to be carrying two full flagons!

P.S: If you can rope any other nova cuties into this, I'll donate $50,000 for each lovely lady who agrees. grin

- Einherjar

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Guest DM-Mastered

Um, hi, Knockout. My name is Joshua Links, I've just turned 16, and I've written and drawn a graphic novel about a teenager (me) who erupts and gaining the power to turn into his favourite D&D character, Trissiel Shadowsteel, a 22nd level Dark Elf Gloompact Hexblade (a sort of warrior-wizard). Trissiel is gorgeous... and female. And since something sort of similar happened to you, I thought it would be awesome if you could say a few words to promote it.

I scanned my graphic novel - The Shadow Inside - and sent a link to your SocialCircle account so you could take a look. I really wanted to have you dress-up like Trissiel, but I only have 56 bucks I can spare to donate, so I'll just take a kind blurb on SocialCircle and YouTube.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you choose my request.

P.S. I think it's awesome you're doing this for the Charity for such an affordable price. I thought about donating to the VCCE, but for most of things, it's determined by whatever option gets the most donations, so it's almost a crapshoot if my choice will win.. This way, I get a chance at getting what I really want (and can afford). laugh

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Hiya Knockout! My name's Cecilia! I'm going to be floating 100 bucks towards your charity's way. Figured I'd give you something decent to wear, apologies to you pervs (not really :P ). That being Marisa Kirisame's outfit. And yes, you will need to wear the hat and the have a broom stick, girl.

And I think it's great you've opened the up for the Crush's victims. World needs nice Novas like you, sweetie. Keep up the good work!


P.S. it has come to my attention, many of you have never played Touhou. I will send you a link to the character in question. And maybe Subterranean Animism.....

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